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Not PBR too

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I was reading this week that Pabst Blue Ribbon beer has been bought out by a Russian company. Say it ain’t so. PBR is one of the iconic American Brands that in recent years has made a big comeback. Now it is going the way of Bud, Miller and Coors who are all owned by foreign companies. Thankfully I still have my American owned Yuengling!

It has been a quiet week around Destin. Work has been busy so we have not ventured out yet. We did miss a birthday celebration for Kenny at KC’s Sandbar last night. I have seen a few pictures and it looks like it was a lot of fun. Sorry we didn’t make it Kenny.

I first moved to Destin in 1999. There was a street that I drove all the time, Kelly Street, which is an east/west road that has the elementary school on it. Back in 1999 Kelly Street was rough and in need of repaving. Here we are 15 years later and the road has never been worked on. It is in really bad shape now. I think this road was last paved when horses were the main mode of transportation. LOL  Well, this stretch of road is finally going to be reworked. I kind of hate to see it change as I think of the history that road has seen. But all the cars won’t mind it being modernized.

Most sports fans are happy football is back but I am really happy that hockey is back this week with training camps open and pre-season games being televised. Hockey is the fastest sport and is great to watch. Tampa is going to have a real good team this year. They surprised a lot of folks last year with a bunch of young guys playing great. This year should only be better…I hope!

Registrations continue to come in for our Trop Rock event in Ohio next year, Phlocking of the Phaithful. Remember you don’t have to be a Parrot Head or member of any club to attend. Everyone is welcome. Click the link for all the details:

Sunshine Cindy and I don’t have much on the agenda for this weekend. We do have a Parrot Head meeting on Friday at KC’s Sandbar in Fort Walton Beach. That will be a fun time as always. The rest of the weekend is wide open. No telling what chaos we might get into too! See ya Monday!

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Artist Radar: Kimie

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Back for another Artist Radar, we direct our attention to Hawaiian singer-songwriter, Kimie Miner. She was first mentioned on The Pier in 2010 when she was featured on the song “How Does It Feel” from The Green‘s debut release. With music of her own, including a FREE MP3 in our MP3 Massive, read more to learn about Kimie…

Artist Radar: Kimie

Kimie is a fantastic up coming artist making waves in the reggae, soul, acoustic realm. She has played on tour with Barrington Levy, Tubby Love, Mike Love, and The Green, just to name a few. At this year’s Cali-Roots festival in May, I finally got to see her perform live the performance included a live proposal in the middle of Kimie’s set! The couple was made to look like they were chosen at random to come on stage, but secretly a man named Thomas had contacted Kimie and her team about 6 months ahead of time to arrange the proposal as Kimie was the favorite artist of Thomas’s now fiance.

Clearly love is in the air during Kimie’s soulful, melodic performances as she acknowledges that: “Love is so inspiring because it’s so unpredictable and confusing, but wonderful at the same time.”

KimieKimie is no stranger to the power of music, and she admits: “I fell in love with music as a child and it naturally just became apart of my life. No matter where I am in my life, I know I can always turn to music. My music is very personal to me and it was something I liked to keep to myself. I guess you could say I was a kind of a closet musician at first.” Kimie, who taught herself to play her Dad’s old guitar in high school continued on to say, “I think meeting reggae singer Barrington Levy changed that for me. The experience of being on stage and on the road with him really inspired me to pursue my own musical career.”

Kimie currently has two releases, including her 2009 debut album Distant Traveler, and her latest EP To The Sea (2013). We’ve been told she’s hard at work in the studio working on her third release.

“With this next album, I’m expanding on the type of music I love to play and I’m excited to be able to work with producer Billy Van on creating a new sound, while still being connected to my roots. Although my musical genre is not Hawaiian, it is rooted in Hawaiian music,” states Kimie. “No matter what we as Hawaiian people do, we should always have the perpetuation of our culture in mind.”

Since her last release, To The Sea in 2013, 2014 saw some major momentum for Kimie that includes playing a major festival with Cali-Roots. It has also given her time to write and collaborate with tons of talented artists and producers across the board.

“Collaborating with everyone, not only influenced my music, but has allowed me to become more adventurous with it as well. Aside from island reggae and Hawaiian music, I am also influenced by many other genres, some of them being acoustic soul, hip hop, jazz pop. In this next album, you will be able to hear some of these influences.”

KimieCoverSome of those influences, I am told, come from her three favorite albums: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill, Lover’s Rock by Sade, and Elua by Cecilio and Kapono.

If you have seen any of Kimie’s videos or listened to her music, there is always an incorporation of nature and the ocean. Something rooted in her Hawaiian culture and the DNA for her songwriting style.

“Growing up on an island, we are influenced by the ocean, and the beauty that surrounds us. As Hawaiians, we were taught that the land is like another family member and is a huge part of our culture.”

It seems as though she is not the only one who shares a strong bond to the island state. With fellow artists Pepper, The Green, Iration, Anuhea, and Mike Love, Hawaii has become an apparent vessel for artists, each giving their own take to the Hawaiian style of reggae-rock.

As far as 2015 goes, I don’t think there is any slowing down for this poised young woman. Her fans and sounds continue to grow and at The Pier, we are very excited to see what the future brings for Kimie Miner. As far as Kimie is concerned: “I’m most looking forward to getting back on the road and sharing my new music with everyone. I’m so blessed to have found my passion. It has allowed me the opportunity to travel and see the world.”

As a gift for fans, Kimie has decided to give away the title track for her EP with the song “To The Sea”. You can download that song for FREE inside our MP3 Massive section, by clicking HERE!

Kimie Tour Dates

Kimie Links:
Kimie MP3 Massive [FREE MP3]
Kimie Website
Kimie Facebook

Article By: Andrew McClatchy
Photo By: David Norris

Kimie – “Make Me Say”

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Sublime Covered on NBC’s The Voice

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On NBC’s The Voice, Sublime’s “Santeria” was performed to a panel of Coaches (judges) that includes Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani (of No Doubt). After the song was performed, Gwen had her thoughts to share on the Sublime cover, given her collaborative history with the band the late Brad Nowell.

For those who aren’t familiar, The Voice is a “reality” TV show that is more or less a singing competition. Contestants come out to a panel of Four Judges who are in chairs that have their back to the vocalist, making this a blind audition to the judges. If the judges enjoy “The Voice” they hear, they’ll hit a button to have their seat turned around to view “The Voice”. By doing this, the judges are indicating their support and willingness to work with the 1411541172961_Image_galleryImage_LOS_ANGELES_CA_Tuesday_Sevocalist moving forward as their coach. Winners receive $100,000 and a “record deal” with Universal Music Group.

Menlik Zergabachew, a 19-year old from Maryland, brought smiles to the judges’ faces when he chose Sublime’s “Santeria” to sing. To his credit, Menlik had great timing when performing the song has an incredible voice! But in my own personal opinion, he doesn’t have the soulful glow that naturally permeated from the late great, Brad Nowell.

Blake Shelton, turned his seat around first, showing support for the vocalist and seconds before the song’s end, Gwen Stefani followed suit, joining the rest of the coaches who enjoyed the live rendering.

Because all of the coaches turned their seat around in support, Menlik then had the choice to choose who he’d like his coach to be. His only question before choosing a coach, was if they would allow him to play Reggae – A question Gwen had no problem answering when she said “Of course! I love Reggae!”. In a smart move, Menlik chose Gwen as his coach moving forward on the show – Good choice Menlik!

Here’s what Gwen had to say to Menlik about the Sublime cover, following his performance: “It’s hard for me because I love Sublime. I love that song. No Doubt use to tour with those guys… Bradley’s voice, for me, is like the best ever! So you’re competing against that. But at the end of the day, I like this guy, I like his style…”

Menlik is no stranger to reggae music as he has his own band called The Relics based out of Washington D.C. I included a link to their soundcloud Facebook page below.

Kudos Menlik for standing up for Reggae music choosing a ballsy song to cover on national television! You opened yourself up to a ton of criticism as Sublime fans are the most critical because, as Gwen said, Bradley Nowell really does have the best voice…ever!

View the video below let us know your thoughts on Menlik’s cover of “Santeria”.

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The Relics Soundcloud
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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Menlik Zergabachew covering Sublime’s “Santeria” on The Voice

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Kimie – To The Sea

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KimieTo The Sea
(File Type MP3, 1 MP3)

1.) To The Sea

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Gulf Coast Cowboy: September 24th 7pm CST

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Gulf Coast Cowboy: September 24th

Welcome back to the Gulf Coast Cowboy! For those of you who’ve been to Key west, you understand the appeal, but for those of you who haven’t been, you’re missing out! This week’s episode is dedicated to all of the ways you can explore the wonderful city where trop rock calls home. You can bike, walk, or take a moped all across the city and explore all it has to offer. You can take part in the Duval Krawl and end up in Mallory Square to catch the sunset to watch the street performers and salute the end of another day. Tune in to the show on September 24th at 7pm and start planning your vacation to Key West!


Track Listing

1. There’s Something About Key West – Al Mosier

2. Key West Diet – Gary Goddard

3. Old Key West – Leo Dean

4. Key West Time – Jesse Rice

5. Livin’ On Key West Time – Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24

6. Paradise At The End Of A1A – A1A

7. Island Fever – Barefoot Man

8. Parrothead Rendezvous – Brent Burns

9. Back To The Islands – Steve Tolliver

10. Key West Hooky – Tiki Thom

11. Duval Crawl – The Caribbean Cowboys

12. Stuck In Key West Again – Homemade Wine

13. It’s Key West – Lori Kelley




Ballyhoo!’s The Cool Down EP Vol. 1

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Indeed, Ballyhoo! has announced that they will be releasing a new EP titled The Cool Down Vol 1. It’ll drop Oct 21st, 2014 via their own Right Coast Records. In addition, the group will share the road with Tribal Seeds and Gonzo w/Beyond I Sight. Check the details below…

The new EP includes three new tracks, as well as a remix of three older songs, including an acoustic version of “Walk Away.” The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Stebe in Orlando, FL.
Balyhoo! guitarist/vocalist Howi Spangler shares that: “With ‘The Cool Down,’ we wanted to bring back that laid back vibe we had in our pre-‘Daydreams’ releases. It turned out to be even more chill than we went for and we love it. I had written some songs that were different than our current sound and then we also thought it would be cool to take a few old favorites and bring them to that level. ‘Evil Penguin (Frontline)’ really sounds epic in this new way. The message from this EP as a whole, even down to the artwork, is to take the listener to a happy place after that long work day or whatever stressful situation they’re in. Just to ‘cool down’ and have a beer by our sonic beach.”

The artwork Howi speaks of was designed by The Pier’s own Kc Cowan and looks to inhabit enable a laid back setting among a bonfire at sunset on the beach. Kc tells The Pier that Howi approached her for the cover describing to her that he wanted: “Sunset on a beach, looking out to the ocean. Palm trees. Maybe a bonfire with an acoustic guitar laying in the sand. A six pack in the sand. The sky is blue, purple orangey in color.” – I’d say Kc nailed the cover-art in true Ballyhoo! fashion sets a nice visual impression to the EP!

The EP, as mentioned above, includes 6 total tracks welcoming new bass player Nick Lucera who looks to fill the very big shoes left behind by J.R. Gregory. View the track listing for the new EP:
1.) Beach Party
2.) ADHD
3.) Evin Penguin (Frontline)
4.) Cali Girl (Lullaby)
5.) Overnight Sensation
6.) Walk Away (Acoustic)

While the new EP drops Oct 21st, Ballyhoo! will hit the road starting Oct 17th with Tribal Seeds Gonzo w/Beyond I Sight on the Fall Representing Tour. The tour will be 25+ dates from Colorado to Florida, Ohio, NY, MD, VA, TX back west to California, ending on Nov. 22nd.

Check the tour dates below pre-order The Cool Down Vol. 1 EP on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Ballyhoo! Tour Dates

Ballyhoo! Links:
Ballyhoo! Website
Ballyhoo! Facebook

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Passafire Ballyhoo! – “Easy” (Live Acoustic Cover of The Commodores)

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American Reggae versus Jamaican Reggae, Why?

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Shereita Grizzle, Gleaner Writer

In June, Billboard disclosed some news that many may have found surprising, or perhaps not. The website revealed that United States (US) reggae acts were outselling their Jamaican counterparts, by comparing the number of Jamaican acts that have singles or albums on their charts to the number of US acts also making the list. If you thought the June findings were a hoax, the website did yet another comparison which yielded similar results.


The recent findings show five American reggae acts occupying the top 10 positions on the Reggae Album chart for the week ending September 13. SOJA’s Amid The Noise and Haste has held the top slot for the past three weeks, selling a total of 16,083 units, according to Nielsen Soundscan. At number three, Rebelution’s Count Me In has sold 33,049 units over 12 weeks, surpassing Ziggy Marley’s Fly Rasta, which amassed a total of 14,720 units in sale after 20 weeks on the chart. Soca artiste Bunji Garlin’s Differentology and Chronixx’s Dread and Terrible also made the list. Dread and Terrible currently holds the No. 12 spot, selling just over 6,000 copies after 21 weeks on the chart.

Up-and-coming reggae band Raging Fyah, in a recent interview, said that reggae continues to grow internationally, dubbing it a good sign for the local music fraternity. When asked to comment on the Billboard findings, the band’s bass guitarist, Delroy ‘Pele’ Hamilton, says while the findings may not be good news for the industry, it bares much truth.

“It is true for more reasons than one,” he said. “First of all, American acts, especially the reggae bands, approach the music as more of a business. Secondly, they have the home advantage. They pull larger crowds at concerts, so they gain more exposure and manage to build a very loyal fanbase.”

He went on to say that many Jamaican acts, up-and-coming bands in particular, work independently, which means taking much more effort on their part to establish themselves as serious acts. “Many of us do not have a label behind us, we don’t have that strong marketing presence which is key to a successful career.”


Expanding on the point of marketing, Pele said bands such as Third World managed to do what up-and-coming bands struggle to achieve because of marketing. “They had a label behind them and were marketed to the international space, that’s why, even to this day, the international scene has to recognise their work,” he said.

In an interview with Billboard following the findings, Steven Newland of Roots Underground pointed out additional problems hindering Jamaican acts. He listed securing visas, work permits and travel expenses to the US (non-factors for Americans) as key factors preventing some of the island’s acts from maximising their potential.

Pele agrees, as he says the quality of music coming from overseas acts are not necessarily better than the work of Jamaican artistes. “We (artistes) face a lot of restrictions overseas; things the overseas acts do not have working against them. It is not that their music is better why they sell more, they just have more things working in their favour,” he said.

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Last day of Summer

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Tuesday is the first official day of Fall. Where did Summer go? It seems like we were just talking about Spring ending and looking forward to the best time of the year and now it’s over. If you can’t tell, I love Summer.

Well, we tried to keep the Summer party going this past weekend. Friday night Sunshine Cindy and I took Tiffany out to McGuire’s to eat. We sat upstairs and enjoyed a nice breeze and great view of the bay and harbor. The food and drinks were good as usual. Even with the main tourist season being over McGuire’s still had a line waiting for tables by the time we left.

From there we went down to the harbor. We walked down to Fishheads. It was national “Talk Like a Pirate Day” and there were many folks dressed up on the harbor. Melissa and Tom, the owners of Fishheads were there and we talked to them for a while. Ken was there with his Great Dane “Baby Girl.” This dog is the size of a small horse but she is so gentle. Josh also had his Great Dane there too. Melissa and Tom are big supporters of the Destin Dog Park so their place is natural for dog owners to congregate on the harbor.

We hung out there for a while people watching and talking to Ken. Sunshine Cindy and I decided to walk down to the Boathouse to see what was going on there. Courtney was behind the outside bar. We got a drink and went in where we saw Kenny, Tommy and Cajun Mike. A little while later Kerby came in. We listened to Jason Clark play and chatted with the guys before heading home for the night.

Saturday was our Crab Island Mambo and ECPHC beach cleanup. It was breezy with nice waves in the Gulf of Mexico. There were tons of folks surfing. We don’t get a lot of good surfing days so they were taking advantage of the conditions. We had a good turnout of people to help with the cleanup and the beach party that followed. The weather was perfect with some clouds that helped keep things cooled down a little. We got home in the late afternoon and relaxed the rest of the evening.

Sunday was a perfect day weather wise. No clouds, low humidity and temps in the upper 80’s. You could not ask for a better day. Sunshine Cindy and I ran several errands in the morning. In the afternoon we went to Landshark Pizza to watch some football. The place was packed but we found some seats at the bar. Jason was working and he introduced us to a friend of his, Lisa. She is from Panama City and is a new Parrot Head member over there. She asked if we knew someone who worked for a car dealership. I knew right away she was talking about our friends Steve and Debbie. That is cool she knows them too.

Brian had a special of Brats and Cheese Curds. Sunshine Cindy got the special and loved it. It came with sauerkraut and she was in her glory. It was a fun time at Landshark even if my Browns lost a heart breaker. Oh well, maybe next time. We got home and sat out on the back porch as the sun went down. Our neighbors dogs were out running around so we got to play with them. It was a nice way to close the weekend.

We are getting the 2015 Phlocking of the Phaithful at Put-in-Bay, Ohio registration into full swing with many folks already getting registered for the big party next year. You can join in the fun too. Here is all the information:   We are also accepting sponsors for the event. This is a good way to get some publicity for your business while helping us make the 2015 Phlocking a big success.

Have a great week. See ya Thursday!!!

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Amp Live feat Eric Rachmany of Rebelution

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Based out of Los Angeles, CA is producer Amp Live who released his latest album, Headphone Conerto. The fourth song off that album features Eric Rachmany of Rebelution and with it is a new music video that you can view below…
Taking a unique approach with incorporating the sounds of a cello, “Signs” has an alt. electronic sound over a programmed beat Eric’s vocals bodes well with a sound we’re not use to hearing him sing over. It gives us more of a glimpse of hearing Eric’s vocals outside a reggae genre has me curious for me!

Here’s what Eric had to say about the song the aligning music video: “’Signs’ is about two people being in the right place at the right time and ultimately finding a connection. To me, the video takes place after the man and woman have already met. It shows me contemplating what had just happened and how much I can’t stop thinking about the connection we shared. Amp Live originally sent me the instrumental as a reggae beat, but throughout the process it got flipped around and ended up being something completely different. It was a pleasure to be a part of this song as is any Amp Live project.”

The song also finds Amp Live Eric Rachmany in the right place at the right time as they ultimately found a connection on this song. I’d love to see Eric explore more alternative sounds with Amp Live as well as his band.

Headphone Concerto is Amp Live’s Debut Solo Release although he’s released 11 albums as one half of the group Zion I. With his new single, “Signs” here’s what Amp Live had to say: “‘Signs’ talks about that initial feeling you get when you meet someone that your attracted to, which leads into a relationship down the line. In other words meeting “the 1″. The video is an abstract interpretation of that, using the beach to symbolize the different movements of that part of the relationship”

Check the video below drop us a comment with your thoughts on the collaboration! You purchase this song as well as the entire Amp Live album, Headphone Conerto, on iTunes by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Amp Live – “Signs” (feat. Eric Rachmany of Rebelution)

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Video: Passafire & Ballyhoo! – “Easy” (Acoustic Cover)

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Here is the Video Premiere to the sixth installment to The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series. The video was Directed by Tage Plantell, produced by Kit Chalberg with sound by Kyle Zender. As a result, here is Passafire Ballyhoo! performing a Live Acoustic Cover of “Easy”, written by Lionel Richie made popular by The Commodores. The video was filmed on location at Jackson’s in downtown Denver, CO on Sunday, February 16th, 2014. Aside from shooting this collaboration cover, we also filmed Passafire Ballyhoo! each performing their own individual songs, so stay tuned for more video premiere’s in the coming months! Enjoy the video read more about the production by clicking HERE!

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