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Tour resumes tonight in the Boston Area

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The Lounging in the Lagoon Tour continues tonight at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA. This is the only Boston area show scheduled for this year’s tour. You can listen to the show on Radio Margaritaville / SiriusXM 24.

The Boston Globe has an article: “Before he was mayor of Margaritaville…

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Dani Hoy keeps summer in her heart and in her songs

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Key West has Jimmy Buffett.

California has the Beach Boys.

And Wildwood, N.J., has Dani Hoy.

“They call it trop-rock, a form of Americana music,” Hoy, a Baltimore native, says.

Tropical rock has a blend of rock and country elements mixed with Caribbean and reggae sounds, and it tends to incorporate a lot of beach and island imagery.

Think flip-flops, big sunglasses and fruity drinks.

“My music has a beach feel. A lot of it is about escaping and getting away to somewhere fun,” Hoy says. “Well, most of it is, anyway. I do have a few more introspective pieces.”

Hoy, formerly of Lancaster and Ephrata, now lives in York. She works in Lancaster as a graphic designer for Clipper Magazine.

She’s also juggling a burgeoning music career — an unexpected turn in her journey.

“I’ve pretty much been involved in music my whole life,” Hoy says. “I mean, I’ve always sung to the radio, just like any other kid.”

She’s sung in church and school choirs and has done a little musical theater. She was inspired, too, by her father’s “party rock” band when she was growing up.

Hoy started taking guitar lessons when she was 12, “but I was just noodling around on it,” she adds. “It was only three or four years ago that I started playing out, mostly at open-mic nights.”

Now 44, Hoy is releasing her first CD Saturday at Shank’s Tavern in Marietta.

“I didn’t expect this. I was just some girl playing at open-mic nights,” she admits.

A devoted Parrothead (Jimmy Buffett fan), Hoy was mostly playing for fun.

“We have these events, as most Parrothead clubs do, to raise money for charities. We call it ‘partying for a purpose,'” she says.

Then she got a call asking her to play on opening night at Spring Phling, an annual trop-rock event in Wildwood.

“I played for an hour. I played the two songs I had written by then,” she recalls. “I also played at the pool over the weekend, and a couple of people walked up and I asked if I had a CD. … Until then, I didn’t really consider myself that caliber of performer.”

But it got her thinking. So, with the support of her husband, Dan — also a musician, who sometimes performs with her — Hoy started recording.

The experience changed her.

“Putting together a CD has changed the way I perform,” she says. “I emote so much better when I’m singing a song in a public place.”

Being a Parrothead has inspired her music, Hoy adds — although she focuses on the Jersey shore more than on more humid climates to the south.

“I spent a lot of time in Wildwood when I was a child — going to the beach, going to the boardwalk,” she says. “A lot of my music is about keeping summer in your heart.

“That’s the idea behind being a Parrothead — we take the weather with us. We bring the tropics everywhere we go.”

She throws some covers into her show — Buffett, of course, and bands such as the Eagles — while working up a larger menu of original material.

“There aren’t a lot of women playing this kind of music,” she observes. “I’m a little unusual. … Maybe there’s a niche to fill.”

She also has a bit of a ’70s singer-songwriter vibe, she says. “You know, good vocal hooks that make you want to sing along and make you feel good. That’s the vibe I was going for.

“It’s a little bit about love, it’s a little bit about nostalgia.”

Meanwhile, she’s enjoying the adventure of reinventing herself as a performer.

“There are some things coming up I hadn’t expected for myself. But I’m having fun,” Hoy says.

“This is a start for me. It’s a brand new direction in my life. I’ve always enjoyed performing, but I’ve never done it to this level, where it’s just me and a guitar on a stage.”

There’s a learning curve, however. “Being an independent musician is very desirable, but it’s very time-consuming,” she says. “It’s taking over a lot of my free time …. Fortunately, I don’t have cable TV.”



Dani Hoy CD Release Party

Sat. 7-11 p.m. 21 and over. Free

Shank’s Tavern

Front and Waterford sts.

Marietta, 426-1205

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Landshark Pizza

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This week started off with a visit to a local pizza house I had not visited in several years. Landshark Pizza is in the Old Town Pottery shopping center. We met the owner Brian and his wife Sue at the Tipsy Turtle over the weekend. He is considering advertising on the Crab Island Mambo web site so Sunshine Cindy and I decided to stop in and check out their operation. Brian greeted us by name as we walked in. The place was pretty busy. It has a sports bar feel to it with the usual pizza, wings and sandwiches on the menu. We ordered some Wisconsin beer cheese curds and a pizza plus some cold beers. Everything was great. The pizza is really good. Turns out Brian and his wife are originally from Wisconsin. His brother went to the same college Sunshine Cindy went to. Small world. Brian and Sue are good folks. We will be back often.

Tuesday we stayed in but on Wednesday Sunshine Cindy surprised me by showing up at my office in the late afternoon. She brought me a change of clothes and we decided to meet at KC’s Sandbar after I got off work. Mike was sitting at the bar and we chatted with him for a while. Renee was behind the bar and Matt was coming on. A new girl, Crystal was being trained. Jan and Loujean came in. Jan was going to lead the sunset sing-a-long. We had some food and enjoyed the beautiful evening.

Jan did some good Trop Rock songs from Jerry Diaz and Jim Morris. Terry and Michele came in. Kenny showed up to play his harmonica. Scott limped in. He hurt his knee and looks like he will need surgery. It was the usual fun evening at KC’s where you never know who is going to show up. One guy came in covered head to toe in tat’s. About the time we were leaving 6 bikers pulled up. They have their own parking spot next to the building. It was fun.

The weekend is shaping up to be a good time. Fireworks Thursday, beach cleanup Saturday and who knows what on Friday and Sunday! lol  Full report on Monday. See ya then….

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Landshark Fintastic Voyage this Saturday in Myrtle Beach, SC

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Landshark Fintastic Voyage this Saturday in Myrtle Beach, SC – Beach Cleanup, Paddle Boarding and Reggae Legends Steel Pulse!

Landshark Lager has teamed up with Ocean Conservancy, along with 5 O’Clock Cocktails, to make a difference with their FIN-Tastic Voyage this summer! The beach clean up and paddle board tour continues Saturday in Myrtle Beach, SC, after two successful events in Seaside Heights, NJ and Ocean City, MD.This week’s event details:
Saturday, June 23rd*
Plyler Park, Myrtle Beach
9am-11:30am: Beach Cleanup

11:30am-4pm: Paddle Boarding Sessions

3pm-6pm: Sampling, Beach Games, Giveaways & a Performance by Lyndsay Wojcik Band!

8pm-11pm: Sampling, Giveaways & a FREE Concert by Legendary Reggae Band, Steel Pulse!

* Schedule subject to change, check for the most up to date information.

Check out the photos:
Seaside Heights, NJ

Ocean City, MD

Visit for more information about Saturday’s event in Myrtle Beach, SC and the other upcoming stops throughout the summer!

Bio of Kenny Chesney

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Contemporary country star Kenny Chesney didn’t have the immediate breakout success that many of his peers enjoyed upon signing with major labels, but gradually built up a significant following via hard work, pop-friendly ballads, and a likable, average-guy persona. Chesney was born in Knoxville, TN, in 1968 and raised in the nearby small town of Luttrell, better known as the home of Chet Atkins. He grew up listening to both country and rock & roll, but didn’t get serious about music until college, when he studied marketing at East Tennessee State University. He received a guitar as a Christmas present and set about practicing, and was soon performing with the college bluegrass band. He soon started writing songs as well and played for tips in local venues — most often a Mexican restaurant — every night he could; additionally, he managed to sell 1,000 copies of a self-released demo album. After graduation in 1991, he moved to Nashville and became the resident performer at The Turf, a rougher honky tonk in the city’s historic district. While he gained experience, it wasn’t the sort of place where he’d be discovered, and in 1992, he moved on to a publishing deal with Acuff-Rose. From there he landed a record contract with Capricorn and released his debut album, In My Wildest Dreams, in late 1993.

Unfortunately for Chesney, Capricorn wasn’t much of a country label; not only was the album underpromoted, but the label’s country division shut down completely not long after its release. Still, it sold 100,000 copies and caught the attention of several big-time major labels. Chesney ended up signing with RCA subsidiary BNA, which releasedAll I Need to Know in 1995. The album gave him his first two Top Ten hits in the title track and “Fall in Love.” His follow-up, 1996’s Me and You, became his first album to go gold, thanks to two number two singles in the title track and “When I Close My Eyes.” Released in 1997, I Will Stand was another gold-selling effort that gave Chesney his first-ever number one hit in “She’s Got It All,” plus another number two with “That’s Why I’m Here.” His big-time breakthrough, however, came with 1999’s Everywhere We Go, which sold over two million copies and spawned two number one hits with “You Had Me from Hello” and “How Forever Feels”; it also featured another Top Ten single in “What I Need to Do,” and another, “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” that just missed. In 2000, Chesney issued his first Greatest Hits compilation, and two newly recorded songs — “I Lost It” and “Don’t Happen Twice” — went to number three and number one, respectively.

Greatest Hits became Chesney’s second straight double-platinum release and topped the country LP charts. He followed it with the all-new No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem in early 2002, which gave him his strongest commercial performance yet. It, too, hit number one on the country album charts and spun off four Top Ten singles in “Young,” the number one “The Good Stuff,” the Bill Anderson co-write “A Lot of Things Different,” and “Big Star.” A Christmas album plugged the gap for 2003, and he returned strongly with 2004’s When the Sun Goes Down, which won in the Album of the Year category at the Country Music Awards. He repeated the win, this time as Entertainer of the Year, with Be as You Are (Songs from an Old Blue Chair). Chesney found himself the subject of much tabloid fodder in 2005 with his surprise marriage to actress Renée Zellweger (he had composed 1999’s “You Had Me from Hello” after watching Zellweger in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire). The pair split that same year, citing irreconcilable differences, and Chesney released the chart-topping The Road and the Radio in November. In the years that followed, Chesney kept busy, releasingLive: Live Those Songs Again in 2006 and Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates in 2007. In April 2010, Chesney and director Joe Thomas released the 3D concert film Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D. Taken from his 2009 Sun City Carnival Tour, the film included 23 songs from six stadium shows, shot in 3D, interspersed with interviews and home movies. A completely new studio album, Hemingway’s Whiskey, named after a Guy Clark song, also appeared in 2010. His 13th studio album, Welcome to the Fishbowl, arrived in 2012. ~ Steve Huey, Rovi

Bio of Ziggy Marley

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The oldest son of reggae legend Bob Marley and his wife Rita, Ziggy Marley was the natural heir to the throne left vacant by his father’s untimely 1981 death. Along with backing band the Melody Makers, a unit comprised of his brothers and sisters, he successfully carried on the tradition of communicating the music’s message to a growing global audience, even scoring a U.S. Top 40 single in the process — a claim neither of his parents could make. Born David Marley in Kingston, Jamaica on October 17, 1968, he received guitar and drum lessons from his father, and began sitting in on Wailers recording sessions at the age of ten. In 1979, Ziggy, his sister Cedelia, brother Stephen, and half-sister Sharon all joined Bob in the studio to record the single “Children Playing in the Streets.” Christened the Melody Makers, the four siblings continued playing together at family events, and even performed at their father’s state funeral.

Marley was not even 17 when he and the Melody Makers issued their EMI debut LP, Play the Game Right. The burdens of becoming a second-generation star weighed heavily on the youth — who looked and sounded almost eerily like his father — and he allowed the record and its 1986 follow-up, Hey World!, to veer closely toward pop music, resulting in derision from reggae purists. Poor sales, combined with EMI’s public desire to market Ziggy Marley as a solo act, prompted Marley & the Melody Makers to jump to the Virgin label, where they entered the studio to record their masterpiece, 1988’s Conscious Party. Produced by Talking Heads‘ Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, the album was both a critical and commercial smash, with the single “Tomorrow People” reaching number 39 on the pop charts. The follow-up, 1989’s One Bright Day, continued the Melody Makers’ artistic growth; it was also their best-selling effort to date, cracking the Top 20 and, like its predecessor, winning a Grammy.

Marley & the Melody Makers resurfaced in 1991 with Jahmekya, another assured and creative effort. It sold well, edging into the Top 20, but failed to generate much radio or video airplay. Released in 1993, Joy and Blues barely charted, despite adding elements of contemporary dancehall (a showcase for Stephen‘s rapping skills). The latter record was the Melody Makers’ last release for Virgin, and they moved to Elektra for 1995’s Free Like We Want 2 B. Fallen Is Babylon followed in 1997, and scored a third Grammy. Like his father, Marley eventually emerged as a leading political voice, and was named a Goodwill Youth Ambassador for the United Nations; at home in Kingston, he also founded his own record label, Ghetto Youth United, created to spotlight the next generation of reggae talent.

In addition to the four siblings in the Melody Makers, three other Marley children — Damian, Julian, and Ky-Mani — also pursued careers in music. The music continued into the new millennium, as Marley released Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers Live, Vol. 1 in fall 2000. Without the Melody Makers, Dragonfly was released as his first official solo album in 2003, but its 2006 follow-up Love Is My Religion was the one with the hit, as the album’s title track put Ziggy back on reggae radio throughout the globe. His 2009 effort Family Time was a charming children’s album, while 2011’s Wild and Free returned to the socially conscious reggae that launched his career. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi

Tipsy Turtle Weekend!!!

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We had another great weekend down here on the Emerald Coast. Friday evening started out great. I took a new route home and was able to miss a bunch of the traffic saving about 25 minutes on my drive. That was a reason to go out and celebrate! LOL   We headed to Friday’s in Destin. We saw several of our Parrothead friends there. It almost looked like a phlocking was going on. From there we went down to the harbor to hang out at the Tipsy Turtle for awhile. We wanted to make sure all the details were covered for having Jan playing there Saturday night. We got a big bowl of Jambalaya from Royal Cajun who was there serving again. Matt took good care of us and everything was set for Saturday. We left the Turtle and decided to head to the American Legion for some karaoke. Capt. John, Julie and Suzanne were there. I sang “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and Sunshine Cindy did three songs. She has an amazing voice.  Brought the house down. It was fun.

Kelly doing his version of “Sweet Caroline”

Saturday morning was spent getting the Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper published. I had to work through some issues with my Cox email service. About noon we went to Friday’s to celebrate Father’s Day with Sunshine Cindy’s parents. That was nice spending time with them. After that we got ready to go to the harbor. We loaded up our merchandize and off we went. Wayne was already there when we got there. Turtle (Yes, there really is a “Turtle” at the Tipsy Turtle!) gave us free reign on setting up our stuff. Jan and Loujean got there and we helped Jan unload and get set up. He did a great job performing. We ended up with over 25 total Mambo’ians come and go during the evening in addition to the normal traffic on the harbor. We sold some merchandize, Jan got in front of a new audience and Tipsy Turtle sold a lot of beer. We actually drank them out of Michelob Ultra! At the end of the evening everyone was happy!

We were able to do some networking too on Saturday night. Matt introduced us to Brian, the owner of Landshark Pizza in Destin. He is thinking about advertising on our web site. We will go see him this week. We are also talking to the Royal Cajun folks about maybe doing some cross stuff too. Pretty cool.

Sunday we slept in late then hit the pool in our community. It was a perfect day and we enjoyed just relaxing for a while. We had made plans to go back to the Turtle Sunday afternoon to eat some more of the shrimp. We were out of the car for only a few minutes walking up to the place when we ran into Julie and Trish. The other Julie was on her way. A new father/daughter duo (Summer Breeze) were playing music. They sounded great. More friends were coming and going. Brian from Landshark and his wife Sue were there again. Eventually Capt. John, Dave, Marilyn, Sabrina and Alex all stopped by after spending the whole day on Capt. John’s sailboat. It turned into another fun afternoon/evening at the Tipsy Turtle.

The docks have been packed with people. Sunday was actually busier than Saturday but that is because Saturday is changeover day for everyone in town on vacation. As Russ used to say, “What Happens in Destin leaves on Saturday!” Have a great week. See ya Thursday…

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Ziggy Marley Remembers His Dad, Bob Marley, for Father’s Day

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It’s a busy year for the oldest son of reggae legend Bob Marley. Not only has Ziggy Marley, 44, recently embarked on a nationwide tour for his latest album Wild and Free, he’s also the executive producer of Marley (out now), the first documentary authorized by the Marley family on the life of the late reggae star.

Marley took a moment from his tour to chat with about Father’s Day, what he remembers most about his famous dad, and the most important thing he learned from him. Marley came out in April to great reviews and fanfare. What were your favorite parts?
ZIGGY MARLEY: Parts of it were emotional for me, especially the part when I told the story about [Bob’s] time in Germany when he was sick and us kids never knew much about it. That was pretty emotional, yeah. I think my favorite part is hearing the story of the Wailers rehearsing at the cemetery [to get rid of stage fright]. I laughed when I saw that. How will you and your family celebrate Father’s Day this year?
MARLEY: Every day of our lives, our Father is with us. Every day our Father is here with us spiritually anyway. I remember him every day, you know. What’s your most memorable moment with him?
MARLEY: One of the most memorable moments, I think, would be me and my brother Stephen taking a trip with him to Zimbabwe for the independence celebration in 1980. That was pretty special for both of us to be with him during that significant time. Do you remember what it was like the first time you saw your dad perform?  
MARLEY: I remember significant concerts, [for example] Zimbabwe is one, and then there’s the One Love concert. What would happen is, me and my younger brother would go on stage at the end, like the last song, usually a song called ‘Exodus.’ Those times are stuck in my memory; being on stage with [Bob] and my brother and we’re jamming out to him and the Wailers playing ‘Exodus’ until the end of the show. What would you say is the most important thing Bob taught you?
MARLEY: Hard work, respect mothers and spirituality, because as a child we learned to have manners for elders and to respect our mothers and fathers. So I think what I learned from him as a parent, not as a musician, but as a parent, is how to treat other people. Do you think people have any misconceptions of your father?
MARLEY: I think the biggest misconception is a lot of people think they know [Bob]; a lot of people think they do, but you know, the only ones that truly know my father are my mother and his mother. All those other people that think they know him, they only think they know him. People come to me  [and say] “I thought I knew everything, but this film really showed me that I didn’t know everything.” So that’s what [Marley] is about, to let those that think they knew everything [after you watch it] now you know everything. What’s your favorite song or album by your father?
MARLEY: It’s hard to say a favorite song of my father’s. I listen to all his stuff; a lot of the old stuff before the 70s. The album I used most was Survival during my high school years. That album brought me into the consciousness of Africa, the struggle of Black people.

Photo by Kii Arens

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Another Sneak Peek from Welcome to Fin City

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Another sneak peek of Jimmy Buffett’s new DVD/Blu-ray release, “Welcome to Fin City” is now available. Enjoy a “fintastic” Jimmy Buffett concert from the best seat in the house! A two disc set – DVD + CD (and also available for the first time on Blu-ray + CD!), featuring the best of the 2011 Las Vegas shows and a never before released music video of “Elvis Presley Blues!”

Now available for pre-order at DVD/CD or Blu-ray/CD.

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Fun on the Harbor

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The party scene is Destin seems to always have something happening even when you think it might be a laid back day. Last night was one of those times. Sunshine Cindy and I had stayed in the previous few days while everything dried out from the rains we had. On Wednesday we had a meeting set up with Matt at the Tipsy Turtle. We are working to get Jan a gig there and needed a face-to-face to finalize it. There was a small crowd around the tiki bar. We pulled up a couple of stools and after a few minutes and Matt making a few phone calls to Ben and Turtle we were able to agree on a gig Saturday evening starting at 7:00. Everyone is welcome so come on out.


I then walked down to our friend Steve’s Hawaiian Ice vending trailer. We had promised him we would drop off some business cards that he would put out for us. We had also previously gave Steve a T-Shirt that he said he wore Tuesday. He told me he got several comments and people asking about it. We might try and team with Steve to sell some of our merch there. Back to the Turtle where Matt told us about some drunk fool who tried to swim across the harbor to the Pointe earlier in the day. He got about halfway across and had to be rescued. Idiot.

We closed our tab and prepared to head to the Red Door Saloon to get some food. I looked up and saw an old friend I had not seen in years. This is where the evening started to turn into a crazy time. Sami and her husband Barry were talking to Matt. I told Sunshine Cindy I think that is Sami over there and it was. We all talked for a while and decided we would all head over to the Red Door. On the way we passed a new small open air bar that opened by the Burrito food trailer. People were singing and it looked like a good time so we filed that info away.

We had fun at the Red Door catching up. Sunshine Cindy and I ate some of their dogs/brats that are really good. There was a nice breeze from the gulf blowing in and as usual several bikers pulled in. It is a relaxing place. Sami and Barry left and Sunshine Cindy decided it was time to head home too. But as we passed the “Burrito del Mar” bar the good time was still going on so we decided to stop for one. As we walked up we recognized one of the staff from waiting on us at the Rotten Apple. He is working here now too. The first beers we got were on the house as the owner who was sitting there put up $100 for everyone to drink off of as long as it lasted. With beers at $2 each it went a long way.

There was a young guy behind the bar playing with an I-Pod that was hooked into the outside speakers. Turns out there was an entire family from Oklahoma there. Mom, Dad, two daughters who were 20ish, a future son-in-law and the son behind the bar playing the tunes. They had pretty much taken over the bar and the staff loved it. There were all pretty drunk but having fun. The Dad was called, “Big Sexy” and he loved that title. He is a big ol’ guy that drives road paving equipment. He said it is funny when they are on a job and some of his crew calls him that! As much fun as it was there I had to get up early today so we had to head home. As I said, you just never know what will happen when you go out in Destin especially during tourist season!

Come out Saturday to the Tipsy Turtle to hear Jan if you are in the area. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. A full report on the weekend on Monday. See ya then…

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