Help! Mystery wire

was under the hood and found this wire with a connector just sitting there not connected to anything.

Does anyone know what this is supposed to go to?

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Buffett performs three shows in Paris

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band played three shows at La Cigale in Paris France.

The set lists from the shows are now available: Sept 21, Sept 22, Sept 23

Some of the highlights from the show included “Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants”, “Last Mango In Paris”, “He Went To Paris”, “Autour Du Rocher”, “Rhumba Man”, “L’air De La Louisiane”, and “Lovely Cruise”.


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Good Jeep Books.

I’m a complete newbie when it comes to working on vehicles, but I have this Jeep now and I’m pumped to work on it and do some modifications.

I learn best by reading, so I’m looking for some helpful books on:

(1) The basics of working on cars [proper uses for tools; what type of tools are needed etc];
(2) The Wrangler JK more specifically [is there something better than Chilton/Haynes, but that is less of a pain in the ass than the FSM?]; and lastly
(3) Any books that discuss popular Jeep mods.

I’m just looking for the best most easily accessible sources of information. Also, please share your favorite websites and youtube channels.


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Bigger tires and transmission

I cant tell you it will be fine…

What I can tell you is it COULD shorten its service life. It will have to slip the bands more than normal, it will probably cook the fluid faster than normal, and the torque convertor may never lock up due to the effective gear ratio. What does this mean? Depending on how long you keep the jeep, it may mean nothing for you. If the trans has a normal service life of 10 years, you may shorten it to 8 or 9 (just throwing numbers out there to illustrate my point).

I CAN say if you regear, you will be MUCH happier. I just got regeared yesterday after running 35’s on 3.73’s for 6 months. While it was perfectly driveable and I could do a lot of offroading, I couldnt use 6th gear (I have a manual trans) unless I was doing above 75, and any steep hills or big obstacles while offroading required higher than optimal RPM’s.

So can you do it? Yes.

SHOULD you do it? I wouldnt do it on 3.21’s. You will be MUCH happier if you regear.

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JKU Soft-top Hardware Search

Where can I purchase this small plastic part without having to buy the whole $180 side bow?


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Gearing for farm use

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Targeting Amberjacks In The Panhandle Region With Capt. Pat Dineen




Summertime is a great time of the year to chase amberjacks in the Panhandle because we have calm seas and a lot of fish on the reefs and wrecks. The entire key to finding amberjacks is to locate high relief structure, whether that’s natural bottom or a wreck or Artificial Reef like a tug boat, barge or aircraft carrier. Anything that sticks way up from the bottom will hold amberjacks.

I’ve caught legal amberjacks in 65 feet of water, but if you’re looking for the larger fish then you’re better to find that structure in 180 to 400 feet of water or more. That’s where you’ll find the 40 plus pounders, and I’ve seen several fish over 100 pounds brought to the docks the last couple of years.

You can usually mark the fish by motoring to the up-current side of the wreck or structure and making a drift back over it. The amberjacks will be holding 20 to 50 feet above the highest point. Once you see the fish and get a good idea where they’re holding, you can anchor up or drift and fish them.

If you’re looking for a lot of action, then Butterfly jigs or jigging spoons are the way to go. You drop these down to the bottom and then work them back up through the strike zone. You’ll catch a lot of fish that way, but the majority of them will be too small to keep. For deep jigging amberjacks you want a 5 ½ foot spinning rod with 30 to 50-pound braided line and a 60-pound fluorocarbon leader—something that’s not going to tire you out quickly.

To target the largest amberjacks, you want to use a big live bait like a blue runner, 10 to 12-inch mullet or small bonito—something that kicks hard and puts off a lot of vibration. I fish them on 30 to 50-pound tackle with a 60 to 80-pound leader and 6/0 to 8/0 circle hook depending on the size of the bait and the size of the fish.

Use enough lead to get the bait down towards the bottom, but you don’t want to be right on the bottom. A lot of times you can see your bait and sinker when you’re watching the bottom machine, which lets you lower the bait right into the strike zone. Use a 10 to 15-foot leader so the bait has a lot of freedom of movement. When it starts to kick away, you want it to be able to swim, as that’s what will light up the school and get them to feed.

If you’re making the fish, but can’t get them to bite, then it’s time to switch things up to a longer leader or a smaller hook, or even a livelier bait. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you figure out what it is the fish want.

Any time you hook an amberjack, you want to keep your baits in the water, because it seems like the entire school gets excited when a fish feeds or is hooked, so leaving baits down will lead to multiple hookups. It’s natural for other anglers to want to reel their lines up to keep from getting tangled with the hooked fish, but if one person gets a bite, it seems like everyone gets bit and has a fish on at the same time.

When you get the fish to the surface, look them over before you decide whether to gaff it or not. Amberjack populations are healthy, but we don’t see as many of the really big fish like we used to, and the fish you release today may be the 100 pounder someone catches a few years from now.

Captain Tips

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Birth of “He Went To Paris”

Jimmy Buffett went to Paris in 2015 and told the story behind the lyrics of #HeWentToParis. Watch this video as Episode 1 of a special 6 part series at


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Angry Bird Grille. Yay or nay?

Ok guys what’s the consensus on the Angry Eyes Grille? Cool or corny?

Was thinking of getting the angry eyes headlight bezels, but if I was going to go that route, I think the grille would be cooler.

Option 1:…lack-9706.html

Option 2:
Upgraded Gladiator Front Matte Mesh Grill Grille For Jeep Wrangle 1997-2006 TJ | eBay

Also, if anyone has em on their jeep, feel free to post a pic =)

I have a 2004 TJ. Black. 3″ lift. Black rims. About to add 33″ tires.

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Josh Fischel’s ‘Music Tastes Good’ Fest. Enters Year 2

Just four days after Josh Fischel put on his first festival, Music Tastes Good, he passed away on Sept 29th, 2016; he was 47-years-old. He did what felt unreachable in bringing the entire Long Beach community together over an event that, in its inaugural year, required 4 stages shutting down 8-9 blocks of downtown over 3 days. 1 Year later, Josh’s spirit is abundant in Music Taste Goods second year.

The second year will be a 2-day music, food and art festival taking place on Sept 30th – Oct. 1st at Downtown Long Beach’s beautiful waterfront Marina Green Park with influential alt-rock trailblazers, (and one of Josh’s favorite bands) Ween and Sleater-Kinney headlining Saturday and Sunday, respectively. In addition to music and art, there will be ‘The Taste Tent’ featuring award-winning chefs from Long Beach/New Orleans. This is a festival unique to Long Beach representing the cultural melting pot of music, art and food.
[Related: Interview – Josh Fischel]

Josh was a 6 foot 4 troubadour who could barely play guitar, but he could sing with vocals that roared, triggering both chills and tears. Moving from New York to Long beach, CA in the mid-late ’90’s, Josh started out following Sublime on tour, documenting them as a Filmer which lead to him directing, as of this writing, Sublime’s lone documentary with Stories, Tales, Lies Exaggerations in 1998. That same year, he formed a band called Bargain Music and until 2005 they released multiple albums and toured, performing everything from reggae-rock to folk psychedelic rock, bluegrass, to well, it would probably be easier for me to list what they didn’t play.

In 2005 he formed a group called The Fiction that continued to experiment across multiple musical backdrops as Josh loved to conceptualize without boundaries. As the years went on, Josh began hosting Riotstage at various venues in Long Beach in what he described as: “this odd amalgamation of different art styles. From performance art to almost theatrical kind of stuff to rock roll, all kind of mixed together… We’ve done it at a bunch of different places. Some outdoors, existing theaters and it’s always a big group of people.”

In detailing the inaugural year of the festival, Josh Fischel was building something he wanted to live on that would have a positive impact on the community. In our final interview with Josh, he explains: “I wanted it to be a multi-day festival. I also thought that we have to get people in town use to it. Because what we are doing is not something the city is use to. We have seen some resistance and we hope to prove that we are responsible and that this is a really great thing that, eventually, will just be a part of the fabric of the city.”

The Pier plans to be in attendance for this years festival and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating an event that, along with Josh’s discography of music, will continue to breathe life into his spirit. To pick up your tickets or for more information on Music Taste Good Festival, click HERE! — If you go, they’ll have Josh Fischel pin’s at the festival merch booth!

Watch: Music Taste Good 2017 Line-up Announcement:

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: David Norris

Watch: Josh Fischel – “Get Out” (Live Acoustic Sublime Cover)


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