Quick Note from WFR – Barbados

Posted on Friday, June 1st, 2012 at 8:23 am
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If I marked this correctly we put almost 200 miles a day behind us by taking shifts at the wheel and pressing hard. A good crew, favorable winds and great captain got us out and back on a great boat.

I have been doing a little traveling…serious traveling over the past few days. I left Saint Lucia sailing for Barbados and evidently we took a wrong turn. We spent eight days at sea. No, it wasn’t an accident, John and Jill just wanted to do some “real” sailing. So, we did. We sailed out into the Atlantic to 14 28 40N 53 00 41W and then sailed northwest to the tiny island of Tintamar where weanchored for one evening in the North Curve and then headed SSW skirting the islands back to Barbados where we sit anchored today watching the clouds blowing overhead. In all we sailed well over 1000 miles to make our 100 mile trip to Bridgetown. We are about to head ashore to gather supplies, dine on the local fare, sip a beer or two and purchase rum to stock our depleted on-board bar.
I promise an update of my recent travels and that story about my first journey as a traveler in the next few days. You know it is difficult to stop the carnival of life long enough to pen a few lines when the world is slipping by so quickly.
WFR…on island time in paradise.

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