A Winter Update from Howard Livingston

Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2013 at 12:33 pm
Hello Friends,


Last night started with the best of intentions on my part. My plan was to sit down and write a short newsletter from the porch, have dinner with my lovely wife and perhaps finish a few tasks she had been asking me to complete. (Changing bulbs, fix stuck door etc.) As I started writing and staring at the ocean I soon realized the sun was probably going to set prior to completion of my informal memorandum. With this new important information at hand, I realized a decision had to be made. Do I continue writing or stop midstream to enjoy our daily ritual, open a bottle of wine, grab a couple glasses and get front row seats for the evening light show. Well, as you probably guessed the sunset and wine won out and I never got back to writing or any of those important responsibilities.


Once settled in our yellow chairs, Cynderella and I were treated to an incredible sky as the sun made its way into the ocean. I love sunsets, they bookend the day and somehow touch my soul. No two are ever the same but each one is beautiful. However, once in a while they take your breath away.  These usually happen in the winter months for some reason. Last night was one of those treats, a painted sky that no artist could ever reproduce. Then as quickly as it illuminated the clouds and the ocean, it disappeared.


At that point I still had the opportunity to do something constructive but instead decided to come to the aid of my Cynderella. Sitting in her chair I could tell she was a little chilly, so I threw on some logs and lit up the fire pit. The evening somehow just slipped away.


Dinner turned out being a raid of the refrigerator for anything already cooked and edible. Smilin’ Bob’s fish dip, leftover ribs, turkey sausage, cheese etc. However, I have to say that was one of our best meals in a long time. A warm fire, the dogs, Cynderella and a winter sunset, it just does not get any better than that.


We have a fun week coming up and if you are in the Keys we’re hoping you can join us.

Friday January 25th, Sugarloaf KOA Resort  7:00 PM

Join us for a party at one of our favorite spots. This show is free and open to the public. Also come hungry cause they will have the grills fired up. They also have a great full bar. Sugarloaf KOA 251

County Road 939 (turn at mile marker 20 ocean side) Sugarloaf Key, FL.



Sunday January 27th  Habitat For Humanity Island Grass Music Festival at Boondocks

The festival starts at 1:00pm  and goes until 6:00 PM with great music all day. Terry Cassidy, The Doerfel Family, Billy Blue and many more musicians will be there to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. Rick Cleaver and I will take the stage at 4:30 for an acoustic show. Hope to see you there!



Tuesday January 29th Bingo Fundraiser for Peaches (Tanya) from US1 Radio. 5:00 pm at Boondocks. Our dear friend Peaches lost everything when her family home burned down. Come out and play some bingo, have some fun and help raise some money for one of our own. I will be calling bingo starting at 7pm and will probably play a song or two in the process. Who knows what might happen. Boondocks Grille &

Draft House 27205 Overseas Hwy Ramrod Key (mile marker 27 1/2)



Everyone have a wonderful weekend and if you are going to be in the Keys we would love to see you. If you are in a faraway place, we will send you warm tropical breezes and winter sunsets. May the sun shine upon you and the tide always pull you back.




Our Schedule http://www.milemarker24.com/schedule.php



Joy To The World  Three Dog Night is coming to Key West for KeysStock at

The Truman Waterfront  Saturday, February 16th 11am-9pm

Great line up of musicians including Howard Livingston & The Mile Marker 24 Band

Tickets VIP call 305-745-1079 or general admission online

at http://keystix.ticketforce.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=584


Our newest cd Six Pack And A Tan, along with our other cds available on our website


Also available at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Beachfront Music Hut and at retail stores throughout the Florida Keys and Key West


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