The Trop Rock Music Showcase hosted by Andy Forsyth

Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 at 7:44 am


A new TV show on WEYW TV 19 The Florida Keys is coming, heck it’s here now!! The show is called “The Trop Rock Music Showcase”, hosted by Andy Forsyth. There will 16 shows to start with, 30 minutes long.

Throughout the coming weeks there will be some great footage of the singer/songwriters from Pardi Gras in New Orleans, MOTM in Key West, Spring Phling, Migration in So. California, Phloc Madness in Ashland, VA, Phins to the West in Laughlin, NV, the Big Owl Tiki Bar in MD and many other places. The shows are 16 half hour pilot episodes to see how the show does. We’ll have 5-6 different songs from different groups or solos for each show.

The show will be aired on Saturdays at 8 PM and re-broadcast again at 7:30 PM each Thursday. It is aired in southern Florida on AT&T U-verse on Channel 19 and the Florida Keys on Comcast 87 and also on the internet, world wide.

The first show aired on Saturday, Oct 6, 2012 at 8 PM EST. To view the show on the internet go to:

A re-broadcast will be shown this Thursday at 7:30 PM EST

Past episodes will be able to be seen on in a few weeks and will only be available for a few weeks after that.

The show is a grassroots experiment and we are still learning and working out some details. The first show debuted last Saturday, the repeat is this Thursday. And the second one is nearly done. We need to let everyone know about the shows so we can get as many viewers as possible and keep the show Trop Rock and rollin’. After the show you can contact the station on the web for comments, suggestions, etc.
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The first show features Jimmy and the Parrots doing “Holiday Road” at Spring Phling 2012, Rob Mehl and Sunny Jim at Phins to the West 2012 performing Rob’s “Key Lime Limbo”, with a Limbo contest going on too. Then back to Spring Phling in Wildwood, NJ with Swimmy Skinny and Nikki FabbZ doing the “Banana” Song.

Then we go down south to Pardi Gras 2012 in New Orleans with Thom Shepherd and the “Parrot Head” Song and we finish up with Chris Sacks on Kent Island, MD in 2011 with “Girls Gone Wild”.

The coming shows will feature all your favorite Trop Rock artists from around the country.

Tell everyone you know about the show. Send it around FACEBOOK. We need as many viewers as possible to keep the show going for more that 16 weeks.

And if you have some video of some Trop Rock shows we’d love to see them and get them in some of our shows.

Contact us at or

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