The Balmy Palms seeks original song from Trop Rockers

Posted on Thursday, March 21st, 2013 at 7:58 pm

The Balmy Palms® lifestyle brand seeks an original song from the trop rock genre to represent our brand on our website, in radio spots and in other media.

Aspiring singer/songwriters are invited to submit an original song for consideration.

If your song is selected, it will receive airplay on BeachFront Radio, the number one trop rock internet radio station (and repeat winner of the “Trop Rock Station of the Year” title at the annual Trop Rock Music Awards). You’ll also be compensated $400 and your song will be publicized on our website and in other media. And, of course, you’ll get some free Balmy Palms apparel!

Your song should convey the feel-good essence of the brand and put listeners in a “Balmy Palms state of mind™”. The ideal song will evoke images of a carefree island lifestyle and our brand’s tagline “No worries, no qualms…just Balmy Palms™.”

All music and lyrics for submitted songs must be original, written and performed by you. If your song is selected, you must agree to sell us all rights to the song and the submitted performance in return for the $400 compensation. (No worries…you’ll still be able to perform your song and even include it on an album, if you wish.)

Songs must be submitted in an MP3 file format and ready for airplay. Songs must be submitted prior to June 30, 2013.

Upload your song now!

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