The Doc Is In – The Island Doctor

Posted on Sunday, February 24th, 2013 at 12:10 pm
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The Doc Is In – The Island Doctor

Hi friends, allow me to introduce myself…. Most folks know me as the Island Doctor, but just for the sake of relating, let’s assume we’ve known each other for sometime now. We’ve weathered a couple of hangovers, we’ve danced the night away at a few tropical island parties, we were even shipwrecked once on a deserted island. On top of that, you told me your most fantastic dreams and I shared with you my most deep and darkest secrets. Ok ? So we’re old mates, which means from here on out you can refer to me as your long
time friend, “The Doc.“


Here’s a few other things I’ve been meaning to share with you………….

I make my living as a traveling minstrel , performing, entertaining and mostly just enjoying those who have embraced the tropical mind set. Consider the Doc, as someone who likes to cure all the ailments of his fellow partiers with the likes of his upbeat island theme melodies.

Simply put…. I like my friends to forget about their daily grind, sip on a tropical drink at the tiki bar and then dance the night away to the sounds of the Island Doctor sending you on a well-deserved tropical vacation.

Maybe you belong to a yacht club, a marina or are just planning a party with friends down at the dock….. Shouldn’t you call the Doc?

Country clubs and resorts have island parties too.. I’ve been to a few…. Hotels, restaurants and bars with patios and decks……. what the heck!

Why not create the perfect island party ….

It’s all great fun….. When you provide the rum. So when you’re planning your next party……

How about considering entertainment that’s fun and exciting? Even better, how about an entertainer that actually encourages your guests to get involved in the party and the evening’s festivities. This is what the Doc is all about.. I provide my own unique island style party music by recreating some of the more popular island tunes along with my own tropical melodies creating the perfect beach party, luau and Caribbean party all wrapped up in one..

I’m able to customize my evening of entertainment to suit your needs and would be more than happy to accommodate your ideas and special requests. So to all my good mates and old salts that love to have parties and jam to the sounds of island style party music….

Isn’t it time for the Doc to make a house call ?……
The next time you’re planning a special event of any size…. whether it be a tropical theme party, business function, convention, grand opening, wedding reception, rehearsal dinner or any other type of special occasion that requires island style party music or any other style of music. Make an appointment with The Island Doctor…you’ll be glad you did.

* Doc’s musical remedy *

* Reggae * Soca * Calypso * Merengue * Ska * Island favorites

The Doc has played just about every style of music over the years but has always remained faithful to one of his truest loves:

“The music of the Caribbean“

You’ll enjoy the Reggae sounds of Jamaica from artists such as Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff to the Soca and Calypso sounds of Trinidad from artists such as Byron Lee, The Mighty Sparrow and The Troubadours. Let’s not forget the music of Harry Belefonte and a large variety of other Caribbean known artists. Jimmy Buffet ?…Too many great songs not to cover some of them..




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