Deep In Our Hearts – from Carol Ewald

Posted on Monday, October 28th, 2013 at 9:00 am
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Hey Beachbums…..As most of you know, we lost our precious DJ Jeff this week.  The Beachfront is cloudy and we are all hurting from his departure.  But we are a family and will hold each other up and the music will help us escape and the sun will shine again.
Included with this email is a free download of St. Somewhere’s “Deep In My Heart”This was a special song for him (us) and will be for all of us because he IS deep in our hearts.Just click on the link above.

On Wednesday, Oct. 30th – from 12-5 (EST) there will be a “Celebration of Life” at the Smokin’ Tuna for Jeff. If you can not be there physically, you can tune into the Tuna Cam and join the celebration. There will be tributes to him at so many of the events during the week. Someone even said on a post that if Jimmy shows up this year…he will be upstaged by Jeff, LOL..

His passion was Beachfront Radio and the music, but also the Phins To the West DJ Jeff Fund.  This Fund helped relieve so much stress and when you’re dealing with a terminal illness…you need every stress reliever you can find.  But his wishes were that it goes onto help others.  That was Jeff…always thinking of others. So we hope you will donate in his honor on the Taking Care of our Own website..The Phins to the West  event has always been an amazing “Party with a Purpose” just as so many others are and they were the full backers of the Fund.  We hope you go out and support these events all over the country that Party With A Purpose. .

The Beachfront will NEVER be the same without him but the music has to go on. Your outpouring of support and love has not gone unnoticed and his loved ones and family. It has been amazing and so comforting.

As we head into the biggest phlocking, MOTM in Key West, he would want us to celebrate the music there as he was “Keeper Of The Flame”.  For many of us, it will not be the same without him but he lives through every song that is sung and will be missed by so many.

Carol Ewald


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