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Buffett performs at The Fillmore

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Jimmy Buffett the Coral Reefers performed a special show at The Fillmore in San Francisco last night to benefit Singing for Change.

The set list from the show is not available.

Some changes from the recent tour included “Scarlet Begonias” and “Lovely Cruise” as encores.

The tour continues on Saturday night with a show at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

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Destin changes continue…

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This week for Sunshine Cindy and myself is a “get ready for Key West” kind of week. We spent Monday and Tuesday prepping for our trip. With the big Welcome to the Island party at Dante’s that we are the main sponsor means we have a lot of loose ends to tie down. So far it is all coming together. I was even able to get a couple of bike rides in. I need to lose some weight before I put it back on while on vacation!

There continues to be one announcement after another about establishments opening and closing in Destin. The old Destin Diner that has been closed for several years is going to reopen in a few months. The new owners are not sure if they will do traditional diner food or maybe something like Greek food. Whatever it is, I expect Guy Fieri to show up at some point! LOL  The old Twisted Palms and Club Overboard is under contract too. If the sale closes it is expected it will become a motorcycle shop, gun range and pizza house/bar. Bikers, guns and booze…what could go wrong with that concept!

I was surprised to see the Hampton Inn at the corner of Hwy 98 and Old 98 being renovated. It is nothing but a shell right now. Not sure when that was started or when it will be done. There is also a large tract of land on Commons Drive that is under contract. The report is it will become some type of entertainment complex that is celebrity owned. We shall see. We are still waiting to see who goes into the expansion at Destin Commons. Pretty soon the entertainment options will be unlimited here in Destin. Now if we can get more places to play Trop Rock music we will have it made!

This past weekend a crew from the Travel Channel was in Destin. They are doing a feature on beach-town bars that will air sometime in the spring. They stopped at the Donut Hole and at Pompano Joes. It sounds like they got some good footage. Another promotion that will bring in more tourist I am sure!

Wednesday we had a taste for some chicken wings. Landshark pizza has a Wednesday special with wings only 49 cents apiece. It’s a good deal. The place was pretty packed. A lot of regulars in there including Steve and his wife, Pops, Jen, Ben, Missy, Kent, James and others we know by sight…yep, a big group. Julie joined us and we enjoyed the wings and cold beer. Paige took good care of us and I got to chat with Brian too. We left there and headed to Lucky’s Rotten Apple. There was a small crowd in there. Our bartender of the month for August, Rose, took care of us. The Rotten Apple is going to advertise with us on Crab Island Mambo. We appreciate their support.

We had a few beers there. They even had Yuengling Light. It made me a happy guy! LOL  We also got to watch the end of the Cards baseball game. They won and that made Julie happy. Tony and his girlfriend were there. We chatted with them for a while too. It was a nice end to the evening.

Enjoy your weekend. The ECPHC is having beach bonfire on Saturday. That should be fun. See ya Monday!

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Sloppy Joe Cook-Off

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We got our weekend off and running on Thursday evening. We headed down to the harbor to relax a little. We stopped at the Turtle. Matt was working the bar and he was in rare form. There were some folks sitting around the bar and the harbor was pretty busy due to the fishing rodeo. At one point Matt goes into one of the coolers and takes out a large block of ice. It was round and looked like a giant hockey puck. Next you know we are throwing the block of ice, grabbed a broom and practiced our curling. Then he set up some bar stools and it became ice bowling. People on the harbor thought we had lost our minds. Maybe we did but it was fun! LOL

Bruce the fishing rodeo weigh-master stopped by. Then Julie come by too. She just got home from Memphis and was also looking to relax. We all chatted and watched some football. It was slowing down on the harbor and Matt was getting ready to close so we left to head home. But instead we made a pit stop at Hogs Breath. Cam was working, we had a few beers and some food. I got to see the end of the football game as the Steelers lost. Yeah!

Friday night was another night on the Harbor. It started at Harry T’s with the ECPHC meeting. From there we went to the Turtle. A good crowd showed up there. The baseball playoff game was on with the Cards playing the Nats. Julie is a big Cards fan and was in agony when the Cards fell behind 6-0 in the third inning. But she hung in there and keep rooting and lo and behold, the Cards came all the way back to win. Congrats Julie!

Saturday was a fun day down on the harbor. We had our 1st Annual Sloppy Joe Cook-Off at the Tipsy Turtle. We ended up with 6 pots of Sloppy Joes for folks to judge on. It was great because we had six different styles that were all great. After a little more than three hours of tasting, all the votes were tallied by the accounting firm of Williamson and Kesegich. The winner was James who narrowly edged the competition. Loujean came in second. Pops wound up in last place and won the prize of a can of Manwich! James won a great silver platter and some cash. Matt and the Tipsy Turtle were great hosts. A special thanks to Larry for the shots of tequila and to Loujean for the jello shots.

Jan Patton played Trop Rock music the entire time. Kenny sat in on some songs and was sounding great on the harmonica. A good crowd was there for the event. A special treat was running into old friends Dana and Terry. They had moved to Dubai a couple of years ago but were in town to see their grandson. They just happened to pass by on the boardwalk. It was great seeing them and catching up.

Sunday was a laid back day. We went to KC’s Sandbar to hear Bwana Ray play. Ray is from Panama City and we always enjoy his music. He plays a lot of the old great Buffett songs. He was sponsored by the Island Life Social Club and KC’s. A lot of friends showed up including Wayne, Judie, Kelly, Jan, Loujean, Kenny, Matt…yes, it was a good time in the sand at KC’s. I got to see their projection TV too. They project football games at night on the side of a building. It is surprisingly clear too.

The highlight of Sunday though was when I stopped for gas. The biker weekend Thunder Beach was in Panama City. Destin gets hundreds of bikers passing through town. I stopped for gas in Badass. A couple of bikers pulled up right in front of me. They looked at Badass and gave me a thumbs up. Yep, Badass bikers like Badass! LOL

Have a great week. See ya Thursday!

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Buffett performs at Obama Fundraiser

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Jimmy Buffett performed at a Democratic fundraiser for the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama. It was held at the home of John Morgan at his Lake Mary mansion in Florida on Oct. 12th.

Some photo are available courtesy Sean at his Facebook page.

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Tall Paul’s Upcoming Trip to MOTM

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Tall Paul’s Upcoming Trip to MOTM

This year on the way to MOTM i will be playing a house concert on friday (10/26) at “the oasis” in ocklawaha, florida… i have been playing here since its inception and it is always a great show with amazing margaritas…

then on to amazing grace’s annual halloween party in naples on saturday (10/27)… this has also become an annual stop and quite a party

i’ll be in key west by sunday night and performing at the hogs breath on monday (10/29) from 1-5 for all of you early arrivers

tuesday night i’ll be doing a few songs at brent burns’ songwriters event at crowne plaza la concha, 430 duval street from 9 till 9:15

wednesday (halloween!) is a busy day for me… beachfront radio’s party at smokin tuna entitled “john frinzi & friends” (they used my font for their event poster!!) is shaping up tp be huge fun with quite a line up… my slot is at 3pm… get there early and hang with us!
from there we head over to schooner wharf for the midwest region PHC’s party… we play from 4:45 to 5:15… then kristie & i play at the casa marina beach stage from 7-9 that evening… brad brewer our amazing sax playing friend from VA beach will be sitting in with us on that show… then COSTUMES!!

thurday (11/1) will be spent visiting/sitting in with our friends around the island and gearing up for the 2nd annual “tall paul & friends” show at the green parrot! show time is around 10pm so pace yourself… its gonna be a long day… last year this event was HUGE and we expect to take even fewer prisoners this year… the band will include kristie bobal, crawdaddy, freebo, dusty barber, tom johnson and brad brewer plus special guests heather sneeringer, lynley tolls, robbie meade, members of homemade wine, members of southern drawl, some goombas and many others!!! plus you can watch the show on line HERE

friday will be recovery day right up until we start hitting it hard again… the virtual parrothead show at the bottle cap (6-8pm) is always a blast and carmello and the crew are always gracious hosts! after that we blast over to Dante’s for theisland dreams radio show party… kristie & I will be playing at 9pm… after john friday and before the calypso nuts!

saturday is our now famous rooftop party at the rum barrel from noon till 4… kristie, crawdaddy and the calypso nuts will be there and fun is guaranteed… we always have surprise guests and there is no telling how much rum the “daddy” will bring… then we hustle over to the casa marina for our show on the main stage from 6-7pm
this band is called the “castaways rhythm & roll review” and will be a great way to end our musical week… alongside me onstage will be crawdaddy, kristie, freebo, brad brewer, doyle grisham, melanie howe, heather sneeringer & lynley tolls… we’ll be performing between the young rebel goombas and jimmy & the parrots so the energy will be amazing and the music will be scorching… be there or be square

all of these dates are on my calendar

This information came directly from Tall Paul’s Newsletter – Sign Up Here

Featured Artist Interview – Mike Broward

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Featured Artist Interview – Mike Broward

(TRB)  Where are you based these days?

(MB)  I live in Franklin, Tennessee, just south of Nashville. I’m originally from San Diego.


(TRB)  Do you have a Regular Gig where your fans can always find you?

(MB)  Not so much this year! I work at The Bahama Breeze in Memphis about two days a month, but I mostly do tours. Last year I played shows in about 70 cities in the U.S. and Mexico.


(TRB)  Do you have any current projects in the works?

(MB)  I will be releasing my latest CD, Island Getaway, on October 26th , with a CD release party at  the Nav-A-Gator in Lake Suzy FL. It’s one of the top trop rock venues in the country!


(TRB)  What was your major influence for pursuing a career in Trop Rock?
(MB)  The people and music! I subbed a job in early 1999 for guitar with KOKO LOCO and have been in this world ever since.


(TRB)  And the question everyone asks, with such a variance of answers. Who are/were your musical influences now and getting started?

(MB)  I am always drawn to the guitars, drums and songs. I am in awe of Peter Mayer’s overall ability and approach, Mac’s songwriting and overall warmth, Jimmy’s ability to organize the greatest players on his projects. I was a big fan of Jimmy Cliff since the 70’s. There are tons of influences through the years.


I played my first pro gigs in 1972 and have worked ever since, so that is about 40 years, of learning tunes, staying employed by staying current, shifting with times and styles. Early on, The Butterfield Blues Band was great, all of the English invasion stuff, Rock n Roll…… around the early 70’s I got into country rock, and straight country and worked in that up to my start with Jerry Gontang in the Trop rock world. I started playing with Jerry in 1999, and still play with him whenever I get a chance to hang. The drummer in the band Stars on the Water is Gary Nieves, we first played together in the 5th grade and it is amazing that we still get to do shows together every once in a while.


(TRB)  Who, if possible, would you like to perform with?

(MB)  I love it when I get to Play with my pals, Stars on The Water. On occasion I play with a group of guys here in Nashville that have all done big time gigs and that is very special. I may look for some gigs for this group of guys as I know people will dig it.


(TRB)  What is the one place that you have on your Bucket List of Venues to play?

(MB)  Grammys! ha, the Ryman Auditorium would be too cool….


(TRB)  Tell us about your most memorable performance.

(MB)  About 11,000 people at the Chesburger Festival in Caseville, MI. It was dark as I looked at the crowd, but could see all the glow rings around everyone’s necks and wrists dancing up and down to the groove we were playing. And when the crowd screamed at the end of the songs it was so loud that it shook all of our insides!


Also one night in Portland, I had a very poorly attended gig.  Three drunks passed out at the bar, after the first set the owner paid me and said to get some rest. 10 minutes later, Hugo Duarte walked in. He had been doing a house concert in Portland, the same night! He said, “Let’s play” and we did! Hugo and I had never just sat down and played songs together on guitars, but that night became very magical, when we looked up an hour later and there was about 45 people watching in awe.


(TRB)  What is the best way for your fans to stay in touch?

(MB)  My website at


Featured Trop Rock Artist – Mike Broward

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Mike Broward is a solo entertainer and a recent transplant to the Nashville, Tennessee area. He works in a nation-wide niche of music that caters to the Tropcrowd. He does club dates and many fundraisers, concerts and songwriter shows. His latest journey began in 1999 with the the San Diego-based group, Koko Loco as a lead guitarist and vocalist. Koko Loco produced one CD and started touring to local and national Parrothead fund raisers and gigs. In 2005 the group reformed under the name of Stars On The Water, continued to tour and recorded 2 CDs, “Stars On The Water and “Under the Covers”. The SOTW released in 2005 contained Mikes’ song , “Happens In Key West Never Happened” awarded by Bar as Song Of The Year. This song has grown a life of it’s own with many releases on compilation CDs, and DVDs, and has been recorded by several different artists. It was most recently used in episodes of The MTV Reality shows, “Made” and “Rockers”.

In addition to the band CDs, Mike has released his music on solo CD efforts that spotlight his song writing in the 2000 release, “Sampler”, the 2006 “My Adventure”, his 2009 release, “Parrothead Rehab” and his most recent effort “Margarita’s And Moonshine”. His music is played daily on a variety of terrestrial radio, college radio and internetradio formats.

After relocation from San Diego to Nashville, TN , Mike has pursued songwriting and a solo entertainer career, netting nominations from The Margarita M.A.F.I.A. for “Musician Of The Year” in 2008 and “Album Of The year” in 2009. The 2009 release, “Parrothead Rehab” has struck a nerve in the Parrothead world that has resulted in a nation-wide niche-following of Mikes’ efforts. His latest release, “Margaritas And Moonshine” explores the collision of troprock and country music.

Mike has been associated with ASCAP since 1991, as a writer and publisher, and through the years has been awarded popular panel awards 7 times. In addition to a fulltime musicians schedule, Mikes’ music-personality articles and product reviews have been featured in Premier guitar Magazine. He has had a long career in music merchandising, running many high-end guitar shops and serving as a showroom manager for the Carvin Corporation in San Diego. He remains an endorsed artist and user of Carvin guitars, Taylor guitars, Gibson guitars and Line Six products.

Mike also wrote the music to the musical play, Tenderfoot.

All Information is available from Mike’s website.

Buffett performs at Nelson Rally

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From the Orlando Sentinel: Nelson kicks off “Florida First” tour in Sanford, Margaritaville

Backed by longtime political supporter and friend, singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson kicked off his first full-time re-election tour of the season in an Orlando-Sanford International Airport hangar with a few words about the environment and promises to campaign hard.

Nelson, who’s been recovering from recent knee surgery, showed no missed steps as he and wife Grace danced to Buffett’s acoustical version of ”Margaritaville” in front of about a hundred supporters invited to the tour kickoff.

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On Island Time in Paradise with WFR – Puerto Rico

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October 13, 2012

To quote Ricky Ricardo, “You got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do Lucy.” And, I guess I do. My absence has been noticed by some and for that I am both grateful and sorry. I will try to fill you in on some of the things that I have been up to for the past, almost two months. Le t me tell you there has been a lot of water under the bridge since we rode out Isaac in Martinique. We have sailed hundreds of miles since I last posted and been to numerous ports all up and down the islands. We have met new friends, explored new places and found scores of private beaches where we felt like we were the only people to have ever been there.
We have spent the past two weeks on Luis Pena` Island, Puerto Rico. We have shared where we have shared Cayo Luis Pena with as many as four other sailboats and as few as … just us. The weather has been wonderful down here. Let’s see it is about 88 degrees in the heat of the afternoon and lower 70s at night. This island is magical. It seems like a deserted island. We spent our days wandering over the entire island and never found a structure. Granted we did not cover the whole island but, we did see an awful lot of it. Three are birds, lizards and or course bugs everywhere. Though we thought about camping on the beach, we always ended up back on the boat. Some nights we slept under the stars on the deck and others when it threatened rain we would sleep below. Every moment here has seemed like a honeymoon. Sweet Pea and I have needed this time together.
Oh, I guess I don’t need to tell you that I convinced her not to teach this year. She has decided to work on another Masters degree. She holds an MBA and is not working on one in economics. The program will probably take around 18 months and I don’t know whether back to teaching or if she will write like she did before she decided to go back to the classroom.
Over the past month we have spent every moment together. We have dived in the shallow waters of the islands, swam in the surf and slept under the stars. Fishing has been good and we have dined like royalty on island fruits and veggies and fish from these protected bays. I have gotten very comfortable with our boat and feel right at home behind its wheel.
Today we are at anchor off of Luquillo, PR. It is our plan to spend the evening walking around town. We have purchased bikes that we have strapped on deck but, tonight it is our plan to walk around, holding hands and acting like newly-weds. We are going to go to an old haunt of mine called Hangover Sport Bar to start the evening and then maybe we will head to the Sting Ray or maybe En Boga for dinner and drinks. All I know is I am the luckiest man on earth to live the life I am living and share it with my soul mate. Depending on what the night holds for us, we may or may not spend the night on the boat tonight.
I promise I will make every effort to post on a more regular basis while trying to update you on our recent travels.

William Fair Roberts…on island time in paradise.

Wind down week in Destin

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This week has been a chance to regroup a little after the craziness of the Seafood Festival last weekend. They are saying there was over 70,000 people that came down to the harbor and partake in the festival over the three days. I am pretty sure everyone associated with the event was pleased. I know Crab Island Mambo was happy!

Monday was supposed to be the day Sunshine Cindy bartended at the Tipsy Turtle. But at the last minute they decided to not open. I guess they were still worn out from the weekend too. That was just fine with Sunshine Cindy. She was able to stay home and get some stuff done. When I got home from work I completed all the bookkeeping from the weekend. We also came up with a quantity of tee shirts and tank tops to reorder. We are going direct to the manufacturer. All of our shirts are Made in America. We pride ourselves in keeping our dollars in this country.

Tuesday Sunshine Cindy placed the shirt order. We are having them dropped shipped to our printer in Panama City. We want to make sure we have a full stock before we head to Key West in a couple of weeks for Meeting of the Minds. We are also finalizing plans for our 3rd Annual Trop Rockin Rocky Bayou Backyard party to be held May 18, 2013. The official announcement for the party will go out early next week. Sunshine Cindy completed the flyer on Tuesday. We are bringing them down to Key West too so we can promote us and the event.  I spent the evening working on the web site getting the web page for the party started.

Wednesday was another stay home day. More stuff to get done. With the Sloppy Joe Cook-Off this Saturday at the Tipsy Turtle that means we have to get our work done early. Sunshine Cindy booked us a room in Port Charlotte at Banana Bay for three days before we head to the Keys. This is a small “old Florida” type place right on the water. We are looking forward to staying there again. We did a few years ago and liked it.

We did not get a chance to see Alan and Jackie again before they left. I know they were at Sago Sports Bar on Monday night. I think they are hooked on the place! LOL I hope they have a safe trip. The weather was perfect for their visit. It has been cool in the mornings (60 ish) and nice and warm (80’s) during the day. What a great time of the year. The fishing rodeo is in full swing on the docks now. Get down there and check out all the action as the boats pull up to the weigh-in dock in front of AJ’s.

It’s going to be another busy weekend. We have Parrotheads at Harry T’s on Friday, the Sloppy Joe cookoff at the Turtle on Saturday and Bwana Ray playing at KC’s on Sunday. Get out and enjoy. See ya Monday!

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