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May 2014 Album Releases

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Welp, its the end of May. For The Pier this has been a whirlwind of a month month, all about the music. Not only were we able to attend Orlando’s Reggae On The Block, The Hangout Music Festival on the beaches of Alabama, and the Superbowl of Reggae-Rock music, the California Roots Music and Arts Festival, this month our iPods were loaded up with tons of brand new music for the road trip.

May has delivered new albums from all types of genres and artists. The legendary most hardworking band around, The Roots dropped their 11th studio record,…and then you shoot your cousin. Also, The Black Keys released their highly anticipated new album, Turn Blue.

From the Jam Scene Moe. dropped No Guts, No Glory their 11th studio album. FLorida’s The Heavy Pets released their new EP Rags and Aces, and Ghost Owl released their debut record, Say Goodbye the Finland. Be sure to check out these records as well as the following 7 new releases. Read the rest of this entry »

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WFR – I am back in Paradise

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5/20/14 – I have been away for the islands for several months. Personal business and circumstances beyond my control have kept me away from the part of the world that I love. I am readying myself for the trip back south to get me our of these temperate lattitudes and back into the tropical lattitudes I love. If all goes as planned, I will be back in the tropics by the end of the week.

5/22/14 – Tomorrow morning I will be flying south. I am looking forward to being back on island time…in paradise. I just mixed up a Cuba Libre , squeezed in a lime and now I am just making sure I have everything I need for an extended stay in paradise. Check list: shorts, tee shirts, swim suits, iPad, toothbrush, passport, Tevas and flip flops. I am ready.

5/27/14 – Stopped for dinner. It is a great night to ride with the top down. Grabbing a burger and getting back on the road. I should be in Atlanta by 11:00. Tomorrow in the Caribbean again.

5/28/14 – It looks like my flight is going to be on time. I will be heading to the lower latitudes in just a couple of hours. First stop Miami and then on to Trinidad and ultimately St. Lucia by morning.

5/29/14 – I checked in to the Downtown Hotel yesterday in Soufriere and will be staying here for a few days. I was up all night and decided I would sleep in yesterday. Last night was pretty much a repeat of sleepless adventure so I am being lazy today. The temp is in the mid 80s and it is cloudy. I had coffee in my room and will be doing a little reading on the balcony this morning. If the rain doesn’t fall too hard I will be out exploring the south end of the island some today. I made a connection to rent a scooter last night. I got a good rate but really don’t feel like riding in the rain. Coffee may turn into Piton beer and bouyon before too long. I AM BACK IN PARADISE.

5/31/14 – This my second attempt at posting this. Last night I was walking along the waterfront and stopped for a few minutes to take in the view and soak up the warm sea breeze. I swear I was not drunk but in the cloudy dim light of a cloudy night, I thought I saw a tall ship…bad connection I will finish later.

Updated Concert Articles

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The Pier was in full effect at the 5th Annual California Roots Music Arts Festival over Memorial Day Weekend. Take a read through our recap with set-list photos of Skunk Records Anniversary, SOJA, Ziggy Marley, Steel Pulse as well as Nahko Medicine For The People. Lets check out each live-set from the fest…

You can read all of our Concert Articles under the Editorial tab on the main menu bar. To read all of our concert articles, feel free to click HERE. Read all of our past concert coverage with shows, video quotes. Feel free to enjoy all of our archived articles including this months addition to our concert article collection…

Date: Friday, May 23rd, 2014
Line Up: SOJA
Venue: California Roots Music Festival – The Bowl – Monterey County Fairgrounds. Monterey, CA

  • Out of nowhere, Trevor Young lit his guitar on fire and the crowd’s noise level had reached its peak. This act was done on the very same stage that the legendary Jimi Hendrix had done so at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival! The way I see it, the burning of the guitar could be interpreted as a tribute to the guitar legend or as SOJA putting their stamp as the biggest act in today’s reggae scene… READ MORE
  • Date: Sunday, May 25th, 2014
    Line Up: Skunk Records 25th Anniversary
    Venue: California Roots Music Festival – Cali-Roots Stage – Monterey County Fairgrounds. Monterey, CA

  • Of the 18 song set-list, they performed just 4 Sublime covers, the most notable one being “Caress Me Down”. For that song, Miguel introduced Brad Nowell’s son, Jakob Nowell who came out and led the crowd with his Dad’s music. I have to admit, it was pretty emotional seeing Brad’s son out there, performing one of his Dads songs with some of his Dad’s best friends, in front of a sold-out festival. Jakob was tall, confident, wearing all black, throwing his fist up in the air, igniting the audience with an overdue celebration of his fathers music….READ MORE
  • Date: Friday, May 23rd 2014
    Line Up: Steel Pulse
    Venue: California Roots Music Festival – The Bowl – Monterey County Fairgrounds. Monterey, CA

  • It’s rare when a person witnesses a living legend on stage and almost 10,000 people were treated to nine of them when Steel Pulse showed up at The Bowl in the Monterey County Fairgrounds. Smiles, laughs and positive attitudes carried through the main stage arena and the photo pit transformed into a dance floor. Security guards realized they have no problems within such a friendly group and made the best of it by moving to the beat and…READ MORE
  • Date: Saturday, May 24th 2014
    Line Up: Ziggy Marley
    Venue: California Roots Music Festival – The Bowl – Monterey County Fairgrounds. Monterey, CA

  • Smiles and smoke clouds filled the venue as Ziggy performed a classic cover of his father’s “So Much Trouble” for everyone to enjoy. Ironically, during this track, I was witness to the first fight I had ever seen at California Roots Festival. Just as things began to escalate, an elderly man, wearing rasta-colored attire, jumped in between the disruption of peace as if he were an angel sent down from above to restore order at this beautiful festival we call Cali Roots….READ MORE
  • Date: Saturday, May 24th 2014
    Line Up: Nahko Medicine For The People
    Venue: California Roots Music Festival – Cali-Roots Stage – Monterey County Fairgrounds. Monterey, CA

  • The band said, “Mahalo!” while grinning back at the incredible response for their seven-song set which lasted just over an hour. The band was walking off the stage, but the people were not finished with the band. Chants roared back to the stage when a promoter appeared on stage. After a friendly but semi-serious “BOO!” Nahko was welcomed back on stage for the first encore of this year’s Cali Roots Festival…READ MORE
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    Buffett performs in Houston

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    Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band continued the 2014 This One’s For You Tour last night at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Houston TX. The set list from the show is now available.

    The Houston Press has review “Jimmy Buffett at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

    When I grow up, I want to be Jimmy Buffett.

    Dude has everything. At 67, he runs around in bermuda shorts and worn old T-shirts, singing about the lives of sailors and beach bums while his adoring fans known as “Parrotheads” flock to his concerts in droves. They even coordinate their shark-themed dance moves to his music, and down Landsharks while doing so. It has got to be an awesome life.

    At least it sure seemed to be last night at Cynthia Woods, when Buffett took the stage on the Houston stop of his annual tour. Surrounded by Hawaiian shirts and bouncing beach balls, he was as one has come to expect: all smiles, and all hits.

    If Thursday night is any indicator, there’s no doubt in my mind that this Buffett/Coral Reefers madness is going to slow down anytime soon. They’re all aging, yes — Buffett included, but those hardcore Parrothead fools will be out there tailgating in their walkers in a couple of decades, reminiscing over their cheeseburgers and daiquiris in paradise, and Buffett will be around to lead the way. It seems salty air, and salty songs, will do wonders for the soul.

    written by admin

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    DIY – Pirate Chest

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    The cooler and drain

    The cooler and drain
    I chose a 52 qt igloo cooler because of its shape and the fact that the hinges, handles, and drain plug assy were easily removable. Though, any squared or rectangle cooler would work. 1. I found some threaded PVC fittings (1/2″) that fit through the drain hole (keep the original o-ring to reuse on the new drain assy). 2. I used a typical hose bibb from Lowes and some threaded PVC fittings to make the drain assembly. 3. I had to use a 1/2″ flange to get a tight fit. ( I know it doesn’t look great, but it is hidden inside the box)

    Building the box

    Building the box
    1. Used 5/8″ plywood. 2. I used wood glue and a finish nailer. 3. Don’t forget to drill a hole for your drain valve. 4. I do not have the exact measurements. The bottom piece is an exact of the length and width of the cooler top. 5. The height I made right up to the top of the bottom part of the cooler. 6. The bottom part of the cooler does not attach to the box in any way. Except maybe the drain actually going through the box. The box is so tight that it really won’t move around in transport. But, not so tight that you can’t pull it out if you want to. 7. When measuring the top half make up for the difference in how high the bottom box is. The actual lid to the cooler will stick out of the top wood cover. I did this by placing the cooler top on and building the top around it while it was like that. 8. You can make the top half taller or shorter, what ever looks good to you. 9. Just measure across to recreate the supports I put in so that the lid will not fall out or push up when it is closed. These are secured by 4 stainless steel screws.
    Once the top and bottom are built just add some door hinges of your choice. I sanded it before I put on the trim.

    What is good about not gluing the bottom or top of the cooler is that you can take it out to clean it or replace it if it breaks. Just remove the screws to take out the lid.


    The trim is just pallet lumber. It’s free and has a worn look to it. This was the tedious part. Just measure an cut.

    For the edges, just make some L channel out of two pieces of cut pallet lumber.

    You don’t really get a good view of the back. Though if you could see it I had to cut the trim at an angle so that it could open and close.

    I found all of the hardware on random sites by searching Rustic nail covers, rustic handles, and rustic lock in Google. These nail covers really make it look authentic. They just nail right into the wood

    Stain and hardware

    Stain and hardware
    After I had the trim on I sanded it again then put on a dark stain and then 2 coats sealant. Once that was done I used an escutcheon plate where the drain valve goes through. Again, wish I had more pictures.

    When it is finished it isn’t as heavy as you’d think. When empty it can be carried around by one person. The handles support it even when it is full of ice and drinks. When its full it might take two to carry it. Since it’s a “pirate chest” it is okay if its dented, there are minor gaps, or its a little dented or scratched. I think it gives it a more authentic look. So nothing has to be exact or “perfect”.

    Gonzo’s New Phase w/RED Album

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    Gonzo, a Southern California based solo artist and newest member of Tribal Seeds, has recently announced the release date for his sophomore solo album, RED. Set for Tuesday, June 3rd, the soulful roots musician wisely chose to drop the new music just as the post-Cali Roots nationwide tours begin and summer starts to really heat up.

    According to Gonzo, work on RED began as they recorded “Sweet Motion” off his December 2012 debut album, Rocksteady. However, since then, Gonzo has added some HIGH-end talent as the lead guitarist and backup vocalist for what he refers to as Reggae’s “Dream Team” in San Diego’s Tribal Seeds. Although Gonzo has stayed very musically active, progress on the album was put on hold as he began touring the nation with his newest band. The announcement of his latest album release came just days after completion of Tribal Seeds’ Representing 2014 Spring Tour with New Kingston and Inna Vision.
    [Related: Tribal Seeds Representing 2014 Spring Tour]

    E.N Young and Alex Gammill, two members of the recently completed tour, helped produce Red. The tracks, “Good Lovin’” and “Miss Mary,” were produced by E.N, another 2013 acquisition for Tribal Seeds. Alex, who plays bass for Beyond I Sight and recently toured with the Tribal Seeds family as their sound tech, did production on the rest of the album at his in-house Roots and Peace Studio. Keeping with the same format as his previous release, Red features 9 tracks that were mastered at E.N’s Imperial Sound Recording Studio.

    The album features guest appearances by E.N Young, Koa of Inna Vision, Pedro of True Press, along with Gonzo’s studio and backing band, Beyond I Sight. Album art was once again provided by Tommy Rocksit of Riverside, California. “I named it ‘RED’ for a few reasons… I thought it was appropriate for the cover,” says Gonzo. “Also because Pablo Picasso went through a ‘Blue’ period. This is Gonzo’s ‘RED’ phase. A phase of love… Most of the tracks are love songs or about love making.”

    Gonzo will once again be busy all summer long as the relentless roots musician recently collaborated on a track with upcoming east coast female artist, Leilani Wolfgramm. For those who missed it, he also landed a few features on Tribal Seeds’ newest album, Representing.

    [Related: Tribal Seeds New Album Representing]

    Just announced were the dates for Tribal Seeds’ Representing 2014 Summer Tour with New Kingston and The Expanders. In between all that, make sure to also keep an eye out for new show dates with Gonzo backed by Beyond I Sight, courtesy of Rude Entertainment Productions.

    Gonzo – Red tracklist:
    Gonzo---RED1.) Fallin’ (feat E.N Young of Tribal Seeds)
    2.) Good Lovin’ (feat Beyond I Sight)
    3.) Runnin’
    4.) Couldn’t Take My love (feat Pedro of True Press)
    5.) Miss Mary (feat Beyond I Sight)
    6.) Give It Up
    7.) Roots Woman (feat E.N Young of Tribal Seeds)
    8.) Highway
    9.) Roots it Up (feat Koa of Inna Vision)

    Gonzo w/ Beyond I Sight upcoming shows:
    May 25th @ California Roots Festival (Sunday). Monterey, CA.
    June 5th @ Sound Pot. Phoenix, AZ. (w/ Kush County Music)
    June 6th @ Hydra. Long Beach, CA. (w/ The Expanders Guided Ites)
    June 7th @ Beauty Bar. Las Vegas, NV.

    Gonzo Links:
    Gonzo Facebook
    Tribal Seeds Website
    Roots Musician Records

    Article Photo by: David Garcia

    Watch: Gonzo Beyond I Sight – Good Loving

    Watch: Gonzo Beyond I Sight – Intro/Roots It Up

    Watch: Gonzo Beyond I Sight – Smooth Operator

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    Tourist Season in Destin

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    Here they come….the tourist are back. With Memorial Weekend behind us, the start of our tourist season in Destin is now hitting full speed. The weekend was crazy in town. Crab Island was packed. I heard from several people that there are more rental pontoon boats than ever. That means very inexperienced people driving those boats. It is a recipe for disaster. I remember a few years ago I was heading back to Niceville and just got out of the no wake zone by Crab Island. I was with three other boats when a rental pontoon cut right in front of all of us. Luckily we were all alert and got slowed down but it could have been bad. Especially since there was small kids in the rental boat. Look out for boats with numbers on them!

    We have finally started to slow down a little this week. After spending Monday at Sunshine Cindy’s parents house we have not been out since. This is giving us time to clean up around the house and wind down from all the excitement from the last few weeks. I have been able to get some Crab Island Mambo writing done too. It felt good to relax.

    The Destin Commons area has been in the news lately. First Peter Boz asked the city council to consider turning the area around the Commons north to the bay into a special district where open containers would be legal. He wanted this to be all the way to the new Lulu’s that is going up next to Legendary Marina. Then just as fast he withdrew his request. I am sure this is some kind of ploy on his part to soften up the criticism he would be sure to get. I would like to see it happen but there are so many people in this town who automatically reject anything Boz suggests no matter what it is. The NIMBY’s in this town don’t realize we are not a small fishing village anymore. The world has discovered Destin for better or worse. The genie won’t be going back into the bottle.

    The other Commons news was a proposal for a small amusement area just off the Commons grounds. It is to be called, “Crabby Island Amusement Park” and will feature 13 rides. They plan to have carnival food but no alcohol. Of course someone who lives in the area is opposed to this plan. But it sounds like it is zoned properly so I am sure it will happen.

    It is only a few weeks till the World of Beer and The Blend open at the Commons in the new expansion that is being built. That entire area is now taking on a life of its own.

    No big plans for this weekend. I am sure we will be down on the harbor at some point. Get out and “Embrace the Chaos!” this weekend. See ya Monday!

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    Live: Skunk Records Anniversary @ Cali-Roots (5-25-14)

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    Date: Sunday, May 25th, 2014
    Line Up: Skunk Records 25th Anniversary Show
    Venue: California Roots Music Festival – Cali-Roots Stage – Monterey County Fairgrounds. Monterey, CA

    25 years ago, Miguel Happoldt created Skunk Records and found Sublime. Together with Brad Nowell Sublime, they built Skunk Records it would later be the platform for bands such as The Ziggens, Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Long Beach Dub Allstars others to bring this specific genre to life. They spent years breathing life into this genre of music that has become a staple to a feel good lifestyle and in my opinion, there isn’t a California Roots Festival without the early groundwork of their originality ingenuity.
    Sunday night, at about 6:15PM, Skunk Records took the stage to help conclude a 3 day sold-out festival. While the Skunk performance wasn’t the last act on Sunday, they were the most anticipated act I cared to see all weekend. That is at no disrespect to the other acts, but a nod to whom I believe is at the root of this entire movement. Roaming the festival for 3 days, even with as much merchandise that was being pushed out by all the vendors, I still couldn’t count how many Sublime t-shirts hoodies I saw on the backs of fans, landscaping the festival grounds.

    As we’ve learned in recent interviews, Sublime was more than just the advertised promoted 3 piece of drummer Bud Gaugh bassist Eric Wilson alongside the late Brad Nowell. Sublime was a movement of players that contributed to the evolving sound that we celebrate today. These players consisted of Skunk Records founder, Miguel Happoldt, drummer DJ Marshall Goodman as well as the visual presence of Opie Ortiz. Hell, it was Opie’s Sublime art I saw on all the kids t-shirts it was only fitting that these 3 gentleman have a place at the California Roots Music Arts Festival with the Skunk Records Anniversary set.

    Guitarist/Vocalist, Miguel Happoldt, alongside his band Perro Bravo, which includes Gregg Lowther on Drums Mike Long on Bass, opened things up as the entire set lasted for just over an hour, including a few line-up changes to accommodate the 25 year history of what Skunk has accomplished. For those of you wondering why Bud Gaugh or Eric Wilson were not in attendance, read my latest interview with Miguel Happoldt by clicking HERE

    Miguel introduced the history of Skunk Records by first playing “Falling Idols” and I’m proud to say that they stirred up what I believe to be the festival’s only real mosh-pit! As you could imagine, fans went nuts when Miguel introduced performed Sublime’s “Slow Ride”. This was a Sublime audience appreciating the roots of Sublime’s music, led by Miguel Happoldt. Of the 18 song set-list, they performed just 4 Sublime covers, the most notable one being “Caress Me Down”. For that song, Miguel introduced Brad Nowell’s son, Jakob Nowell who came out and led the crowd with his Dad’s music. I have to admit, it was pretty emotional seeing Brad’s son IMG_3499bout there, performing one of his Dad’s songs with some of his Dad’s best friends, in front of a sold-out festival. Jakob was tall, confident, wearing all black, throwing his fist up in the air, igniting the audience with an overdue celebration of his father’s music.

    Miguel, sporting a beard, hat a white t-shirt that read “Hated” across the front of it, seemed the most energetic performing alongside Brad’s song. After Jakob stepped off the stage, Miguel introduced The Ziggens who came out to perform 3 songs, including crowd favorite “Big Salty Tears”. Miguel introduced The Ziggens, starting with frontman Bert Susanka, reminding the crowd that Bert Susanka made Brad drink, as mentioned in Brad’s lyrics of Sublimes song “Greatest Hits”. Joining Bert Susanka on drums for the 3 songs, was Ziggens drummer, Brad Conyers.

    Miguel kept things interesting by performing a whole mix of songs, that werent dependent on Sublime covers. He played a couple of Perro Bravo originals with “Last Ska Song” as well as new song “False Preachers”. Following The Ziggens set, the line-up changed once again as they brought out Marshall Goodman of Sublime on Drums, Aaron Owens of Hepcat on guitar, Ron Rivas of The Aggrolites on keys Opie Ortiz of Long Beach Dub Allstars to contribute vocals.

    Opie was great and played a couple throwback ‘Dub Allstar songs with “My Own Life” “Listen to DJ’s”. He’s currently been working on newer material and performed a new reggae song titled “Don’t Bring Me Down”. One of the more popular songs from Opie’s time on stage, was Opie Miguel trading vocals for the Grateful Dead cover of “Scarlet Begonias”. I think it goes without saying that fans went nuts Opie killed it, covering Brad’s rap verse.
    The last Sublime cover of the set was “Get Out” where they brought Hirie out on stage. This collaboration didn’t make much sense to me as I don’t see her in anyway being relevant or tied to the history of Skunk Records. To her credit, she did a good job and I like the song choice for her, but I would have much rather seen Jakob perform 1 or 2 more songs with Miguel the group, rather than just the one.

    The biggest probably the most underrated special guest appearance for the whole festival came at about 7:05pm with 15minutes left in the set. It was at this time that Miguel introduced the living legend of HR of Bad Brains who came out and performed 3 songs with the Skunk family. This made such perfect sense as HR was such a HUGE influence on the music of Sublime all the players on stage. You had 2 separate generations of legends performing 3 songs together and I really feel bad for anyone at the festival who missed this collaboration.

    When the last song was done, fans IMMEDIATELY chanted “1 more song” Miguel didn’t allow 30-seconds of chants to go by before he picked up his guitar that he just put down and said to the audience “We got one more for you” and closed the set out with HR of Bad Brains, performing “Re-Ignition”. Up to this point, I believe that this was only the 2nd act of the weekend, next to Nahko, to receive a demanded encore from the crowd, without being a headliner to the festival.

    I grew up listening to this music without it, there’ wouldn’t be The Pier Magazine in my opinion, there certainly wouldn’t be the California Roots Music Arts Festival. 10 years ago, there were only a handful of Reggae-Rock groups, at most, that were able to tour the US. Now, IMG_4698bbands just sprout up and go on tour the genre has evolved over 10 years to a massive 3 day festival, specific to this genre of music. Without the early groundwork of these living legends from Sublime Skunk Records, a festival like this, may have been harder to achieve. Miguel, Marshall, Opie, Bert, Aaron, all belong on this stage deserve so much more for what they gave introduced to us fans.

    It’s my hope that this wont be the last time we see this collaboration or performance. If the promoters of Cali-Roots are reading, we hope you make this happen each year, including this year’s Carolina Sessions in September. Thanks to Reid Clow for his help on this article to Cali-Roots for enabling a true history of Cali-Roots music with Skunk Records.

    Skunk Records Set List:
    1.) Falling Idols
    2.) Slow Ride (Sublime)
    3.) False Preachers (New Perro Bravo Song)
    4.) Early Man (Bad Religion-Sublime)
    5.) I Would Do For You (UB40)
    6.) Last Ska Song (Perro Bravo)
    7.) Caress Me Down (feat. Jakob Nowell)
    8.) Goin’ Richter (The Ziggens)
    9.) Big Salty Tears (The Ziggens)
    10.) Something About A Waitress (The Ziggens)
    11.) My Own Life (Opie Ortiz)
    12.) Don’t Bring Me Down (Opie Ortiz)
    13.) Scarlet Begonias (Sublime/Grateful Dead Cover – Opie Ortiz)
    14.) Listen to DJ’s (Opie Ortiz)
    15.) Get Out (Sublime Cover feat. Hirie)
    16.) Leaving Babylon (feat. HR of Bad Brains)
    17.) I I Survive (feat. HR of Bad Brains)
    18.) Re-Ignition (feat. HR of Bad Brains)

    Related Links:
    Exclusive Sublime Blog
    Perro Bravo Facebook
    Miguel Happoldt Exclusive Interview Pt 1
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    Opie Ortiz Exclusive Interview Pt 1
    Opie Ortiz Exclusive Interview Pt 2
    Marshall Goodman Exclusive Interview Pt 1
    Marshall Goodman Exclusive Interview Pt 2

    Article by: Mike Patti
    Photos by: David Norris

    More Photos From The Night…

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    Gulf Coast Cowboy: May 28 7:00 CST

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    Gulf Coast Cowboy: May 28

    I envy the people who live on the beach. Packing up all of their essentials, selling what they don’t need, and making the choice to live the lifestyle that most of us can only dream about. Beach living is a state of mind and I’m always in it. This week’s episode is dedicate to that state of mind, whether you’re in it all the time, or just when you need a bit of a lifestyle change. These are some of the best songs to change your way of thinking, at least for a little while. Join us on KBEC, Wednesday night at 7pm for your weekly dose of the beach state of mind!

    Track Listing

    1. Life On The Gulf (Duet with Jake Thomas) – Jeff Caron
    2. My Kinda Day On Padre – Larry Joe Taylor
    3. Home On The Gulf Coast – Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
    4. One Particular Harbor – Jimmy Buffett
    5. Last Day On The Island – Dani Hoy
    6. I Need A Beach – Joe Bennett
    7. Life In A Beach Town – Mark Mulligan
    8. Cowboy Boots & Bathin’ Suits – Jerry Jeff Walker
    9. Back To The Beach – Mike Aiken
    10. Sandy Beaches (Live) – Delbert McClinton
    11. One Beach At A Time – Parrot Island Band
    12. The Beach!!! – Key West Chris

    Legendary author Maya Angelou dies at age 86

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    (CNN) — A literary voice revered globally for her poetic command and her commitment to civil rights has fallen silent.

    Maya Angelou died at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on Wednesday, said her literary agent, Helen Brann.

    The 86-year-old was a novelist, actress, professor, singer, dancer and activist. In 2010, President Barack Obama awarded her the Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civilian honor.Maya Angelou: Poet, novelist and actressMaya Angelou: Poet, novelist and actress

    One of Angelou’s most revered books was “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”Maya Angelou: In her own wordsMaya Angelou: In her own words

    2013: Maya Angelou discusses MLK’s dream

    The memoir bore witness to the brutality of a Jim Crow South, portraying racism in stark language. Readers learned of the life of Marguerite Ann Johnson (Angelou’s birth name) up to the age of 16: how she was abandoned by her parents, was discriminated against in rural Arkansas, was raped by her mother’s boyfriend, lived on the streets and gave birth as a teenager.

    It’s publication was both daring and historic given the era of its debut in 1969.

    “All of the writers of my generation must honor the ground broken by Dr. Maya Angelou,” author Tayari Jones posted on her Facebook page Wednesday.

    “She told a story that wasn’t allowed to be told,” Jones said. “Now, people tell all sorts of things in memoir, but when she told the truth, she challenged a taboo — not for shock value, but to heal us all.”

    Black American novelist Julian Mayfield is said to have described the autobiography as “a work of art which eludes description.”

    “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” was an international bestseller and nominated for a National Book Award in 1970. In six other autobiographical books she subsequently penned, Angelou revealed myriad interests and occupations of her life.

    Angelou spent her early years studying dance and drama in San Francisco but dropped out at age 14.

    When she was 16, Angelou became San Francisco’s first female streetcar driver.

    Angelou later returned to high school to get her diploma. She gave birth a few weeks after graduation. While the 17-year-old single mother waited tables to support her son, she developed a passion for music and dance, and toured Europe in the mid-1950s in the opera production “Porgy and Bess.”

    In 1957, she recorded her first album, “Miss Calypso.”

    In 1958, Angelou become a part of the Harlem Writers Guild in New York and played a queen in “The Blacks,” an off-Broadway production by French dramatist Jean Genet.

    “I created myself,” Angelou once said. “I have taught myself so much.”

    Affectionately referred to as Dr. Angelou, the professor never went to college. She has more than 30 honorary degrees and taught American studies for years at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem.

    “Maya Angelou has been a towering figure — at Wake Forest and in American culture. She had a profound influence in civil rights and racial reconciliation,” Wake Forest University President Nathan O. Hatch said Wednesday. “We will miss profoundly her lyrical voice and always keen insights.”

    Angelou spoke at least six languages and worked as a newspaper editor in Egypt and Ghana. It was during that time that she wrote “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” the first in a series of autobiographical books.

    “I want to write so well that a person is 30 or 40 pages in a book of mine … before she realizes she’s reading,” Angelou said.

    Angelou was born April 4, 1928, in St. Louis. She grew up between St. Louis and the then-racially segregated town of Stamps, Arkansas.

    The famous poet got into writing after a childhood tragedy that stunned her into silence for years. When she was 7, her mother’s boyfriend raped her. He was beaten to death by a mob after she testified against him.

    “My 7-and-a-half-year-old logic deduced that my voice had killed him, so I stopped speaking for almost six years,” she said.

    From the silence, a louder voice was born.

    Her list of friends is as impressive as her illustrious career. Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey referred to her as “sister friend.” She counted Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., with whom she worked during the civil rights movement, among her friends. King was assassinated on her birthday.

    In an interview with CNN in January 2009, just days before President Obama was inaugurated for his first term, she gave her thoughts about the United States’ election of its first black president.

    “It was as if someone in the outer sphere said, ‘What can we do to really show how important Martin Luther King was?'”

    Seeing Obama about to take office made her feel proud, she said.

    “I’m excited. I’m hopeful. I’m talking all the time to people, and sometimes I’ve really said it so many times I wonder if I’m coming off like a piece of tape recording, but I’m very proud to be an American.

    “In 30 or 40 years, (the election) will not be considered so incredibly important. … There will be other people in those next three or four decades who will run for the presidency — some women, some native American, some Spanish-speaking, some Asian. We’re about to grow up in this country.”

    Then Angelou spoke in the way that she came to be famous for, each sentence a crescendo of emotion, a call to everyone to act and to be better.

    “Our country needs us all right now to stand up and be counted. We need to try to be great citizens. We are necessary in this country, and we need to give something — that is to say, go to a local hospital, go to the children’s ward and offer to the nurse in charge an hour twice a month that you can give them reading children’s stories or poetry,” she said. “And go to an old folks’ home and read the newspaper to somebody. Go to your church or your synagogue or your mosque, and say, ‘I’d like to be of service. I have one hour twice a month.’

    “You’ll be surprised at how much better you will feel,” she said. “And good done anywhere is good done everywhere.”

    Some of Angelou’s most powerful speeches

    Angelou was also one of the first black female film directors. Her work on Broadway has been nominated for Tony Awards.

    Before making it big, the 6-foot-tall wordsmith also worked as a cook and sang with a traveling road show.

    “Look where we’ve all come from … coming out of darkness, moving toward the light,” she once said. “It is a long journey, but a sweet one, bittersweet.”

    Angelou reads her poem ‘And I Still Rise’

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