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Jamaica Observer

WHAT’S on your iPod? For music fans in Honolulu, Hawaii, the choice of sound is reggae.

According to TIME Magazine, that is the finding of global news site Vocativ which did a survey of what music lovers were listening to across the United States.

The results were compiled for a Deep Web Guide to America’s Taste in Music.

According to the TIME article, Vocativ looked at the musical tastes of residents in major cities such as New York, Kansas City, Atlanta, Nashville and Los Angeles.

Hip hop and rap are the most popular in urban centres, while country and the blues get the nod in Nashville and Kansas City, respectively.

In Honolulu, however, people love jamming to reggae. Hawaii, like other Pacific islands, is one of the music’s most vibrant markets.

In fact, the love of Jamaican music inspired the widely popular genre, Jawaiian.

A number of reggae acts including Shaggy, Sean Paul, Junior Gong and Half Pint have performed in Honolulu in the last decade. But it is American west coast bands like Big Mountain and Rebelution that attract some of the biggest audiences there.

Homegrown bands such as Malino, The Green, Rebel Souljahz, Rootikal Riddim and Sashamon also help to keep the beat alive.

Last year, Hawaiian singer Bruno Mars, as part of his tribute to Bob Marley at the Grammy Awards held at the Staple Center in Los Angeles, performed a set with the reggae legend’s sons: Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley and Ziggy Marley.

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Blue Water catches reggae wave

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Tenth annual Laguna Beach music festival will coincide with launch of hall of fame spotlighting Jamaican style.

By Rhea Mahbubani
March 26, 2014 | 1:21 p.m.

This weekend, Rick Conkey plans to showcase several causes that he holds dear — not the least of which is celebrating reggae music.

Back HomeThe host of KX 93.5’s “Music Matters” radio show is set to launch the American Reggae Hall of Fame by honoring the Rebel Rockers and their founder, Eric Morton, at the upcoming Blue Water Music Festival, which will feature an assortment of musical genres.

“Laguna Beach is widely regarded as the capital of reggae in the United States, and that’s largely because of the Rebel Rockers and Eric Morton,” Conkey said. “They are credited for popularizing reggae over a 40-year period.”

Although he is looking at the Sound Spectrum in Laguna Beach as a venue for the Hall of Fame, the city’s Sandpiper Lounge, the well-known hub of the West Coast reggae scene, will also be used to recognize the artists.

Conkey’s nonprofit, Blue Water Green Earth, will host the 10th annual festival from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the Sawdust Art Festival grounds, 935 Laguna Canyon Road.

The Laguna resident staunchly believes in raising awareness about musicians’ contributions to charitable, social and environmental causes. Inspiration for the two-day concert struck when he was on the lookout for a way to spur action, raise funds and educate people.

Now the 48-year-old stands proudly behind what he considers “the first festival to acknowledge the musical aspect of Laguna’s world-renowned arts scene.”

This year’s lengthy lineup features Adam Lasher, Moonshine, Salty Suites, Common Sense, Toulouse Englehardt and others.

“They have always stepped up for this town,” Conkey remarked. “It’s nice to be recognized.”

Half of the general admission ticket sales will benefit partnering nonprofits — including Boys and Girls Club, Heartfelt Cardiac Projects, Laguna Beach Police Employees Assn., Laguna Plein Air Painters Assn. and Sweet Relief Musicians Fund — after-school programs, musicians and others.

Guests will also be reintroduced to the Blue Water Station Program, a seven-day-a-week cleanup program designed to reduce the need for larger single-day efforts. The program can provide students with a new community service option, but “not enough people know about it,” Conkey said.

Additionally, attendees can sign up for the annual Earth Day “Challenge” on April 26 to clean five beach cities in only 30 minutes. In 2013, Conkey recalled, every city beach, commercial street and kelp bed was cleared in the allotted time.

Despite so much going on simultaneously, Conkey is clear on the overall intent of the Blue Water Music Festival.

“To change the way we look at the arts,” he said.

If You Go

What: Blue Water Music Festival
Where: Sawdust Art Festival grounds, 935 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach
When: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday
Cost: General admission: $35 to $120; VIP pass: $125 to $250; patron pass: $450 to $1,800

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Gulf Coast Cowboy: March 26

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Escapism is mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an “escape” from the perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life. It can also be used as a term to define the actions people take to help relieve persisting feelings of depression or general sadness. (via Wikipedia) 

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour

When life hits you hard (girlfriend leaves, lost job, fender bender, favorite TV show gets canceled), we always look to the beach to make us feel a little better and take our minds off of it.


Track Listing


1. Callin’ In Gone – The Boat Drunks

2. Margarita Smile – Brent Burns

3. Beach Bum – Donny Brewer

4. Keep An Ocean Mind – Jambo Joe Jones

5. Hot Sand, Pina Coladas, and Caribbean Beer – Seth Turner

6. The Road Goes On Forever – Robert Earl Keen

7. Flip-Flops Required – Gary Seiler

8. Mile Marker 24 – Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24

9. Sail Away – Hannah’s Reef

10. Life On the Gulf (Duet with Jake Thomas) – Jeff Caron

11. Bama Breeze – Jimmy Buffett

12. Ocean Waves – Jimmy Parrish & The Ocean Waves Band

13. Pour Me A Vacation – Pete Harris

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Trop Rock Junkies in Destin

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We had another fun weekend in Destin. Friday night was the kickoff of the “Embrace the Chaos! Trop Rock Music Series at The Cantina.” Sunshine Cindy and I got down to the harbor about 4 pm. Wayne was already there helping the band navigate their way around. Crab Island Cantina had a couple of tables and a tent set up for us to display our merchandise and the bands CD’s. The sun was out and it was a beautiful evening.

The band started a little after 5 and put on a great show. We had a big crowd of Mambo’ians show up for the party. At one point we had well over 50 people eating, drinking and enjoying the music. Tom and Sandy were there. They have a new kiosk on the harbor next to the Shark Shack. They are in a great location. We talked about them selling our tee shirts too. Hopefully we can make this happen. We also got to talk to some folks that were just hanging out at The Cantina. We met Mike who is a retired Vet and a real estate agent. He was a nice guy.

The show went to after 9 pm. Sincity Lisa and Deron came over from Panama City for the night. They walked the harbor after the show and came back to the Cantina as everyone was winding down. The steel drum player for the band, Allan (aka Frankendread) talked to us the entire time the band was tearing down. He lives in Key West and was a great guy. He had us laughing at his stories. We will definitely look him up when we get back down to Key West.

Wayne hung around with us till the end. Sunshine Cindy and I headed home about 11:30. We had a big day on the beach on Saturday coming up so we needed some rest.

Saturday was our Crab Island Mambo 4th annual First Saturday of Spring Beach Party. The weather in the morning was foggy but it burned off quickly and it turned into a perfect day. We got to the beach about 10:45 am. Wayne had just pulled in ahead of us. The small parking lot at the beachwalk was already filling up with tourist and Spring Breakers. We made our way to the beach and had our usual spot right in front of the flag pole.

We ended up with about 30 people show up for the beach party. When the party was in full swing, a lifeguard rode by on his four wheeler and stopped to ask if we were locals. When we told him we were he laughed and said we had it going on big time. He joked that he could tell we were professionals! We had a big circle of chairs, food and music in the middle and drinks being passed around. At one point Kenny found the biggest Fiddler Crab we had ever seen. We named it our official Crab Island Mambo Mascot!

Once again it was Wayne, Sunshine Cindy and I as the last Mambo’ians standing. Sunshine Cindy and I headed back to Destin and stopped at Landshark Pizza for some wings. We figured that was about the best place for us to stop considering we had been in the sun all day. Holly waited on us. Jason and Travis was doing the cooking. A decent crowd was there and a ton of takeout orders were going out the door. We enjoyed our wings and headed home for some rest after a busy day.

Sunday we stayed in. I worked on Mambo stuff all day. Sunshine Cindy did a little of this and that. We thought about going to the Boathouse to hear Jan and Kenny play but we decided to stay in for the night.

It should be a good week. See y’all Thursday!!!

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Hijacked Cuban planes still caught in limbo

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 FILE - In this Tuesday Nov. 12, 2002 file photo, old single engine airplane are seen at a Cuban airport in Los Palacios, near Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Cuban pilot Nemencio Carlos Alonso Guerra stole a small plane, similar to these shown, and flew to Florida with seven relatives. At face value, they are three old planes not worth much more their parts and scrap metal. Stolen from the Cuban government during a six-month period ending in April 2003 - two by hijackers, one by its pilot - all three landed at Key West International Airport, a 116-mile flight from struggling Havana to the gleaming shores of the U.S. KEY WEST, Fla. — At face value, they are three old planes not worth much more than their parts and scrap metal. Stolen from the Cuban government during a six-month period ending in April 2003 — two by hijackers, one by its pilot — all three landed at Key West International Airport, a 116-mile flight from struggling Havana to the gleaming shores of the U.S.

Fidel Castro repeatedly demanded the planes be returned. Instead, they were seized by U.S. courts to satisfy part of a $27 million judgment won by a Cuban-American woman who had unwittingly married a Cuban spy in Miami.

The story of what happened to the planes in the ensuing years reads like another chapter in the history of stymied, contentious U.S.-Cuba relations, with the new owners unable to get the planes anywhere.

The first of the three planes to land in Key West was a yellow, Soviet-built crop-duster that pilot Nemencio Carlos Alonso Guerra used to fly seven passengers, many of them relatives, to the U.S. in November 2002.

Cuba wanted the biplane back, but a Florida judge agreed with Ana Margarita Martinez that it should be seized and sold to partially pay the judgment she was awarded under an anti-terrorism law. In 1996, her husband, Juan Pablo Roque, had fled back to Cuba after infiltrating the Miami-based anti-Castro group Brothers to the Rescue. The next day, Cuban fighter jets shot down two of the group’s Cessnas over international waters, killing four pilots.

The aging Antonov AN-2 Colt was auctioned at the Key West airport in 2003 and Martinez placed the highest bid, $7,000.

“We had a victory — we got to keep this property of the Cuban government,” Martinez said after the auction.

She hoped to sell it for a profit later but instead gave it to Cuban-American artist Xavier Cortada, who painted half of it with a colorful mural as part of an exhibit commemorating Cuba’s independence.

After the exhibit, Cortada eventually donated the plane to Florida International University, which planned to display it but couldn’t find a building to house it. Today, it deteriorates under tarps on a far corner of FIU’s campus.

Even if it could be flown, there would be another hurdle: The plane would have to be deregistered in Cuba or given special authorization to fly by the Federal Aviation Administration. That, however, requires maintenance documents and certificates proving the plane is safe — all of them in Cuba.

Don Soldini, who purchased a hijacked DC-3, is one of the few who stood a chance of getting Cuban plane records.

“I would’ve flown it back,” he said last week.

Soldini, who went to Cuba as a teen to fight in the revolution, remains on good terms with the island’s leaders.

He was barely 18 when he hitchhiked from Staten Island to Key West in the late 1950s, intent on joining the Cuban revolution. He flew to the island on a passenger DC-3, an elegant, bulbous-shaped plane now synonymous with World War II and the 1940s to ’60s-era commercial airline service. Once in Cuba, Soldini joined the underground and eventually fought in the rebel army, marching alongside Raul Castro and his troops.

After the revolutionaries’ 1959 victory, Soldini remained in Cuba but felt uneasy there as an American. He left and eventually started a real estate development company in Florida with offices in 21 countries. Starting in the 1970s, he began visiting Cuba about twice a year.

In March 2003, a Cuban DC-3 similar to the one Soldini had first flown in was hijacked by six knife-wielding men and diverted to Key West. Thirteen days later, another Cuban airliner was hijacked to Key West by Adermis Wilson Gonzalez.

“My goal was always to come to this nation and work to give my family a better future,” Wilson Gonzales said in a letter to The Associated Press last week from a federal prison in Pennsylvania. He is serving a 20-year sentence for air piracy.

Like the biplane before, both planes were auctioned.

Two aspiring pilots from Colorado came to the sale and, to their surprise, won. Wayne Van Heusden bought the DC-3 for $12,500 and Matthew Overton purchased the Antonov AN-24 for $6,500.

“My grand idea, initially, was to give it to the Cuban authorities, because it’s their plane,” Van Heusden said.

He imagined filling the plane with medical supplies and flying to the island, but he couldn’t find financial support. He and Overton ran into the same hurdle: They were unable to fly the planes without the maintenance documents. The fees for keeping the planes in Key West quickly accumulated, and both decided to sell.

Overton put his plane on eBay, but the winning bid didn’t go through. Key West International Airport took the plane, and today it is used for emergency drills.

Soldini heard about the DC-3 and felt nostalgia for the day he flew to join the revolution.

He bought the plane from Van Heusden and reached out to the Castros.

But after the long, impassioned speeches Fidel Castro gave demanding the U.S. return the planes, Soldini said the aging Cuban leader didn’t want it.

“He’s more interested in the political impact rather than the practical,” Soldini said. “I couldn’t do anything.”

Soldini returned to Key West, disassembled the plane and put it on a truck. He parked the plane at a central Florida hangar, where it remains. He made an extensive documentary tracing the plane’s history, from its California manufacture to its days in Cuba.

He hopes that one day it will be in a museum, since it will never fly again.

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Roland and Jackie…

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We have made it. Today is the first day of Spring….finally! The temps are in the low 70’s so we are really feeling like it is Spring time.

The big thing Sunshine Cindy and I did this week was meeting up with Parrot Head friends Roland and Jackie. They were visiting with Mark and Stephanie for a couple of days. Roland and Jackie are from the St. Louis area but have been in south Florida for a few weeks. They stopped in Destin on their way to Star’s in Orange Beach, AL.

We met them at Margaritaville down on the harbor for drinks and dinner. This was the first time any of them had been there. They were all amazed at the size of the place and the great views. We sat in the bar area next to windows that looked out at the Pass and the Bay. We had a perfect view of a fantastic sunset. The food was good and the drinks were cold so we were all happy. As we finished dinner Margaritaville was filling up. It looks like the Spring Break crowds are still flocking there. As we left Roland got in a picture someone was taking of a half dozen Breakers. We heard the picture taker say she could photo shop him out! Ouch!!!

We all then walked down to Crab Island Cantina. Aaron was working the bar. Mike was the manager on duty. There was a decent crowd there too. A nice night brings out the people to the harbor. Sunshine Cindy showed everyone what the layout for the wedding will be like. Roland and Jackie are coming back to join us I am happy to report. They have become good friends who we see at Parrot Head events all over the country. Sunshine Cindy and I had to call it a night as I had to get up early for work but not before we all laughed so hard we had tears coming down our faces. All I will say is ask Jackie about the stainless steel toilet seat the next time you run into her.

Wendy’s Kitchen next to Beal’s has officially opened. They offer to-go meals. We are going to check them out soon as it sounds like they make some great dishes.

Crab Island Mambo has a lot of fun events planned for the next couple of weeks. It starts out this Friday down on the harbor at Crab Island Cantina with our “Embrace the Chaos! Trop Rock Music Series at The Cantina.” All the way from Tampa, FL the Trop Rock Junkies will be playing on the Cantina’s outside stage. Show time is 5-9 pm. See us for your special Mambo Member wrist band to get 15% off your entire bill that night. We will have our Mambo Member cards in about a week. We hope all our friends join us. Here are all the details.!-Trop-Rock-Music-Series-at-The-Cantina.html

Saturday we have our Crab Island Mambo “First Saturday of Spring Beach Party.” This fun time will be held on Okaloosa Island at Beachwalk #2 next to The Breakers Resort. We will get started about 11 am. Bring your beach toys and coolers. This is always a fun time as we show the Spring Breakers how the old farts party!

And next weekend we have back by popular demand the boys from Knoxville, TN The Southern Drawl Band. These guys continue to get bigger and bigger with some of their songs now being played on several Sirius Satellite radio stations. They will be in Niceville on Saturday night at Dockside from 6-10 pm and at Crab Island Cantina on Sunday. Come and listen to this great band as the next time they might be at a coliseum with high priced tickets!

Have a great weekend. Hope to see everyone out and about. Full report on Monday.  

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MOTM 2014

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Having said all of this, I will say PHIP are trying to make the event at the Casa Marina work.They also do give a lot to the community as far as various charities go. They are actually attempting to stay out of the red, so to speak. I respect that. However I also feel that the musicians who play for them also deserve the right to stay out of the red as well, so I think that another solution must be looked into.

Several have told me that this was attempted last year, but shelved. There were plenty of events last year that were held by PHIP Casa Marina musicians outside of the Casa. I know in my three events that I held, I had Casa musicians at every one.

I strongly suggest that PHIP revert to the older formula for 2014.

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30th Annual Reggae on the River

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When the Mateel Community Center opens the gates at French’s Camp for the 30th annual Reggae on the River this summer, the musical lineup will offer the expected crowd pleasers.

ROTR - Lee Abel Photo

This year’s festival, running July 31, Aug. 1, 2 and 3 features headliners Jimmy Cliff and Alpha Blondy & The Solar System plus others yet to be announced. Other top artists making a Southern Humboldt appearance (thus far) include Third World, Sly & Robbie with Taxi Gang, Michael Rose, Gyptian, Etana, Bunji Garlin, Bitty McClean, SEE-I, Jah 9, Fishbone, Mutabaruka, Megah Banton, Meta & The Cornerstones, Marlon Asher, GAUDI with Danny Ladwa, Courtney John Project, Zili Misik, John Trudell & Bad Dog, Majic and Ishi Dube.

To stay in the loop, sign up for the Reggae on the River e-newsletter at the festival website,

Tickets for the main, three-day festival (Aug. 1 to 3) including a camping pass are $190. A limited number of early arrival tickets will provide access to the grounds on July 31 for an extra evening of entertainment and “first dibs” on camping/parking spots. The four-day early arrival concert and camping pass is $250 and is selling quickly. RV spaces are limited and available by advance registration only; $500 per RV. To make a RV registration, call the Mateel at 923-3368 ext. 21. RV owners who have not registered in advance will not be allowed into French’s Camp.

The passes are available at the festival website or at The Works and Redwood Music Mart in Eureka; People’s Records in Arcata; the Mateel Community Center and Redway Liquor in Redway and SHC and Got Respect Store in Garberville. Information on ticket outlets in Mendocino and Somona counties is available on the festival website,

For additional information, call the Mateel Community Center at 923-3368 or

Steel Pulse: Reggae Legends Visit Colorado

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Steel Pulse will be delighting the state of Colorado, with their upcoming tour encompassing Telluride, Aspen, Denver, Boulder and Vail. The Grammy winners have been a roots-reggae favorite since their start in the mid 70s, which makes this five day stop in Colorado that much more gratifying.


While the band members have transitioned over the years, David Hinds will always cherish the early musicians that started the group. “The originals are the ones that helped introduce our music to the world and will always be credited for that.“ And today’s band is a beautiful version of that prototype with maximum talent.

Touching on politics and controversial issues has brought about both constructive and unfavorable attention, emotions that are welcomed by the band. Their songs, Vote Barrack Barrack and Paint it Black were in the eye of the storm due to the promotion and support of America’s first black president. But if you think the bickering among their fans caused them to put a stop to their passionate political side, think again.



The tragedy that struck Trayvon Martin and his family in 2012 hit Steel Pulse in an in-depth manner. The fatal shooting of the 17-year-old boy occurred because he ‘looked suspicious.’ The shooter, George Zimmerman, was protected by ‘Stand Your Ground’ law and was set free of any charges, making the futile death of Trayvon Martin a horrible misfortune. Hinds and his fellow band mates refuse to stand for such racism,

“The word I want to spread to our fans derives from a term we use in Jamaica and that is ‘drip drip full bucket.’ This means that every little thing counts. The fans need to realize that collectively they can all make a change and difference to the quagmire that the world has found itself in.”

The band is eager to share their views, music and reggae love with their followers in Colorado. Fans will hear an array of Steel Pulse oldies as well as some shiny new tunes. The band invites you to arrive with a supportive attitude and gracious spirit, “We want our fans to take away a sense of intimacy and knowledge of the world’s history and the feeling that THEY can be more active in healing the world.”

Colorado Shows:
March 20, Telluride Mountain Village Conference Center, Telluride CO
March 21, Belly Up, Aspen CO
March 23, Boulder Theatre, Boulder CO
March 24, Ogden Theatre, Denver CO
April 20, Spring Back to Vail, Vail CO

Mishka The Journey Tour 2014

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Mishka’s New Album, The Journey, Now Available!

The Journey Continues

“Unplugged and Fully Connected”

Mishka is bringing his Journey back to the US. Join him for a very special night of music.

Tour Dates
March 27:      The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY TICKETS

March 28:      FTC StageOne, Fairfield, CT  TICKETS

March 29:      Milly’s Tavern, Manchester, NH  TICKETS

March 30:      The Middle East, Cambridge, MA  TICKETS

March 31:      The Wonder Bar, Asbury Park, NJ  TICKETS

April 2:           Montego’s, Virginia Beach, VA  TICKETS

April 3:           Jammin’ Javas, Vienna, VA  TICKETS

April 4:           World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA  TICKETS

April 5:           The Abbey Bar, Harrisburg, PA  TICKETS

April 6:           Pour House Music Hall, Raleigh, NC  TICKETS

April 8:           The Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC  TICKETS

April 9:           Ziggy’s By The Sea, Wilmington, NC  TICKETS

April 14:         The Pour House, Charleston, SC  TICKETS

April 16:         Work Play Theatre, Birmingham, AL  TICKETS

April 19:         Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA  TICKETS

April 20:         Jack Rabbits Live, Jacksonville, FL  TICKETS

Visit for more information and additional dates as they are added.  Mishka’s Journey will take him all over the World this year.  Come and join The Journey. #MishkaLive

Mishka’s first full length studio album in over 3 years is now available.  This new collection of songs is a travel log of roots, soul, and enduring love.

The Journey – Mishka on iTunes

The Journey – Mishka on Amazon



“Worth The Wait”