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Review: Lovd Ones – Thicker Than Blood

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Lovd Ones – Thicker Than Blood
LovdOnesCoverTrack Listing:
1.) Fiyah
2.) My Lord (ft. Sizzla)
3.) Never
4.) Don’t Let Go (ft. Horizon)
5.) How Many Times
6.) Slow Down (ft. Gonzo of Tribal Seeds)
7.) Warm Eyes
8.) The One
9.) Rally Round
10.) Morning Sun
11.) Rio De Paz (ft. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.)
12.) Through Bars
13.) Hold Onto Hope
14.) Babylon Land (ft. E.N Young of Tribal Seeds)
15.) Sail Away (ft. Leilani Wolfgramm)

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: July 15th, 2014
Record Label: JahMen Music Group
Official Website: Lovd Ones Website

Artist/Group Background:
Lovd Ones are a progressive Roots Reggae band hailing from Orlando, Florida. Created and fronted by Benjah (Dove® Award-winning, GRAMMY®-nominated Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer), Lovd Ones is a collaborative project that features many different artists that are united in recognizing that truth prevails over darkness and love can unify all.

In 2011, Benjah released Lovd Ones debut album alongside his longtime cohort Dillavou entitled Introducing… Lov’d Ones. The album featured a reggae, world, hip hop mash up sound and hit #2 on the iTunes Reggae Charts. The debut caught the attention of many and were invited to perform at the Bob Marley Nine Mile Festival in Miami, Florida alongside artists such as Stephen, Damian, and Kymani Marley, Inner Circle, Slightly Stoopid and many others

Album Review:
Thicker than Blood, is a strong Alternative-Reggae release from Florida based producer/musician and front man, Benjah. At 15 songs, the album is packed with guest artists and songs ranging from dancehall to Pop. Enlisting the help of Reggae legends Luciano and Sizzla, as well as more up-n-coming artists on the Cali-Roots scene like Gonzo and E.N Young, Thicker than Blood has a flavor for anyone.

Technically, the album is produced to a very high standard and sonically stands up to anything that is being released today. The album is very polished, and for my taste, I think the vocals are a little too processed throughout the album, which leads to somewhat of a similar coloration across the 15 songs. At the same time, I really think this is more of a style preference and do not look at this as a negative towards the album.

The harmonies, especially in the vocals, are huge throughout the album and the musicianship is top notch. It’s refreshing to hear so much attention paid to thick harmonies and this album has no shortage of them. Lovd Ones fall somewhere between Michael Franti and Wyclef Jean, focusing less on one style and more on the inclusion of all island influences, blending that with Pop and RB. There are also a ton of Hip-Hop beats and acoustic guitars which really makes sense for the above comparison.

“My Lord” is a nod to the Junior Reid conscious hit “One Blood” and features the vocals of dancehall champion, Sizzla. Showing his wide range, Sizzla brings it from low growling chanting, to falsetto singing, all in the same line. I love when legends from JA collaborate with the scene in the states, elevating this album with this collaboration.

“Warm Eyes” mixes a hip-hop beat with a minor verse structure that is juxtaposed against a major key chorus change that really gives the song a great effect. There is so much I like about this song from the content to the vocal performance. “Rally Round” bumps with so much positive energy, it’s truly an infectiously addicting song. It has a little bit of everything including dance-hall chanting beautiful hooks and bridges.

“Rio De Paz” – feat. Sonny Sandoval (POD) is a warrior song blaming oppression and lack of any real direction or leader as the cause of the bloodshed we see in the world today. This song really resonated with me because of the recent World Cup in Brazil and the world seeing the controlled image of Brazil rather than the war that rages in the Favelas.

Thicker Than Blood is a great album which infuses so many elements of popular music to the Reggae Sound. Benjah is a very talented producer and the quality of the album is amongst some of the best of the year. I found myself wanting a little more bass in some of the tracks and thought it was potentially mixed low, but again this is just a matter of taste. This album is for fans looking for a little more out of their music and who can appreciate top notch production. With so many catchy songs on the album I am a little surprised at the song lengths! I was stoked on the 15 songs, and glad they ran longer with most over running over 4 minutes, many over 5. That’s a tall order for radio play… but that’s not what this is about now is it?

Written Reviewed By: Tommy Dubs

[Editors Note: All reviews are reflective of the album in it’s entirety, from start to finish. These reviews are the honest opinion of each writer/reviewer, expressing their feedback as a genuine fan of the music. Each star rating reflects their review of the album, not the band. Music is subjective. Regardless of the review or star rating, we encourage you to listen to the music yourself form your own opinion. Spread the awareness of all music in its art contribution]

Watch: Lovd Ones – “Fiyah”

Watch: Lovd Ones – “Hold Onto Hope”

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MP3 Leak of the Week: Arise Roots

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On August 5th, LA’s Arise Roots will release their sophomore album, titled Love War. The new album includes a slew of guest appearances, including Matthew Liufau of the band, Seedless. The song is titled “Dangerous” and it’s available on our homepage for FREE!

You can download the new Arise Roots song “Dangerous” (ft. Matthew Liufau of Seedless) for FREE on our home page, under the MP3 Leak of the Week section on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday August 2nd, 2014.

Arise Roots – “Dangerous” (feat. Matthew Liufau of Seedless)
“Dangerous” Background:
Arise Roots new album was recorded at Imperial Sound Recording Studio, engineered and mastered by E.N Young. The majority of the albums songs deal with the concept of Love War, hence the title, representing a special meaning to the group.

The group shares: “When it comes to our thoughts on ‘war’ we are not limiting the idea to country vs. country, but everything from class warfare, to life’s daily struggles, both external and internal. The concept of love is universal and needs no explanation as it is something that affects every person with air in their lungs!”

The album features 5 guest appearances that include: Stephen Newland from Rootz Underground on “What A Shame”, Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth on “Lost in your Ocean”, E.N Young of Tribal Seeds on “A Little More” Hirie the aforementioned Matthew Liufau of Seedless on this weeks feature, “Dangerous”.

According to our own David Garcia, Arise Roots have begun filming a couple more full production music videos in different locations throughout southern California for the songs, “Love You Right” as well as “Dangerous” featuring Matthew Liufau of Seedless.

Here’s what David Garcia had to say about the production of the song “Dangerous”: “I was lucky enough to be invited into Imperial Sound Recording Studio as the band was recording ‘Dangerous.’ Being one of the first to hear the band’s newest creation and witness E.N Young’s professionalism in the studio first hand was an amazing experience. Even more impressive was when Matt of Seedless showed up to record his verse. He showed up with his laptop just as everyone had taken a break to eat lunch and 15 minutes later, his verse was written and coming to life in the vocal booth!”

Pick up the new 15 track album, Love War, on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Arise Roots Background:
Out of Los Angeles, CA, Arise Roots is a 4-piece Roots-Reggae-Rock band that formed in 2010. On November 16, 2010 the group put out their debut EP, a 7 Track release titled Lay Your Guns Down. On February 19th, 2013, they released their debut album, a 16 track record titled Moving Forward. On January 1st, 2014, they put out a brand new single featuring Hirie, titled “Cool Me Down”.

Now with the release of Love War on August 5th, Arise Roots continues their forward progress within the reggae-rock movement. The Goal, as the group describes, is to: “Create a fresh reggae sound with a modern feel that appeals to all ages and races, but one that doesn’t compromise the true feel of roots reggae”

In addition to their recorded music, the group are no strangers to the live show! Arise Roots have had the opportunity to share the stage with such artists as Barrington Levy, Michael Rose, Sister Carol, Big Youth, Midnite, The Meditations, Kymani Marley, Gramps Morgan, Dennis Al Capone, Pappa Michigan, Mad Lion, Gondwana and even hip hop heavy weights Public Enemy.

Pick up their new album Love War and catch them on tour. Check the links below that include access to 2 more MP3′s for FREE from the group inside our MP3 Massive section…

arise roots Tour Dates

Related Links:
Arise Roots MP3 Massive (2 FREE MP3s)
Arise Roots Website
Arise Roots Facebook
Seedless Website

Huge thanks again to Arise Roots for allowing us to share new song “Dangerous” (ft Matthew Liufau of Seedless) to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for free and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Arise Roots – “Moving Forward”

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Interview with Jimmy on the Detroit Show

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Deadline Detroit has a good interview: “Jimmy Buffett Talks About His Fondness for Michigan and Detroit

The ever-popular Jimmy Buffett, who plays at Comerica Park Saturday night, tells Fox 2 of his affinity for Detroit and Michigan.

“Michigan audiences have always had a special place in my heart, because, unbeknownst to a lot of people, I started out many many years ago playing in a little club called the Raven Gallery out in Southfield.”

“We worked our way up through those years of clubs and places like that to where we actually got to open for Jerry Jeff Walker at Pine Knob. And then we got to be the headliner at Pine Knob. It’s still one of the great venues as a performer because of the way it was built.

He said there’s no other place on tour where he plays in the middle of a large metropolitan area.

And he adds: “We don’t do many stadiums.

It’s his third year in a row at Comerica.

He says he understands the musical taste of the people of Michigan and feels very comfortable here.

written by admin

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Video: Cydeways – Stay With Me

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“Stay With Me” is a new single from Cydeways and will be featured on their upcoming EP, due for release next month. The song was recorded both in California and at their home studio at Commons Recording in Lancaster, MA. Cydeways is a collaborative Reggae-Rock Hip Hop effort of Dustin Parks, from California who fronts the group and Trevor Buckingham, from Boston who handles the majority of the production. Dana Shoults, is also featured on many of their tracks on bass guitar and co-production.

You can download this song for FREE inside our MP3 Massive section a long with 6 other songs from 2 other releases, exclusivelym inside our MP3 Massive. Download for FREE by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song Video…

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Live: Dirty Heads, Pepper, Aer (7-21-14)

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Date: July 23, 2014
Line Up: Dirty Heads, Pepper, Aer, Katastro
Location: Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. Boston, MA

Settling into this outdoor venue, the temperature lowered as attendees started showing up. Doors opened at 6:30pm for the Dirty Heads Sound of Change tour featuring Pepper, Aer and Katastro. Dirty Heads are promoting the release of their latest album, Sound of Change that dropped on July 8th. Pepper is still riding the wave of their 2013 self-titled release, while Aer also dropped their self-titled album earlier this past January.

Dirty Heads played for over an hour as they performed new songs such as “Franco Eyed”, “Medusa”, “My Sweet Summer”, “Sound of Change” and “Burn Slow” in addition to classic staples with “Lay Me Down”, “Dance All Night” and “Believe”.

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Buffett Performs in Pittsburgh

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band continued their 2014 This One’s For You Tour on Wednesday night at the First Niagara Pavilion in Pittsburgh PA.

The set list from the show is now available. A change to the set list included the song “School Boy Heart” last performed on March 10, 2012 in San Diego, CA.

The Post-Gazette has a review of the show: “Buffett’s ‘This One’s For You’ tour is about the fans

In vintage Buffett fashion, a quarter of the 28 songs he played were covers of artists such as Van Morrison, Grateful Dead and Crosby, Stills Nash, which he sprinkled in with his own crowd-pleasers like “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and “Come Monday.” No song of his from the past decade made an appearance as he stuck to the classics, closing with the beloved “Margaritaville” before predictably returning for an encore that included the racy “Why Don’t We Get Drunk” played within the more modern “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.” Throughout the show, the 67-year old entertained, dancing around in his barefeet, cracking jokes and making plenty of Pittsburgh references.

To the fans, Buffett is known simply as “Jimmy” and they casually tell stories about him like a best friend or neighbor. All of the concert-goers are close to him. Close enough even to forgive him when he started a verse of “A Pirate Looks at Forty” with the wrong words and was corrected by the audience, because when Buffett performs, the musical component is just a bonus. The party is what people love. And the fans make the party happen.

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And the beat goes on…

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Its summer in Destin. That means we will get thunderstorms. Nothing new about that. But this year the rain totals are getting close to record totals. We are only a little past the half way point of the year and we have had almost 60 inches of rain in Destin so far. In an average year we get 61 inches so we are ready to bust past that soon….maybe today! The most rain Destin has received in one year is 104 inches back in 1975. We are on track to get almost 106 inches if we keep the current pace. That’s a lot of water!

The building boom continues too. Just this week the vacate land on Airport Road across from the city owned 2 million dollar pottery barn…don’t get me started on what the city could have done with that money…a new townhome development is starting. They have leveled all the trees and site work is beginning. Another spot in town where site work has started is adjacent to the Eglin Federal Credit Union branch behind Target. I don’t know what is going to be built there but all the trees are gone there too.

Sunshine Cindy and I love playing tourist in our town. This week has been a perfect example. Tuesday Sunshine Cindy stopped in at Destin Ice Seafood House. She picked up some fresh shrimp, garlic bread and salad. The shrimp was so fresh it was probably swimming in the gulf the previous night. While there she saw our friend John who is now working there. She then stopped at the grocery store and ran into Marsha. It’s a small town for sure. It was a great dinner that night.

Then on Wednesday Sunshine Cindy went down to the docks to see Sandy at Harbor Gifts. They are doing well selling our Crab Island Mambo merchandize. While there she ran into Charlie from The Crust Pizzeria. It just so happened we were planning to go to Crust for dinner so she told Charlie she would see him later. We did get to Crust about 6 pm. We sat outside as it was a beautiful evening. Charlie joined us for a while as I had not seen him in a several weeks. In the summer they are only doing pizza’s and sandwiches due to the crowds but they did have lasagna that was made earlier in the day. They know Sunshine Cindy loves their lasagna so she was able to get some. It’s nice being special! LOL

We had a good time at The Crust. The food was excellent and the weather was perfect. The town continues to be super busy. Folks were coming and going the entire time we were there. Tourist were everywhere spending money and keeping folks employed. Summer in Destin has a special buzz to it. I love it.

This weekend is a Parrot Head meeting at our favorite place in Fort Walton Beach, KC’s Sand Bar Grill. We will be there Friday night for a luau and great Trop Rock music. Don’t forget you can get all the weekend happenings on our Crab Island Mambo Weekend Update page:

Whatever you do this weekend have fun. I will see ya Monday with a full recap!

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Chronixx Performs on Jimmy Fallon!

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This past Tuesday, Jamaica’s Chronixx made his US television debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Watch the young Reggae artist close the show with his hit single “Here Comes Trouble” chronixxsign

In its first season with a new host, after almost 100 episodes, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has become known for its viral song dance bits with celebrities as well as its cool choice in music. Not only do The Roots play every night as the house band, but the show constantly brings in an excellent array of musical guests, filing the coveted late night performance slot with big acts, rarities and up-and-coming bands. Typically Jonathan Cohen is the man in charge of doing the show’s booking, however it seems Fallon may have his finger on the pulse when hit comes to Reggae.

Originally announced during the episode on Thursday, July 17, just after taking his place behind the desk, and announcing the talent for future shows, Fallon went into a funny short story about the first time he discovered Chronixx.

“I am very excited about this. Tuesday of next week, Chronixx will be here!…. You know Chronixx? … No no, not that type of Chronics (speaking to The Roots), he’s a Reg-gae singer!”

In conversation with the show’s side-man, Steve Higgins, Jimmy explains, ” … I was in Jamaica, I was on vacation, at this awesome place called Golden Eye… They play Reggae music through the whole resort, they play this song, “Here comes trouble, here comes the danger,” and I’m like, this is the best song!… I said who is this guy, and I Shazamed it, but the app doesn’t recognize… So I went and asked who it was… The guy actually tells me: ‘that’s Chronixx man’, and I go: ‘Chronixsman,’ he says: No, ‘Chron – Icks, Chronixx he has 2 X’s’… So Chronixx is going to be on our show Tuesday. So if you want to get into Reggae, new Reggae, he’s awesome.”

That next day on Friday, July 18, social media, at least in the Reggae scene, was abuzz with talk of Fallon’s story, and the upcoming performance. Following a weekend long blitz of posts across Facebook and Instagram, on Tuesday, July 22 episode 91 of The Tonight Show aired. After interviews with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mel B, Fallon excitedly-announced the musical guest, “…To perform ‘Here Comes Trouble’ from his album the Dread Terrible project, the entire island of Jamaica is swelling with pride right now. One Love. Please welcome Chronixx.”

Performing along side the ZincFence Redemption band, be sure to watch Chronixx perform “Here Comes Trouble” live in front of The Tonight Show audience. Enjoy the song and video below…

Chronixx Links:
Chronixx Website
Chronixx Facebook

Article By: Aaron Solomon

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J Boog’s Upcoming ‘Run Em Hard’ Tour

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Following the second leg of his summer Sunshine Girl tour featuring shows throughout California and Hawaii, Jboog has announced that this fall he will embark on the nation-wide Run Em Hard tour.Jboog_RunEm

Warming up with a an opening set for Groundation in Santa Cruz at the Catalyst on August 29th, a spot at the Lookout Music Festival in Margarita, CA on the 30th and then a set at the Shoreline Jam on the 31st, J Boog’s upcoming tour kicks off September 2nd in Solana Beach, CA for 2 nights at the Belly Up.

From there the 29-date tour heads through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and into Texas for three nights. Continuing east along I-10, the tour hits Jacksonville, Florida before heading up I-95 for an appearance at the 2nd annual Cali Roots: Carolina Sessions. A 2-day event this festival also includes Rebelution, Matisyahu, Iration, The Expendables and many more. After the Carolina party the tour heads back down into Florida for a 4-show run before heading back out west.

On tour with J Boog through the tour’s Florida run will once again be Hawaii’s Hot Rain. During the week that follows, September 25th through the 28th, the supporting acts will be several bands that happen to be crossing paths with J Boog. In Missouri, Kansas and Iowa, Proverbial, a Reggae-Rock-Fuck band from Virgina, will support J Boog. Then in Illinois Fortunate Youth and New Kingston will open, and in Minnesota, Fortunate Youth and Ease Up will play as support.

Hot Rain picks back up on the tour October 1st in Denver at the Bluebird and then Inna Vision will join the tour for a run into Montana and Washington. The tour ends October 11th, back in California at San Francisco’s Mezzanine

For more about J Boog, his music and details about his tour dates, check out the information below:
j boog Tour Dates

J Boog Links:
J Boog Website
J Boog Facebook
Wash House Music Website

Article By: Aaron Solomon

WATCH: The Music video for J Boog’s “Police And Thieves”

WATCH:J Boog Hot Rain – “Ganja Farmer” – Live @ Cali Roots 2012


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Video: SEEED – “Cherry Oh 2014″

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German Reggae outfit, Seeed, following their 2013 self-titled record Seeed, has dropped a new EP along with 2 new music videos. Released on June 20th, the Cherry Oh 2014 EP features two tracks, the title-track and “Waiting”, along with two remixes of “Cherry Oh.” Seeed’s video for “Cherry Oh” features beautiful 2D matted imagery done by Jan Koester of Talking Animals Animation Studio. Enjoy the song video click HERE to view the video for “Waiting”

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