Quick Note from WFR

Posted on Sunday, February 17th, 2013 at 11:10 am


This is the third time I have written this tonight. i think the beer and wine i have enjoyed may have made my fingers a little wobbly causing me to mistakenly delete what i had written before i could post it. One more try.

Sweet Pea and I spent the day wandering around western St. Lucia on bikes. Tis is one of my favorite places on earth and honestly, I could stay here forever. We found ourselves in L’Anse La Raye by the time the sun was settling into the sea. We made our way to The High Way Restaurant and Bar where we dined on local fair and consumed far too much Piton Beer. The company was great. We shared our dinner, toasted life and all that comes with it. We swapped stories, shed a tear or two, laughed and sang songs until the owner told us it was time to leave. It was long after midnight when we left and Sweet Pea and I decided to sip a glass of wine and enjoy the night air on the second story porch of our little pink hotel. Now we are in bed, she is sleeping and I am going to say good night to you guys so I can curl up under the sheets with her and listen to her soft breathing a feel the wam Caribbean breeze blowing through our room. Daylight will be here all too soon and with it will come the warmth of the day. For now though I have to say good night from Paradise. WFR

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