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Win a vacation to Jewel Runaway Bay Sweepstakes

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Frisco TX show confirmed

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band
06/21/2014 – Toyota Stadium – Frisco, TX
Tickets on sale 3/07/2014 7th via TicketMaster

From the Dallas Morning Star: First Jimmy Buffett announced a concert in Austin. Houston next. Then no more Texas show announcements for about three weeks. I thought the Parrotheads in North Texas might pack up and move to Finland.

But no, the surfer-singer is officially headed to Frisco again this year, home of what’s considered one of the best tailgates each year on the Jimmy Buffett tour. The show is June 21 at Toyota Stadium (formerly FC Dallas Stadium, formerly Pizza Hut Park.)

John Fogerty is the opening act.

This year marks the second in a row for a Frisco-based concert, as the Coral Reefer Band took a detour to Dallas in 2012. That didn’t work out so well, according to most Parrotheads we interviewed, and by 2013 the show had returned to Frisco.

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Meet Me In The Keys 2014

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Meet me in the Keys 2014 registration is now open!  Read registration instructions first, then Click here to register.

Here is the preliminary daily schedule for the event. Remember that you must be a member of one of the Castaways clubs in order to register and attend.


Wednesday, June 4
Goodie bag stuffing
Pre-event outing at Smokin’ Tuna Saloon
Thursday, June 5
Check in/credential pick up
“P-Jammin’ Pajama Party” at Doubletree Ballroom – music by the John Patti Project, with opening act Roger Jokela
Friday, June 6
Pool party all afternoon – music by John Patti, Jimi Pappas and John Frinzi
Fun, relay-type pool games
You can sign up for Kokomo Joe’s Off Duval Bar Crawl, which involves stops at 5 bars where you will receive a free drink at each. A portion of the proceeds from this outing will be donated to Care Camp. For more details and to sign up for that, please go to It’s a fun night!

Saturday, June 7
Annual Hangover Classic Walk to Hurricane Hole – music by Frankendread, followed by Dennis McCaughey of Tropical Soul
While there, attendees can rent jet skis, paddle boards, kayaks, speed boats and more
Snorkel trips, trips around the reef and other fun available
Food and drink specials
Private, attendees-only concert at the historic San Carlos Theater by Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band!

Sunday, June 8
All-day outing to Snipe Point – includes lunch, free beer, wine and rum punch – concert by Howard Livingston’s trio.
The San Carlos and Snipe Point outings are limited seating so register early to assure your spot! Registration is now open.


The Ultimate Guide to The Bachelor 2014 Filming Locations in Saint Lucia

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Viceroy’s Sugar Beach was the site of Juan Pablo’s first seduction. They spent time in the Rainforest Spa’s pavilion then moved to a palatial whitewashed Residence with a private plunge pool for the night. 

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Bristow VA show announced

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band
This One’s For You Tour 2014
08/16/2014 – Jiffy Lube Live – Bristow, VA
Tickets go on sale March 7th via TicketMaster

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10 Delicious Reasons You Should Be In Key West Right Now

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If you live anywhere in the country that’snot the South, you’re freezing your butt off right now. This winter has been particularly long, and brutally arctic. We’re not sure about the rest of you, but here at HuffPost Taste HQ we’ve been wondering why we voluntarily moved into this insanely bitter climate (some of us are transplants from South Florida, others from New Mexico).

It’s right about now — when we’re a little more than halfway through the roughest month of the season — that we begin to think it’s time to take a vacation to somewhere sunnier, somewhere beachier. You know, somewhere where the drinks are strong and tropical, and the food is stellar (this is the most important criteria, of course). Naturally, we’re thinking Key West.

Key West is a part of Florida, which we all know is a state with an frightening amount of outlandish criminal activity. But that’s no reason to dismiss it; this sunny and safe island haven will welcome you with crispy conch fritters that rival the ones in the Bahamas, a wonderfully strong cocktail named after our favorite lush of a writer — Hemingway — and so much key lime pie you won’t even know what to do with yourself.

If you were thinking that you’d rather save your money and hunker down until the first signs of spring shine through those winter clouds, you might want to reconsider and take a trip to the Florida Keys. If for nothing than for the famous Hogfish sandwich (and the maybe the sunshine, too). If that’s not an option — because most of us can’t just jump on a plane for an impromptu vacation — let us take you to sunny, warm Key West with a culinary tour of the best food and drink this island has to offer.


  • 1
    Rum Runners
    Averie Cooks
    In any other part of the country, we would not advise drinking rum runners. But when in Key West, it’s a must. A rum runner is a Isla Morada cocktail creation. It’s a dubious blend of dark and light rum (though all recipes vary) on top of lots of fruit flavors. And if you want to really do it right, you order it with a floater shot of Bacardi 151 on top. One cocktail, and you’re good for the night. (It’s great.)
  • 2
    Conch Fritters
    Flickr: Bob B. Brown
    Conch fritters are hands-down the greatest thing to come out of a deep fryer. While we will always think of the Bahamas as the masters of these fritters, the ones that come out of Key West will show you that there’s really no reason to leave the country.
  • 3
    Key Lime Pie
    Flickr: openprivacy
    Clearly, there’s no better place to get Key lime pie than in the Florida Keys. And we happen to think that Key West is the key that does it best. With more than a handful of famous places to try it from, like Kermit’s.
  • 4
    Stone Crabs
    Flickr: Elin B
    Stone crabs are one of the few things that make Florida look good — besides all the beaches. And Key West makes up 40 percent of Florida’s overall stone crab harvest. Just think about that for a minute.
  • 5
    Hogfish Sandwich
    Flickr: Key West Wedding Photography
    Hogfish is a delicate fish with a scallop-like flavor. It works beautifully in this local classic sandwich topped with swiss cheese, onions and mushrooms served on Cuban bread made at Hogfish Bar and Grill.
  • 6
    Hemingway Daiquiris
    Flickr: goodiesfirst
    Ernest Hemingway spent almost 10 years in Key West. You can visit his home (and his six-toed cats) which is now a museum if you’d like, but we recommend honoring this great writer with his namesake daiquiri. It is the best kind of daiquiri you can get — it’s got none of that overly sweet and fruity flavor we’ve come to expect from daiquiris.
  • 7
    Surf And Surf
    Flickr: CLender
    Alright, this isn’t really a thing. But there’s so much fresh seafood in Key West that if you can’t decide between the snapper or the lobster, you can just get both. It’s grand.
  • 8
    Cuban Coffee
    Flickr: dcwriterdawn
    Cuban coffee is clearly not an original part of the Key West culinary scene, but it is a staple now. And a damn fine one too. Considering the fact that Key West is only 90 miles to Cuba, you know you can trust that Key West can do it right.
  • 9
    All The Shrimp
    Flickr: Elin B
    Key West is known for their shrimp. It’s caught locally and served up fresh. Pink shrimp is the most popular, and considered a delicacy, for its slightly sweet flavor. But that’s just one of the many kinds you can enjoy. Bottom line, if you’re in Key West, you have to eat shrimp.
  • 10
    Meringue Key Lime Pie
    Flickr: Lee Edwin Coursey
    Yes, we know. We already mentioned key lime pie. But this is sky-high meringue key lime pie from Blue Heaven deserves its own mention.
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The Water Beach Club Hotel: San Juan’s Only Boutique Hotel on the Beach

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image-water club pictures

Located on an exclusive corner of the famous Isla Verde beach, the San Juan Water Beach Club Hotel is the ultimate adult playground; and the local Mecca of hip with celebrity stopovers and music designed by international DJs.

A swanky subaquatic theme epitomizes the hotel – the hued neon blue lights; the elevator with its glassed-in waterfall, neon blue glow, and open ceiling; walls of cascading waters – and music that follows you everywhere.

The perfect combination of comfort and luxury, 80 guest rooms including stunning suites feature ocean front views, partial ocean views, and city views. All suites are equipped with telescopes for stargazing. The “Tu Deseo” (My Wish List) wish board is mounted in each guest room. From extra towels, a sunrise aqua yoga session, to local fruit with their room service breakfast, “Tu Deseo” wish board allows our guests to express themselves and make their stay more enjoyable.

Spend the day at Mist Ultra Lounge. Relax at the rooftop pool while enjoying panoramic ocean views and the cool tropical breeze. Chill and enjoy breathtaking views of the sunset and Isla Verde beach. Throw-back with your friends among the lounge’s seductive white pillow sofas and couches. Sip signature cocktails and a Island-Italian-Spanish-fusion menu featuring Socializers—small plates you can share—prepared with fresh, locally grown ingredients.

As the evening progresses, a pulsating evening featuring local and world-renowned DJs transforms Mist into the hottest, posh spot in San Juan. Experience Nightology – that special alchemy that happens when good food, great music and fabulous libations come together. It’s the distillation of nightlife, that “je ne sais quoi” that allows you to “let go” and feel a little sexier…

Enjoy your own personal sandbox just steps from the hotel. Here you can stay and play all day with a bevy of Water Girls offering prompt service with a “Cool-Off in the Sun” menu built on user-friendly foods accompanied by a “Mix It Up in the Sun” cocktail menu.

BONUS: Dedicated Beach Concierge with spray pumps for cooling off on the outside; fresh fruit kebabs, and our signature Puerto Rican frozen treats called “Limbers” made from fresh local fruit for cooling off on the inside.

The brainchild of Executive Chef Raúl Correa, Zest welcomes you to a unique culinary experience – an amazing sub-aquatic atmosphere featuring special visual effects include dancing ripples on the restaurant walls; ceiling simulating the surface of the ocean; illuminated floors and a cascade waterfall by the bar and new Puerto Rican cuisine menu, a unique mix of island cooking and haute cuisine using fresh, locally grown ingredients. For the healthy at heart, Chef Correa designed a gourmet vegetarian menu that blends the best of island cooking and haute cuisine with fresh, nutritious ingredients sourced from local farms.

Chef Correa’s culinary expertise, creativity, innovation and passion have earned him top placement in prestigious groups including the 2014 FoodiesPR “Puerto Rico’s Top Chef”, the 2014 Puerto Rico Culinary Team representing the island in the “Taste of the Caribbean” culinary competitions and, in 2013, a spot in Food Wine Magazine’s “Best New Chef” category.

Now for the travel deals. Celebrate the warmth and beauty of the colors of spring with a splash in the turquoise waters of Isla Verde beach. Prefer a sexy weekend? Delight in a whirlwind of pleasure passion with our “50 Shades of Blue” Seductive Package. Would you rather experience nature’s bliss? How about enjoying half a day of tropical forest therapy at the El Yunque National Forest, the only tropical rain forest in the U.S. National Forest System? Learn more about our travel specials at the Water Beach Club Hotel.

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Does Key West need (or want) to be ‘saved’ Aspen-style?

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I’m not bragging, but we’re just back from a couple of weeks in warmer climates, mostly Key West — sunshine, sand, temperatures in the 80s and the wracking decision of which T-shirt to wear with my shorts.

OK, I was bragging, but I’m done.

buffettIt was my first visit to Key West (clearly that’s nothing to brag about) and I was impressed by the similarities between that town and ours.

To begin on the most superficial level (where else?), these are two tourist towns, each with a celebrity author and celebrity singer-songwriter mascots.

Key West’s author is Ernest Hemingway — and the town has a serious Hemingway hangover. Having said that, I need to point to Aspen’s Hunter S. Thompson hangover — and those are two men who can very properly have hangover appended to their names.

Key West’s singer-songwriter is Jimmy Buffett. Aspen’s is John Denver.

I will leave the Mascots compare and contrast essay question for others.

There’s more of this amusing, shallow-comparison game, much more. But let’s dig deeper: Both towns can claim a wildly diverse social and cultural background.

A New York Times reporter summed up Key West’s historic “trove of unlikely characters” as “pirates, bootleggers, treasure hunters, fishermen, scoundrels, writers, artists, musicians, bohemians, Bahamians, Cubans, gays, rummies.” Key West even has an “official philosophy,” adopted by the town government: One Human Family.

I think most of us can see some clear Aspen parallels.

Except that Key West has gone much further than Aspen down the come one, come all, wide-open for tourism path.

You can see that in the intense T-shirt-shop-centric development of Duval Street, Key West’s main thoroughfare. You can see it in the mobs that waddle down that street during the day and the raucous throngs that fill the bars and spill out into that same street at night. Let’s just say that Key West draws a broader demographic than Aspen.

To be clear, there’s some damn good bars, damn good music and some damn good partying going on. We dived in and we loved it. And it’s definitely not Aspen.

That’s largely the result of decisions made and battles fought decades ago.

You know the decisions and battles I’m talking about: growth control, “saving Aspen.”

Way back when all that began — and people were a little less careful about how they phrased things — some local leaders said they didn’t want the “nickel and dimers” or the “hot-dog crowd” coming here. (They weren’t talking about hot-dog skiers, they were talking about people who bought hot dogs for dinner — instead of steak.)

After a lot of feuding and fussing (including some memorable contributions by the previously mentioned Thompson), Aspen made its decisions, passed its restrictions. And now, for better or worse — make that for better and worse — we are living with the results.

Just like that ill-fated Aspen Skiing Co. slogan, “Uncrowded by design,” Aspen is unaffordable by design.

That is, as noted, for better and worse.

And, for better and worse, Key West is sort of “Aspen un-saved.”

Our crowds are fitter. Our wallets are fatter. Our T-shirt shops are fewer. Our party bars are tamer. Much tamer.

Their colorful characters are much more colorful. Their edgy, marginal, creative crowd is, at the very least, edgier and more marginal.

And Key West is wrestling with the same issues of controlling growth that Aspen wrestled long ago — and wrestles still.

Recently, the island was embroiled in a battle over cruise ships.

Cruise ships pretty much epitomize the contrasts I have been highlighting callously. Every day in season, a cruise ship or two is docked in Key West. Throngs of passengers swarm Duval Street, eating and drinking and buying.

According an article in the Miami Herald, cruise ships bring about 800,000 tourists to Key West every year. And they spend an average of about $85 each. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), that 85 bucks wouldn’t get anyone very far in Aspen.

The battle was over a proposal to dredge out the main channel in the Key West harbor to accommodate larger cruise ships.

The two sides in that battle were pretty much what you might imagine them to be. The Chamber of Commerce led the fight to approve the plan.

The New York Times quoted one city commissioner, the owner of several Duval Street bars, as saying, “There are a lot of people in this town who make a lot of money off of cruise ships. It’s a big boost to the economy.”

Another pro-cruise-ship campaigner in the article touched on the Aspen Dilemma: “There are comments that are a little intolerant about cruise-ship people who come from Middle America and get sunburned — that doesn’t sound like ‘One Human Family’ to me. What are we going to do, ask people to show their tax returns?”

On the anti-cruise-ship side, the New York Times quotes a prominent Key West artist. “There’s already too many people. Period. People are elbow to elbow. … All of this degrades the brand. … Key West is too important to sell to the lowest bidder.”

Last fall, the election was held and Key West voted — by a margin of 3 to 1 — to reject the proposal.

So, will Key West be “saved,” Aspen style?

Well, according to the Miami Herald, after the votes were counted, a spokeswoman for the Chamber of Commerce seemed to promise a very Aspen-style continuing battle. (Think entrance to Aspen.)

According to the Herald, “Chamber PAC spokeswoman Jennifer Hulse said the referendum is binding only on the current Key West City Commission.”

In other words: It ain’t over yet.

Does Aspen need to be deeply concerned about the fate of Key West? Well, looking at what’s happening there gives us a glimpse into what might have happened here, had Aspen remained wide-open and “un-saved.” And it reminds us that the battles fought here were both inevitable and worth the struggle.

And they’re not over yet. (Is the Hotel Aspen a Main Street cruise ship?)

But — for sure — we had a great time in Key West.

Andy Stone is former editor of The Aspen Times. His email address is Original Article –



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Music and events that happen in Key West as observed by Chris Rehm. “What Happens in Key West Stays in Key West” Wrong! Everyone wants to know what’s happening in Key West!

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Gulf Coast Cowboy: February 26

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Gulf Coast Cowboy: February 26

Written by Elijah Nelms

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour
For those of you who are in the know, Mardi Gras is coming up next week and we’re looking forward to it! Great food, costumes, dancing, and living the life. Us here at KBEC are all about living the life. Especially, the Gulf Coast Cowboy life. We’re paying homage to Mardi Gras this week by way of the Gulf of Mexico. To all of those across the way in New Orleans (or not) who are celebrating, we salute you.

Track Listing

1. 3 Day Drunk Looking For A Place To Happen – Jim Morris

2. Walking Around The Border of the Quarter – Todd Sparks

3. Champagne In A Paper Cup – Brent Burns

4. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) – Waylon Jennings

5. Somewhere South of Somewhere – Eric Stone

6. I Will Play For Gumbo – Jimmy Buffett

7. Spicy Little Jambalaya – The Bad Monkeys

8. Walking In the Rain in New Orleans – Dani Hoy

9. I Lobster But I Never Flounder – John Reno & the Half-Fast Creekers

10. Blame It On New Orleans – Mac McAnally

11. Tropiholics – Jim Asbell

12. The Stars Above – Jimi Pappas

13. Mimosa Morning – Steve Tolliver

Video Previews