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Posted on Monday, July 30th, 2012 at 2:54 am
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As an “escape artist,” Loren’s art inspires and encourages people to escape from whatever is bringing stress and distress to their life – job, traffic, rude people and frightening headlines – by helping them imagine life as it could be, sitting on a warm beach with a cold drink, even if only for a little while. Seen from this perspective, the problems of the moment don’t seem so bad anymore.

Loren’s fourth and current album, Island Standard Time, was released in November 2010 by Renaissance Island Music. Produced by Kevin Johnston, this album is already on several “best of” lists, and his song “Worst Day Sailing” was named to the all-time Trop Rock Top 40 on BeachFront Radio in May, 2011. The ten original songs on this album will take your escape to a whole new latitude!

Loren performs regularly in and around the San Francisco Bay area, at county fairs, art & wine festivals, yacht harbors, tiki bars, wineries, coffeehouses, and house concerts. He has also performed in other locations around the country including Los Angeles, Nashville, Las Vegas, and Key West.

Loren currently lives, works, and plays in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Great Article from Examiner.com

Grab your favorite boat drink and get ready to live on “Island Standard Time” with the latest release from Trop Rock crooner Loren Davidson. His likeable style, a cool a mix of contemporary folk and acoustic music with a good splash of tropical attitude, takes you on a virtual tropical vacation no matter what the season or where you actually are.

“Island Standard Time,” contains ten new original songs about enjoying life in a laid back way that makes him a popular choice of island loving Parrot Heads and Trop Rock fans everywhere. Loren sings about work, life, Mondays, the beach, sailing, and love …in other words…enjoying living life on “Island Standard Time.”

This CD is appropriately named because this is exactly how Loren lives. Making his home on the ‘left coast,’ near sunny San Francisco, CA. Loren pegs himself as ‘an escape artist’ as he entertains audiences with his engaging performance that gives folks a chance to escape for a few hours from their everyday stress and routines.

Every song on the new CD immediately transports you to a scenario that is played out in your daydreams and memories of time spent with good friends, in happy tropical places, with your favorite boat drink…just living on ”Island Standard Time.’

My personal favorite, “Beach Front Day”, where waves wash my cares away, is a salute to the ever popular need to take a mental day and head for your favorite shore! Loren actually wrote this song for the crew at Beach Front Radio, recently voted Trop Rock Radio Station of the Year at theAnnual Trop Rock Music Awards.

I really like the title track, “Island Standard Time” as well. I particularly like the story behind Loren’s inspiration for the track. Loren says he was inspired by a friend who told him that we need to remember what’s important. The sun rises in the morning and sets at night…and everything else is relative! Pretty profound, huh? Loren also received a watch as a gift that contained some sand and a piece of slate with the word ‘Now” written on it. So Loren’s inspiration is simple: It’s always now and we’re always here…and it’s always Island Standard Time…at least between our ears.

I could go on and on about Loren’s new CD about palm trees, pirates, parrots and boat drinks. It’s a virtual vacation where you can “dress down” for that island vacation you never seem to get around to taking or that you’re looking forward to next month.. It’s about a chance to make friends and hang out with people who know how to have a good time and aren’t afraid to live life on“Island Standard Time.”

Check out Loren’s video on the left of this article to get you in the island mood. You can buy “Island Standard Time here! I proudly salute Loren’s new CD and give it 5 out of 5 coconuts!

ALSO, due to release his Newly Designed Website designed by Coconut Networx this week.

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