On Island Time in Paradise – Trinidad 4

Posted on Monday, March 5th, 2012 at 3:00 am
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March 4, 2012

It is a great Morning in Trinidad.  I have already been to the beach
and watched the daylight filter across the sky as I listened to my
iPod to add little background music to the natural drama in front of
me. I rode my scooter from Port of Spain south to Point Fortin
yesterday.  Though it is just over 30 miles as the crow flies, I could
not find a crow flying that way and it took me a good portion of the
day to get here.  Passing villages, shops, stores and stands along the
way didn’t help, because I had the urge to stop at everyone of them.
This is the “high” season here and while the weather is great the
crowds aren’t.  There are too many people for my taste.  This is the
dry season so you don’t have to worry much about rain spoiling your
time in the island, but the tourists may.  They are everywhere. They
are flashing their platinum cards and pushing their way to the front
of every line you see.  Have I told you that I hate lines.  Anyway,
when I got to Point Fortin I decided to find a place to stay that
wasn’t so touristy.  I found one. It is called a beach.  Granted I
dealt with small biting flies and a few hundred mosquitoes but I slept
well with the sea breeze blowing across my body.  When I got here I
grabbed a mosquito net and a small rope hammock along with a couple of
necessities for island travel like fresh fruit, a fresh fish to cook
for dinner and a bottle of rum.

It was a great evening.  There was no one there.  I think I might be
on a private beach, but at least until I am rousted out of my little
paradise here, I am alone.  The temperature here is about 80 degrees
and I took a quick dip in the sea to wash away yesterday’s dirt and
grime from the road.  I swam around for a while and really enjoyed the
waves on my skin.  There wasn’t much wind when I got in the water so
the waves were pretty calm.  I got out of the water and dressed in my
jungle shorts and t-shirt and went back to the edge of the woods for a
cup of instant coffee and a day old muffin.  I am going to spend some
time here and then move on to the eastern side of the island.  I am
hoping to escape the crowds and find me another secluded beach to sit
on and meditate the “meaning of life.”

Until then, I am going to snorkel here and see what the less populated
underside of this island is like.

Now a few traveling tips for Trinidad:
Okay, it was a very wise decision to rent a scooter.  Renting a car
here will cost you a minimum of $300 and a scooter is far less than
that.  Rooms this time of year are also high.  This is not my favorite
time in the islands.  By April most of the tourists will go home to
see the last of the melting snow and I will still be here in paradise.
The crowds are smaller and if you are lucky you will have some time
to enjoy the real island life, without the influence of the dollar and
the euro and the yen.

I don’t think I will be staying here quite as long as I thought I
would.  Don’t get me wrong.  This is a beautiful place.  The few
people I have spoken to have been real and very hospitable, but I need
to find an island with less tourists this time of year.

For now I am going to enjoy this beach with the sun at my back and the
blue-green water in front of me.  The Young Rebel Goombas are singing
in my ear thanks to my iPod and right this minute and, all is right
with my little world.

I hope you are enjoying your personal paradise as much as I am
enjoying mine. I am about to continue what I was doing before I
started writing this morning….I was doin absolutely NOTHING.

William Fair Roberts…on island time in paradise

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