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Chaos Crawl Weekend

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We had a fantastic weekend in Destin. The weather was perfect and the events were fun. It started on Thursday night. Sunshine Cindy and I loaded up the wagon and walked over to the Mattie Kelly Arts Center for a concert. They have a beautiful open field and a great stage. We were amazed at all the people that were there. We had our fold up chairs, our cooler and we had a fun time.

Friday while Sunshine Cindy was working I headed out for a while. I stopped in at Landshark Pizza to hear some of Brian’s and Sue’s stories from their trip to Germany. They had a great time but were still fighting some jet lag. I then went to the harbor. I stopped in at Crab Island Cantina. Greg was working and there was a tourist couple from Arkansas at the bar. They were a hoot. Their first vacation without their kids and they were enjoying themselves. I left and walked to The Boathouse. Kerby was there hanging out. A good crowd was there for an afternoon. Kelly Bryd was playing so it was a fun time.

After Sunshine Cindy got home from work we stopped in at Sago Sports Bar. We sat at the outside bar since it was so nice out. Tommy was there and a decent crowd was watching the Braves baseball game. We ordered a pizza. It was excellent. It’s a New York style and tasted great. We hung around for a while then called it a night.

Saturday was our big Crab Island Mambo “Chaos Crawl” pub crawl. We ended up with about 17 total folks “Crawling” with us. We started at Crab Island Cantina. From there we went to the Crazy Lobster and then to Fishheads. After a stop at AJ’s we went to the Monkey Bar and finally ended at The Boathouse. Big thanks to Carlos at the Cantina, Melissa at Fishheads and Gigi at The Boathouse for making us feel special and welcome. Gigi especially went above and beyond. Be sure to stop in at all of these places. We were able to raise $103.80 for Caring and Sharing. We are glad to be able to help them out as this organization does a lot of good in the community.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day as wound down from the “Chaos Crawl.” I took a long bike ride in the morning along the beach. It was clear and cool out. Perfect for a bike ride of about 9 miles. In the afternoon Sunshine Cindy and I headed to Landshark Pizza. They were having a special on Brats and Oktoberfest beer. Brian had the Brats flown in from Milwaukee so I knew they had to be good. Sunshine Cindy and I both had one. They were great and so was the beer.

I got to watch the end of the Browns game as they won again. They are tied for first! After the game ended and we finished our Brats, we went and sat outside enjoying a perfect late afternoon. Brian come out to join us and B came and also sat with us. Brian has a TV in the window so we could still watch some football. We could not ask for a better way to end the weekend!

Have a great week. See ya Thursday!

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Zach Deputy brings his island-infused sound to Huntington

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Zach Deputy brings his island-infused sound to Huntington

Sep. 29, 2013 @ 11:36 PM

HUNTINGTON – Jimmy Buffett was off by just a day because come Tuesday, everything’s going to be all right.

2011 1201 WkndBestBets MainWell, at least this week.

That’s because Tuesday, Oct. 1 the V Club, 741 6th Ave., welcomes in the gentle Southern soul, Zach Deputy. He is well known in these parts and around the festival scene for his self-described, “one-man show of island-infused, drum ‘n’ bass, gospel-ninja-soul that has the energy and sound of a six-piece band.”

In between gigs in Florida and Kentucky, Deputy drops in for a 10 p.m. concert at the V. Tickets are $12 for the ages 18 and up show.

Deputy, who was chilling at his Savannah, Ga., home trying to finish up his new CD, said he’s stoked to be rolling back into the wild and wonderfulness of West Virginia, a place that embraced the acoustic island soul of Deputy long ago.

“To me it feels like it is family there,” said Deputy, who over Labor Day weekend surprised his friends with a visit to the Phamily Reunion in the New River Gorge, just to hang out. “I remember playing in front of like six people at the Empty Glass (in Charleston) and there being a couple people who were like ‘you are freaking awesome’ and so then the next time I came back I was playing in front of 30 people and then to 80 people and then to sold out. That was really cool to watch West Virginia happen. I felt like they caught on before a lot of the rest of the country. A couple places in the country like instantly got it and all of those places are like one stop from my heart.”

Deputy said that while these days he doesn’t have the ability to germinate most markets from the ground up like that, doing so here in West Virginia, seared his love into the fabric of the scene here.

“I got to watch it happen and be friends with people in West Virginia, like I know a lot of  people by name and they are my type of people,” Deputy said. “They’re people who are willing to help you out. West Virginia is not one of those places I am worried about breaking down in. They’d be like ‘oh yeah, well I’m on my way.’ There’s not too many places like that.”

Deputy said he appreciates that fan love of folks letting him just be his unique self — a South Carolina-raised boy who boils up the musical gumbo that is his Puerto Rican, Cruzan and Irish heritage with looping technology in some more than 250 gigs a year.

“Because my mom comes from the islands and is Puerto Rican I grew up listening to island music like most people listen to Top 40 and then my dad was all into the soul music and Motown music, Deputy said. “When I got into high school I got all jazzed out and then after that I returned to the things that I love. Reggae isn’t something I just got into when I was 18 and decided to play it, that’s not how it works. It has to be a part of your blood and upbringing.”

That ability to soulfully red stripe his music with both reggae and American Southern soul influences such as Ray Charles, has made Deputy a favorite on the festival scene where he’s played everything from Wanee and Mountain Jam to Jam Cruise and Jungle Jam in Puerto Rico.

This fall, he’ll join one of his buddies he met at the jam festivals, Karl Denson and his band Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, for a Ray Charles Boogaloo Dance Party at which Deputy will play a looping set before joining the band as the voice of Charles.

That West Coast tour runs the last two weeks of October and rolls into such historic spaces as The Fillmore in San Francisco.

Deputy said he’s ready to jam it out with the horn-laden Tiny Universe.

“We decided to do this for the first time at Jazz Fest at Tipitina’s in New Orleans and it was just awesome,” Deputy said. “We decided to take it around the country a little bit. I’m always putting projects together as much as I can. I’m a huge Ray Charles fan so I love to be able to go do his songs with the full horn section. We can actually give it the love and attention it deserves and do it right. You can’t have a four-piece Ray Charles tribute.”

Deputy, who is now a father, is also trying to give all the love and attention he can, when he can, to recording his songs.

Known for such records as “Another Day,” Deputy is done with everything but the mixing on a new CD that happens to be completely only his creation from producing to playing all the instruments and singing.

“It’s probably my most eclectic record and it is also the first record I am producing from every angle,” Deputy said. “No one has hands on it except me. I finally made it to this state in my career where I have enough confidence to make my own album, and I didn’t think about making it, which was the beauty of it. I’m just playing and making songs and I’m like oh, there is a whole album here. I kind of like that, I feel more organic about it. When I get home it’s like  it might be one in the morning and I’ll start goofing around and all of a sudden it is 4 in the morning and I need to go to bed. Then I’ll go back out and listen and it will be like this is cool. So I am just trying to let it happen and not trying to force it.”

Deputy said he wants the CD to capture at least some of that spontaneous feel of his rambling live shows.

“I like that feeling,” he said. “It’s kind of like my live shows where you get this one-time experience where we all go places where I didn’t even know I was going to go, and each show is different and I might sometimes go more country or sometimes more hip hop and sometimes way too much funk. That keeps me fresh as an artist.”

Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise

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welcometojamrockcruise2013-news.jpgDamian “Jr. Gong” Marley and Norwegian Cruise Lines are happy to announce plans for the Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise. The 5-night ultimate reggae voyage will be the first of its kind. The state-of-the-art Norwegian Pearl ship will set sail October 20, 2014 from Miami, Florida with stops in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Jamaica before its return on October 25, 2014.
The world’s top tier reggae artists – including Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Stephen “Ragga” Marley, Julian Marley, Sean Paul, Shaggy, Etana, Tarrus Riley, Jah Cure, Busy Signal, Morgan Heritage, Jo Mersa, Wayne Marshall, Christopher Ellis, Black-Am-I – will be performing aboard the ship. More acts will be announced at a later date.
In addition to live concerts, there will be numerous sound systems and DJs (David Rodigan, Stone Love, Renaissance, Mighty Crown and Gramps Morgan) blazing vibes day and night throughout the cruise. Many other entertainment events will be planned to satisfy every reggae lover’s appetite. This cruise is all that is reggae, but especially all that is Jamaica.
Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise 2014The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), an agency of the Ministry of Tourism for the island, has jumped on board to endorse the world-class Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise and will play an essential role in spreading the word to the masses.
As the home of reggae, Jamaica is proud to be a sponsor of the inaugural Jamrock Reggae Cruise. This is a wonderful opportunity for music lovers to get immersed in the rich history of Jamaican music. The JTB will be on board to promote the island’s diverse offerings which are available for visitors to enjoy. The cruise will serve as an opportunity to whet the appetite of reggae music lovers to visit and explore the birthplace of reggae,” states John Lynch, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism.

Buffett Performs at Le Trabendo in Paris

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band performed at the Le Trabendo in Paris France on Thursday September 26th. The set list from the show is now available.

Some notable changes to the set list included “Autour Du Rocher”, “Last Mango In Paris”, “Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants”, and “Coast Of Marseilles”.

Other additions to the set list included “Rue De La Guitare” (first ever performance), “Imagine One Day” (with Grace Young, first ever performance), and “You Can Never Tell” (Chuck Barry cover, first ever performance).

Photo courtesy Francesco

Buffett’s next show is on Saturday Sept 28th at La Cigale in Paris France.

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Rotolo’s in Destin is closing

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There is actually a hint of fall in the air in Destin. We are getting into the upper 60’s at night now. I love it hot so this is not great news for me but most other people like it.

This week I headed to KC’s Sandbar in Fort Walton Beach on Tuesday for our good friend Kenny’s birthday. Tommy and Loujean put the word out about a surprise party. It was a lot of fun. There were quite a few people show up too. Kenny is well liked in town. Even a major thunderstorm could not slow things down. As I drove over you could see the storm rolling in off the gulf. Lightning was everywhere. It looked like I was going into the floorboards of hell. About 30 minutes after I got to KC’s it started to rain. It was a major thunderstorm blowing over tables with lightning that kept us all ducking.

After about 45 minutes the rain died down so I headed home. The lightning was still intense. It felt like being in a horror movie the way the dark sky was lighting up. It was eerie as bolts were coming down all over the place. Luckily it did not last and everything was fine later.

Wednesday Sunshine Cindy and I stopped in at Rotolo’s. We had not been there in a while. As soon as we walked in I knew something was wrong. No one was there to seat anyone and it seemed like they only had two people working in the entire place with one of them being Berg the manager. He saw us and came out to greet us. When we asked how they were doing he told us they were closing the doors on Sunday. They just could not make it in the competitive Destin restaurant scene. It’s too bad but not real surprising. They could never really connect with the locals. I am not sure why as they had great locals prices, a nice building and Yuengling Light beer!

Berg did tell us the parent company has bought a Hurricane Bar and Grill franchise and will be opening soon in Bluewater Bay in Niceville. If they can get the locals they will have a chance to make it. There are not many options for wings and such in that area so I wish them well.

We also found out what the new building in front of Winn Dixie will be. There will be three tenants there….another T-Shirt shop (like we need another one), a Jimmy Johns sandwich shop and a car wash. Yes, a car wash! Now there is a combination that I would never have guessed would go together. LOL

This Saturday we are having our “1st Annual Chaos Crawl” to benefit Caring and Sharing. This harbor pub crawl is open to everyone. It will start at 4 pm at Crab Island Cantina in Harborwalk Village. No fee to join us but we will be passing the hat for Caring and Sharing. We will “Chaos Crawl” down the harbor to The Boathouse. We hope everyone will come out and join us. You can read about the details here in the Crab Island Mambo Weekend Update.

Have a great weekend. A full report on the Chaos Crawl and all the weekend fun on Monday. See ya then!

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Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour 9-25-2013

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Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour! (7pm CST)


1 Coastal Cowboy / John Friday
2 Pontoon / Little Big Town
3 Any Way the Wind Blows / Latitude
4 Top Down Kind of Day / Steve Tolliver
5 Sandy Key / Sunny Jim
6 Just a Wannabe / Kelly McGuire
7 Fat Guy In a Hawaiian Shirt / Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band
8 Sheila Tequila (from Cinco de Mayo) / John Reno
9 Somethin’ ‘Bout a Boat / Jimmy Buffett
10 Sandy Toed Beach Bum Life / Erik Pietsch
11 Ocean Waves / Jimmy Parrish & The Ocean Waves Band
12 Better Than Buffett / The Island Fever Band
13 My Little Island Town / Key West Chris

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour

Hello and welcome back everyone! This week we are just going to do what ever comes to mind in our get away time. Grab a Drink, a lawn chair, and some friends. Join us this week on Gulf Coast Cowboy. First up is  John Friday and “Coastal Cowboy”.  Then let’s go motorboatin’ withLittle Big Town and “Pontoon”. Latitude is back with “Any Way the Wind Blows”. Steve Tollivermakes an appearance with “Top Down Kind of Day”. Sunny Jim joins in with “Sandy Key “, and is followed by “Just a Wannabe” sung by Kelly McGuire. Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band is back to sing “Fat Guy In a Hawaiian Shirt”. Up next is “ Sheila Tequila (from Cinco de Mayo)” by John Reno .“Somethin’ ‘Bout a Boat ”  by Gulf Coast Legend Jimmy Buffett follows. “Sandy Toed Beach Bum Life ” with Erik Pietsch . Jimmy Parrish & The Ocean Waves Band even join our posse with “Ocean Waves”. The Island Fever Band also make a return appearance with “Better Than Buffett”. We end today’s rotation with Key West Chris -and “My Little Island Town ” . If you would like to make a request or have any suggestions for artists please contact jp Thanks for tuning in with us, hope to see y’all next week!

Key West Promotion… Marketing To The World from Key West!

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The vast majority of the people who meet my dogs on the street, don’t come to my gigs, but that’s okay too. On the other hand, in July/August we had over two hundred people come to gigs that perhaps wouldn’t have been at those venues otherwise. The absolute main focus is to showcase the virtues of Key West as a whole, not one’s self. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. The residual benefits will come your way, as well as the way of others. 

It goes without saying, all are free to contact me if you have any questions on anything whatsoever. Below, if you click on the link to the website there is an e-mail contact listed for messages.

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Key West Promotion… at least my way! HA HA HA!

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The vast majority of the people who meet my dogs on the
street, don’t come to my gigs, but that’s okay too. On the other hand, in
July/August we had over two hundred people come to gigs that perhaps wouldn’t have
been at those venues otherwise. The absolute main focus is to showcase the
virtues of Key West as a whole, not one’s self. What’s good for the goose, is
good for the gander. The residual benefits will come your way, as well as the way of others. 

It goes without saying, all are free to contact me if you have any questions on anything whatsoever. Below, if you click on the link to the website there is an e-mail contact listed for messages.

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Destin Margaritaville

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Well, the rain returned to Destin this weekend. We had pretty strong storms on and off both days. But that only slowed us down a little. Thursday night Sunshine Cindy and I went Sago Sports Bar to relax a little after work. We sat at the outside bar where Stephanie was working. A good crowd was out there as well as inside. The Clemson football game was on and a big group of Clemson fans were in front of the 100 inch TV’s watching the game. We had some food and a few beers. Tommy stopped by as he was busy keeping up with what game to put on what TV! LOL Every time we stop in at Sago it seems like a big family reunion. We love the place.

Friday night we wanted to head to Panama City Beach to hear Jan play for the Panama City PHC but by the time we got off work, it was too late to make the drive. Reports are Jan and Kenny did a fantastic job but then I knew they would.

Sunshine Cindy and I headed to harbor. Wayne joined us. First stop was the Monkey Bar. We thought JB was playing but he wasn’t. We had a beer and then we headed to The Boathouse. The place was pretty full with mostly older folks. Are the snowbirds coming in already? We stayed for a while listening to Jason Clark play. All our friends on the staff greeted us. This is another place that feels like family.

We left to walk the harbor. First stop was a new place right under the zip line tower. Fishheads opened up a few months ago. This was our first stop there. One of the owners, Melissa was behind the bar with Emily. We talked to them for while about getting started and how they were doing. We told Melissa we would stop by on our “Chaos Crawl” pub crawl next Saturday. It was a nice place that also had liquor so they should do well.

Moving again we headed to Crab Island Cantina. Judy was sitting at the entrance. First thing she asked was where her Sugar Daddy Joe was. Last week when Joe was in town he joked with Judy that he would be her Sugar Daddy. It cracked us all up. Dominic was just getting off work and he sat with us. A local couple sat at the bar. They had not been there before. They were looking for some friends who are Korean. They joked the Korea Mafia was going to show up. Well, only one did but everyone had a fun time.

Time to move on again. Dominic joined us as we stopped in at Harry T’s. We wanted to hear Flash Flood but they were not playing so we kept moving to listen to Ronnie at AJ’s. No joy there either as Ronnie was closing down for the night. Upstairs to the AJ’s Club Bimini. The place was packed with young people. We found a place to hang out for a while. Time to head out with one last stop at Waffle House for a late night snack. As we walked in Norma and Phil were there. Phil had sang a few songs at The Boathouse. We must have just missed him. We all talked as we wound down for the evening.

Saturday was rainy. Matt was having a birthday party for Ace. He is turning 5. Sunshine Cindy and I went. It was like a Tipsy Turtle reunion. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. When we left we stopped in at a new place called Island Wing Company. The food we had was good. The service was good. We had another Stephanie wait on us and she was right on top of things. They had a full beer menu of about 50 beers on tap but I thought they would have more craft beers instead of all the Bud brands and a few craft beers. It’s a sports bar but it was real loud inside as the noise echoed around. Other than that it was a fun place.

And on Sunday we rested. Actually it was another rainy day perfect for staying in for the most part. We did have to take the pooch to the vet for what started out as a teeth cleaning but ended up with having one tooth pulled. She was not herself for obvious reasons after we got her home. So we watched some football (The Browns actually won one!) and babied the dog. I was also able to do some Crab Island Mambo writing. So it was a productive day.

One last bit of news….the new Margaritaville that will be opening in Destin at Harborwalk Village is booking auditions for musical acts to play there. Auditions will be held Oct. 13-15th by appointment only. They are looking for experienced musicians or acts that can play a variety of musical styles and covers. If you want to be considered send an email to: with a link to a website where samples of your music can be heard. We walk by the new Margaritaville all the time and it is really taking shape. It is going to be a big place with two stories overlooking the harbor. I have tried to see what kind of “theme” they are going to use but I can’t tell. Whatever it is I am sure it will be fun!

Have a great week. See ya Thursday!

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Margaritaville Coming to Destin

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DESTIN, Florida – Heads up bands, duos and solo acoustic guitar performers – Jimmy Buffett wants you. Or at least, a Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Restaurant opening soon in Destin might want you.

Margaritaville-restaurant-logo.jpgThe Buffett-themed chain will open a restaurant later this year in Destin’s HarborWalk Village, and the venue’s “entertainment team” is looking for talent. Operators have announced that auditions will be held Oct. 13-15, with acts considered by scheduled appointment only.

Performers wishing to be considered should send an email to It should include “contact information, play list and a link to a website where we can hear and see samples of your work. In addition, if you are playing any local public venue between Oct. 13-15, please provide the name of the venue, the address, and the time you will be performing.”

Performers will be expected to play a variety of styles of cover music. According to information provided by the restaurant, “Acts are required to perform guest requests and interact with an audience. Acts must focus on performing fun and upbeat music.”

For more information on the chain, visit