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The Kala Tree Song

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The Kala Tree Song

I wrote a song this week called the Kala Tree Song, another fun little song for folks who enjoy the Ukulele and life at the beach. While it feels primarily like a children’s song, I have had several adults comment how much they liked it… so I guess if you are a child or an adult and you enjoy it, it’s for you!

As a Kala Ukulele artist (I play and promote Kala Ukes for Kala Brand Music), I included the Kala brand Ukulele in the song because they are such beautiful (and great quality) instruments. I also mention the “Kala tree” in the song as it is a Ukulele display that is placed in many stores that sell Kala Ukuleles.

Kala Brand music Bry Harris

As it relates to this song, I imagined a (Kala) palm tree down near the ocean that had Kala Ukuleles hanging from its palm branches. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a palm tree (with Ukuleles) waiting on you so that you could pick a Ukulele and play some Island music to those who passed by?


I think this song might make a neat children’s story (expanded a little, of course).… I will have to keep an eye open for the opportunity to develop this song/story in the future (and it already has the song to go along with it!). I am also excited about having another Ukulele song to share when I visit schools (preschool/elementary) to teach them about Ukuleles (or in some cases, the letter “U”).

Without further delay, here are the words (and video) to The Kala Tree Song… I hope you enjoy it!

The Kala Tree Song
I saw a Kala Ukulele, hanging in a Kala tree…
I saw those lovely Ukuleles, and this one was the one for me

So I played my Ukulele, and I sang an Island song,
And everyone who gathered ‘round me,
asked if they could sing along…

Picked up my Kala Ukulele and I went down to the shore
I started playing for the sea gulls,
they asked if I would play some more

So I played my Ukulele, and I sang an Island song,
And everyone who gathered ‘round me,
asked if they could sing along…

Picked up my Kala Ukulele and I went down to the sea,
I started playing for the dolphins,
they asked if they could stay with me..

So I played my Ukulele, and I sang an Island song,
And everyone who gathered ‘round me,
asked if they could sing along…

I’m thankful for the Kala trees, and lovely Ukule..e..les
I’m thankful for the summer breeze, and the music that it brings

So I’ll play my Ukulele, and I’ll sing an Island song,
And everyone who gathers ‘round me,
I hope will come and sing along…

Kala Brand music Br Harris

I’m finding that simply written songs can be enjoyed as much as those that are written by “master songwriters” and that if I have a song in me… it needs to be shared. So pick up your Ukulele (or whatever instrument you choose) and share your inspiration with us… I’ll be waiting…



Beaches and blessings,
Bry Harris
Kala Uke Artist

Kala Uke Artist Bry Harris

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Winter is back in Destin

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As Jim Morris sings about, “Someone left the door to the North Pole open.” It has been cold this week in Destin. I am talking about low 30’s at night and only into the upper 50’s during the day. The other morning it was warmer in Put-in-Bay, Ohio which is only a few miles from the Canadian border than it was here! Global Warming? Yeah, right. But we will be back into the 70’s by the weekend.

Sunshine Cindy and I did get out Wednesday. We went to KC’s Sandbar Grill. Our friend Jan plays on Wednesday nights. Dennis is only going to be in town a few more days before he returns to Afghanistan and he wanted to get his new Harley out for a ride. We met Dennis at KC’s. Liberty was working behind the bar before handing off to Tia. A good crowd showed up. With the cold weather, Jan set up inside the plastic of the Sandbar. It was like old times at KC’s with everyone close and personal.

We saw a lot of old friends and met some new ones. Matt who used to be a bartender at KC’s stopped in. It was good seeing him. He is now at the old Scully’s. Kenny got out his harmonica and did some songs with Jan. It was a fun night in Fort Walton Beach.

Coyote Ugly is having their grand opening April 5th. Last weekend they were having auditions for servers/dancers. I bet that was a fun time.

Spring break traffic was heavy this week. It’s the busiest week of the season. One more busy week next week then it should slow down till summer season kicks in.

The new Crab Island Mambo t-shirts and tanks with our 2013 design should be arriving soon. Be ready to “Embrace the Chaos!” with our new design. Everyone will want one. The big unveiling will be soon!

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter! See ya Monday!!!

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Kala Ukulele endorsing artist Justin Fox

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Kala Ukulele endorsing artist Justin Fox

As I have been reminded in these interviews, not only do musicians have a variety of musical styles, but we also have a great deal of diversity in backgrounds and personal lives. With Easter just a few days away, I thought it would be a good week to post my Kala Uke artist interview with Justin Fox who is using his music (including his Ukuleles) to reach out to others in faith and love…

Kala artist Justin Fox

BIO: (From

“My dad is a forester, my mom is a folk singer…My uncles are butterfly collectors, tile layers, Scientologists, and flamenco dancers…

I was dreaming of being Kris Kristofferson in “Convoy”.  I wanted to be a truck driver.

In 1989, while playing Poison’s “Fallen Angel” to a packed crowd of screaming teenagers, I felt God tap me on the shoulder. We were driving home the last few songs of our set, the energy was building, and as I took in the moment, peering through the smoke and the lights, caught in the audience’s joyful response, it seemed like I heard God quietly say, “I want you to do this.”

A few years later: 1993, still before the age of the Internet, email, cell phones, Chris Tomlin, Delirious, or Third Day… I began the adventure of my life, visiting youth groups, camps, and Sunday services with just a batch of original songs, a trunk of cassette tapes and my acoustic guitar. I was on a brand new road to where music was going in church, and logging hundreds of thousands of lonely miles up and down California, at odd hours of the day and night, joining the rushing current of 18 wheelers, I realized I had finally got my wish…

I was a truck driver!

I graduated in 1993 from Bethany University in Santa Cruz.  I married Heidi, the love of my life, a week later, and we are thankful to now be celebrating 20 years of marriage.  I’ve produced ten CD’s of original music…oh, and four children. As our kids grew (three teenagers now!), my desire for a more local, close-to-home existence and some dramatic nudging of the Spirit prompted a change.  I had been “on the road”, full-time, for over seventeen years and an opportunity opened up to serve at my local church while attending graduate school at Biola’s Talbot Seminary. Three years later, I have earned an M.A. degree in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care and will graduate as a licensed spiritual director.

I currently serve as City Pastor to Costa Mesa through ROCKHARBOR Church, lead worship at Lighthouse Community and other various venues, write for David C. Cook’s TRU discipleship curriculum, and accompany college students as a spiritual director at Biola University.”

1) Where is home for you at the moment?

Costa Mesa, CA

2) What were your earliest/ and current musical influences?

Earliest musical influences: Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Beach Boys

Current musical influences: Jack Johnson, Black Keys, Mumford Sons

Kala artist justin Fox b

3) When did you start playing the Uke?

Seven years ago

4) What Kala Ukes are you currently playing?

Two gorgeous soprano ukes – one with dark wood and traditional stylings and one that’s lighter with modern elements including a pickup with EQ and Tuner!

5) Any current musical projects you would like to tell us about (tours/CD’s)?

My first Uke recording was “Handiwork” and that set me on the journey.

Here’s the track:

You can find Justin at

This week, I (Bry/Parrot Island Band) was invited to Open Arms Preschool in Acworth, GA to introduce the Ukulele as they learn the letter “U”. I love sharing the Uke with young and old alike and the kids had a great time and were very well behaved. While we usually play for adults (corporate events, neighborhood parties, private events, etc.), this was a fun time that I’m glad I could be involved in…

Until next time…

Beaches and blessings,

Bry Harris

Kala Uke Artist

Kala Uke Artist Bry Harris

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Destin weekend fun!

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What a fun few days we had in Destin this weekend. Thursday night Sunshine Cindy and I went to a new Mexican restaurant to check it out. Coco’s is a stone’s throw from our house. It’s a small place. The food was okay and the beer was cold but there was nothing to make the place stand out. We were stuffed by the time we left thought.

Friday was a Parrothead Meeting at Cheeseburger in Paradise in Sandestin. Before we headed out there we ran some errands and decided to stop in at Rotolo’s pizza for a beer. Kelly and her husband David were there. Kerby had just got off work and he was there too. It was a nice way to start the evening.

The party at Cheeseburger was mellow. A decent crowd was there. The Parrotheads filled about a third of the place. Sunshine Cindy and I had some food and chatted with some of our friends. Julie was heading to the Boathouse to meet Jan, Loujean, Kenny, Leanne and Scott. We decided to join them there. The place was packed but they had a corner by the bar. No one was feeling any pain. The manager Gigi brought us some Jello-Shots, Catfish was there playing his saw, some other locals were there and Spring Breakers were also filling the place. It was a blast

When we left we walked the twenty feet to Dockside. They also had some guys playing music. By now it was getting late. Jan took off his shirt, Kenny got a cab home and the rest of us watched all the craziness. What a fun night. In Destin you never where the nights might lead too. This one was a lot of fun. Also, I have to ask…why do Spring Break guys all seem to wear dress shirts or sweaters? This is the beach. Get some beach wear for your evening out. LOL

Saturday was our 1st Saturday of Spring Beach Party. We woke up Saturday morning and it was dark and windy. There was rain all around but most had passed. We got out there. Dennis is home for a while from Afghanistan and he joined us. We ended up with a small group due to the weather. About noon or so the skies opened up. We all retreated to the pavilion to continue the party. We might not have been on the beach but we were still having fun.

As the pavilion party wound down, a group of us headed to Julies. She had a new recipe she wanted to try out on us. We were all happy to oblige! It was pork and sauerkraut. Very yummy! After eating Loujean broke out her Jello-Shots. Somehow we ended up with everyone trying to eat the Jello-Shots with no hands. It was funny to watch. For a crappy weather day we sure had a lot of fun.

While we were at Julies on Saturday, I got a phone call from Matt. He told me he was sending me a picture of some folks he ran into down at the Boathouse. It turns out the guys are from Southern Illinois. They partied with us at the Turtle last year and have become regular readers of this blog. Welcome back to Destin and to being included in the blog! Maybe our paths will cross again. And thanks for being loyal readers!!!

The weather on Sunday was clear, warm and breezy. It was going to be a Pointe Bum day to tan some fat. With the Mayor (Dennis) home it was natural for us to get together on the sand at the Pointe. Dennis was doing his usual fishing but the only thing he caught was a seagull. The bird got wrapped around his line. We were able to cut the line loose and set the flying rat free! lol  Russ, Jan, Loujean and Julie all joined us on the beach. There were tons of Spring Breakers. It was great seeing the tiny bikini’s again after a long winter. About 1 pm the wind really kicked in. We were being sand blasted and getting exfoliated for free! I called it a day a little later. 

In the evening Sunshine Cindy and I stopped in at Sago Sports Bar. JB was talking to a lady about voice lessons. His wife was there and we had a chance to catch up with them. They are doing karaoke on Tuesday’s at Crab Island Cantina. We will have to check it out. Stephanie was behind the bar. “Haircut” Gary came in for a beer and told us about his weekend trip to Jacksonville. We had some food and headed home for the night. It was a great Destin weekend spent “Embracing the Chaos!”

Have a great week. See ya Thursday!

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Ticket Info for the Chicago Show

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band
Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island, Chicago, IL
Saturday, Jun 29, 2013 08:00 PM

Tickets on sale Mon, 04/01/13 10:00 AM CDT
Tickets: $131.00 + $27.05 (fees)

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Buffett to Produce “Big Fish” on Broadway

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From “Jimmy to Produce Broadway Show: Big Fish

Based on the 2003 film on the same name, Big Fish is a rollicking fantasy set in the American South. Directed by 5-time Tony Award winner Susan Stroman (The Producers), the story centers on the charismatic Edward Bloom (whose impossible stories of his epic adventures frustrate his son Will). As Edward’s final chapter approaches, Will embarks on his own journey to find out who his father really is, revealing the man behind the myth, the truth from the tall tales.

Big Fish’s World Premiere Pre-Broadway Engagement is in Chicago at the Oriental Theatre from April 2nd to May 5th, then it lands in New York City on Broadway starting September 5th! Tickets and more information can be found at

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The Balmy Palms seeks original song from Trop Rockers

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The Balmy Palms® lifestyle brand seeks an original song from the trop rock genre to represent our brand on our website, in radio spots and in other media.

Aspiring singer/songwriters are invited to submit an original song for consideration.

If your song is selected, it will receive airplay on BeachFront Radio, the number one trop rock internet radio station (and repeat winner of the “Trop Rock Station of the Year” title at the annual Trop Rock Music Awards). You’ll also be compensated $400 and your song will be publicized on our website and in other media. And, of course, you’ll get some free Balmy Palms apparel!

Your song should convey the feel-good essence of the brand and put listeners in a “Balmy Palms state of mind™”. The ideal song will evoke images of a carefree island lifestyle and our brand’s tagline “No worries, no qualms…just Balmy Palms™.”

All music and lyrics for submitted songs must be original, written and performed by you. If your song is selected, you must agree to sell us all rights to the song and the submitted performance in return for the $400 compensation. (No worries…you’ll still be able to perform your song and even include it on an album, if you wish.)

Songs must be submitted in an MP3 file format and ready for airplay. Songs must be submitted prior to June 30, 2013.

Upload your song now!

Click the Link Above

Brooks Bridge versus a barge

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The big news in Destin this week was the barge that hit the Brooks Bridge. Brooks Bridge is the way to get to Ft. Walton Beach from Okaloosa Island and Destin. It is the main east/west highway. On Wednesday afternoon a barge that was hauling equipment including a crane hit the bridge. The crane was what actually hit the bridge. It is obvious someone didn’t do their calculations of the height of the crane and the clearance properly.

When the crane hit the bridge it took out a part of the concrete guardrail but more importantly it ruptured the main water line to the island. Luckily there was no structural damage to the bridge. The bridge was closed to all traffic as soon as it happened. Rush hour traffic was a nightmare. Anyone wanting to go east or west had to go across the Mid-Bay bridge and through Niceville. It was total gridlock all around. I was one of the unlucky ones that had to detour home. My normal 20 minute drive home became a 2 hour and 10 minute crawl. All that time to go about 30 miles! Ugh!

I give high marks to the work crews who worked all night to get the water main fixed and a temporary guardrail set up. They had one lane each way open on the bridge last night and then early Thursday morning they completely reopened the bridge. A great job in a short period of time!

Other than that, the rest of the week has been pretty low key. I did stop in at Landshark Pizza on Tuesday evening. Brian and Stephanie were working. Steve and his wife were there as was Turtle and his wife and son. A little later “B” came in. He was in rare form cracking jokes and cutting up with Stephanie. It was a fun time.

Sunshine Cindy showing off our tee shirts

Sunshine Cindy got our next Crab Island Mambo T-Shirt order placed. We will be introducing our 2013 design with the new shirts in a week or so. We will have tee’s, tanks and long sleeves. We hope to add hats in the future too. We want everyone to “Embrace the Chaos!” with us.

I have heard the old Calhoun’s is close to getting leased. I do not know what is going in there yet but it is supposed to be some type of bar/restaurant. I also heard the old Electric Cowboy building might be leased too. That would be good as that side of the boardwalk needs some more places to hang out at. Coyote Ugly is scheduled to open April 5th. And still no official announcement about Margaritaville. Maybe by this time next year we will know! LOL

Beach Party

We have a big Crab Island Mambo “1st Saturday of Spring Beach Party” this Saturday. It is at Beachwalk #2 on Okaloosa Island and will start at 11 am. Come out and join us if you are in the area. We always have ourselves a real good time! See ya Monday!

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Buffett to Perform at Charter One Pavilion in Chicago

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According to the Chicago Tribune: Jimmy Buffett was confirmed Thursday to headline a concert in a newly expanded Charter One Pavilion on Northerly Island. The facility, on the site of the former Meigs Field (general aviation airport), will add 22,000 lawn seats and 600 fixed seats, for total capacity of 30,000. Buffett is expected to play June 29.

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Margaritaville Casino and Resort planned for Tulsa

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From Jimmy Buffett’s iconic brand is coming to the banks of the Arkansas River. Muscogee (Creek) Nation officials have announced plans to build a Margaritaville Casino and Resort near their existing River Spirit Casino in south Tulsa.

The estimated $250 million construction project will include a 500-room hotel tower, convention and theatre space, and a Margaritaville restaurant, bar and retail complex, Creek officials said in a March 19 news release — describing the project as “the largest private Arkansas River development in Tulsa’s history.”

“We’re excited that we’re going to be collaborating with the Margaritaville group. We feel like it’s a good mesh. We’re known for being leaders in the Indian gaming. … They’re known for being at the top of the entertainment part of the industry,” Principal Chief George Tiger said in an interview.

Construction has yet to start, but “initially, we’re looking at early fall, maybe around August” for work to begin, Tiger said, adding that the new site will be “just north of the present casino” and open probably in 2015. Existing casino operations will not be disrupted, he said.

Jimmy Buffett, 66, still draws large crowds as a touring musician. Crofts said Buffett’s agent is working to bring the singer to the BOK Center, with hopes of multiple visits before Buffett comes to town for the grand opening of the facility.

In a written statement, Buffett described his connection to Tulsa.

“I am happy to bring a few palm trees and frozen concoctions to the banks of the Arkansas River,” Buffett said in the statement. “The first time I ever saw Tulsa was from the stage at Cain’s ballroom awhile back. It is an honor to be returning as part of this great new entertainment complex in association with River Spirit and the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. I look forward to getting back to Tulsa and playing there again real soon.”

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