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One More Day With You

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One More Day with You

If I could have one more day with you. I just finished writing a song for my grandmother and great grandmother. They have been gone for a long time, but I have some wonderful memories of them from my childhood and the unconditional love they gave me.

Parrot Island Band groupies

I am a big fan of Jimmy Buffett and would certainly love to meet him and sit in for a few songs, but while writing this song, I had a thought. If I could have one more day with my grandmother/great grandmother OR meet (and even get to know) Jimmy Buffett… obviously I would choose the time with them over Jimmy (sorry, Jimmy J).

As the song states, thoughts of my grandmother/great grandmother come when I least expect it. Sometimes it is like they are very close and sometimes I wish they were here to see my wonderful family (or listen to the band play – they were both great supporters of my music). My grandmother used to come to some of my gigs in bars when I was in college. She was my biggest fan (although sometimes I was a little self conscious when she showed up in certain places).

Here are the words to the song One More Day With You:

Sometimes when I’m driving down the road

Sometimes when I’m visiting back home

Sometimes it’s a story, or maybe it’s a song

Suddenly it hits me just how long you’ve been gone…



If I could have one more day with you,

I know just exactly what I’d do,

I’d sit right here and listen, there’d be lots of reminiscing

If I could have one more day with you


Sometimes when I’m looking at the door

Remembering how many times you’ve walked through it before,

Sometimes how I wish that I could hear your voice once more

Suddenly I swear I hear you whisper in my ear



If I could have one more day with you,

I know just exactly what I’d do,

I’d sit right here and listen, there’d be lots of reminiscing

If I could have one more day with you



I can’t believe it’s been so many years

I still have these moments when I’m fighting back the tears

I hope that you can hear me, sometimes I feel you near me

When I close my eyes, it’s like you’re standing here


Chorus 2)

If I could have one more day with you

I know just exactly what I’d do

I’d tell you that I love you, I’d get a big hug from you

If I could have one more day with you…

If I could have one more day with you…


As part of the Parrot Island Band: a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band, I usually write songs that are upbeat and tropical. Although this is not a Trop Rock song, I hope you enjoy listening to it and I would love to hear who you would love to have one more day with (and what you might do together).


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God Made You Nose to Toes

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God Made You Nose to Toes

God made you nose to toes.  We live in a world that constantly forces us to compare ourselves with others.  The models that we see on TV or in magazines rarely look like the people we see in our everyday lives. The houses I often drive by on the way to work are “humongous” compared to mine (although I know that many people would be glad to even have a house at all).

Parrot Island Band song

I wrote a song called Nose to Toes. It is a Trop-Rock kids song and yet we sometimes play it for adults and they seem to like it too. I think many of us still suffer from comparisons that were made when we were younger. “Why can’t you get A’s like your sister?” “You sing OK, but not as well as Johnny.” The comparisons never end and continue to haunt us even into adulthood.

The chorus to Nose to Toes begins the song:

God made you nose to toes and inside out

God loves you when you smile and even when you pout

God made you nose to toes without a doubt

So go ahead and be yourself and let it all hang out!

It helps when I am reminded that God loves me even when I don’t measure up to others. I love to sing and play with the Parrot Island Band (a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band from Atlanta, Georgia), but I sometimes find myself comparing myself (unfavorably) to other Trop Rock musicians or bands. While we get a lot of favorable feedback, I still find things about other bands that I wish did as well (I wish we could sound like some of the 6-7 piece bands…. but with only 3 of us. I know it doesn’t make sense but that’s how I think sometimes.)

The first verse to Nose to Toes looks at both the comparisons but also the reality that we are at our best when we are ourselves (and not poor copies of someone else):

If only I were smarter or taller I would be…

More popular or have more friends, at least that’s how it seems

I look into the mirror and finally I see…

That really all I need to do is learn how to be me


The second verse talks about what we see in the mirror:

When we look into the mirror, sometimes what we see

Doesn’t match with what the world tells us that we should be

So we spend too many hours trying to be somebody else

When if we want to be the best we have to be ourselves

Parrot Island Band has a unique tropical sound

As you and I know, it is easy to write (or sing) these words yet still struggle in trying to live them out. I continue to strive to be as authentic as I can, and hopefully encourage my family and friends to be who God made them to be (without adding the “if you would only” to the end).

The last verse of the song gives an example that I am sure many can relate to:

You think that you’d look pretty if you straightened out your hair

Or covered up your freckles so nobody else would stare

There is no one else like you in this whole wide world

So remember that God loves you and enjoy those pretty curls

How many people do we know that have straight hair that wish it was curly, or people with dark hair that wish they were blond?  Most of us have something (or numerous things) we would change about ourselves if we could.

I write a lot of songs that aren’t particularly deep (most are about beaches, boats and sailing away) and sometimes envy my Trop Rock friends who write some wonderful songs.  Ironically, when I do write a deep song… it ends up being a kids song (or at least a song for the kid in all of us). One day I will get it recorded and IPod ready, but until then… here is a “rough version” of (God Made You) Nose to Toes – I hope you enjoy…



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Beyond the End

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Beyond the End

Beyond the End.  Written by Jimmy Buffett, Marshall Chapman and Waylon Jennings, Beyond the End is a song that I can’t remember hearing until I was searching the Internet today for blog material. While I wish I could sit down and ask these wonderful musicians what they were thinking when they wrote this song (Jimmy still hasn’t sent me his phone number), I will be left to share what some of my thoughts are when listening to it.

Things end all the time. The Space Shuttle program ended this week. Many people who have spent their lives in an industry that they thought would always be there are now left to ponder life beyond trips to outer space.

Were they listening to Parrot Island Band in space?

Some endings are welcomed. My son recently graduated from high school and is preparing to head off to college. My daughter, on the other hand, just graduated from college. “Beyond the end” for her at the moment is uncertainty. Something will turn up, but jobs are hard to come by these days… When looking “beyond the end” some people look forward with anticipation and hope while others worry about tomorrow and what it will bring.

Included in the lyrics of Beyond the End are:

A sea of friends are singin’

Vaya con dios [Go with God]

Mis amigos [My friends]

We take their hopes and feelin’s

To some new world

We’ll be revealin’

Jesus said, “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8)

We spend a lot of time trying to plan our lives and anticipating tomorrow. The truth is (at least how I have experienced it) that as much as I have tried to figure out what tomorrow might bring, I am surprised more often than not. Many good things come to an end when I least expect it and many bad things turn out better than I could have hoped for.

Beyond the End. Many people worry about life after they die while others look forward to it. I’ve got friends who believe there is nothing “beyond the end” (and while I don’t share their beliefs, I do respect their rights to hold those them).

Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in Me. In My Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with Me that you also may be where I am.” (John 14:1-3) Roy Orbison sings on the recording of “Beyond the End”, adding a haunting vocal and reminder that like it or not, there will come an end.

Roy would have fit in great with the Parrot Island Band

There isn’t anything Tropical about today’s post. No plugs for the Parrot Island Band. No references to steel pan or Jimmy Buffett Tribute Bands. I will end the post here for today, hoping that whatever endings you are facing, beyond each end…you will find hope, joy and of course… beaches and blessings.

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Parrotheads Like Hawaiian Shirts

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Parrotheads Like Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian shirts are among the stuff that Parrotheads like. As far as I can remember, I wore my first Hawaiian shirt in the mid 1970’s at the height of the T.V. show Magnum PI’s popularity. Tom Selleck made Hawaiian shirts look cool and I thought I looked cool in one also (please don’t burst my bubble… I still think I look pretty sharp in Hawaiian shirts ).

Parrot Island Band like Hawaiian shirts too

I’ve worn many Hawaiian shirts over the years and I am always on the lookout for the next “gotta have” shirt for my “collection”. While we were in St. Augustine, FL, this past week, I found two Hawaiian shirts that are now among my “favorites” (at least for the next month or so).

Parrot Island Band love bright shirts

The first purchase I made on this trip was in the historic section of St. Augustine (where numerous shops and “deals” are waiting for unsuspecting tourists). We spent several hours wandering the streets and enjoying the unique items in this section of St. Augustine. I thought I was going to get though the day without buying anything until… I saw my family crest!

Now you may say that what I purchased is only a nylon “Hawaiian shirt” flag but I beg to differ. As an only child with very little information about my ancestors, I have often wondered where my love of beaches, oceans and Hawaiian shirts come from. I am convinced that there are some fun loving, beach seeking ancestors in my family “Palm” tree.

On Thursday, I bought the smaller version of the Hawaiian shirt/flag for my front yard but felt compelled to go back and claim my family crest on Friday. When I shared my family crest story on Saturday afternoon, I felt like I was sharing my discovery with new found cousins (fellow Parrotheads that I hadn’t met until this weekend).

Parrot Island Band now has a flag

The second purchase on this trip took place on Friday evening when we were checking in. Just around the corner from the registration table were Cookie and Jim Goranson selling some of their shirts, jewelry and other Parrothead supplies from their business, “The Wacky Parrot” (

Parrot Island Band love the Wacky Parrot

As part of the Parrot Island Band (a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band from Atlanta, Georgia), we love Hawaiian shirts with parrots, palm trees and bright colors. Linda and I found matching ones in the Wacky Parrot Shop that we wore on Saturday afternoon and they received numerous compliments – thanks Cookie and Jim! Linda also found some beautiful parrot earrings that I know she will use for many gigs to come.

As you can see, Hawaiian shirts aren’t just… well, shirts! They often have stories and hold memories. I recently commented on a particularly beautiful Hawaiian shirt at an event in Georgia and the fellow wearing it said, “This shirt holds a lot of great memories… some of which I can’t remember!”  If you have any Hawaiian shirt stories that you would like to share, send them to me at and I may post them here on our website. Until next time, may your closets be filled with Hawaiian shirts, your days with beautiful beaches and your life with countless blessings…

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A Great View From the Mic

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A Great View From the Mic

Peoples and Henches drop by for Parrot Island Band fix

A great view from the mic. This week Linda and Bry (of the Parrot Island Band: a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band from Atlanta, Georgia) were in St. Augustine, Florida, for the Beaches A1A Parrot Head Club event… Betty Teague Memorial Beach Bash. We played on Saturday afternoon to a great crowd and although there was a good chance of rain, the weather was beautiful.

A great view from the mic

Looking out from the mic, we were treated to a view of good friends. Dale and Peach Hench (Trop Rock fans of the year for 2010) were there along with Buddy (the “good Parrothead”) and Billy (the “old Parrothead”) Peoples. Both of these couples have been very encouraging to us since we started playing a few years ago at Trop Rocks the Smokies.

Although we had heard Jim Morris (and steel pan player John Patti) before, we also had the treat of listening to Jimmy Parrish (and the Ocean Waves) and the Calypso Nuts for the first time. Both groups were outstanding and we really appreciated the opportunity to spend some time getting to know Robbie and Lynley of the Calypso Nuts. While all of these groups are outstanding (and genuine/friendly people), the Calypso Nuts are a high energy duo that I hope we get to hear again (and often).

I can’t forget to mention Tropico (Barry Olsavsky, steel pan player who also plays with Jimmy Parrish) and Mark Hart, who also did a great job. Mark looks a bit like a ‘70’s rocker (maybe someone who might have played for Grand Funk Railroad) and had a hilarious delivery of his line, “this is the drinking part of this song”, which he shared at some point in every song (it must have worked, people were tipping him like crazy!). Unfortunately, the group Mango Fever was rained out on Friday afternoon but played a number of songs in the hospitality room (it was pretty noisy in there but what I heard was very good).

Mark needs some time on Parrot Island with the band

A special thanks to Debbie Mayer and her team. They did a wonderful job of making sure everything went smoothly and it looked like everyone had good time. One of the many things I like about events like the Beach Bash is that they also raise money for a good cause (Beach Bash focuses on Alzheimer’s related charities). Thanks also for bringing in the Parrot Island Band/duo and giving us the opportunity to play for the event (if you enjoyed hearing us, please let Debbie know she made a good decision in bringing us in J).

Well, that’s a quick view of this year’s Beach Bash. Linda and I had a great time and hope that we see some of our new friends in the coming year. If you are having a Parrothead event in 2011, we would love to be considered for the music lineup. In addition to Linda and myself (steel pan, guitar/vocals), our conga player (Kevin Garrelts) is a great addition to the Parrot Island sound and would love to come along if your budget allows.

If you read some of my other posts, I know you are waiting for it, so here it is… ready… ready- until next time… beaches and blessings to you all!


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Parrotheads Like Flip Flops

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Parrotheads Like Flip Flops

Parrotheads like flip flops. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jimmy Buffett is a master marketer! Knowing that flip flops are definitely on the list of stuff Parrotheads like, Jimmy came out with a line of Margaritaville flip flops and I’m sure they are best sellers (I wonder if there is Parrothead underwear?…hmmm).

Flippin and floppin while listening to the Parrot Island Band

As I have been thinking about flip flops for the past few days (thus this post), I have noticed there is a great variety of flip flop styles. I also noticed there are some really ugly feet out there, but that is a post for another day . When I looked up “flip flop pictures” on the Internet, I also found out there are some really creative flip flops out there…

Parrotheads like some stuff fishy

Grass is greener when listening to Parrot Island Band

I’m sure that some of you have flip flop favorites that you would like to share. Send me some brands or pictures of your favorite flip flops (send to and I’ll share some of your wisdom (or humor) with the rest of the flock.

While I am out this week (Linda and Bry of the Parrot Island Band will be on a road trip to Beach Bash in St. Augustine, Florida), I will be keeping my eye out for unique flip flops and maybe I’ll get a picture or two… Would it be inappropriate to stop someone and ask if I could take a picture of their flip flops/feet? We’ll see how it goes and I’ll update the post next week… until then may your week (and life) be filled with beaches and blessings

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Parrotheads Like to Travel

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Parrotheads Like to Travel

Parrotheads like to travel.  When I think about stuff Parrotheads like… travel comes to mind. I must not be a very good Parrothead because I don’t travel nearly as much as most of the Parrotheads I know. The islands. The lake. Some beach, somewhere. It seems like my Parrothead family is always on the road.

Parrot Island Band heading to Beach Bash

Having said that, this week we are heading off to St. Augustine, Florida. Linda and I (Parrot Island Band/duo) will be playing at the  Beaches A1A Parrothead Club eventBeach Bash (15th annual event with proceeds benefiting Alzheimer’s charities). There will be a number of other Trop Rock musicians playing, including the Calypso Nuts and Jimmy Parrish. I have heard many good things about these Trop Rockers and I look forward to listening to them after we are done playing on Saturday afternoon (by the pool). I enjoy playing at Parrothead events as I enjoy meeting some new friends at each event.

So that’s pretty much it for the blog this week… I may sneak in an update on the road, but maybe not. As far as travel goes… I would love to hear some of the places my Parrothead friends like to travel (send your thoughts to Bry Harris at and maybe you will be mentioned in a future blog post). Until next time… may your week be filled with beaches and blessings….

Parrot Island Band heads to St. Augustine Florida

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Adding to the List of Stuff Parrotheads Like

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Adding to the List of Stuff Parrotheads Like

Stuff Parrotheads Like. It’s a list of things that Parrotheads have in common. OK, not all Parrotheads will like everything on the list but there are many who will. As I mentioned in my original post “Stuff Parrotheads Like”, some items on the list may be humorous, some serious and some may be informative…. we’ll see.

There are no Pairates on Parrot Island

I also said I would add some of your favorites to the list and I have already gotten a few suggestions. Bobby Curran added old pirate movies to the list. I remember watching pirate movies as a kid now that Bobby mentions it and certainly the more recent Pirates of the Caribbean series (although I haven’t seen the most recent one). There is a pretty good list of old pirate movies at

Derek Raulerson lists:

The Ocean
Big kosher pickle
Heinz 57 French fried potatoes
Juicy fruit bathing suits
Pensacola (because of Frank Lola of course)
Hanging around other parrotheads

OK Derek, I’ll give you all but the “big kosher pickle” (see, I told you we wouldn’t agree on everything). I know Jimmy put it in the song (Cheeseburger in Paradise) but pickles… ewww ).


Parrot Island Band bans pickles


While a lot of Parrotheads probably don’t care for golf… Derek is an avid golfer and a darned good one (I can attest to the whoopin’ he gave me when we played a few months ago. I also like golf so I will leave it on the list. I also rewrote a Buffett classic (Why Don’t We Get Drunk and). It is now Why Don’t We Play Golf at 2? (you can listen here).

If you want to add your ideas to the list, leave a comment at the end of the post, drop a suggestion on our Facebook page ( or email me at

If all this talk of cheeseburgers and Parrotheads gets you salivating for some good Trop Rock music (steel pan, congas and island tunes), maybe it’s time to call the Parrot Island Band (Jimmy Buffett tribute band from Atlanta, Georgia) in for a party. We will leave the pickles in the song (Cheeseburger in Paradise) and even throw in some French fried potatoes.


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Stuff Parrotheads Like

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Stuff Parrotheads Like

I have been reading the book Quitter by Jon Acuff. In this book, Acuff talk about the tension between our “day job” and our “dream job” and how we can close the gap between them. So far it is a really good read and I look forward to exploring some of the thoughts that Jon has shared.

Acuff also has a popular blog called Stuff Christians Like ( that is a spinoff of sorts of another popular blog… Stuff White People Like ( Both blogs take a satirical look at their respective categories and have also inspired numerous other spinoff blogs (just Google “things people like” and you will see what I am talking about).

Since everyone else is doing it, I might as well join in. I will be adding a category to our website ( called “Stuff Parrotheads Like”. I will certainly attempt to keep it light and fun but also look at the many things that bind Parrotheads together.

Parrotheads like the Parot Island Band

So what do Parrotheads like? Jimmy Buffett is an obvious answer but there is so much more to being a Parrothead. Hawaiian shirts. Trop-Rock music. Sailing. Beaches. Boat drinks. The list goes on and on and hopefully you will help me put the list together. If you have something that you think needs to be on the list of “stuff Parrotheads like”, let me know and if I use it I will give you credit. You can send your suggestions to Bry at

The Parrot Island Band. I can’t forget the band. Hopefully our music will land on your list of stuff Parrotheads like. While we primarily play here in the Atlanta area, we are available to travel (for the right price and with enough lead time ) Steel pans (that has to be on the list), congas and music that helps you escape to a beach somewhere.  We are much more “trop” than “rock” (Trop Rock being the genre that most Buffett/beach oriented bands fall under) but if you give us a listen, I know we can help you find your “happy place”. 

Parrot Island Band takes to a happy place

I look forward to hearing from you and adding this category to our Parrot Island Band page. So let’s get started, what is on your list of “stuff Parrotheads like”?

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Tag, You’re It

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Tag, You’re It

TagYou’re it. It is a game that people have played since the beginning of time (OK, I don’t know that for sure, but I could be right so let’s go with it). I remember playing “tag” when I was a young boy and as a Dad when my children were little.

Reach out and touch the Parrot Island Band

Phone tag. It is a game that I play quite a bit with other adults. Someone calls me and I can’t get to the phone. They leave me a message and I call back but they can’t get to the phone. I leave a message…”tag, you’re it”…. and so it goes until we finally connect. Sadly, sometimes we actually deliver our message but we don’t really “connect”.

No bears on Parrot Island

Tag. It’s a game that I play with the Parrot Island Band website. I try to put certain words in each blog so that people come and read the post, but also to help the website rank higher in the search engines (like Google and Yahoo). As more people come to our website, hopefully some will look around, listen and then… hire us to play an event (the ultimate goal… getting out and playing our music)!

Some great words to tag a post with:

Jimmy Buffett tribute band

Trop Rock music

Parrot Island Band (We are from Acworth, Georgia, but play all around Atlanta and the Southeast… given enough notice, we are open to traveling further.)

Steel pan

Key West, FL (I would love to visit there some day soon; to play there would be even better…anyone?…anyone? )

Margaritaville Restaurants (come on guys, how about inviting us to play at one of your locations?)

LuLu’s Restaurant (Same as above. We love all things Buffett and Jimmy’s sister’s restaurant would be a great place to visit and play.)

Outer Banks, NC (Now, there is a beautiful place to go, walk on the beach and yes… play some music.)

Margarita M.A.F.I.A. (A group of like-minded fans, musicians, venues that promote Trop Rock music.)

So there are a few of the topics that I like to write about (and tag so people can easily find), but there are many others I could cover. As I continue to reach out from our website and hopefully make new friends in the Trop Rock world, I would love to hear other topics that you who come to this site would like to hear about.  Now that you know some of my favorite “tags”….how about sharing some of yours with me… tag, you’re it .

Parrot Island Band would love to hear from you

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