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Destin before the tourist rush

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This is the last week in Destin before the summer throngs descend upon our town. Our little sleepy fishing village goes from about 15,000 folks who call Destin home to about 100,000 on any given day. And if it rains, they are all on Hwy. 98 all at the same time! But that is what makes Destin. It’s the pulse and vibe that comes with tourist and their big vacation smiles hitting the beach then suffering from sun burn the rest of their vacation. The next two and a half months will be crazy.

This week Sunshine Cindy and I have been recuperating from the party. On Monday we took a load of supplies to storage. We did get out on Tuesday. We decided to head to the harbor. As I parked Badass behind Fisherman’s Wharf we saw Matt walking by. We chatted with him for a while. The old Tipsy Turtle might have another new owner. At this point we will just wait and see what happens.

We were heading to Crab Island Cantina. As we passed the Shark Shack we saw Kerby. He was with some friends. We said hi and kept on walking. The new zip line tower on the east end is almost done. It is up pretty high. It should be a neat ride when it is done. Meanwhile the foundation and piling work at the new Margaritaville continues. There are also new public restrooms being built in that area.

At Crab Island Cantina we ran into Kevin, Chuck and some of their friends. Mike and Greg were working the bar. The evening was beautiful. The sunset was perfect. The place was pretty crowded taking in the view and the food. JB and Tami were there doing Karaoke. Carlos stopped by and we talked to him for a while. We are not sure if Southern Drawl Band will be back on June 16th as he has not heard back from them yet. It was a great evening there.

Sunshine Cindy and I headed back towards Badass but stopped in at The Boathouse for a while. A guy was playing music and the place was also crowded. Courtney stopped and talked to us for while. We sat on the outside rail and enjoyed the music and the perfect evening.

Wednesday was spent at the house getting caught up on some paperwork and general clean up. It is going to be a busy weekend. We have a Parrothead meeting on Friday and a Memorial Holiday party on Saturday at Bobby’s. Then the big party is Sunday at Landshark Pizza. Jan Patton will be playing from 1-5 pm. Landshark is having a crawfish boil…I think Brian is bringing in some Cajun’s for this. LOL  He is also having $2 Bud Light Pints and $2.50 specialty craft beers. Everyone is welcome. Come “Embrace the Chaos!” in Destin on Sunday as we honor those who have served to protect us.

Each Wednesday I update the Crab Island Mambo web site with all the activities that are taking place on the Emerald Coast. Check it out here each week:

I will have a full report on the weekend fun on Monday. Have a safe holiday weekend. See ya Monday!

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Jimmy Buffett Concert Tailgate in Frisco

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Text Photos © Cindy Bates Muir
It’s Tiki Time at the Jimmy Buffett Concert Tailgate in Frisco, TX

Fun in Frisco?  You Bet!

I remember several years ago when the annual spring arrival of Jimmy Buffett’s Dallas concert was moved to a tiny place north of Plano called Frisco. We traveled out to the country on the Dallas North Tollway, it seemed, and planned to spend a few hours in a remote parking lot of a soccer stadium before getting our yearly dose of an evening in
“Margaritaville.”  Who would have guessed that a venue in the middle of cow pastures would turn out to be one of the top tailgate destinations in the country?

Tailgating is legendary at Frisco. For a few years now, the line of RVs and travel trailers has stretched a couple of miles when they open the parking gates on Friday.  The infamous “Red Lot” is always quickly filled with these overnight vehicles and the decorating and fun begins!  I am partial, though, to the Gold Lot, which is open only to Parrot Head Club vehicles. I gladly pay the extra money to be in the center of the Parrot Head action and look forward to seeing friends from the Southern Region of PHIP (Parrot Heads in Paradise).

The mastermind of the Frisco Gold Lot is Lone Star member Terry Thompson. He has taken on the challenge of a day full of details for several years now and does a terrific job of coordinating with the venue, organizing the valuable parking spots and overseeing entertainment and fund-raising events.


Terry Thompson Suzanne Devasher

One of the aspects of the Frisco “Sharking Lot Party” is all the imagination and creativity that abounds. I used to be one to zip around (riding, not driving) in a tropically decorated golf cart. Well, no more, as any kind of motorized vehicle, such as golf carts and four-wheelers, were banned this year. What did the Parrot Heads do? They relied on pedal power! One very creative fellow had built a pirate ship around a pedal cart and spent his time making new friends all day in the Gold Lot, while slowly pedaling his booty along!

I also witnessed old fashioned foot power with an amazing replica of Fred Flinstone’s car…..Load up some passengers and get the feet “walking” and the car moved. Not fast, but it moved!


There was also lots of live music in the Gold Lot. Cedar Creek Parrot Head Club brought a fabulous pirate ship stage and featured some super local talent, including Don Burke and Kelly Brown. Out of earshot of the pirate ship was the COPA Reefers, from the Central Oklahoma Parrot Head Club. They entertained all afternoon, with a mix of country, Trop Rock and Buffet (of course!) music. As for as raising money for charity, the  Lone Star Parrot Head Club is always on the ball with cheeseburgers and potty passes to their nice (and clean!) potty truck. Proceeds usually go to the local USO.

And what about costuming for the parking lot event? I’ll admit that this was the first year that I didn’t wear my concert hat – for one thing, it’s fairly heavy and gives me super “hat hair,” so if I put it on, I must commit to the hat until the end of the concert. But, I witnessed several great tailgating outfits. One of the first great groups was a family…..  an older brother in a shark costume, plus little brother and sister in pirate and hula girl garb. Those parents are raising their kids right!

I also delighted in seeing a trio of West Highland Terriers with shark fin-adorned sweaters.


And, of course, veteran Parrot Heads, such as Cooler Dave Spenny of San Antonio, always dress in appropriate and fun costuming.  Along with Woody, of course!


Dave Spenny Woody

In my opinion, a day at the Buffet parking lot party in Frisco is exhausting, but a truly unique experience. I’ll take my vitamins and get ready for next year!

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Featured Artist – Sunny Jim

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James “Sunny Jim” White was born in San Antonio, Texas. His earliest memories of live music are steeped in the sounds of the Texas swing bands to which his parents danced. The Texas twang of his guitar is part of his sound even today. James spent part of his adolescence on the Texas Gulf Coast in Corpus Christi, which sparked in him a love for the beach, surf music and the mystery of the eternal sea.

The White family moved to Southern California during the height of the Psychedelic Era (1969) where he soaked up the FM radio sounds of the times, with Motown, Memphis, the LA sound, and of course the San Francisco sound adding to the mix. Around this time James first picked up a guitar, and soon developed a passion that turned into a career.

Several years later, while pursuing music in Nashville, TN, he joined a band headed to the Cayman Islands for a year-long gig. The band left at the end of the contract, but James White had discovered his Caribbean soul and stayed.

He landed a gig at the world-class Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman and Britannia Resort where he was artist-in-residence for more than a

decade. Life in the Caribbean was good! “Sunny Jim” soaked up the sights and sounds of the West Indies and put them in his music, and he even taught himself to play the pan (steel drum).

The Cayman Islands is a crossroads for travelers from all corners of the world, and real characters ended up in his songs. Friendships forged there remain strong today, so his circle of friends extends to several ports of call in the islands. In 2000 Sunny Jim left the expatriate life and moved to Florida’s beautiful Suncoast, where he is now at home.

He is a regular on Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville, broadcasted on Sirius Satellite radio. Sunny Jim’s relationship with Radio Margaritaville began in 1997 when Radio Margaritaville broadcasted his show live via the internet from the Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman on Seven Mile Beach.

For the past ten years, Sunny Jim has been an invited performer for “Meeting of the Minds,” the annual national Parrot Head Convention held in Key West, FL. He has also hosted fellow tropical troubadors at his yearly Sunday Songwriter’s Showcase at Blue Heaven, which has become a “must-attend” event for many wrapping up a wild weekend in Key West. Sunny Jim is also host of the annual Six String Music Festival in New Orleans.

He enjoys performing for purveyors of the island lifestyle from coast to coast. His schedule takes him to cities such as New York, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Atlanta, Key West, Houston, Richmond and Phoenix among many others. His travels have also included going back to the Caribbean to perform in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, the Bahamas and of course his old home, the Cayman Islands.

A versatile performer and musician, Sunny Jim is available as a solo act or with a full band, for events large and small. From wild Parrot Head parties to intimate backyard concerts, he is “living what he loves and lovin what he lives.”


Dani Hoy – Kickstarter

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I’ve decided to use the Kickstarter program to fund my CD. Last night I started the process of setting it up and creating rewards for those who contribute to the creation of “Songs of Love & the Ocean.” When you choose an amount to help pay for the CD, you’re basically getting an item or package of items in return. Starting at $15, the reward is a the new CD, signed! How’s that for fun? The rest of the rewards include mp3s, stickers, limited edition pendants by J&J Glass Designs, tickets to my CD release parties and even original art! You can even have me come play at your house for a group of your friends. Once I have it all ready and it goes live, you’ll see how the whole thing works and how much fun it is.

The CD production itself is going to cost me $4,000. That’s the base amount I need for time in the studio to produce all ten songs. With added musician costs (guitar, bass,keyboard, harmonica, etc.), CD replication and other fees it will most likely be closer to $6500. I’m planning on raising the $4,000 with Kickstarter and anything above that will sure help out.

The Kickstarter project will go live the beginning of June and run for 30 days. Thanks in advance for all your help and encouragement!


Hearts and waves,


A Note From Loren Davidson

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I hope you’re enjoying good weather. It’s been gorgeous here in the Bay Area, with a lot of blue skies and comfortable temperatures relieved by the occasional overcast and drizzle. In other words…spring! 🙂

I hope you like the sunset picture at the top. I took that while out in Florida last month. We took a break at my house concert in Holmes Beach to stagger the half-block to the beach to watch the sun go down. As you can see, it was a spectacular sunset!

Special Bay Area Show!


Picture of Anne HillsI’m honored and pleased to announce that I’ve been asked to open for songwriter Anne Hills at her upcoming concert here in Castro Valley! Anne has been deeply involved in the folk music world for many years, touring with such greats as Tom Paxton. If you’re local here in the Bay Area, please consider coming out and supporting this very talented artist.




Be Prepared!

We had a sobering reminder yesterday of how quickly things can turn upside-down on us. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Moore OK, that they can recover in a good way from Mother Nature’s latest visitation.

What type(s) of disaster can hit where you are? Are you prepared? Whether it’s hurricanes in Florida, earthquakes in California, or tornadoes and massive hail in the Midwest, stuff *does* happen. Have a plan, and have supplies. Coordinate with your friends, if you can. The Internet has more info on this type of thing than I can begin to list.

Living in Paradise can be awesome, whatever and wherever your personal Paradise may be. You just have to be ready to roll with what life throws you.

Thanks for listening,


PS – I just added a bunch of shows to my ReverbNation calendar. Some of them *are* new; others are just getting posted so y’all can see what’s on the horizon. Hope to see you somewhere soon!

Trop Rockin Rocky Bayou

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What a fantastic weekend we had in Destin. Everything revolved around our big party on Saturday. Our 3rd Annual Trop Rockin Rocky Bayou party presented by KC’s Sandbar Grill was a big success. The prep for the party has been going on for months. Thursday Sunshine Cindy and I took the last load of party stuff to her parents house in preparation of the set-up we were doing on Friday.

Thursday evening Sunshine Cindy stayed home but I went out to meet Barry and Cathy. They are friends from Lake Charles, LA who got into town earlier in the day for the party. I met them at Hogs Breath. Wayne also joined us. We sat at the outside bar where Cam took good care of us. I had a blackened fish sandwich that was great. We hung out for a while then headed to the harbor.

Our first stop was Crab Island Cantina. Mike and Dominic were working the bar. Carlos came over and I introduced him to Barry and Cathy. Carlos sent out a nacho appetizer that everyone really enjoyed. Barry and Cathy loved the place. We saw Dave and Marilyn at the bar and talked to them for a while. We walked back down the harbor and ended up at the still-to-be-named bar by the Boathouse. This is the bar Bonnie runs. Scott was there and we got to meet the owner. A biker couple from Tennessee was also there. We had fun but I had to call it a night as I had a long day in store on Friday.

Friday morning we headed to the party house first thing. The tent guys were there setting up. The port-a-potty showed up as I got there. Everything was coming together. Wayne came to help us. It didn’t take too long and we had everything ready to go. About 2:00 we were getting ready to head to the hotel when Barry and Cathy stopped by. They were doing the tourist thing having gone to Pensacola then back to Destin and another stop at Crab Island Cantina. They dropped off their lawn chairs for the party and we talked for a while. We decided to go to dinner but first Sunshine Cindy and I had to run some errands and get checked into the hotel and get cleaned up.

We all rode in Badass and went to Bluewater Bay marina. The place was packed. We got a table but we could tell it was going to take a long time so we got some drinks and left. We stopped in at the tiki bar then walked the docks. Everyone was hungry…the little bit of popcorn we had didn’t cut it. We went to Beef O’Brady’s, got a booth and had a blast. Julie joined us. We all then headed to the hotel and sat out by the pool. Jan and Loujean stopped in on their way home from the Seablaster trip they were on with the Parrotheads. It was a great night sitting under the stars.

Saturday was showtime. Sunshine Cindy and I got there about 9:30 and we were on the go the whole time. Long story short…it was a fantastic party. All the planning paid off. The music with Brent Burns and Jim Asbell and the Tropiholics was awesome. Chef Larry out did himself. We had a lot of help from Steve, Capt. John, Brodie, Wayne and Cathy from Indiana. Cathy and her husband Jay are good friends that we party with at many Trop Rock events. They drove down just for our party. Wow, that is so cool. We want to thank Jim and Pam for allowing us to use their backyard once again. What a great day!

After the party ended at the house it just moved to the hotel pool. About 30 or 40 of us showed up there to party into the night. Jan Patton and Jeff Brewer brought out their guitars and played for us. Jim Asbell was talked into doing a couple of songs. Someone ordered pizza. Drinks continued to flow. What a fun time.

Sunday morning came around pretty early. We went back to the house for the final tear down and clean up. Once again Wayne and Capt. John were there to help. Thanks! It took two loads in Badass and Sunshine Cindy’s SUV but we got everything home. We dropped off some borrowed tents at Julies then we went to Landshark Pizza to relax a little. Brian and Sue were there and moving kind of slow from the party. They helped sponsor the party and had a great time. A good crowd was there with Kenny and Stephanie working.

The next big party is this Sunday May 26th at Landshark. Jan Patton will be playing from 1-5 pm. Come out to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with a crawfish boil, $2 draft Bud Light and $2.50 specialty drafts. Plus the usual pizza, wings and fun that is Landshark Pizza. Join us in the heart of Destin next to Old Time Pottery!

Time to rest up a little. See ya Thursday!!!

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2013 Key West Songwriter’s Festival

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Music and events that happen in Key West as observed by Chris Rehm. “What Happens in Key West Stays in Key West” Wrong! Everyone wants to know what’s happening in Key West!

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Parrot Heads Crowned King and Queen of Pardi Gras

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Text Photos © Tammy Camp
Tim Lisa Herman 2013 Pardi Gras King Queen

Parrot Heads Crowned King and Queen of Pardi Gras


Tim Lisa Herman

“I love tiaras” Lisa admits. “Being Queen of Pardi Gras was a dream come true.”

Parrot Heads, Tim and Lisa Herman have joined the long line of Pardi Gras royalty.  Each year, Jerry and Mary Diaz bestow the honor of King and Queen to a few deserving people who have supported not only Pardi Gras, but Trop Rock music and exemplify the Parrot Head spirit.  Tim and Lisa make a perfect King and Queen.  An adorable couple, celebrating 20 years together this upcoming December.  They are true Parrot Heads.  In fact, their second date was a Jimmy Buffett concert. “We knew we were hooked [on each other] after that”, Lisa remembers.

The identity of the King and Queen is a well kept secret each year, announced just minutes before the Pardi Gras Bourbon Street Parade.  When Jerry made the announcement to the crowd in front of Tropical Isle, Lisa was shocked, overjoyed and doing her best not to cry (unsuccessfully).  Tim, the laid back casual man that he is, took it in stride, as Lisa seemed permanently latched around his neck in a big bear hug.


Tim Lisa moments after the King and Queen announcement

Once they made it through the crowd, Mary draped them in their new robes and crowns and then it was a rush to get on the parade float.  They spent their first moments as King and Queen atop the lead float, riding down Bourbon Street and throwing beads to the crowd.

“I was overcome with joy to ‘officially’ wear a tiara at Pardi Gras. So much fun!”  Tim and Lisa’s “royal duties” continued throughout the event.  Requiring them to wear the royal dress and accept free drinks offered to them.  It’s a really tough job and they were both steadfast in meeting their duties.


Tim’s gathering beads and Lisa flashes us a big smile from the Pardi Gras parade float!

Lisa already had a recurring role at Pardi Gras.  Each year, she joins Hanna’s Reef on stage as backup vocals for a few songs.  I’ll never forget the first time I heard Lisa sing.  It was over 6 years ago in a karaoke bar on Bourbon St.  We were making our way from bar to bar during the Pardi Gras Pub Crawl and she entertained all of us during the short stop.  I still love to hear her sing and enjoy it each year when she joins the band on stage.


Lisa joins Jerry Diaz Hanna’s Reef

Bikers for Boobs

In true Parrot Head fashion, Lisa and Tim pour their time and money into their charity work.  In 2006, Lisa started Bikers for Boobs as a way to raise money for a local breast cancer walk and had 324 registered participants for the poker run and was able to donate $16,500 to the charity. The following two years, through her event, Lisa was able to donate $30,000 each year.

Bikers for Boobs was Lisa’s first effort to raise money for breast cancer through the motorcycle community. Not the typical name for a charity, but Lisa felt it would be a fun name along with the slogan “They raise awareness”, Lisa chuckles, “My bikers love it!”  According to Lisa, Bikers are just like Parrot Heads, they like to get together at fun events and are very giving.  She says that “if you ever see a group of bikers riding down the road, you can best bet they are raising money for something, whether it be a child with cancer or just a person down on his or her luck.”

It was time to take Bikers for Boobs to the next level.  Believe or not, in this day and time there are still corporate sponsors out there who will not write a check to the “boob” word.  So, in order to garner more support and better direct how the donations were used, in 2008, Lisa’s charity officially became a 501(c)(3), naming the organization Bikers Battling Breast Cancer, Inc.


Bikers Battling Breast Cancer

The events and fundraising continued and in 2011 Lisa realized she wanted to truly be able to change the path of a patient’s treatment, as this is the mission of her charity.  Early detection and education are the main focus. That year she called the local hospital through Tanner Medical Foundation, and asked if there was any diagnostic funding for a patient beyond the basic mammogram. The hospital responded that they often had requests from doctors for additional free tests, but they did not have the money.  Turned out to be a perfect match.

Bikers Battling Breast Cancer set up a financial assistance fund with the hospital to help patients receive additional tests such as Stereotactic Breast Biopsy, Breast Ultrasound, Petscan, CT Scan, MRI and even BRCA genetic testing.  In 2011, they were able to donate $25,000 and last year another $30,000 to this fund.

Curves Chrome Event

Lisa’s Bikers Battling Breast Cancer charity hosts a huge annual 3 day event called Curves Chrome as its main fundraiser.  The event includes a bike show, fashion show, live music, stunt show, VIP party, auction and the “Bikers for Boobs” motorcycle ride and poker run.

In 2012 the charity’s Curves Chrome weekend raised $73,000 with 874 registered participants for their motorcycle poker run and other events.  In addition to the funds donated to Tanner, Bikers Battling Breast Cancer donated $10,000 to WellStar, contributing to two local hospitals for their mammogram voucher program; $5,000 to The Breast Cancer Survivor’s Network, the largest support organization in Georgia, and $16,250 to the Pink Kick-Starter Project, a registered program of Bikers Battling Breast Cancer which provides organizer kits to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients through both local breast health programs and individually, distributing over 600 kits since the program’s inception.

BFB 2013 with code and website

Lisa works year round to organize the event and Tim supports her with what ever she needs.  Everyone who works for Bikers Battling Breast Cancer are volunteers.  No one gets a salary and the charity doesn’t pay for any of the overhead costs, ensuring all funds raised are given back to the breast cancer community.

Lisa and Tim both have full-time jobs and manage the charity on their own time and on their own dime.  Lisa feels blessed to have Tim as her main support.  He works so hard, especially on the day of the event to make sure everything runs smoothly.   Lisa has a great sense of humor and remembers telling Tim “Aren’t you lucky I picked a charity that has Bikers AND Boobs?”.


Tim on his way to deliver beer at Tropical Isle

Overall, Bikers Battling Breast Cancer has raised $450,000 to help breast cancer patients in the community.  Even though the Pardi Gras tiara and crown are all in fun, Tim and Lisa really are royalty to the patients their charity helps.  In Lisa’s words, “It’s rewarding that we are really touching lives.”

Please join Lisa, Tim and over a 1500 Bikers at the Curves Chrome Fundraiser.  If you’re not able to attend, you can still help breast cancer patients through online donations:  Bikers Battling Breast Cancer Donation Page  Donations of auction or door prizes are appreciated. For more information visit or call 678-378-5653.


Tim Lisa
Great Parrot Heads and Bikers dedicated to helping others.


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Time to party…

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This week has been spent getting ready for the big party on Saturday. Monday night Sunshine Cindy and I were hard at it on the computers. I was putting the finishing touches on the May Mullet Wrapper newsletter. You can read it here:

Sunshine Cindy was prepping all the final placards and getting labels completed for our tee shirts. We pulled out all the supplies and I think we have everything ready to go. The tent and stage people are set for Friday as is the port-a-potty delivery. We received pop up tents from Julie and Jan to use. I think we are about set.

Tuesday Sunshine Cindy and I had to make a Home Depot run. We needed some caution tape. I think we ended up buying enough to tape off half the city. LOL From there we stopped in at Friday’s to get some dinner and have a few brews. It was slow at first in there but then it picked up. It was a beautiful evening and of course the top was down on Badass. We stopped at Publix for some last minute things Sunshine Cindy needed for her Mac Cheese concoction she is making for the party. We made one more stop on the way home and that was at Chan’s Wine World. We picked up a couple of bottles for the party. From there we headed home for the night.

Wednesday I made a stop at Crab Island Cantina on my way home. Kyle was working and Greg was just coming in. I wanted to check and see if Southern Drawl Band was scheduled for June 16th. Carlos said as far as he knows they are but it is not showing on the SDB schedule. So I am not sure if this is a go or not. The harbor was busy for mid-week out of season. Kyle said it had been steady all day. I am not sure where everyone is coming from. When I left I stopped in at Landshark Pizza. The place was packed out the door. I only stayed for a short while as I had to get back home to help Sunshine Cindy make the Mac Cheese for the party! LOL

I have been asked about the new Boschamps Oyster House that has recently opened. We have still not made it there yet but many of my friends have. What I have been hearing from them is expensive food that is only so-so. Drinks are expensive. With the new bartenders not knowing the cliental yet, deals are hard to come by. Boschamps has become the place to see and be seen for hot ladies. Many good looking ladies almost anytime you go there. Parking is limited. Great back deck and bar area. Interior of the restaurant is real cool. Most everyone thinks once they get past the start up issues it will be a great place. One of these days we will make it there!

Okay, time to complete the preparation for Saturday. Friends from Indiana, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and all over Florida are coming to party with us. We hope you can join us too. A full report on all the fun will be posted on Monday. Enjoy your weekend. See ya Monday!

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Peace, Love and Ukulele

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Peace, Love and Ukulele

Peace, Love and Ukulele… It is the title of Ukulele legend Jake Shimabukuro’s CD. It is also an ideal…that music (in this case, the Ukulele) can bring peace into a chaotic world.

I know that the Ukulele brings me a great deal of peace. It is a great stress reliever and helps take me to my “happy place”. It also brings a smile to those who listen and I have found that it is hard to be in conflict with someone while they are listening to a Uke and smiling. (In my “humble opinion”, the Ukulele is the ultimate “weapon of peace” and should be given to everyone around the world at this very moment.)

At the beach this past week, I sat and watched the ocean waves while playing the Ukulele and wrote one song (Down at the Beach) and started another (Peace, Love and Ukulele).

Bry Harris Kala Uke artist









I got home and finished Peace, Love and Ukulele…I hope you enjoy it. (If at any point it makes you smile, please pass this along to someone who needs a lift!)


Peace, Love and Ukulele


Turning off the evening news
It’s giving me the blues
We’ve got to set our sights much higher

Another day has come and gone
I’m just trying to hold on
I know that we can do much better


Peace, Love and Ukulele… we need more of…

The kind of music that can… help us

Finally learn to get along….


So many people fuss and fight
Everyone thinks they are right
Why can’t we learn to love each other

Sometimes our pride gets in the way
And though we know what we should say
It looks like we aren’t even trying


Peace, Love and Ukulele… we need more of…

The kind of music that can… help us

Finally learn to get along….


What if we could just remember
On this journey we need friends
The world would be a better place
If we could come together in the end


Peace, Love and Ukulele… we need more of…

The kind of music that can… help us

Finally learn to get along….

As a Kala Ukulele artist (or, Kala Uke Ambassador, as I like to sometimes refer to it), I am always looking for an opportunity to spread my love of Ukulele. It is never too late to pick up this wonderful instrument. It is a joy to play the Ukulele and have someone say that they had always thought of the Uke as a toy but have now changed their mind and realize that it is a great musical instrument!

Although many know me as part of the Parrot Island Band (a Jimmy Buffett tribute band from Atlanta, Georgia), I also write original music and enjoy taking the Ukulele into schools, nursing homes and any place that is looking for some fun music to lift their spirits.

My wish for everyone tonight is peace, love and, of course… Ukulele! Thanks for reading and listening…

Beaches and blessings,

Bry Harris

Parrot Island Band

Kala Ukulele Artist



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