WFR – Back in Paradise Day 2

Posted on Sunday, June 1st, 2014 at 1:31 pm

I turned in early last night and was up before sunrise this morning. I walked down to the dock and I arrived as the last of the evening’s revelers were heading in. The temp on this island is about the same day and night. It usually about 85 in the day and 75 at night. Though there were some clouds in the sky I could almost count the stars above in the early morning sky. There is a quiet that surrounds you when no one is on the dark morning dock. You can hear the repetitive sounds of waves against the pilings and the breeze in the riggings of the moored boats.

JavaMonBefore long, if you wait, the dock always comes to life as the charter captains come out to ready their vessels for the days work. This morning was no different. As the sun rose this morning, you could smell coffee and hear water rushing over the decks as the captains and their mates rinsed  their boats, opened hatches and readied rods along the railings. I was offered Java’Mon coffee by a captain named Andel and we talked for a few minutes about his planned day.

I am telling you. He is living a life worth living. He is out on that topaz blue water very day. Fishing charters for fishing, tours, excursions, etc. He told me he seldom takes a day off unless business or the weather is bad and there are no charters to be had.
After our visit I headed for some local pastries for breakfast. I walked along the water front and stopped at a touristy little bakery and bought some croissants for breakfast and a baguette for later in the day. Their croissants and coffee were both good. I am eagerly awaiting the bread.

I went back to my hotel and checked out. The hotel was ok, just a little to “mainstream” for my taste. I will find another place to stay as the day goes on.

When the local commercial fisherman come in, I will go and find my “catch of the day” to grill and eat with my bread and maybe some fruit and wine. In a while I will go to the beach to soak up a little of this Caribbean sun.

William Fair Roberts….on island time in paradise.

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