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Posted on Friday, August 30th, 2013 at 10:28 am
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It’s been a little while since I sent out a letter. Maybe that’s a good sign? The Summer has flown by, busy and crazy. Autumn is approaching and, happily, things are slowing down on the weekends. I’ve learned a lot this year about gigs and I’m going in a different direction next year, concentrating on events and concerts that will highlight my songs. I’ve written over 30 of them so I have plenty to play for you!

“Songs of Love & the Ocean” is doing very well having been released on August 22nd. I’m mailing out the pre-orders as quickly as I can and working on fulfilling the rewards for my Kickstarter folks. The CD Release party at the Big Owl Tiki Bar was a great success and I’m thinking the one at The Sandbox on September 14th is going to be a great time as well! I’ll be joined by Frankendread on percussion and Rudy Cox on bass. There is a a possibilty we will have a “celebrity chef” cooking for us and I’m excited about it! On September 15th we will have a brunch on The Deck on Perico Island just a short drive from The Sandbox. So, for $20 you get a night and a day of entertainment, my new CD, great food and a wonderful party! Get your tickets at this link! http://danihoy.com/store/the_sandbox_ami_cd_release_party_tickets/

This weekend I’m headed to Ohio for a house party at The No Name Yard on Sunday. Monday night I’ll be with Dennis King on Island Time Radio from 10pm-1am. Tune in for live music, songs from the CD and some giveaways. http://wbwc.com  http://itrshow.com/

At the end I head West for shows with Brian Fields in Albuquerque and then Sam Rainwater in Tempe in his backyard. Oh the tequila shots… http://www.samlrainwater.com/music.htm & http://www.jus4funband.com/check-us-out/

Of course at the end of October I’m off to Key West for a week of music! I’ll be playing all over town between the last day of Fantasy Fest and the end of MOTM. I have lots of songwriter showcases and some other stuff in the works that will be coming together soon! Key West is my favorite place to be and where lots of great things happen for me. I wouldn’t miss Meeting of the Minds for the world!  http://phip.com/MOTM.asp

Check out the links below to order your copy of “Songs of Love & the Ocean” if you haven’t gotten it already! Hope to see you down the road!

Hearts and waves,


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