WFR – I am back in Paradise

Posted on Saturday, May 31st, 2014 at 11:23 am
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5/20/14 – I have been away for the islands for several months. Personal business and circumstances beyond my control have kept me away from the part of the world that I love. I am readying myself for the trip back south to get me our of these temperate lattitudes and back into the tropical lattitudes I love. If all goes as planned, I will be back in the tropics by the end of the week.

5/22/14 – Tomorrow morning I will be flying south. I am looking forward to being back on island time…in paradise. I just mixed up a Cuba Libre , squeezed in a lime and now I am just making sure I have everything I need for an extended stay in paradise. Check list: shorts, tee shirts, swim suits, iPad, toothbrush, passport, Tevas and flip flops. I am ready.

5/27/14 – Stopped for dinner. It is a great night to ride with the top down. Grabbing a burger and getting back on the road. I should be in Atlanta by 11:00. Tomorrow in the Caribbean again.

5/28/14 – It looks like my flight is going to be on time. I will be heading to the lower latitudes in just a couple of hours. First stop Miami and then on to Trinidad and ultimately St. Lucia by morning.

5/29/14 – I checked in to the Downtown Hotel yesterday in Soufriere and will be staying here for a few days. I was up all night and decided I would sleep in yesterday. Last night was pretty much a repeat of sleepless adventure so I am being lazy today. The temp is in the mid 80s and it is cloudy. I had coffee in my room and will be doing a little reading on the balcony this morning. If the rain doesn’t fall too hard I will be out exploring the south end of the island some today. I made a connection to rent a scooter last night. I got a good rate but really don’t feel like riding in the rain. Coffee may turn into Piton beer and bouyon before too long. I AM BACK IN PARADISE.

5/31/14 – This my second attempt at posting this. Last night I was walking along the waterfront and stopped for a few minutes to take in the view and soak up the warm sea breeze. I swear I was not drunk but in the cloudy dim light of a cloudy night, I thought I saw a tall ship…bad connection I will finish later.

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