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Buffett Performs in Denver

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band resumed their “Songs From St. Somewhere” tour Tuesday night at the Pepsi Arena in Denver CO. The set list from the show is now available.

For the final encore Jimmy performed the song “A Mile High In Denver” (from the album “Down To Earth”) for the first time live.

The Denver Post has a review of the show and some photos “Jimmy Buffett at the Pepsi Center, 10-22-13“.

“Just remember, you all are standing on ice,” said the 66-year-old Buffett, who delivered his songs about sunshine and sailing while barefoot. No shoes, no socks, no problem. Named after his 2013 album, “Songs from St. Somewhere,” this Buffett stop at Denver’s Pepsi Center showcased much of his latest material. On the new single from the record, “Too Drunk to Karaoke,” Buffett was joined by longtime session musician Mac McAnally, who filled in Toby Keith’s role on the track. McAnally also supplied vocals on other Buffett tracks from the 2000s, singing Alan Jackson’s part on “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.”

Though the crowd was filled with Hawaiian t-shirts and flip-flops, there was a distantly Colorado feel to the night. A 20-foot screen flashed photos of Colorado destination spots and the Denver skyline as the concert came to a close with a cover of Lionel Richis’s “All Night Long (All Night).” To top off a night of Colorado at the beach, Buffett added a special second encore with “A Mile High in Denver” off “Down To Earth” (1970). He said he had never performed the song live, but prepared it special to play for the Colorado audience.

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5 Traditions For Celebrating Jimmy Buffett Day, Which Is A Real Thing

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5 Traditions For Celebrating Jimmy Buffett Day, Which Is A Real Thing

By Dan Moore
Published Wed., Oct. 23 2013 at 4:30 AM


Jimmy Buffett Day in Margaritaville
Sam Howzit
Every parrothead (not a religion) hopes to celebrate Jimmy Buffett Day in Margaritaville at least once.

It’s Jimmy Buffett Day Eve, Phoenix, and there’s nothing you can do about it. According to a press release promoting Thursday’s “Songs from St. Somewhere” tour stop, Mayor Greg Stanton has declared that tomorrow will–now and forevermore–be Jimmy Buffett Day. No word yet as to whether he will pardon Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band, charged Tuesday with possession of a marijuana pun with intent to use it in a band name. 

As a Midwesterner constitutionally unable to drink or tan, I have a complicated relationship with Jimmy Buffett. But as a music editor it’s my duty to facilitate relations between local music fans and the parrotheads (not a racial slur) who will be celebrating on Central Avenue prior to the show. That’s why I’ve collected these five traditional ways of celebrating Jimmy Buffett Day, which, again, is happening.

1. Rewrite “Why Don’t We Get Drunk” to fit modern social mores.

Since Plato, philosophers have struggled to unite the physical world with the world of spirit and ideas. Starting with the Council of the Party at the End of the World [Tour] in 2007, parrotheads (not a philosophical tradition) have rejected Buffett’s earlier dualism, contending that the unsafe practices described in the heretofore canonical “Why Don’t We Get Drunk” are–if not heretical–perhaps too dangerous for novice and initiate parrotheads (not a religious order.) 

In Margaritaville, that is, after the earth passes away and it is 5 o’clock everywhere, it will be okay to get drunk and screw potential snuff queens; so long as we’re in the material world, where waterbeds leak and anyway the landlord’s a real bitch about them, we must wait. Revisions to the doctrine in the mid ’90s challenged long-held beliefs about birth control and designated drivers, a change which continues to rankle adherents to the Latina Mass.

2. Visit Christmas Island with your family

Jimmy Buffett Day isn’t Christmas–it’s about skipping work, not getting the day off–but Jimmy Buffett’s Christmas album fulfills a prophecy: When Robert Alex Anderson write “Mele Kalikimaka” in 1949 he was clearly anticipating a savior who didn’t exist in his world. 

What uninspired non-Anderson, in the black-and-white wake of World War II, could have really imagined a savior so able to meld Bing Crosby and Polynesia?

3. Meditate on the time Jimmy Buffett came down to earth to save us.

Prior to the banishment of the Aquarian heresy many doubted the doctrine of trinitarianism, which clarifies that Jimmy Buffett the Author, the Beach Bum, and the Country Singer are both all-in-one and one-in-all. His first album,Down to Earth, fueled the heterodoxy by portraying Buffett the Country Singer alone. 

Contemporary celebrants of Jimmy Buffett Day use this time on the advent calendar to meditate on the mystery, rather than contending with it, although “The Christian?”‘s vision of a world where “charity costs half as much as beer” is considered by some to be an early source for the parrothead doctrine of Hell (not a lake of fire.)

4. Follow his roadie on Twitter

@Margarillas is a rosary created for meditating upon the passion of Jimmy Buffett the human entertainer. Every day Jimmy Buffett’s roadie fields questions from parrotheads (not a press corps) about set lists and crew members with alacrity, keeping people in frigid autumn cubicles keyed into paradise between Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday visits from Buffett. 

Jimmy Buffett Day isn’t just about enjoying the good times. It’s about being able to withstand the bad times, when the boss is totally on your ass and it’s not margarita weather at all. Sometimes you get baked, and sometimes somebody bakes you.


5. Just totally take it easy for a little while

After the stockings have been hung, and the traditional Jimmy Buffett Day carols read, and “Why Don’t We Get Drunk” has been sung, go out onto Central Avenue and just hang loose, man. Listen to some tunes, wear some shorts, eat some good food, and just enjoy yourself. 

It’s all about, like, freedom from the grind, you know? And, like, we can joke about it, but who hasn’t felt that every once in a while? So just go out there, don’t get all pissed about the traffic-blocking stuff because is that even such a huge deal in the middle of the day when you’re at work anyway? The parrotheads (not a cult) aren’t gonna discriminate. They’re just gonna hang out, and you can hang out.


Gulf Coast Cowboy October 23

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Gulf Coast Cowboy October 23

Attention: open in a new window.

Key West

1. There’s Something About Key West – Al Mosier

2. Livin’ On Key West Time – Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24

3. Everyone Has a Houseguest in Key West – Lenore Troia

4. Mary Jane Goes to Key West – Jim Morris

5. Key West Habit – Loren Davidson

6. What Happens In Key West – The Tapwater Conchs

7. Stuck in Key West Again – Homemade Wine

8. Just Give Me the Keys – Rob Mehl

9. Tin Cup Chalice – Jimmy Buffett

10. Drunk on Mallory Square – Dani Hoy

11. Duval Crawl – The Caribbean Cowboys

12. Key West Address – James Slater

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour


Hello and welcome back to the Gulf Coast Cowboy! This week, it’s all about Key West (as if you couldn’t tell)! Did you know that the official city motto is “One Human Family”? Let us take you away for a bit and enjoy this week’s theme. Al Mosier is up first with “There’s Something About Key West”.  Then Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24 tell you what it’s like “Livin’ On Key West Time”. Lenore Troia sings her love song to the island with “Everyone Has a Houseguest in Key West”. “Mary Jane Goes to Key West” by Jim Morris comes up next, followed by “Key West Habit” by Loren Davidson.Up next, I just realized that if I left my office and drove to Key West, I could be there in 22 hours. Road trip anyone? Ok, back to reality, up next, The Tapwater Conchs chime in with “What Happens In Key West ”, and is followed by “Stuck in Key West Again” from Homemade Wine. “Just Give Me the Keys” by Rob Mehl is up next. What Gulf Coas Cowboy would be complete without a selection from Jimmy? “Tin Cup Chalice” by Jimmy Buffett is up next, then Dani Hoy with “Drunk on Mallory Square”. Up next is a move I think many of us are familiar with, The “Duval Crawl” by The Caribbean Cowboys. Rounding out the show is something I bet we all wish we had: James Slater take us home with “Key West Address” If you would like to make a request or have any suggestions for artists please contact Thanks for tuning in with us, hope to see y’all next week!

Destin update…

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Sunshine Cindy and I spent most of the weekend prepping for our upcoming trip to the Keys. We did get out and about a little though. Thursday I stopped in at Hogs Breath for a while. Cam is mending well from his staph infection. Blake Griffin was playing music. It was a nice evening there.

Friday night Sunshine Cindy and I met Julie at Sago Sport Bar to watch the Cards baseball game. Julie is originally from St. Louis and a big Cards fan. We had a great time there. The Cards won and they are now going to the World Series. There was a wedding party going on out on the patio. Chuck Lawson was playing for them. They had the entire patio to themselves but there was still plenty of room inside.

We heard there is an African King staying at a sister condo. He has the full security around him. Any food even has to go through several people before he gets it. You never know who might be in Destin at any time!

Saturday was a lot of prepping. We did go to the harbor in the evening. We met up with Wayne. We started at Crab Island Cantina. Fall is in the air as it was getting cool there. We stayed for a while. Dominic and Greg we being kept busy.

We then walked over to the Crazy Lobster. We sat inside. Jesse was working. There was a good crowd in there watching some of the different football games. Something Fishy was playing outside but most folks were inside. I was able to get my Abita Amber fix. We all talked about the upcoming trip. Wayne is rooming with us again. It will be fun.

Sunday was going to be a quiet day but I ended up getting a spike in a tire and it was flat as a pancake. BadAss has special tires that are not commonly carried. Goodyear is getting my tires in today so BadAss was out of commission. We did stop at Friday’s for some lunch with Sunshine Cindy’s parents and Tiffany. I then went to Landshark Pizza to watch the Browns game. I am sorry to say they are back to their old selves. Oh well, it was a nice three week run!

Have a great week. I will have an update Thursday before we leave. See ya then!

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Kenny Chesney Helps Build Two Reefs in Jacksonville’s St John River

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Kenny Chesney Helps Build Two Reefs in Jacksonville's St John River Kenny Chesney’s love of the ocean, the islands and being out on the water inspired the Luttrell, Tennessean to get involved with the Coastal Conservation Association’s project to place two man-made reefs in the heart of St John’s River, less than half a mile from the downtown I-95 bridge. Teaming with the national Building Conservation Trust, Kenny is matching the funds raised to help CCA complete their project.

“When you can have a hand in stewarding the health of the ocean,” Kenny said, “you’re insuring the survival of something very necessary for all of us, whether you’re a beach person or someone that won’t go near the water. The ecological balance is very delicate, especially in Florida, so I am honored to help them achieve this goal.”

The reefs – which will measure roughly 200 feet by 200 feet – will be composed of more than 30,000 cubic feet of concrete rubble.  Less than a mile from the nearest boat ramp, Jacksonville University will spend the next two years studying the impact of these structures on the surrounding areas.

“The material is going to be carefully arranged so that there will be no issues with clearance from the surface, but there will be areas with three to four feet of relief from the bottom intermixed with open spaces to create an ideal habitat for fish,” said CCA’s local  project spearhead Peyton Scheppe. “The area now is basically just an open sandbar so the transformation is going to be fascinating.”

These reefs are easily accessible by small boats and will provide much needed habitat and improved fishing in this section of the river, which is approximately 20 miles inland from the Atlantic.

“Costa asked me what I wanted to do with the money raised through our sunglasses last year,” said Kenny, “and I told them I’d like what we do to be something that renews the waterways, so people can enjoy them the way so many of my friends and fans do. To protect the oceans, bays and rivers is our responsibility – and I’m glad we can make a difference in the St. John River.”

Drawing inspiration from life on the water, the 8-time Academy of Country Music/Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year hopes to insure the future of the oceans and beaches. Earlier this year, Kenny donated a portion of the sales from Life On A Rock, his 7th Billboard Top 200 Albums No. 1 debut, to the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park to help defray the costs of nature preservation.

Now that his No Shoes Nation 2013 Tour has played to over 1.25 million fans at 19 stadiums, Kenny is taking a hiatus before releasing his “Spread the Love” video, shot with the Wailers across historic Jamaica. The clip – along with downloads of the single track, unisex and girly t-shirts – support Chesney’s Spread the Love Fund to benefit the amputee victims of the Boston Bombing.

“Just because I’m taking a minute to exhale before getting back to music,” says Kenny, “doesn’t mean I’m any less committed to the world I live in! In some ways, when I pause I feel even more connected – and certainly more able to invest in some of these projects that we might miss in the rush of all the business.”

Buffett performs at the Belly Up

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band Performed at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA on Thursday night. The set list from the show is now available.

From the Orange County Register: “Jimmy Buffett steers tight ship into Belly Up

En route to their next Vegas bash, the perennial favorite and his Coral Reefer Band sailed into Solana Beach for a unique warm-up, their first nearby club date in decades.

“It’s only been 32 years since we’ve been here,” Jimmy Buffett pointed out at the start of Thursday’s rarest of rarities: a Southern California club gig from the party captain and his Coral Reefer Band. “Last time I played here I think there was no Internet.”

Nor were there smartphones capable of capturing his entire performance, as so many did here – back then you’d have been tossed out for such blatant bootlegging. It was a technologically simpler time in 1981, when the compact disc and Atari videogames were just coming into existence.

“After doing this for 40 years,” he mentioned, dating an even lengthier career back to his first major album, 1973’s A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean, “it still feels good to sell out in two minutes.”

What set this show apart from all others, though, was not only its small scale – who knew you could fit a dozen people on that stage? – but also the night’s prevailing mood. Buffett, whose movements are fairly minimal even at larger places, was noticeably animated and keen to involve devotees, grabbing a cheeseburger hat from one, donning a lampshade creation from another. The cramped space also tightened an already unerring band, to the point that you could feel them push the feel of well-worn tunes into fresh grooves.

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‘Parrot Heads’ Turn Out for Jimmy Buffett at Belly Up

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buffettSAN DIEGO – Thursday evening was a big night at one of San Diego’s oldest and best known clubs. Hundreds of fans packed the Belly Up in Solana Beach to see Jimmy Buffett perform. San Diego 6 went out to talk to some of the “Parrot Heads” who began lining up hours before the concert began.

“We party with a purpose is our motto. It’s just kind of what he stands for, you know helping each other,” said self-described Parrot Head Gail Folsom. Like many of the fans standing in line, Folsom had seen Buffett many times. But never in a place like the Belly Up. Buffett typically sells out stadiums that seat tens of thousands. The Belly Up holds a total of 600 people. “I’m really excited cause this is like the closest I’ll ever be to Jimmy Buffett I think,” Folsom said.

Most of the fans in line already had their tickets to the concert. They were the lucky ones because this concert sold out within a matter of minutes. Still, there were some fans like a couple celebrating their 10th anniversary who were looking for tickets at the last minute. They acknowledged that their chances of getting any were slim. And there were others like David Lippe. He had a ticket, but he gave it to his mother in law, the selfless act of a true Parrot Head. “He got one for me. Is that the kindest thing?” said Karen O’Connor. Lippe laughingly answered saying, “It’s called babysitting for life.”

The Belly Up has been around since 1974 and it’s no stranger to big celebrity appearances. Two years ago, none other than Britain’s Prince Harry stopped in for a drink. But on Thursday night, it was all about Buffett and like other longtime fans who’ve seen him many times, for Joe and Maryann Riccardi, seeing him in a place the size of the Belly Up was a first. “We’ve seen him in a lot of bigger venues, but never in a place this small and this close to our home. So, it’s pretty cool,” said Joe Riccardi.

So, why would Jimmy Buffett play a relatively small venue like the Belly Up? One concert goer told San Diego 6 the answer to that question was simple. He loves his fans.

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Jimmy performs on Ellen

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band performed ‘Something About a Boat’ and ‘Margaritaville’ on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

“Something About a Boat”


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Tour of Destin

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Sunshine Cindy and I have not been out much this week as we prepare for our trip to the Keys in a week. Since it has been quiet, I will take you along on my bike ride I took last Sunday. I am not one of those professional pedal pushers but I am more of a Trop Rock Bicyclist with my flip flops and Trop Rock tank top.

As I leave my neighborhood I go east on Commons drive. I pass the Mattie Kelly Arts complex and turn up by Home Depot to cross Hwy. 98. Now we are heading east on the sidewalk (I don’t ride on the highway, I don’t want to get killed!) in front of Henderson Beach park. I turn toward the beach at the bowling alley and reach Scenic 98 right alongside the beach. I ride along the beach all the way to the Crab Trap. I pull over here to enjoy the beach views before heading back.

On the way back I ride through the Crystal Beach neighborhood. I make a pass through some retail areas including City Market. In this area are several restaurants I want us to try one day. I pass Skent and Dent appliance sales. They sell appliances that might have a dent but can’t be sold as new and they have a great commercial with an old lady saying, “Where’s the dent?”

As I work back I again pass a huge Baptist Church. I think this is the called the Rock and Roll church and a lot of people go there. Now it is back onto the sidewalk heading west. This time I keep going past Ruth Chris Steakhouse all the way to Old 98. I turn up here and I am once again at the beach. There is a beach access here that is popular. We also have the CandyMaker on one corner and on the beach is The Back Porch restaurant. As I head back to the highway I pass the old townhomes that have been demolished to make way for a new condo and the new Hampton Inn that looks like it should open before the end of this year.

After waiting for a while for the light to cross 98, I pedaled up to The Track and cut through their parking lot to get to Airport Road. I went up to Commons drive. I have Morgan’s Sports Complex on my right. No one is playing this morning but there is usually a lot of games going on here. On the left is the dog park. There were quite a few people out with their dogs because it was a nice comfortable morning. I passed by the backside of The Palms condo where Sago Sports Bar is located and I made my way back home.

The entire ride was over 11 miles and took me about an hour and twenty minutes. I hope you enjoyed this little ride through my slice of paradise in Destin!

Have a great weekend. See ya Monday.

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Getting to Key West II, MOTM, Keep Key West Funky, Love Lane Gang

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Music and events that happen in Key West as observed by Chris Rehm. “What Happens in Key West Stays in Key West” Wrong! Everyone wants to know what’s happening in Key West!

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