The Best Band In Trop Rock,

Posted on Friday, November 29th, 2013 at 3:16 pm
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The Survivors music is “ALIVE”. It’s a living, breathing
entity. Every time they play a song, it’s a bit different than the last time
they played it. There’s nothing sterile or canned about it and its seat of the
pants the whole way. Improvisation is a main ingredient of their music. This is
a fantastic feature as well, as it’s here that every version is different,
plus, for folks on the dance floor rocking to the Survivors, instead of dancing
to a song for 3:45, they are jamming for maybe 8 minutes into the coolest groove
you can imagine. And these guys are focused on the groove!  Who knows with the Survivors? They may just
get the impulse to sague into another song with no warning, no plan. It always
works too! Additionally, it never gets boring, as some improvisational pieces
are prone to get. They know how to keep it interesting.

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