Quick Note from WFR in St Lucia

Posted on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 at 8:44 am
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February 19, 2013

Today we rented scooters to fnd a place someone told us about last night.  They said we head to Dennery on the other side of the island.  Fon d’ Or Bay is the secluded place we were told about .  We rode for a while, exploring all that is St. Lucia.  Then there high on a hill we found picnic table with a view.  Damn what a view.  Kat and I love this place.  We were like school kids until someone in an old three wheeled truck drove by.  We have decided to end finish up our picnic and try to make our way to the beach.  We are planning on buying some bread, some fruit and a couple of bottles of wine and water and spending the night on the secluded beach we saw from our picnic table on the hill.

If we decide to ever come back, I will tell you about it.

William Fair Roberts on island time in paradise.

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