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Typical Destin Weekend!

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It is funny how even when we don’t have any plans there always seems to be something to do in Destin. Thursday evening Sunshine Cindy and I decided that after we fought the traffic getting home to head over to TGI Fridays for some dinner. It is always comfortable there. Friday night was the only real plans we had for the weekend. There was a Parrothead club meeting at the American Legion. We had a small turnout but a number of us stayed around for the Karaoke. Judie and Kelly were the stars of the evening!

Saturday was one of the typical “let’s go to the harbor and see what happens” kind of evenings. We got parked, stopped at the Tipsy Turtle to get a beer and say hello to Becca and Turtle then headed to Steve’s Hawaiian Ice Booth to see how Steve was doing. He continues to do a great job selling our Crab Island Mambo “Embrace the Chaos” T-Shirts. We chatted for a while and then Sunshine Cindy and I decided to go to Crab Island Cantina. Our usual bar stools were open and Scotty was behind the bar. Sunshine Cindy got a Margarita and we watched as they were getting set up for a busy night. They were having $5 Mojito’s and a DJ. This place makes you feel like you are in south Florida with the Latin flavor. Carlos stopped by to say hello to us and we also talked with some tourist who were in town from the Jersey Shore. No, they were not TV stars but Tom(?) and Jackie were nice down to earth folks.

Time to move on. As we were leaving Dominic was just coming in. Dominic was our bartender of the month in June. Always good to see him. We stopped at the Crazy Lobster. Jesse was working the outside bar. We were going to sit there but it was hot, humid and crowded so we went inside. That was a good call. It was comfortable at the bar. We could hear the band play and I was able to have a couple of Abita beers. We also had some food. Sunshine Cindy had a shrimp cocktail and I had a half dozen raw oysters. Every once in a while I get a taste for them and Saturday was the day. They were great. We also split a burger. For a seafood place they do wonderful burgers. Harper was behind the bar and he took good care of us as always.

The crowd in Harborwalk Village was huge. They had a band playing for “Rock the Docks” that had folks packed in. We went back down the boardwalk towards AJ’s. We saw Scott, a local guy who runs one of the beach umbrella concessions. We chatted with him and his lady friend who’s name escapes me. After talking to them we ran into Steve again. He had gone to the Boathouse for a while to hear Rusty play. In front of AJ’s Ronnie was playing to a big crowd. We enjoy listening to Ronnie. He plays great country music. When the crowds die down a little we will stop by to listen to him. Off to the Turtle. It was really dead at that end of the Boardwalk. Turtle’s musician didn’t show up so there was no one there to draw the people in. While we were sitting there, Joan who worked in the same office Sunshine Cindy did, and her husband Mark walked by. We BS’d with them for a while. They headed to the Boathouse. A few minutes later I glanced down the Boardwalk and saw Loujean kind of crouching down then I noticed Jan trying to sneak up on us. I busted him. LOL  We talked with them for a long while. Turtle decided it was too slow and he was going to close for the night which is okay because we were ready to move on again.

Where to next? We decided to stop at Burrito del Mar to see what was going on there. Bridgette was behind the bar. She is another hard working bartender in this town. This is an open air beer and wine bar. There was no air moving. Tough conditions to work in. We chatted with her and a guy sitting next to us. We finished there and now it was time to start to head home. But wait, one more stop at the Rotten Apple. A good crowd was there. Rose was there with her husband. Rose bartends there at the Apple and at the Legion. Small town Destin – you always run into people you know. From there it was time to go home. What started out as no plans ended up being a fun evening.

By the time Sunday rolled around Sunshine Cindy and I planned to take it easy. And we did, for most of the day. Then about 5:00 we headed to the harbor. We needed to drop off some Crab Island Mambo T-Shirts with Steve at his Hawaiian Ice Booth. We got him restocked and then we walked down to the Tipsy Turtle. The plan was only to have a couple and listen to JB and Summer play. Well, we had been there only a few minutes talking to Matt when Darla and Erika came by. They were getting ready to go on the Seablaster and wondered if we were there. Surprise, we were! We talked to them before they had to leave. Then a group of Cajun’s came in off of a pontoon boat. Cajun’s can really party and this group was no exception. It was fun listening to them. Julie showed up and then Darla and Erika came back after their boat trip. It was another great time on the harbor and the perfect end to the weekend.

See ya Thursday….

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“Living my life like a song.” from Snoloha

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Story-telling truly is an art form…especially when you set them to music and are able to take people along on your journey.

I don’t have that musical ability.  But I like to think that Snoloha is my story-telling medium.  And this past weekend at Comerica Park for the Jimmy Buffet “Lounging’ at the Lagoon” concert provided the elements for another Snoloha story.

The entire day was what you’d expect from a Buffett show — full of tailgating fun and people escaping reality in exchange for grass skirts and coconut bras.

The show itself was also what you’d expect — Buffett performing many of his well known crowd favorites with a few of the more obscure songs thrown in here and there and a couple guest appearances.

Lionel Richie joined the band on stage and the entire crowd was “dancing their troubles away”.

It was fun.  It was escapism at it’s best.  It reminded me of what I’m working so hard for with Snoloha.

And then…it ended.  Both the show, and the escapism.

As 40,000 happy Parrotheads emptied into the streets of Detroit, there they were…a couple of a$$holes selling t-shirts.  But not just any t-shirts…they were selling the Snoloha Trop Rock T with the Jimmy Buffett concert branding on them, passing them off as Lounging at the Lagoon T’s…out of garbage bags.  Yes, they were selling MY artwork with Buffet’s artwork out of garbage bags for $10 a shirt.  It was obvious that these a$$holes did not have any permits to be selling on the street.

Well, I came unglued.  I was not reflecting the laid-back, relaxed Snoloha vibe.  The obscenities began to fly out of my mouth as I explained (more like screamed) to them what they had done.  I was physically shaking.  Luckily my buddy was there to literally bear hug me, restrain me and try and talk me down.

Of course I realized that this same buddy of mine was WEARING THE ACTUAL TROP ROCK DESIGN THESE GUYS WERE SELLING!  Yes, I pointed that out as well.

I was not able to get any information from them. They wanted nothing to do with me. I’m sure they didn’t think that out of 40,000 people they would run into the guy they stole from, while his friend was wearing the real design.

It was surreal

You can imagine the feeling of more than 5 years of stress and hardwork being ripped off right in front of you, while your friend is wearing the shirt they stole.

Here’s the goal:

If you were at the concert, or know someone at the concert, and you purchased one of these shirts…I WILL BUY IT FROM YOU, or you can have a credit to shop on (email me —

Also…let’s use the power of the internet and social media (the Coconut Telegraph) to get Buffett’s people aware of this.  He’s got WAY more leverage than I do.  Let’s find out who was behind this.  I want all the money they made that night selling this shirt to go to The Wounded Warrior Project.

It’s one thing to be inspired by another’s work, but to blatantly steal it is lazy and pathetic (and illegal).  I understand imitation and flattery and all that crap…and yes, it’s kinda cool that a Snoloha design, out of all the designs that this thief undoubtedly considered, was chosen.

If I could, I would have turned this into a song and sang it to you…but I just don’t have that talent.  Instead, I have this brand…and to me, that’s enough.  I’ll leave the song writing to Buffett.

And the Wino and I know the pains of backbustin’,
Like the farmer knows the pain of his pick-up truck rustin’.
It’s a strange situation, a wild occupation,
Living my life like a song.
~Jimmy Buffett, “The Wino and I Know”

So please…if you attended the show and bought that shirt (pictured below) or if you know of anyone who attended the show pass this along to them.  I’ll get you some ‘Official” Snoloha gear and a big helping of appreciation in return.  And if you’ve got some crazy “Six Degrees of Separation” from Buffett…spread the word.  I’d love to see whoever was behind this have a really bad day when Buffett’s attorneys knock on their door.


This is copied verbatim from our friends at Snoloha

My Mistresses

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Union Avenue, Downtown Memphis

Within the last year I’ve traveled to both Memphis and New Orleans, the cities I refer to as “My Mistresses.”  Although I have performed music in both places, when I “play Memphis” or “play New Orleans,” I really do “play,” onstage and off.  Throughout my life I have lived what I call dangerously close to each city and spend just enough time with each for them to remain seductively attractive.

St. Peter Street, New Orleans, at dusk

I’ve gotten to know these mistresses pretty well and I never tire of visiting them.  I’ll keep going back as long as they’ll have me.

I’ll let the lyrics of the song I wrote about My Mistresses tell the story, along with these photos.  Click here to listen to My Mistresses or read the lyrics and view photos below.

My Mistresses
I’ve always lived a quiet life, an upright faithful guy
But I’ve been blessed with one peculiar wandering eye
If you know me well, you know what I can’t refuse
A lady who can make me laugh or sing me the blues
I can’t resist ‘em and I’ll never kiss ‘em goodbye

The Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee

My Mistresses are Memphis and New Orleans
I’m just like other Mississippi men
I know I can’t have either one forever
But I gotta have ‘em every now and then
Sophisticated sirens are tugging at my arm
One has a Cajun accent and they both have Southern charm
One’s as soft as cotton; one’s Louisiana spice
One offers me a julep; one says, “Red beans and rice?”
They’re getting to me and I know they’ll do me right
My Mistresses are Memphis and New Orleans
I’m just like other Mississippi men
I know I can’t have either one forever
But I gotta have ‘em every now and then

Looking towards New Orleans from the river

They both live on the river
And they both will take me in
Anytime that I may be inclined
Neither one is jealous and I really do regret
That I can’t be with them both at the same time
Now this tale of two cities might wear another down; But best of times or worst of times, I’ll still be comin’ ‘round
That high-toned Southern Lady and that Creole-French coquette                                                                              
They both know how to lure me and I’m bound to see ‘em, yet
When they call me back, Son, I’m leavin’ Jackson, you bet
My Mistresses are Memphis and New Orleans
I’m just like other Mississippi men
I know I can’t have either one forever
But I gotta have ‘em every now and then

Learn More about Les at

Text and photos copyright 2012 by Les Kerr
My Mistresses copyright 1998 Les Kerr (ASCAP); Published by O.N.U. Music (ASCAP)

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Billboard Article on the Detroit Show

Posted in Trop Rock Happenings | Comments Off on Billboard Article on the Detroit Show has an article on Saturday nights show at Comerica Park: “Lionel Richie Joins Jimmy Buffett in One-Off Show in Detroit

Jimmy Buffett and Lionel Richie found an easy solution to the dilemma of who got to perform “All Night Long (All Night)” during their one-off stadium show in Detroit. They both did.

Richie, of course, wrote the song and took it to No. 1 in 1983. Buffett, meanwhile, guests on the new version from Richie’s latest album, the chart-topping “Tuskegee,” and has been playing it during the shows on his Lounging in the Lagoon Tour this year. But the men, who dubbed each other “cousin” during the July 28 show at Detroit’s Comerica Park, figured the crowd of 39,000-plus Parrotheads could handle two renditions, so Buffett, dressed in a Detroit Tigers jersey, joined Richie and his band at the end of their 65-minute opening set, and Richie, also sporting Tigers attire, returned the favor with Buffett and his Coral Reefer Band.

And while Buffett was the night’s headliner, he quipped at one point that “Lionel had to cut 10 hits out of his show. I get to do all 2.5 of mine.”

Buffett took credit for the “wild-ass idea” of having Richie on the show. “We don’t normally do opening acts,” Buffett tells, “but (the promoters) felt we needed an opening act. Then (‘Tuskegee’) came out and went No. 1, and I said, ‘Let’s call Lionel and see if he’d be interested in doing it.’ I thought that to play the baseball stadium in Detroit would be special enough to get him. And he called back and said he wanted to do it.”

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Featured Artist – Loren Davidson

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As an “escape artist,” Loren’s art inspires and encourages people to escape from whatever is bringing stress and distress to their life – job, traffic, rude people and frightening headlines – by helping them imagine life as it could be, sitting on a warm beach with a cold drink, even if only for a little while. Seen from this perspective, the problems of the moment don’t seem so bad anymore.

Loren’s fourth and current album, Island Standard Time, was released in November 2010 by Renaissance Island Music. Produced by Kevin Johnston, this album is already on several “best of” lists, and his song “Worst Day Sailing” was named to the all-time Trop Rock Top 40 on BeachFront Radio in May, 2011. The ten original songs on this album will take your escape to a whole new latitude!

Loren performs regularly in and around the San Francisco Bay area, at county fairs, art & wine festivals, yacht harbors, tiki bars, wineries, coffeehouses, and house concerts. He has also performed in other locations around the country including Los Angeles, Nashville, Las Vegas, and Key West.

Loren currently lives, works, and plays in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Great Article from

Grab your favorite boat drink and get ready to live on “Island Standard Time” with the latest release from Trop Rock crooner Loren Davidson. His likeable style, a cool a mix of contemporary folk and acoustic music with a good splash of tropical attitude, takes you on a virtual tropical vacation no matter what the season or where you actually are.

“Island Standard Time,” contains ten new original songs about enjoying life in a laid back way that makes him a popular choice of island loving Parrot Heads and Trop Rock fans everywhere. Loren sings about work, life, Mondays, the beach, sailing, and love …in other words…enjoying living life on “Island Standard Time.”

This CD is appropriately named because this is exactly how Loren lives. Making his home on the ‘left coast,’ near sunny San Francisco, CA. Loren pegs himself as ‘an escape artist’ as he entertains audiences with his engaging performance that gives folks a chance to escape for a few hours from their everyday stress and routines.

Every song on the new CD immediately transports you to a scenario that is played out in your daydreams and memories of time spent with good friends, in happy tropical places, with your favorite boat drink…just living on ”Island Standard Time.’

My personal favorite, “Beach Front Day”, where waves wash my cares away, is a salute to the ever popular need to take a mental day and head for your favorite shore! Loren actually wrote this song for the crew at Beach Front Radio, recently voted Trop Rock Radio Station of the Year at theAnnual Trop Rock Music Awards.

I really like the title track, “Island Standard Time” as well. I particularly like the story behind Loren’s inspiration for the track. Loren says he was inspired by a friend who told him that we need to remember what’s important. The sun rises in the morning and sets at night…and everything else is relative! Pretty profound, huh? Loren also received a watch as a gift that contained some sand and a piece of slate with the word ‘Now” written on it. So Loren’s inspiration is simple: It’s always now and we’re always here…and it’s always Island Standard Time…at least between our ears.

I could go on and on about Loren’s new CD about palm trees, pirates, parrots and boat drinks. It’s a virtual vacation where you can “dress down” for that island vacation you never seem to get around to taking or that you’re looking forward to next month.. It’s about a chance to make friends and hang out with people who know how to have a good time and aren’t afraid to live life on“Island Standard Time.”

Check out Loren’s video on the left of this article to get you in the island mood. You can buy “Island Standard Time here! I proudly salute Loren’s new CD and give it 5 out of 5 coconuts!

ALSO, due to release his Newly Designed Website designed by Coconut Networx this week.

Buffett performs at Comerica Park

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band’s “Lounging At The Lagoon” tour got back underway at Comerica Park in Detroit on Saturday night. The set list from the show is now available. Lionel Richie was the opening act and he came back and joined Jimmy and the band for the song “All Night Long”.

The Detroit News has a review of the show: “Jimmy Buffett turns Margaritaville into love letter to Detroit

A sold-out crowd of more than 39,000 Parrotheads turned Comerica Park into Margaritaville Saturday at Jimmy Buffett’s first-ever concert in the city of Detroit. And given the overwhelming success of the show, it would be a surprise if it was his last.

Anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge about Jimmy Buffett could likely guess 75 percent of the setlist, from “Come Monday” to “Volcano” to “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” He spiced up the songs with liberal references to Detroit and the surrounding areas, and turned “Margaritaville” — complete with an assist from Birmingham-bred basketball star Shane Battier on bongos — into a veritable love letter to Michigan. The show included more shout-outs to Detroit than even a Kid Rock concert.

The show does score bonus points for having Lionel Richie as an opener. His hits-packed opening set started the party early, and the vibe continued “All Night Long” — to the point where fans were treated to two performances of Richie’s hit, once during his own set and again during Buffett’s set.

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Videos of Buffett’s backstage performance

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A video clip of Jimmy Buffett performing “Boat Drinks” from his dressing room yesterday on StageIt at Comerica Park in Detroit, MI is now available on Youtube

Also Jimmy answered some questions from the fans. Some questions from the surfpirate are available on Youtube:

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Buffett Performs Tonight in Detroit

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Refer Band perform tonight at Comerica Park in Detroit, MI.

Lionel Ritchie is the opening act. He will be taking the stage at 7:30 PM.

From Preparations are underway in and around the stadium for party island crooner Jimmy Buffett’s appearance Saturday night in Detroit. The show is expected to draw 40,000 fans.

Along with the concert, which includes a rejuvenated Lionel Ritchie, Buffett will bring a day-long party to the corner of Woodward and Montcalm. The “Lounging at the Lagoon” party kick things off at 10 a.m. in Comerica’s Parking Lot 3. The official concert event, open to all, includes carnival rides and games, a sand barge with a margarita bar, and plenty of Buffett’s Landmark Lager.

Organizers expect another 10,000 to 20,000 people who aren’t going to the concert to check out the Buffett beach party, according to the Detroit News.

The show is supported by Ritchie, who joins Buffett after they recorded a duet on Ritchie’s latest album, the platinum-selling “Tuskegee.”

“I thought that to play the baseball stadium in Detroit would be special enough to get him,” Buffett told The Daily Tribune. And he called back and said he wanted to do it.”

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The Cocktail Olympics

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The Cocktail Olympics
Turn images on to get the full picture.Let’s be honest: Not a lot of work will be done during the next 17 days as the world watches the Olympics in London. People’s minds will be focused on their favorite athletes and busy tabulating medal counts.

While we too care about such matters, we’ll primarily be sweating over the important question of what to drink with each sport. It’s not an inconsequential consideration, given that the coverage will be pretty much inescapable.

So we dug deep into our recipe library to find some appropriately sporting concoctions, which naturally call for a range of international spirits. Let the games begin!

We don’t suggest drinking and tumbling, but a classic Flip—like the rich Gaelic Flip or the fortifying Cruzan Flip—is the perfect accompaniment to the endless rounds of individual and team exercises. We toast you, Márta Károlyi!

Perhaps we shouldn’t believe the hype, but if Kobe Bryant is right that this squad is even better than the Dream Team, you’ll need to fix a few bubbly creations. We’ll be enjoying theFrench 75 and the Kir Royale.

Swimming & Diving:
Something about the sound of splashing water makes us thirsty for a tropical elixir. Try a Smuggler’s Cove Straits Slingor a Beach Bum, which we think pairs beautifully with Rowdy Gaines’ play-by-play.

Get even more Olympic-event cocktail pairings on

Destin snapshot

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Living and Playing in Destin is a snapshot of our life here in paradise. We do have to actually work for a living so it is not all play. This week has so far been quiet on the play front. I did get out for a while on Wednesday evening as I headed over to Landshark Pizza for some wings and a few brews. Sunshine Cindy decided to stay home so I was solo. Wednesday evenings they have wings on special for 49 cents each. I love their wings with a blackened dry rub instead of a sauce. I ran into several folks I see at the Tipsy Turtle at Landshark Pizza. Paul was in there. Steve was sitting next to me and we chatted the whole while. He is an interesting fellow having retired from his job as Captain of the prison guards who work on death row. Brian and his Landshark crew stayed busy all night. Paige took good care of me and I was able to watch one cook do nothing but fry wings all night. They were going like hot cakes. It was a nice relaxing time there.

Cool Destin cloud formation

As we continue to be in the middle of our busiest tourist season Destin has ever seen I want to relate a story I heard on the radio the other day. We have a great watery playground in Destin. With the harbor, East Pass into the Gulf of Mexico and Crab Island in the bay this area is a boaters paradise. There are dozens of places where tourist can rent pontoon boats and jet skies to enjoy the water. The problem is no one bothers to check to see if the person renting the boat actually knows how to operate it. Add alcohol to the mix and it could be a disaster. The story on the radio was a pontoon boat that was running full speed under the Destin bridge and into the harbor. This is all a no wake zone. When someone caught up to the guy and told him it was a no wake area he claimed to not know what that meant. How can you not know that is beyond me.

Last summer I was heading back to Niceville from Crab Island. I have to get into a marked channel from Crab Island that will get me into the bay so I can make the run across the bay. I was running with a couple of other boats in the channel when from the right a rental pontoon boat shot right across the channel in front of all of us. It was impossible to have not seen all of us so I can only assume he was drunk but he almost got cut in half. Luckily all the boats in the channel were able to get slowed down and avoid the idiot. Whenever I see a boat with a number on it, I try to stay away! 

Okay, we are all looking forward to the weekend. See you on Monday….

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