New Trop Rock album project

Posted on Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 at 7:30 pm
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Multi-source collaborative funding for the new John Friday CD, including production, marketing and distribution.

Welcome to the Shipwreck Krewe!

We’re ready to dish out another heapin’ helping of hot Trop Rock tunes. This is where YOU can help! The entire Shipwreck Krewe can collaborate on my third Trop Rock album, Coastal Cowboy, with nine original songs and a couple really fun covers!

Since Jimmy hasn’t invited me down to Shrimpboat Sound yet….

The cold hard truth, as much as we Trop Rockers hate to admit, is that we don’t make the kind of money that Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, and Zac Brown make! We, frankly, pour every spare cent we can into our albums, not because we have hopes of making a gajillion bucks, but because we truly love to make music for you!

I love the idea of all of us collaborating in the music production process, in ways however large or small that we can.


Why we’re asking

The funds raised through this campaign will cover studio costs, musician fees, mixing & mastering services, graphic design, CD reproduction, distribution, and marketing.

Everything above the goal will go toward wenching & drinking…..NOT!!


What’s in it for YOU?


BUT, this isn’t a one-way street! For each level of assistance, you get some perks and fun stuff! Ranging from downloads and special tracks, to CDs and merchandise, to your very own private show, I want to thank you with tangible rewards. And though it’s intangible, I hope you know that I’m incredibly grateful for your support and assistance!


Other Ways You Can Help

Don’t keep this under your hat, either! Help spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, email, phone calls, the water cooler, and any other social networking tools at your disposal.

Don’t forget to explore the sharing tools here on Indie GoGo, too!

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