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Howard Livingston’s Meet Me in the Keys Event Recap

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Text © Carol Ewald. Photo © Dj Jeff Allen

Text © Carol Ewald. Photo © Dj Jeff Allen

How can I describe these groups known as the Coconut Castaways that host and support this great event? First of all, they are the friendliest, most welcoming bunch of people you’ll ever meet. Secondly, their generosity and passion for the KOA Care Camps is overwhelming.

These camps are specifically set up for children fighting the battle with cancer. It allows them to be KIDS and a break from the hospitals and anguish of their normal daily routines.   The Coconut Castaways slogan of “Serving Community Roles with Caribbean Souls” could not be more apparent.

The event unofficially started Wednesday night with the Annual Goodie Bag Stuffing Party.  Roger Jokela entertained the group while they worked and Howard Livingston even sang a few songs.  This pre-party is always a “must attend”


© Mark Reiman
Goody bag stuffing pre-party!

This amazing event “officially” started out Thursday with a Meet Greet evening with their “Ringleader” Howard Livingston. In spite of rainy weather, we all gathered at the beautiful DoubleTree–Hilton-Grand Key Resort for an evening filled with music by John Patti, Howard and Rick.  Oh yea……there was definitely gonna be “Magic In Key West”.

On Friday AM, the Annual Hangover Classic trek had participants meeting poolside then walking along the ocean to the Conch Flyer Lounge where they were met by Capt. Josh.  All participants had made a Care Camp donation to be a part of the walk.  Captain Josh had everyone ready to party while they all enjoyed Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Screwdrivers to rehydrate for the walk back to the hotel.

The pool party Friday afternoon went on as planned and the weather cooperated.  The non-stop music with Paul Roush, Jack Mosely, Mike Broward, Jimi Pappas, John Patti,  Key West Chris Rehm, and Allan Holland was awesome.

As an additional effort to raise more money, you could get your toenails painted turquoise for a small donation.  How cool it was to see all these macho men parading with painted toes and it raised $1200 for the cause!  As the last of the entertainment hit their final notes…..the Key West skies opened up and the rain came.  It was as if it was planned that way.


© DJ Jeff Allen
Paul Roush and Jack Mosely at the Pool Party

Saturday afternoon it was a packed house at the Rum Barrel for a special performance by John Frinzi. What a great performer he is and he raised $130 to get his toenails painted too! And then on to the main event at Schooner’s Wharf with Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band.

The dollars were adding up quickly for the KOA Care Camp! The band kept rocking and there was even an appearance from “Amish Ice” aka DJ Jeff from Beachfront Radio. Built-to-Last barstools and a cigar box box guitar were auctioned off and raised another $1350.


Dj Jeff “Amish Ice” joins Howard Livingston on stage at Schooner’s Wharf

The special Howie “Hats” were selling like crazy and then……it was time to make a margarita.  For those that don’t know about the special margarita machine, it is an outboard motor that has been converted to a blender.  The result margarita is a very special blend. Not just tequila and mix, but the generosity and spirit of giving back as the first margarita produced is auctioned off.  This year at the event that first margarita brought $8000 to the Kids!  It was an incredible night.

© DJ Jeff Allen
Howie’s Famous Margarita Maker

What could be better than spending your Sunday at the Smokin’ Tuna? The food was amazing (included ) and Ericson Holt band jammed the whole afternoon with all the Coconut Castaways celebrating a great event….but wait, it’s not over yet……

That evening we all boarded the “Fury” for a farewell sunset cruise.  Great appetizers and cocktails and the awesome music of Eric Stone. What a beautiful ending to a fantastic event.

We, as Beachfront Radio, could not have been more proud to be a part of this fundraiser.  Their efforts over those few days brought in approx. $25,000.  Added to their fundraisers over the year, their total going to the KOA Care Camp is about $90,000!!!! A lot of kids are going to camp!


© Vicki Koch

As we all know, these kinds of events take a lot of work but the result is gratifying.  Those volunteer people that work tirelessly in the months of preparation, the sponsors that donate and support this event should all be praised and proud of what was accomplished.

Next year’s Coconut Castaway goal is to break that $100K mark.  To find out more and be a part of this tremendous fundraiser visit their site at Southern Most Castaways. You can make a donation year-round to the KOA Care Camps on their website or at: KOA Campground Donations 

We hope to see you in 2014!


Respectfully submitted – Carol Ewald  (with input from Tammy Hollander)

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Buffett performs benefit show at the Paradise Rock Club

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band performed last night at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston MA. The special show benefits The One Fund, which raises money for survivors of the April 15 bombings and the families of those killed in the attack.

The Set List from the show is now available.

Photos courtesy JimSig – view more photos

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Here we go Destin….

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A lot has been happening in Destin this week. Monday night Sunshine Cindy and I met Julie, Matt and Ace at Sago Sport Bar to watch the Blackhawks and Bruins hockey game. We saw Tommy there and Izzy took good care of us. It was a good game. Ace had a great time. He takes after his dad big time!

Tuesday we stayed in but on Wednesday we headed down to the harbor. We had not been down there for a couple of weeks. Our first stop was the Tipsy Turtle to grab a cold one from Matt. Tony was sitting there and showed us a picture of a huge fish he caught. Another guy showed us a picture of a 26 lb Red Snapper he caught. The fish are hitting for sure.

As we left the Turtle we stopped at The Sinkin’ Weenie to talk to Brian. He is happy with the advertising he is doing with us on the Crab Island Mambo web site. He is a nice guy and seems to be doing well. Stop by and grab a bite to eat the next time you are on the harbor.

Sunshine Cindy and I walked down to Crab Island Cantina. As we walked by the old Lucky Snapper building they now have an artist rendering of the new Margaritaville hanging in the lower level. It looks like it is going to be awesome. As we passed Harry T’s we saw Michele working the outside Dave’s Dogs booth. We chatted with her for a while. At the Cantina Kyle was working. We had not seen him in a while also.

Judy came over and talked with us about some future plans we want to make. All I can say is keep May 17, 2014 open on your calendar! We stayed for a while enjoying the view and watching all the people come and go.

As we walked back up the harbor we stopped in at the Crazy Lobster to see Jesse. The inside was empty with just a few folks outside eating. Jesse said the crowds seem to come in later. Sure enough, in the hour or so we were there the place filled up. One group alone must have had 20 people. I was shocked how fast it filled up. I got my Abita Amber fix and off we went back to the Turtle.

It was not so hectic down on that part of the boardwalk. We talked to Matt for a while. Missy came by. She is the driving force behind the special benefit they are having on Sunday at the Turtle to help a local family with medical bills from the premature birth of their son. Come down to the Turtle Sunday to help support these folks. Kerby also stopped by as people were out enjoying a beautiful night.

We made one more stop at the Freaky Tiki bar. Scott is now the bar manager there. Bonnie was working the bar and they had a decent crowd in there. We talked to a tourist from Houston who was there with his daughter. The guy with the crawfish boil was there. He was closing down and gave us a couple of cups of his food. Man it was good! All in all it was a fun time on the harbor.

News continues to swirl in Destin about Dolly Parton opening some type of dinner theater. They have bought up a lot of acres and are now tearing down some buildings including an old bank building. No one is officially saying what will be built but I suspect we should know something soon.

I mentioned the new Margaritaville above. A lot of work is now going on there. They hope to be open before the end of the year. The new zip line at Harborwalk is close to opening too. The towers are done and they have lines running between them now. A new rock climbing wall is almost done too. Pretty soon you won’t be able to move down there.

Have a great weekend. I hope everyone will join us Sunday at the Turtle for the benefit. A full report on Monday on all the fun. See ya then….

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Songs From St. Somewhere to be released August 20th

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From Rock Cellar Magazine: “Mark Knopfler to Appear on Jimmy Buffett’s New Album ‘Songs From St. Somewhere’

Though nothing seems to have been formally announced yet, the Facebook page of guitarist/musician Mark Knopfler informed fans on Wednesday of a new collaboration with Jimmy Buffett:

Seven years after Mark appeared on Jimmy Buffett’s album, ‘Take The Weather With You’, the two have come together again for ‘Songs From St. Somewhere’, out August 20.

Mark contributes both his guitar prowess and songwriting skills on the track “Oldest Surfer On The Beach.” Stay tuned for more details as they come.

Last May, Buffett said he would be working on a new album ‘soon’, so perhaps Songs From St. Somewhere is that album.

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Homemade Moonshine Recipe Without a Still

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Text Photo © Jeff Cohen


No need to worry about blowing up your moonshine still!  Anyone can make this homemade blackberry moonshine recipe with just a few simple ingredients and patience.

Phase 1 (3 weeks)

1 Liter 190 proof grain alcohol (Everclear).  You can find it at liquor stores.
3 60z. containers of fresh blackberries

Pour the grain alcohol into a 1/2 gallon jar with a lid.
Add all of the blackberries.
Crush the blackberries with a wooden spoon.
Seal the jar and let it sit for 3 weeks.
Shake the jar every other day.

Phase 2 (2 weeks)

After the alcohol and blackberries have sat for 3 weeks, you’ll make a simple syrup to add to the mixture.

4 cups water
3 cups sugar

Bring water to a boil and add sugar.  Stir until the sugar dissolves then let cool to room temperature.
While the simple sugar mixture is cooling, take your alcohol and blackberry mixture and strain out the remaining blackberries.
Return the alcohol mixture into its jar and pour in the simple sugar mixture.
Seal the jar and let sit for 2 weeks or longer.

The resulting moonshine is strong at 95 proof with a wonderful blackberry flavor.

Serve as a chilled shot or use the moonshine to make tasty jello shots.

When making jello shots, just replace 1/2 of the water called for in the jello recipe.  If you use more than that, the jello won’t set up.


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Summer comes to Destin

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The weather is now in full time summer mode in Destin. Hot and humid during the day, warm and humid at night and a chance of thunderstorms every day. I love it!

Sunshine Cindy and I started the weekend on Thursday by stopping at Landshark Pizza. Kenny and Brian were sitting at the bar. Sue, Paige and James were working. There was a steady stream of folks coming in and many takeout orders were being called in. We have run into Kenny a few times lately. He runs some of the liquor stores in the area. A unique guy. He had a bag of hot peppers that he grew. I tried one and it was HOT. When we left the evening was perfect. A lot of traffic was still around as we rode home under the stars.

Friday night was a fun time at Sago and The Palms Condo. Wayne Toups and his Cajun band was playing. I think every Cajun in Destin was there. Sunshine Cindy, Julie and I got a table right up front. At a table next to us was a couple from Louisiana. They had heard Wayne many times back home and were glad to see he was here that night. The show was great. It was non-stop energy. I love how much fun Cajun music is. We had a decent breeze and when the sprinklers came on, it really cooled us off! LOL

Saturday was beach cleanup day. Sunshine Cindy stayed home but I got to the beach at 9:15 am. John, Bo and Wayne had just got there. The parking lot was already getting filled up by the time I pulled in. We had a good turnout of about 20 folks. We did our cleanup and then partied on the beach. I have never seen so many people on the beach as there was on Saturday. The weather was great so all the tourist made it to the sand. The water was a good temp. It took a bit to get used to then it was fine.

Ed and Barb were there with us. Ed has an ability to find sunglasses and goggles under the water. He would walk in about waist deep water looking down and he would find a treasure trove of items. He must have found over a dozen sunglasses, 5 or 6 goggles and some headbands…All items that were lost in the surf. I have never thought to look for those things. I guess you can say our beach cleanup extended into the surf!

Saturday evening Sunshine Cindy and I headed to South Walton county for a beach party. Yes, I spent most of Saturday on a beach somewhere. Larry was having a surprise birthday party for Debra on the beach. It turned out great. He had a beach service set up everything including cooking a low country shrimp boil and have a bon-fire after the sun went down. The guys doing the cooking looked like they came from a hippie commune from the 60’s. It was all “hey dude” come and get it! LOL  It was a great time on the beach with wonderful friends.

Sunday we stayed home. I published the Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper. You can read it here:  In the afternoon Sunshine Cindy’s parents came over so we could celebrate Fathers Day. We had bought 3 lbs of shrimp, wings, pasta salad and some other snacks too. It was a nice visit.

Make plans to be at the Tipsy Turtle this Sunday. There is going to be a benefit to help a local Destin family that has mounting medical bills due to the premature birth of their son Liam. He was born weighing only 1 pound and 7 ounces. Liam was only given a 5% chance of living but he is beating the odds. Come down to the Tipsy Turtle on the harbor Sunday from noon to 6 pm. There will be a silent auction and raffle items with tons of awesome prizes. Matt and Mindy will be playing music and any all donations will be appreciated.

On Saturday there will be a “Pub Crawl Bingo” event hosted by GUSU, AJ’s and Destin Accounting Group. A $25 entry fee ($30 the day of the crawl) gets you registered for this fun event. Go to Facebook and search events for all the details.

Plan to be at one or both of these events this weekend. Let me know if you need any info on how to help one of our own! 

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Cast Your Votes – Trop Rock Music Association

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It’s time to select the Nominees for the 6th Annual Trop Rock Music Awards!


With so many Artists, Radio Stations, and Events to choose from, it won’t be easy to make your selections, so make sure you’ve given yourself plenty of time!




FINAL BALLOTS will be emailed on August 15th.


For a complete explaination of the voting process go to and click the “Music Awards” tab.



Thanks for being part of Trop Rock’s future!


Good luck, everyone!


We hope to see you at the Trop Rock Music Awards in October.


The Trop Rock Music Association

Buffett performs free show in Atlantic City

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From the “Buffett concert draws 50,000 to Atlantic City beach

Perfect weather, a new attraction, a big name and a free show combined to give Atlantic City its second biggest beach concert ever Saturday, including performances by Jimmy Buffett and Wilson Phillips.

Tom Foley, chief of emergency services and director of emergency management services for Atlantic City, estimated that more than 30,000 people were on the LandShark Beach in front of Resorts Casino Hotel. They were joined by another 20,000 people on the Boardwalk and at the LandShark Bar in the new $35 million, Buffett-backed, Margaritaville complex, which brought the singer-songwriter to the resort.

With more than 50,000 attendees, the Buffett and Wilson Phillips concert trails only the 250,000 people who attended a Beach Boys concert in 1983 as the largest beach concert in the city’s history.

Buffett came out at 4:11 p.m. Saturday, after McAnally started doing a song he wrote that was a hit for Kenny Chesney called “Back Where I Come From.”

Buffett was appropriately attired for the sunny day in the 80s, with a white T-shirt and rainbow-colored striped shorts.

“Hello, shore people. Good afternoon. Built it, and he will come. Look at this view,” Buffett said about the beach and ocean to his right from the stage. “The best thing we did was build this place in Atlantic City… This is pretty cool. I’m glad it worked out this way.”

From Jimmy Buffett Beach Concert at Margaritaville at Resorts

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Buffett Shooting Video with Toby Keith

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From the If you’re country star Toby Keith, grass isn’t likely to grow under your boot heels. A sample schedule calls for jetting off to New York City to accept a songwriting award, running down to Newport News to officially christen a bar and grill that’s part of your brand and franchise, then heading off to Nashville to shoot a video with Jimmy Buffett.

From Isaiah Stratton’s twitter page:
Jimmy Buffett and Toby Keith taking direction. Shooting video for “Too Drunk To Karaoke” (June 13th)

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Father’s Day Drinks with Dad

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Turn images on to get the full picture.While we like having a drink with our Pops all year round, on Father’s Day, he deserves something a bit more special than his standard order. So to help you find that perfect cocktail to fix for him on Sunday, here are three delicious and creative takes on a few dad-approved classics.

If your father is a serious Martini fan, stir him up the Dukes Gin Classic Martini (pictured above), which is served at the Dukes Hotel in London, a regular haunt of James Bond author Ian Fleming.

One of our favorite warm-weather sippers is the Whiskey Smash, which combines bourbon, mint and lemon. (You can watch topSan Francisco bartender Erik Adkins make it in our latest How to Cocktail video.) But we also enjoy advisory board member Julie Reiner’s Sir Hayden’s Smash that calls for eight-year-old Basil Hayden’s Bourbon and adds blackberries and Italian amaro to the formula.

Though nobody knows when the Manhattan was created, it was no doubt an instant success with fathers. But instead of mixing up the traditional three-ingredient recipe, we recommend you try advisory board member Dushan Zaric’s Employees Only Manhattan that features a jigger of citrusy Grand Marnier. We promise your dad won’t be disappointed.