Packers Fans eliminate the “Horse Collar” in a single visit to Lambeau

Posted on Monday, August 25th, 2014 at 8:30 pm
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Image via Green Bay Sportsservice

Earlier this week, the people who run the concessions at Lambeau Field announced a new menu item for the 2014 football season that looks as delicious as it is terrifying: the “horse collar.”

It’s a monstrous monstrosity of beer cheese, bun, fried sauerkraut, and 22-inches of sausage, or as the people of Green Bay call it, “a light snack.”

Scientifically speaking, we estimate the calories for this thing to be right around, oh, a billion.

And Packers fans, those goddamn American heroes that they are, ate all of them —  or at least tried to.

According to Green Bay ABC news affiliate WBAY, when the “horse collar” made its debut at at the Packers preseason game on Friday, the $20 item completely sold out (defying usual expectations for a food item with “horse” in the title, by the way).

There’s still no word on when Lambeau Field will add the mega Pepto Bismol fountain drink to its beverage menu. For now, we recommend beer.

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