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Packers Fans eliminate the “Horse Collar” in a single visit to Lambeau

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Image via Green Bay Sportsservice

Earlier this week, the people who run the concessions at Lambeau Field announced a new menu item for the 2014 football season that looks as delicious as it is terrifying: the “horse collar.”

It’s a monstrous monstrosity of beer cheese, bun, fried sauerkraut, and 22-inches of sausage, or as the people of Green Bay call it, “a light snack.”

Scientifically speaking, we estimate the calories for this thing to be right around, oh, a billion.

And Packers fans, those goddamn American heroes that they are, ate all of them —  or at least tried to.

According to Green Bay ABC news affiliate WBAY, when the “horse collar” made its debut at at the Packers preseason game on Friday, the $20 item completely sold out (defying usual expectations for a food item with “horse” in the title, by the way).

There’s still no word on when Lambeau Field will add the mega Pepto Bismol fountain drink to its beverage menu. For now, we recommend beer.

The heat continues in Destin

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This past weekend continued the hot and humid weather trend. Heat indexes were topping 110 degrees. Yeah, it was warm! But that did not stop us from getting out and having a good time.

Friday night was a Parrot Head meeting at Helen Back in Niceville. This Helen Back has been open for about a year but this is the first time Sunshine Cindy and I have been there. The place is big. They have two big inside bars and another bar on a huge deck outside. When we walked in I saw a manager walking around. It turned out to be JP. We know him from his days as the GM at Anglers. We worked with JP to put on several big Crab Island Mambo parties there. He is now managing several of the Helen Back locations around town. It was good seeing him again.

Jan was playing music for us. Chick and Ann Marie were there. They moved from our area down to Tampa several years ago. It’s been a while since we saw them. They were looking good. We had a big crowd. It was hot on the deck but they had fans and misters going that helped. Many folks stayed inside in the air conditioning too. After the party was over Sunshine Cindy and I stopped at Friday’s on the way home. Harry was working the bar. He is a bubbly guy. We have seen him before but this was our first chance to talk to him. He is another of the hard working service industry people we have in town.

Saturday Sunshine Cindy and I went to the harbor for lunch. We stopped at Fisherman’s Wharf. We sat inside. The food was good as always. We then walked over to the Red Door Saloon. With the sun beating down and the humidity so thick you can cut it with a knife we wanted to get someplace with a breeze. The Red Door sits up on a bluff and gets a nice breeze coming in from the Gulf of Mexico. It was comfortable sitting there. From there we walked to AJ’s. Just walking worked up a good sweat. At AJ’s there was no breeze. We had one drink and decided to find someplace cooler.

We walked back to the car. By now we were good and sweaty. We went to Hogs Breath. Their air conditioning worked great! We were happy. We hung out there for a while watching some football. We left and made one more stop on the way home. We stopped in at Chip’s. We wanted to see what was going on. I am sorry to say not much. Other than a few folks around the outside bar the place was dead. They were supposed to have Karaoke but that never happened. The Saints football game was on and the folks there were into it but the excitement was missing. I hope they can turn it around.

Sunday was the Southern Drawl Band at Crab Island Cantina. They played from 5-9 pm. There was a short rain shower as I got there. That helped cool things off a little. The guys put on a great show. It was more of an acoustic show but they played a lot of their original songs which was cool. Mother Nature put on a big show too. Later we had a big storm blow through. The lightening show was intense. It just added to the experience.

This week is the “unofficial” end of summer. I can’t believe it’s almost over. Time moves too fast. I will have a full report on Thursday of the lead up to the holiday weekend. See ya then!

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Don Carlos Debuts Solo Video for “Time”

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Back on July 21st The Pier was fortunate enough to be invited to witness Don Carlos’ live recording of the music video, for the song “Time”. Now Don Carlos has released that video along with his debut line of merchandise.
DavidNorrisDonCarlosVideoshoot7-21-14 (3)

Roots Reggae legend former Black Uhuru vocalist is no stranger to the stage, however with this extensive, accomplished and ongoing career he has yet to film a music video during his solo career for a solo song.

Recently with the help of well known director, Tha Razor and video company Film Junkie, Carlos was able to film his first ever solo career music video. The video for the track ”Time” released world-wide on August 14th. Enjoy the song and video below.

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Over the past year, the Don Carlos camp has ran several campaigns to raise support for the artist’s new line of merchandise. Following a few runs of shirts with and a limited addition run on, Don Carlos is proud to announce, for the first time ever, a dedicated line of Don Carlos gear will now be available to his fans on his online store and tour stops.

Look out for the new t-shirt in the video for “Time” and be sure to grab 1 or 2 at

For more about Don Carlos, his music and information about his tour dates check out the details below:

Related Link:
Backstage: A Don Carlos Story
Don Carlos Website
Don Carlos Facebook

Article By: Aaron Solomon

WATCH: Don Carlos – “Time” (Official Video)

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MP3 Leak of the Week: Tatanka

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On Sept. 9th, 2014, Denver, Colorado’s Reggae-Dub quartet, Tatanka, will release their new self-titled album via Roots Musician Records. The first song off that album is titled “100 Weight” we’re giving it away for FREE, this week only! Read more on the band, album song…

You can download the new Tatanka track, “100 Weight”, for FREE on our home page, under the MP3 Leak of the Week section on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday August 30th, 2014.

Tatanka – “100 Weight”
“100 Weight” Background:
Tatanka’s new self-titled album with 12 new songs will drop on September 9th via Roots Musician Records. The album was recorded at Imperial Sound Recording Studio with producer E.N Young. The album includes special guest appearances by Ted Bowne of Passafire, E.N Young MAAD T-Ray of Tribal Seeds as well as Triston Palma.

The first song off the new album is “100 Weight” – Here is what the group told The Pier about the new song:
“This is what we love to do as a band. A blend of classic Caribbean styles with a future twist. The melodies and progression were inspired by new dancehall and old Jamaica reggae dub. The lyrics come from dealing with stress of all kinds. Being able to rise above the stress. The song is a powerful example of Tatanka music – We figured it was a perfect track to set the mood for the album.”

You can purchase the new self-titled release on Tatanka’s website by clicking HERE!

Tatanka Background:
Homegrown in Denver Colorado, Tatanka is a quartet specializing in the sounds of dub, progressive reggae, dancehall, and electro soundscapes. Heavy Caribbean drum and bass grooves provide the pulse for the party as the music invites you to get down. In March of 2010, Tatanka released their first studio E.P. entitled Sounds in Technicolor. Since 2010, the group has evolved their sound, as well as their following with multiple releases leading up to their self-titled album on Sept 9th, 2014.

Tatanka recently opened up for 311 at the Fillmore in Denver, CO has shared the stage with many other national and international acts that include, but not limited to: Eoto, Slightly Stoopid, The Motet, Easy Star All-Stars, The Black Seeds, John Brown’s Body, The Expendables, Groundation, Iration, Passafire, Stick Figure and more.

In celebration of their new album, the group will hit the road, starting September 12th with Easy Star All-Stars Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. Check the dates below pick up Tatanka’s new self-titled album on September 9th!

tatanka Tour Dates

Related Links:
Tatanka Website
Tatanka Facebook

Huge thanks again to Tatanka for allowing us to share new song “100 Weight” to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for free and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Tatanka – “Make It Count”

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Video: 311 – Sand Dollars

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Here is the latest music video from 311. The song is titled “Sand Dollars” and it is off their latest album Stereolithic that dropped on on March 11th, 2014. You can read our album review for the latest release by clicking HERE!. Enjoy the new animated video song below…

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New Kingston: New Album & Tour!

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As of today, the three brothers from Brooklyn, NY, also known as New Kingston, have officially announced that they will be releasing their brand new album, Kingston City, this fall a long with their their Kingston City tour.

The album was mostly recorded at the boys own home ‘Kingston Studio’ as well as some instrumentation at ‘Imperial Sounds’, E.N Young’s studio.

New Kingston produced most of the Tracks on the album, but had one song produced by Sydney Mills of Steel Pulse and 2 tracks produced by producer Dub INC from France.

The album was mixed by Ziggy Marley’s engineer Grammy Award winning Fabian Cooke. This is also New Kingston’s first time recording with a female artist including features by, Sister Carol (Grammy Nominated), as well as Kimie Tribal Seeds.

When The Pier asked New Kingston about the evolution of their sound from Kingston University, Courtney Panton (drummer) responded that the album is “Way more alive, and way more raw. Kingston City is the voice of the youth dem.”

The track-listing hasn’t been announced yet there is no official release date on Kingston City. We do know that it will be paired with a 22 date tour, also titled Kingston City. On the tour, The Pier has been told that New Kingston will be playing their new tracks, giving fans the ultimate exclusive listen, live at their shows.

Be sure to catch New Kingston on their fall tour – come back to catch more details on their brand new album Kingston City. No official release date or track listing have been announced, so stay tuned!

new kingston Tour Dates

New Kingston Links:
New Kingston Website
New Kingston Facebook

Article By: Andrew McClatchy

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How Bob Marley’s Son Learned From Failure And Started A Multi-Million Dollar Coffee Company

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Marley Coffee is still a relatively small company, having churned out $6 million in revenue in 2013. But founder Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley’s children, has big plans for his Jamaican-born coffee business.

In 1999, Rohan Marley was 27. He had played linebacker for the University of Miamibefore moving on to the Canadian Football League. Now he found himself in New York City, wanting to do more with his life–to make a name for himself as a Marley.

In a serendipitous twist, a friend contacted Marley about an opportunity to purchase a property in Jamaica. Though he’d only lived in Jamaica as a child before moving to the U.S. at age 12, Marley had recently received $200,000 in royalties from his father’s music. So he made a trip to Jamaica to look at the property and couldn’t believe what he found.

“The first thing I saw was all the fruits–apple, starfruit, pineapple–tons of fruit growing wildly, and I was seeing all the food going to waste,” he recalls in his thick Jamaican accent. “While I’m walking, I’m thinking, ‘Wow, this land is really fertile.’ When I approached the river, I couldn’t believe my eyes that this property was in Jamaica. Here’s this beautiful piece of property for sale–I thought it was a conspiracy.”

On impulse, Marley forked over his $200,000 and bought the 52-acre property. As he was walking off the land, he noticed an entire community of people standing there, trying to figure out what he was up to. “The only thing I could think to say was, ‘What’s the community known for?’ They said coffee, and by the time they knew my name, I was saying, ‘Well alright, the community is known for coffee, so let’s get down to specifics,'” he says. “My next question: ‘Do you know anything about coffee? They said, ‘Yes, Mr. Marley, we’ve been farming all our lives.'”

It didn’t take long for him to decide that he wanted to start a coffee business–one that was emphatically organic. “I’m a Rasta man, and I can’t have a piece of land that isn’t something I want to eat from,” he explains.

It was a long haul from Marley’s initial coffee-growing idea to creating a functional business. Marley spent eight years applying for an export license, organic certification, and a coffee-growers license. The learning curve was steep.

“I gave my coffee to a roaster in Jamaica–I gave him 1,000 pounds–and he never returned the bag. He said it was all bad coffee,” Marley remembers. “I decided this wasn’t working for me. I told the farmers, ‘Take all the raw materials, sell it, do what you need to do to keep the farm going.'”

Between 2004 and 2006, Marley helped his sister start a clothing company, which eventually ran out of money and shut down. Marley once again needed to reevaluate his life. He packed two duffel bags and headed to Ethiopia.

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Hot and Humid

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This has probably been the hottest days of summer so far in Destin. The heat indexes for the next several days will  be in the 105 and up range. The humidity is so thick you can cut it with a knife. But I actually like it like that. But I don’t have to work outside either.

Sunshine Cindy and I went to Landshark Pizza on Monday evening to watch the Browns and play some music bingo. Brian and Sue sat with us to have a beer. Sue ended up staying with us the entire night. She was enjoying not having to work for a change. The Browns game was ugly. The offense looked pathetic. Johnny Football has a long way to go and Brian Hoyer is not looking good either. At least the defense looks real solid.  Well, it is preseason.

I had my Browns hat on. A table that was next to us turned out to be tourist from Akron. They were surprised to see a Browns fan in Destin. There are a few of us here. The music bingo was fun. Jason was a cut up behind the bar dancing and singing to many of the songs. We didn’t win anything but we had a good time.

In town this week is the Southern Drawl Band and MelaGrass (Melanie Howe and Mike Snodgrass). Tuesday night Sunshine Cindy and I met up with some of them at KC’s Sandbar in Ft. Walton Beach. Melanie and Mike came out there as did Paul from SDB. Jan and Kenny were running the open mic night music. Brandy, Wayne, Terry, James and a cast of thousands were also there having fun. An old friend Matt was back behind the bar. I have known Matt for years. He is a good guy.

Paul and Melanie were late getting there. They were riding a scooter and took a wrong turn. They ended up in Destin. On the way back across the Destin bridge they were stopped by a cop for riding in the bike lane. As Paul told the cop the scooter has a top speed of about 8 mph and they didn’t want to get run over. Turns out the scooter also had an expired tag. The cop didn’t give them a ticket. I think he felt sorry for them. LOL

Sunshine Cindy and I had a chance to talk to Mike the owner of KC’s. He and his wife are great friends who we have known for years. We have booked our Crab Island Mambo Holiday Party at KC’s Tapworks Bar for Saturday November 29th from 3-7 pm. We will be supplying music and food as we “Embrace the Chaos!” during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Mark your calendar as everyone will be welcome to join us.

Now that the summer season is done we are starting to see places close down. The Destin Cinema which has been going strong for almost 25 years shut their doors. The cost of upgrading to the new digital projectors was more than they could afford.

Bud and Allies which has been in Seaside forever opened a new place in Panama City Beach three months ago. They are already shutting it down. It must have been doing terrible to close it down so soon. I keep saying there are too many places and there will be a weeding out process.

This weekend we will be seeing the Southern Drawl Band on Sunday at Crab Island Cantina on the harbor from 5-9 pm. There’s plenty of things going on besides this but we are not sure what we else we will be doing. Whatever it is we will have fun though! A full report will be posted Monday. See ya then!

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Stick Figure’s Livin’ It Fall Tour 2014

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While currently on the road touring the nation for the Count Me In Tour, the Massachusetts born reggae-dub artist turned Cali-native known as Stick Figure has shown no signs of slowing down in the months to come.
On Tuesday, August 5th, Stick Figure released a brand new version of the classic, “Livin’ It.” Originally found in the 2009 full-length, Smoke Stack, the single’s newest rendition has been shortened by almost 2 minutes and hosts an all-new revamped sound.

Just recently while on the California leg of the Count Me In Tour with reggae heavy-hitters Rebelution, Iration, and The Green, Scott Woodruff and company have announced plans for their own headlining tour to come in the fall. The tour will be dubbed the Livin’ It Fall Tour 2014 and will feature direct support from fellow California-based reggae artists, Hirie and Pacific Dub. Beginning on September 2nd, the tour kicks off in Flagstaff, Arizona, before heading as far east as New York and Florida and coming back to the West coast to conclude the 34-date tour at a world famous theater in Los Angeles known as The Roxy.

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Stick Figure continues to move forward as they are still rolling off the success of the feel-good summer hit, “Smokin’ Love,” featuring Collie Buddz. The live band’s keyboardist, K Bong, also dropped his debut full-length album, Hopes and Dreams, earlier this summer. Kevin Offitzer, Stick Figure’s performing drummer, has also been offering drum lessons while on the road to keep busy.

You can check all the dates for the Livin’ It Fall Tour 2014 as well as take a listen and download the re-released version of “Livin’ It” below!

Stick figure Tour Dates

Stick Figure Links:
Stick Figure MP3 Massive
Stick Figure Website
Stick Figure Facebook

Article By: David Garcia

Listen: Stick Figure – Livin’ It (Radio Edit)

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Buffett’s restaurant in Waikiki to remain open

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From KHON 2: “Jimmy Buffett’s at the Beachcomber to stay open under local management

Outrigger Enterprises Group announced Tuesday that it has leased the restaurant space to JB Waikiki, LLC, a new entity created by Handcrafted Restaurants, LLC, operators of Hawaii’s Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman.

The restaurant, located on the upper lobby level of the Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort, will continue to operate under the Jimmy Buffett’s brand following a one-week closure from September 1-7 while the space and menu undergo a refresh.

“We are honored to carry on Jimmy Buffett’s great operation in Waikiki and look forward to expanding on its popularity with a few changes to the facilities and new additions to the menu that highlight Hawaii local flavors,” said Bill Terry, partner at Handcrafted Restaurants LLC. “The interview process is currently underway with restaurant management and staff and we expect a quick and easy transition.”

Barbara Campbell, vice president of retail leasing at Outrigger Enterprises Group, said, “We are pleased to have reached this agreement that allows Jimmy Buffett’s at the Beachcomber restaurant to remain open under the direction of Hawaii’s JB Waikiki, LLC, and continue to serve up the great food and drinks people have come to expect from the restaurant.”

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