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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

There were many highlights for the Parrot Island Band and I am sure I will miss some, but here goes…

Parrot Ialand Band at Atlanta Buffett tailgate 2011

  • Played at Beaches A1A Parrot Head Club’s Beach Bash event
  • Traveled to Key West and played at several events/venues while there
  • Played for Atlanta Parrot Head Club’s Anniversary Party
  • Played for Atlanta Parrot Head Club’s Jimmy Buffett Tailgate Party
  • Played for City of Cartersville’s  4th of July event
  • Numerous community parties – Brookstone Community was one of best (350+ in attendance), also really enjoyed our gig at a local Marina
  • Parrot Head Night at Heroes Grille in Jacksonville, Alabama (great turnout and finally got to hang out a bit with Derek Raulerson… took us almost a year to find a time and place for this event)
  • Parrot Island Band was nominated (for the third year in a row) as Duo/Trio of the Year at the Trop Rock Music Awards (sponsored by the Trop Rock Music Association)
  • House concert with Rob Mehl (really enjoyed Rob’s visit; great musician and even nicer guy)
  • There were many other events (country clubs, retirement parties, wedding parties, etc.) that we greatly enjoyed and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of

Personal highlights… (Bry)

Picture of Picture being taken of Bry Harris

Here is a picture of Bry playing at Hog’s Breath (notice others are taking pictures also )

  • The young boy who gave us his weekly allowance for a tip
  • Playing for Mike Hansell who was in his last weeks of a long struggle with ALS (also played at Mike’s memorial service… what an honor)

A special day with the Hansells

A special day with Mike and Barbara Hansell… Sail on Mike and thanks for your inspiration.

Thanks to all our friends who came out and listened to us during this past year.  Also, thanks to everyone who hired us to play birthday parties, special events, restaurant openings, holiday gatherings, etc.  We are thankful for opportunities that come our way and the friends we make in the process. We want to wish everyone a happy New Year and hope that we get to be together again in 2012… Until then-

Beaches and blessings…

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Song of the Week: Voodoo Lounge

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Hey there!

I’m going to try to share as many new songs as I can, over the next month or two. These are songs I’m thinking about putting onto my next CD, in draft form. The mix is my “homebrew” version, and will likely be very different when the album comes out next summer. It’ll almost certainly be better there. But it’s a chance for you to start to get to know the songs themselves, and a chance for me to hear what *you* like.

Today’s offering is something I call “Voodoo Lounge.” It’s something I wrote to fill a hole in my catalog – I don’t have a good New Orleans blues number. I expect it’ll get the whole “smoky blues” treatment by Kevin.

The story behind the song is…well, I made it up. That said, anyone out there who actually knows something about Voudou isn’t likely to get *too* annoyed at me, because I tried to get enough of the details right.

I’d like to know what you think of it, so please leave comments or send me an email.

Here’s the song: Voodoo Lounge

I hope you like it.

And Happy New Years!


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Top in the Trops 2011 – The Year-end Trop 40 from Beachfront Radio

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2011 Trop 40 Singles

Watermelons- Jimi Pappas
Living Like a Pirate- Jambo & Amy M
3 Long Time No Sea- The Boat Drunks
Waiting For Jimmy- Rob Mehl
Little Summertime- Tropical Soul
Stuck In Key West Again- Homemade Wine
Don’t Come Knockin’- Brent Burns
King Of the Island- Kelly McGuire
9 When Your Lovin’ Comes Around- Kristie Bobal
10 I Be Smilin Today- Mark Mulligan
11 I Wanna Be Howie- Paul Roush
12 Time For a Change- Jake Thomas
13 Battleship Chains- The Salty Doggers
14 Friends- Kelly McGuire
15 Hello Mr. Sunshine- Jimi Pappas
16 Sail On- Don Middlebrook
17 Our Own Adventure- Nicki Fabbz
18 Working On My Tan- Bob Karwin
19 Beer Pressure- John Friday
20 Knee Deep- Zac Brown Band
21 All Up On the Wall- John Frinzi
22 The Beach!!!- Key West Chris
23 Put a Little Hot Sauce On It- Jimmy Parrish
24 Parrot Head- Thom Shepherd
25 35 Below- Tiki Thom Starkey
26. I’m Alright- Jimmy and the Parrots
27. Something To Believe- Freebo
28. On the Road Too Long- Jim Morris
29. Back At Least Two- John Reno
30. Team Drink- Sam Rainwater
31. Sweet Love- Tropical Soul
32. Worst Day Sailing- Loren Davidson
33. Livin’ On Key West Time- Howard Livingston
34. Rhythm Of the Sea- Rob Mehl
35. Booyah- Swim Skinny
36. Steamer- John Patti w/Nadirah Shakoor
37. Ta Ta Tequila- Mark Starry
38. Man Card- Brent Burns
39. Cabana Boy- James “Sunny Jim” White

40. Three Fingers Of Rum And A Cuban Cigar- Dave Calhoun


2011 Trop Rock Events

1 Meeting Of the Minds
2 Phins To the West
3 Pardi-Gras
4 Stars Fell On Alabama
5 Spring Phling
6 6 String Music
7 Parrothead Rendezvous
8 Red, White, and Tunes
9 Tropicanaroo
10 Beach House On the Mountain

2011 Trop 40 Albums

1 Hello Mr. Sunshine Jimi Pappas
2 Barstools, Broken Hearts & Songs from the Road Homemade Wine
3 Little Summertime Tropical Soul
4 Long Time No Sea Boat Drunks
5 Neat With A Twist Rob Mehl
6 KISS Sunny Jim
7 Tropicalized John Friday
8 King of the Island Kelly McGuire
9 Whitecaps & Nitecaps Capt Josh
10 Life On Lotus Street Bob Karwin
11 Today’s the Day / Paul Roush
12 Blissful Magic Moment / Kristie Bobal
13 On The Road Too Long / Jim Morris
14 Marooned & Shanghi’ed In Key West / K.W. Chris
15 Don’t Come Knocking / Brent Burns
16 Tailspin / Don Middlebrook
17 Greetings from Mulligan’s Island / Mark Mulligan
18 Howie’s Happy Hour/ Howard Livingston
19 Songs in the Key of West / Steve Tolliver
Momentary Mutiny / Dave Calhoun

2011 Trop Rock Bands

1 Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24
2 Boat Drunks
3 Ramajay Intercoastal
4 Homemade Wine
5 Tropical Soul
6 Jimmy Parrish & Ocean Waves
7 Jim Morris & the Big Bamboo Band
8 Coral Reefer Band
9 Jimmy & the Parrots
10 Young Rebel Goombas

2011 Male Trop Rockers

1 John Frinzi
2 Howard Livingston
3 Sunny Jim
4 Brent Burns
5 Jimi Pappas
6 Rob Mehl
7 Kelly McGuire
8 Ryan Sheley
9 Jambo Joe Bones
10 Jimmy Buffett
11 Dennis McCaughey
12 Tall Paul
13 Jim Morris
14 Zac Brown
15 Jack Mosley
16 Bob Karwin
17 John Friday
18 Capt Josh
19 Swim Skinny
20 Don Middlebrook

2011 Female Trop Rockers

1 Heather Sneeringer
2 Kristie Bobal
3 Nadirah Shakoor
4 Amy M
5 Michelle Becker
6 Lynley Tolls
7 Lenore Troia
8 Cindy Walsh

2011 Trop Rock Musicians

1 John Patti- steel drums
2 Jimi Pappas- multiple
3 Dusty Barber- guitar
4 Sunny Jim- Guitar
5 Crawdaddy- Harmonica
6 Robbie Meade- multiple
7 Quincy Yeates- Steel drums
8 R Scott Bryan- percussion
9 Sue Kittridge- Violin
10 Dave Edmiston- guitar

2011 New Trop Rock Artist

1 Kristie Bobal
2 Nicki Fabbz
3 Conch Fritters
4 Heather Sneeringer
5 Trop Rock Junkies
6 Sam Rainwater
7 Jimi Pappas
8 Coconut Radio
9 Thom Sheppard


Original post from BeachFront Radio

Top Caribbean Blogs of 2011 – Fun In The Sun With Some Rum

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Where has the year gone? 2011 has come and gone like the relentless tide. I guess it’s true what they say, time does fly when you’re having fun rum.

Part of my job as a Caribbean blogger is to constantly be on the look out for new Caribbean sites that I can learn from and in-turn tell you about. Reading other island sites/blogs is one of the best parts of this job. I love seeing what other people have to say about particular islands and the fascinating characters that call them home.

Below is a list of some of the top Caribbean Travel/Island/Sailing blogs that I’ve found and read on a daily basis. I wrote about the top Caribbean blogs last year as well, it’s interesting to see how the list has changed over the past year. There are a few new comers and of course ones that continue to produce great content and make our island dreams come true. Each one of these sites has a great person or team behind it and will give you great insight into their part of the island lifestyle.

The list is in no particular order. Don’t be offended if you aren’t on the list. I read a lot more than just these, I just can’t list hundreds of blogs here. If you have an Island/Beach/Caribbean style blog and would like to be mentioned, just leave a comment and link below and I’ll check it out. Always looking for more Caribbean sites to lime with!


2 Gringos in the Caribbean – Tired of the rat race and cold weather in the northeastern United States, we decided to chuck the life and try something new. We pulled up roots, sold the house, took only the most prized possessions and with child and Jack Russell Terrier headed to the Turks Caicos Islands.

Adventure Antigua – a blog about island life spent with sun, sea and sand.

Anguilla Bliss – Great blog about the day to day happenings on Anguilla.

Bahama Bob’s Rumstyles – Based out of Key West Florida and bartender at the Rum Bar on Duval Street, Bahama Bob will tell you tales of the high seas and smooth rum. His blog will take you through the Rum lifestyles of a fine group of people that enjoy the fun and pleasure of fine rums. He travels to distilleries, partys, and Rum Events to bring people the Rumstyles of all those he comes in contact with.

Barbados Sun – Beach, Sea, Sun – It doesn’t get any better. Barbados travel information.

Bermuda Shorts – For island news and tropical updates, it’s your daily dish from paradise.

BigKahuna Brew – Fun in the sun with the beer and the rum. Enjoying craft beer, food of all kinds, airplanes, beaches and the high planes of eastern Colorado.

Bonaire Bliss – Great blog about the day to day happenings on the south Caribbean island of Bonaire.

BVI Music – the one-stop source for artist information and live music performances taking place in The British Virgin Islands.

Camille in the Caribbean – “Chronicling my journey with the Peace Corps”. Based out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Caribbean Travel and Life – Great magazine blog page about all things Caribbean. Travel discounts, information and more.

Caribbean Travel News – Offers Caribbean hotel information and other great travel tips.

Chesney World – your number one stop on the web for Kenny Chesney news and tour information.

Coastlines Tan Lines – Written by a finalist in the Tommy Bahama Rumologist contest, my friend Carl Grooms represents the island vibe to a T. This island boy produces great videos of his Caribbean and rum explorations.

Discovering Puerto Rico – brings you non biased, accurate information on things to see and do in Puerto Rico. From popular attractions to lesser known spots around the island I hope to provide you with information to help make your vacation here memorable.

Following The Equator: Voyages of Equinox – Welcome Aboard! We’re just a family following our dreams, living aboard and cruising where we can. Feel free to follow in our wake as we journey aboard our our 2007 Kadey-Krogen 58′!

Irie Time – “My Irie Time is a collection of photographs and stories from our travels through the Caribbean. “Irie” means to be at peace with your state of being, and in a worry-free mindset, just how I feel when my feet hit the sand on the beach.”

ISLANDS Magazine – This magazine’s blog is great. It features stories from islands all over the world. They have some of the best writers and photographers in the business.

Jimmy Buffett World – your number one stop on the web for Jimmy Buffett news and tour information.

Key West The Blog – is a local’s perspective and, in pictures and words,  sharing the news and views of the island life with you.

No See Um’s Blog – Life on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. This guy posts some great photos of how weird and crazy life in the islands can be.

Pirate’s Paradise Adventures – This is a blog for a boat rental company in the USVI. They do a great job of writing interesting stories about the Virgin Islands.

Professor Beach – From the professor: I’ve always said “its fun to visit the worlds best beach locations, but what really matters is that there is great town up the road to eat, drink, shop, sleep and be entertained in”.

Rum Connection – This guy knows his rum. Mike from is a rum expert and regular judge in international rum competitions. Dedicated to providing rum lovers with the latest news, exclusive articles and critical information about the tradition and culture of rum.

Rumdood – Matt Robold is an Orange County, California-based rum connoisseur and cocktail enthusiast that likes to write about his passions on his blog

Rum Therapy – A soft tropical breeze, the warm sun touching your skin and a rum beverage in hand. Therapeutic, huh? We think so and through our line of vacation wear, t-shirts, caps and more, we hope to embody the island spirit so you can capture that feeling when you need to.

San Pedro Scoop – “About 5 yrs ago, I moved as a single woman to San Pedro from NYC. I want to show all sides of island life; give you the SanPedroScoop. The island is one of the most beautiful places on earth but every day I see something hard to Belize.”

See St. John – St. John Life – All about St John, Virgin Islands (USVI)

On-St. John – My favorite St. John blog. These guys make the best island videos and give the coolest information of beautiful STJ.

St. Thomas Blog – “We created this website to share our experience and knowledge of St. Thomas. We want to fill you in on everything; great St Thomas restaurants, nightlife, bars, St Thomas real estate, which car ferry to St. John is the fastest, how to greet the locals, what time and day to hit the post office in order to avoid a 35 minute line…you get the idea.”

Taco Girl – “I stepped outside the box and moved to the tropical island of Ambergris Caye off the coast of Belize where I started – a daily expat travel blog with a unique twist.”

Team Cocktail – These guys know how to party. Based out of my home town of Kansas City but have salt water their veins, Team Cocktails is an island inspired clothing company. They have a fun blog and are always giving away some great TC gear.

The Blog of Maho – Green Musings of an Eco Resort. Maho Bay Camps North Shore Road, St. John, US Virgin Islands. An Eco Resort in the US Virgin Islands.

The Sand Slipper – “Journey with me as I navigate the 700 islands, and direct you to the best fishing holes, watering holes, beaches , party spots, and the most secret getaways that weren’t discovered by Christopher Columbus.”

The Trinadad Charlies – Melissa, Emily, and Noelle or Charley M, E, or N. Three girls on a journey to find their own palm tree paradise. Join us as we embark on a wild ride!

Uncommon Caribbean – UC offers an engaging journey beyond the region’s well-trod sun, sand and sea attractions to reveal a unique side of the Caribbean seldom featured in traditional travel guides.

Webcam Grenada Blog – “Our website is not just another travel guide for Grenada. It is much much more. Grenada is our home, and on this site you will get to see some of the ‘real’ Grenada. Here you will see a selection of things we like to do, places we visit and events which we have gone to, which we have written about in our blog.”

Windtraveler – When two people, with the same life long dream of sailing around the world find each other, there’s only one thing to do… make it happen!

Zero To Cruising – “From total sailing newbies to live-aboard cruisers. How we made it happen!” Follow their island hopping adventures throughout the Caribbean. I got the chance to hang out with Mike and Rebecca on Grenada this year and hand a blast with them. Great people and a fun blog to follow.


Again, if you have a Island/Beach/Caribbean style blog and would like to be mentioned just leave a comment and link below and I’ll check you out.

Have a great New Year Castaways!

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A Short Christmas post from the islands

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A  short Christmas post from the islands
A quick note from the Caymans.  Today I enjoyed the best of both worlds..a white Christmas in paradise.  I have heard about this for years but never been here during Christmas week.  I should have come before now.  People cover their yards with white sand and you are forbidden to walk on it until Christmas day.  The effect is great a white Christmas in the islands.  Lights decorate the homes and rival the decorations up north but you can celebrate in tour swimming suit on the beach on the big day.

I will take the time tomorrow to fill you in on what has been going on in my life in this part of the world, but for now just know that life is wonderful and I would not change a thing about the way I have chosen to live it.

Merry Christmas from paradise.

William Fair Roberts…on island time in paradise.

Sent from my mobile…sometimes my spelling may be a little less than perfect.


Ho, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Rhum – Jimmy Buffett

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Ho, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Rhum
Jimmy Buffett, Roger Guth, Pete Mayer & Russ Kunkel

Jimmy Buffett – Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Santa’s stressed out as the holiday season draws near
He’s been doing the same job now going on two thousand years
He’s got pains in his brain and chimney scars cover his buns
He hates to admit it, but Xmas is more work than fun

He needs a vacation from bad decorations and snow
Mr. Claus has a has escape plans, a secret that only he knows
Beaches and palm trees appear night and day in his dreams
A break from his wife, half-frozen in life
The elves and that damn reindeer team

Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum
Santa’s run off to the Caribbean
He thinks about boat drinks and fun in the sun]
Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rhum

Plastic creations and crass exploitations aren’t good
He wants to go back to simple toys made out of wood
Just for the weekend he’s like to be Peter Pan
Get out of his long johns and dance with a sword in the sand

Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rhum
Snata’s off to the Caribbean
Marimbas, calimbas, he’s playing steel drums
Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rhum

Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rhum
Santa’s off to the Caribbean
A week in the tropics and he’ll be alright
Sporting a tan as he rides out of sight

Merry Christmas to all and to all good night

Time For A Change – Jake and the Half Conched Band

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If you’re stuck in a Midwest snowdrift or freezing your ass off in the gloomy North, then I’m sure you’re thinking it might be time for a change. 24 years was long enough for this pirate. I pointed my old Thunderbird South and set sail for sunny Florida. It was time for a change indeed.

Jake Thomas, a trop-rocker in the group Jaked and the Half Conched Band, sent me his CD, “Salt in My Veins” about a year ago. The album is full of songs about gin clear water, wet money, Mexican senoritas and escaping the grind. It’s a breath of fresh salty air and the relaxing lyrics will have you island dreaming in no time, especially if you’re zip code reads frozen tundra.

I’m friends with Jake on Facebook and happened to see him complaining that he was 7 hours from the closest beach. A problem no doubt. I suggested he join me in Key West in a couple weeks for a little “Island Research”. Seeing him pop up on Facebook made me revisit his “Salt In My Veins” album, and after soaking in a few tunes I knew I had to share one of the songs with you Castaways today. “Time For A Change” is the perfect song for this time of year and I hope it has you pondering a change in geography.

Catchy little song isn’t it? If you’re inspired to head South then maybe the Castaway Winter Beach Bash on St. Thomas is just the medicine you need. If you just want to chill to the sounds of Jake and the Half Conched Band then you can down load the song “Time For A Change” and their album “Salt In My Veins” below.

Did Buffett inspire this entire genre of Trop-Rock or did it exist before him?

Time For A Change – Time For A Change - Salt in My Veins

Salt In My Veins Album – Salt in My Veins - Jake and The Half Conched Band


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A Thank You from Tall Paul

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I would like to take few minutes to thank everyone who comes out to the shows, purchases CDs and stuff, and generally supports what happens in Tallville!
I have been North, (Iowa) South, (Key West) East (Jersey) and West (well not too far West this year, but that will change in 2012) and MANY places in between and have had an amazing year. plus Kristie’s CD is out and doing well. it looks like there will be several duo tours for us and she will be involved in aspects of other events as well.
i feel extremely fortunate to be able to play with such amazing musicians throughout the year both in my bands and during the impromptu “ramajay” sessions that occur spontaneously on stage and off… thanks to all of you for making it so much fun
you can see on the schedule below that 2012 is already shaping up to be another big year, so pace yourself!
trips to panama, costa rica and a west coast tour plus several weeks in key west will keep things very interesting… not to mention festivals in florida, new jersey and iowa!


the should also be a “Hot Trio” DVD release in 2012… Kristie was our opening act!

a trailer can be viewed here:
yet another trip around the sun
have a safe and happy holiday season

The TEDDY BEAR of Trop Rock, John Friday, will be at THE YARD on January 21st!

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The Yard welcomes back JOHN FRIDAY in concert!
January 21, 2012
6:00 Meet & Greet
7:00-10:00 Live Music

Join us for an evening of GREAT music, good friends and a lot of fun! John is an energetic and entertaining artist and you are guaranteed to have a great time at The Yard!

The Yard is located at:
8016 North Meadowview Circle
Tampa, FL

Admission is $15.00 per person cover to the artist.
BYOB, your chair and a dish to share. Bring your friends and share the fun!

RSVP or for questions please send email to:

About THE YARD ~ The Yard is not your ordinary house concert venue! It’s a TERRIFIC House Concert venue that caters to the BEST of the the Trop Rock artists who come to entertain about twice a month. Your hosts, Mark & Sharon Leverett welcome you to join us for great music, fun times and good friends!

JOHN FRIDAY the Tropical Balladeer, is a
singer/songwriter originally from Maryland, now living in
Florida. After a back-breaking (literally) Army career,
John settled in the Sunshine State where he pursues
his musical dreams every night in the locals pubs and
An eclectic set of interests led John through the gamut of
college majors, including biology; education;
engineering; mathematics; business (“I’d always made
fun of business majors, and suddenly I was one!”);
computer science; classics (the most useful part of a
classics degree is that you can say “Do you want fries
with that?” in Latin!); and finally, one that combined many
of John’s interests, History. It took a mere twenty years
to complete his baccalaureate, as little things like raising
children and going to war kept him busy. John’s love of
History is readily evident, as he will discuss historical
events at the drop of a fin-topped hat.
John got his first guitar when he was 13, after attempts
at learning the piano and the clarinet were less than
successful. For years, John was never far from that
guitar. He took it backpacking in the White Mountains of
New Hampshire; while working on a crabber in
Chesapeake Bay; even while skiing in Maine &
Colorado. He still has that guitar, although his collection
has grown somewhat over the years.
When it came time to “get a grown-up job,” John put
away childhood dreams and joined the Army. A series
of injuries led to a medical discharge after thirteen years
of service. Moving back to the Mid-Atlantic region, John
shortly realized that (1) he’d never really grown up and
never would, and (2) his childhood dreams of making
music were still powerful. Eventually, those dreams led
to a southward move. “Dreams…don’t leave childhood
without them.”

Please visit John’s website at:

Radio Margaritaville Remembers the Legendary Ralph MacDonald

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Radio Margaritaville Remembers the Legendary Ralph MacDonald

The legendary percussionist of the Coral Reefer Band, Grammy-award producer, songwriter, and friend to us all, passed away on Sunday, December 18 at his home in Connecticut. Remember with us some of Ralph’s great music, and a full life of fun and camaraderie, on this tribute program with band-mate Jim Mayer and Radio Margaritaville’s Steve Huntington.

Broadcast Schedule:
Wednesday Dec 21st : 12pm ET
Thursday Dec 22nd: 12am (Wed. nite)
Thursday Dec 22nd: 6pm
Saturday Dec 24: 6am
Sunday Dec 25: 11pm

Freddy & the Fishsticks on this week’s Radio Margaritaville concert replay!

Happy holidays from Freddy and the Fishsticks, a.k.a. Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band! Radio Margaritaville brings you their December 2005 benefit concert from Aspen, Colorado on this week’s Jimmy Buffett Concert Replay.

Broadcast schedule:
Thursday, December 22nd at 10:00 am ET
Friday, December 23rd at 12:01 am ET
Saturday, December 24th at 6:00 pm ET

Listen to the shows on and Sirius/XM.