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Fortunate Youth’s 2015 Spring Tour & New Album

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As mentioned in our 2015 Most Anticipated Albums feature, Fortunate Youth has a new albums scheduled to drop on May 5th, 2015. In addition to that release, they have announced their plans for their Don’t Think Twice Spring Tour. Lets check the details, dates links.
Once Fortunate Youth finishes up a string of support dates with The Expendables on the 4th annual Winter Blackout Tour on January 28th and will begin their Don’t Think Twice Spring Tour alongside Hirie and New Jersey’s own Sensamotion on March 17th. Fortunate Youth will kick the tour off at Jack’s Bar in San Antonio, TX. The Spring Tour will cover 26 cities in 14 states across the US and will conclude on April 19th in Las Vegas, NV. During their tour, they will also perform with Tribal Seeds and Passafire. Fans will also see them perform at the California Roots Music Arts Festival over Memorial Day weekend on May 24th.

The Don’t Think Twice tour is being presented by Calibis Clothing, a unity brand derived from music, roots and culture by way of positivity and love. The Pier caught up with Calibis while they were in Guam to ask how they came to sponsor this tour.

Tomas Omallan, of Calibis, told The Pier: “We were vending at Reggae In the Hills (festival) and were blown away by their performance. When they came to Sacramento for a show, we finally got to meet the band. From then on our positive vibes paralleled. Every time we watch them perform, we witnessed a band with true passion for what they do and a great sense of positive energy. We knew by combining our positive energy, our ripple will reach greater heights. We invited them to our first annual Trenchfest in Guam as friends. They left as family!”

Coming May 5th, 2015, a couple weeks after their Spring Tour wraps up, Fortunate Youth will release what they currently intend on calling ‘Don’t Think Twice’ as their 3rd studio album set to include 12 total tracks. The 6-piece reggae group from South Bay-Hermosa Beach, CA have been in the studio from 1/5 – 1/13 and then again from 1/18-1/23. They’re producing the album themselves while tracking recording out of 17th Street Recording Studio as well as cuttin’ up some things at Castaway Studios in Santa Barbara, CA. Lew Richards has been the engineer for the new album out of 17th and it looks like we’ll have more details on this new release following their upcoming sessions at the studio.

Let’s hope for some new songs to be performed live during their Don’t Think Twice Spring Tour. Don’t be surprised to witness some onstage collaborations as Fortunate Youth likes to incorporate their support acts into some songs at the end of their set. Check the dates, details and links below…

Fortunate youth Tour Dates

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Fortunate Youth – “Love Is The Most High” (Audio Tree Live)

Watch: Fortunate Youth – “Till the End” (Audio Tree Live)

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Rebelution’s ‘Count Me In’ Remixes EP

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Following the release of Count Me In, Rebelution has released a Remixes EP with a slew of guest appearances that include producers Michael GoldWasser, Marshall Goodman, Yeti Beats Dub Architect, with guest appearances by Iration, Katchafire, The Green, J Boog, Ikey Owens, Errol Brown, Aaron Adams and Courtney Adams. See what Marshall Goodman Dub Architect told The Pier…

All 5 songs of the Count Me In Remixes EP drops January 20th. 100% of all proceeds from the EP will be donated to the following organizations: Wecaresolar (Donate Here), Lupus Foundation of America (Donate Here), Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support (Donate Here) as well as the Surf Rider Foundation (Donate Here).

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The album, Count Me In, released via Easy Star Records/87 Music in June 2014, featured guest appearances by Don Carlos Collie Buddz. The album was Billboards top selling reggae album in 2014, selling over 17,000 copies in its first week, and this was Rebelution’s second consecutive debut in the top 15 on the Top 200, entering at number 14. To date, it has sold over 38,000 copies. This marks the third time that this Santa Barbara, California band has out sold others on the Reggae chart.

Now, with the momentum that Count Me In has had, it’s a great opportunity to allow several charities to benefit from it’s remixes by collaborating with such prestigious artists producers.

Yeti Beats remixed “More Love” with J Boog, The Green, Iration all on the same track. Michael Goldwasser provided his re-imagining of “Hate To Be The One”, while Dub Architect re-did “Roots Reggae Music” that features Don Carlos Katchafire. Former Sublime Long Beach Dub Allstar member, Marshall Goodman, produced 2 remixes with “De-stress” and “Count Me In” which features the late Ikey Owens, Aaron Adams Courtney Adams.

Speaking to Ras MG, aka Marshall Goodman:
We were able to speak with Marshall Goodman about the songs he re-produced, telling The Pier: “One of the first projects my management team brought to the table in 2013 was producing and writing with Rebelution. I went through the typical first step of producing a band and listened to the demos Eric Rachmany, of Rebelution, had for their upcoming record. I chose two songs that I felt had single potential and contained the foundation to reach a market outside of their standard demographic. ‘De-Stress’ was their chosen single and I chose ‘Count Me In’ for it’s great crossover potential.”

When we asked Goodman what he brought to the production of those 2 songs, he first spoke of “De-Stress” and gave a lot of credit to guitarist/vocalist, Eric Rachmany, by explaining: “I wanted to push a Blues/Rock/Hip Hop style that my writing team and I have been developing over the past five years and I used that formula for ‘De-Stress’. Eric’s vocal performance on this track is very assertive and he uses some clever wordplay in the song, so I took the Hip Hop/Rock approach. Courtney Adams performed the guitar and bass parts, while the late Ikey Owens performed his signature synth and keyboard style on the track. ‘De-Stress’ has a great groove and heavy Hip Hop elements, so I added cuts – using excerpts of Eric’s vocal, an accent scratch for transitions, and ‘start-up’ cuts for the drum loop.”

As for the song, “Count Me In”, Marshall goes into detail, explaining: “Eric’s vocal performance and the guitar line on ‘Count Me In’ stood out to me as elements that could potentially reach an RB/Club market. I applied the driving drum pattern to emphasize the great syncopation of the guitar part, and Aaron Adams filled the gaps with his outstanding bass line, which I view as the center of this remix. Ikey Owens brought the grit the track needed with his intuitive synth parts.”

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For those not familiar, Ikey Owens passed away in October 2014 while on tour with Jack White. Ikey worked his parts for these remixes before his passing. Marshall concludes that: “One of my main points of elation regarding this remix EP resides in the fact that these tracks that Ikey played on back in the fall of 2013 are being released and heard! Ikey was a great friend of mine and a fine musician.”

Speaking with Justin Pietro, aka Dub Architect:
In addition to the production work that Marshall Goodman provided, we also spoke with Dub Architect about his contribution to the Remixes EP: “I saw Rebelution, The Green, Iration, Stick Figure perform last summer in Richmond, VA with the Easy Star Records crew and had a chance to talk to vocalist/guitarist Eric Rachmany before their set. He told me that he had seen and heard my mixes online and was interested in having me do a mix from ‘Count Me In.’”

Dub Architect further explained his style of production what he contributed to his remix of “Roots Reggae Music”: “I’ve built my sound on the greats before me – Lee Scratch Perry, Scientist, Mad Professor, King Tubby, Victor Rice, and Michael Goldwasser to name a few. I’ve translated that into a highly customized hybrid digital/analog setup which I spent the last year touring the world performing mixes on. I took this same dubwise approach to the Rebelution mix I did. Lots of drum and bass and big reverbs and delays. I recorded the final version of this mix live in Hollywood, CA and am looking forward to releasing both the audio and video!”

You can purchase the Count Me In Remixes EP on iTunes by clicking HERE!
Catch Rebelution on tour this winter spring by viewing the dates ticket availability below…

Rebelution Tour Dates

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Surf Rider Foundation (Donate Here)

Article By: Mike Patti

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Gas under $2 in Destin

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We have seen pictures from other parts of the country of gas below $2 and now it has come to Destin. Several stations in town have gas for $1.99 per gallon. Let’s see how low it can go!

Sunshine Cindy and I got out a little this weekend. It started on Thursday. I went to Landshark Pizza in the afternoon for a while. I hung out and had some wings and a few PBR’s. It was relaxing. As I was leaving Brian said he was going to stop in at Beach Liquor to have a few craft beers. They have a small bar area with a dozen craft beers on tap. Each Thursday they have a 2 for 1 happy hour. While we were there a guy from Vermont, Rick, was buying some beer. He stopped by and had a few beers with us. This guy was a trip. I will leave it at that.

Friday Sunshine Cindy and I had a few errands to run. We ended up at Cheeseburger in Paradise for some lunch. The bartender who waited on us had moved to Destin from Helen, GA last summer. We chatted with her as we ate our lunch. We left there and decided to stop at a new place on the gulf called the Surf Hut. This place sits right on the water. It reminded us of places we visit in Panama City Beach. There were great views of the gulf and a nice vibe to the place. We were pleasantly surprised to see our old friend Glen (Jager) behind the bar. We had not seen him in about a year.

While we were there at about five minutes to four a big group of snowbirds descended on the place. Sunshine Cindy and I asked Jager what was up with that. Well, their happy hour started at 4 and the snowbirds were there to take advantage of it. That was funny seeing them all come in at the same time. We left the Surf Hut and decided to stop at Cuvee Bistro to see if our friend Dominic was working. He was. The last time we saw Dominic was at our wedding. It was good catching up with him.

As we headed home we decided to make one final stop at Chip’s. Brian, Glen and Bruce were there so we joined them. The guys like to smoke cigars. At one point Sunshine Cindy went up to Bruce to talk to him. As she did, Bruce’s cigar flamed up. We told him she made him spontaneously combust. He needed to be careful around her!

Saturday was a lazy day for us. We did get out to the Olive Garden for lunch. But that was about it. We spent the rest of the just relaxing around the house. Sunday we went to Landshark to watch the Packers game. Landshark is the local Packer fan headquarters. The place was packed. We had fun but the Pack lost it in the end. All the fans were bummed.

One final public service announcement….the Okaloosa County cops now have laser radar guns. There are a whole lot harder to avoid. They have been set up the last few mornings on Hwy. 98 using the laser gun to find speeders.

Have a great week. See ya Thursday

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Video: Inner Circle – Tenement Yard (ft. Chronixx & Jacob Miller)

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The Bad Boys of Reggae, Inner Circle, have revisited an old riddim with “Tenement Yard” featuring the late, great Jacob Miller. Forty years after it’s original release, a young Chronixx has jumped in on the song and “delivers his message, with what amounts to a whole new song subtitled ‘News Carrying Dread.’” To accompany the single, they have shot a music video for the song in the Wynwood district of Miami, FL; made to resemble a Jamaica ghetto (The term Tenement Yard, in Jamaica, is another phrase for the ghetto). The video was directed by Gil Green Damian Fyffe. You can pick up the single on iTunes by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song video…

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MP3 Leak of the Week: Seedless

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Seedless, of Orange County, CA, have kicked off their 2015 with the release of a new single “Heart of a Warrior”. This is the next single set to be featured on the group’s upcoming Orange album. This week, the new song is available for FREE download on our homepage. Read more about the band, the song their plans for a new album…

You can download the new Seedless new track “Heart of a Warrior”, for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday January 24th, 2015.

Seedless – “Heart of a Warrior”
“Heart of a Warrior” Background:

With a new song that is fresh out of the studio, here’s what Seedless’ guitarist/vocalist, Casey Sullivan told The Pier with regards to the new single, “Heart of a Warrior”: “Heart of a Warrior” is a new take on Seedless’ original sound, by bringing in a new hip hop twist. Politically driven and motivating for the listener, the song was written to be an inspiring, eye opening anthem for our fans in 2015. The song was co-written by Seedless and Lewis Richards of 17th Street Studios with the help of Josh from Stoney Eye Studios.”

We’ve been expecting a new album from Seedless for quite sometime, since 2010’s Twisted Roots that we’ve heard a full length album from the SoCal reggae-rock group. Casey provided us with an update with the release of this new single. He told The Pier: “We have been working closely with Lewis Richards at 17th Street Studios in Costa Mesa, and are now at the closest point we have been to releasing our long anticipated sophomore effort, ‘The Orange Album’. We are excited to release the final product with a new, focused and refined sound within the next couple of months. The album will include singles such as: ‘Let it Be’, ‘Love Crime’, ‘Where Did You Go’ and our MP3 Leak of the Week ‘Heart of a Warrior’. Stay Tuned!”

Seedless Background:
Seedless is a reggae/rock group consisting of 5 friends from Orange County, CA. Seedless has channeled their bond into a positive and catchy hybrid reggae sound. The band has, not so quietly, built their fan base and internet presence organically through word of mouth and playing live shows relentlessly to spread their music. Seedless has crafted their live show into a high energy, crowd participating, unforgettable experience. Supported by The World Famous KROQ and many of their DJ’s, the band is set to make a dent in Radio across the United States.

Some of Seedless’ most notable highlights include achieving the #1 most requested band on KROQ’s “Locals only”, iTunes “Best Reggae” of 2010 (Twisted Roots), as well as a television debut on Stryker’s “Lexus night out”, which was aired nationally on CBS.

Seedless has been honored to share the stage with acts such as Sublime with Rome, SOJA, The Dirty Heads, Iration, Rebelution, The Expendables and many more. With a focused sound and strong show, Seedless has high hopes for 2015.

seedless Tour Dates

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Huge thanks again to Seedless for allowing us to share their new song “Heart of a Warrior” to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Seedless – Live at the Observatory (1/17/15)

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Dispatch: Hunger – Their Only Show in 2015

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Dispatch has announced their initial performance schedule for 2015. The band will perform only one show in the US during the year. Yes, you read that correctly, just one show. But it’s a big one!


Billed as DISPATCH: HUNGER, this is more than just a concert, it’s an awesome act of activism, aiming to shine a light on the issue of hunger in America. Spotlighting the importance of a cause the band deeply cares about, they have announced this event will be the ONLY place to see Dispatch in North America in 2015.

On Saturday, July 11th Dispatch will return to Madison Square Garden for another big benefit concert, this time with with special guests John Butler Trio.

For more – be sure to head to the groups’ website, as it will be updated frequently, unveiling more and more details about the DISPATCH: HUNGER weekend in NYC. You can also RSVP to their event on Facebook for real-time updates. Tickets are set to go on pre-sale Friday, January 16th at 12PM EST and will go on sale to the public Friday, January 23rd.

Dispatch has always sought to fuse a message with their music. After going on hiatus in 2006, the band reunited in 2007 for three sold-out performances at Madison Square Garden all to to raise awareness and provide humanitarian relief for the people of Zimbabwe. When the band returned to touring in 2011, and again in 2012, they did so with a benevolent sense of purpose.

Creating the Amplifying Education campaign, band and fans inspire small and simple actions that can help all children get a first-class education, making a big difference in the lives of children across the country. Through a multi-faceted and collaborative effort, upwards of $250,000 in proceeds has been contributed towards education programs in local communities.

Now for this show, Dispatch will focus on hunger. As the band explains in the press surrounding the event, “1 in 6 Americans (46.2 MILLION PEOPLE) struggle to put food on their table and 1 in 5 American children don’t have enough to eat. Hunger in America is an unfortunate reality that we need to do something about.”

To help get the word out about hunger the band is going to need help. Along with organizing the show, they will be setting up regional volunteer-work, service projects, and other opportunities to come together between now and July 11th to make a difference.

In other news, Dispatch has recently spent time back in the studio, working on their sixth full-length studio album and studio follow up to 2012′s Circles Around The Sun. This past September the group did some work in a Denver studio as well as working at Connecticut’ Dragon Crest Studio this past December. With little time spent on the road this year, hopefully fans get to hear this new music in 2015, whether it be via a newly released record or at the highly anticipated Dispatch; Hunger performance with John Butler Trio.

For more about these bands, their music, or information about tour dates, check out the details below.

Article By: Aaron Solomon

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WATCH: The promotional video DISPATCH: HUNGER – Live at Madison Square Garden / July 11, 2015

WATCH: “Elias” from DISPATCH: ZIMBABWE off their Live at MSG DVD.

WATCH: The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series with the John Butler Trio performing “Gonna Be A Long Time”

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Bucket List II: Boca Grande

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Back in September I wrote a blog on achieving one of the goals on my “Bucket List”. As many who read this blog have English as a second language, I’ll explain what the “Bucket List” is. To begin with, it’s a slang phrase based off of another slang phrase, so the interpretation isn’t obvious. The original phrase comes from England and is hundreds of years old. That slang phrase is “Kick The Bucket”, referring to someone dies. The phrase “Bucket List” means a list of things someone wants to do before they die. In the blog a few months ago, I achieved one of my bucket list goals by going to the Dry Tortugas, which lie 75 miles (122km) west of Key West.

Dry Tortugas Bucket List Blog: 

 photo DSCF1365_zps1cf94806.jpg

 photo DSCF1375_zps7535cca1.jpg

 photo DSCF1421_zpsbbfde7ee.jpg

 photo DSCF1434_zpsd01e37c7.jpg

 photo DSCF1416_zps084a3e15.jpg

 photo DSCF1449_zps3e7788e6.jpg

 photo DSCF1485_zps2d18cdc7.jpg

 photo DSCF1498_zps085cf7e6.jpg

 photo DSCF1527_zps2707cacc.jpg

Or phone Captain Bob direct at: 863  835 1427


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Buckeye’s Number One!!!

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Monday night was a fun time for us. Sunshine Cindy and I went to Anglers on the island. We were meeting up with some friends. Mike Nash and his girlfriend Melissa were coming through town and wanted to get together for dinner. Wayne, Kenny, Tommy and Faye all came out too. We had a big table right in front of a big screen TV where we could watch the football game. We had a great time catching up with Mike and Melissa. It looks like Mike and his band, Southern Drawl Band will be back in Destin in the spring. We can’t wait.

When halftime rolled around we all headed out. Sunshine Cindy and I went home as I had to work the next day. We were able to watch the balance of the game from home. Ohio State really played well and are now the National Champs. Way to go Bucks!

The rest of the week I worked on publishing the Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper. You can read the January edition here:

Destin continues to have cloudy, rainy and warm days. We have hardly seen the sun this year. Summer can’t get here quick enough.

The city is talking about annexing Crab Island. The city annexing Crab Island would be a big boondoggle and another waste of taxpayer money. I agree there needs to be something done but this won’t solve anything. I can see the city “giving” someone like Peter Boz development rights or some crazy thing like that. Get a few more marine patrols and that would help. Besides everyone knows where the “family” area is and where the “party” crowd area is. This council is trying to legislate morality like their spending over 2 million dollars to buy out the strip club and now thinking of shutting down the bars at midnight. It’s time they realize this is not Destin of 20 years ago and to use our taxpayer money on things to make us safe like more sheriff patrols on the harbor and a pedestrian bridge over 98 . Okay, I am done. LOL

Don’t forget we are accepting registrations for the “21St Annual Phlocking of the Phaithful” Trop Rock music festival in Put in Bay, Ohio next June. Don’t be left out of all the fun! You can get all the information and get registered right here:

Have a great weekend. See ya Monday!

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Video: Lovd Ones – “How Many Times”

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On July 14th, 2014, Orlando, Florida’s Lovd Ones released their debut full length album titled Thicker Than Blood. Of the 15 track album, the group has just released their 5th music video for the song “How Many Times”. The video was directed by Gustavo Bo Lovd Ones vocalist, Benjah. You can view the video below and purchase the album in its entirety on iTunes by clicking HERE!. Enjoy the song video…

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Mishka’s ‘Roots Fidelity” Coming Soon!

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Bermuda’s own Mishka is back working on his 6th studio album entitled Roots Fidelity. For this release, he is asking his fans to support his cause by going on to Pledge Music to help him fund the album.
After releasing his 5th studio album in 2013 entitled The Journey, recorded at Jimmy Buffet’s Mailboat Records, he spent some time touring in Europe and up down the East Coast last year. He also released a video for the song “Love In The Making” which you can view below.

The new album, is set to be an entirely roots reggae album with mostly new songs, and a few older ones, re-recorded to that OG roots style. Mishka’s tentative release date is supposedly before May 1 of this year, but that is pending whether his Pledge campaign is going to be a success – He is relying on his fans to give him the support he deserves.

With a range of incentives from signed posters, handwritten lyrics, and hemp beanies to Mishka’s own Taylor T3 Guitar, a lifetime pass to all Mishka’s shows and even getting the title of Executive Producer of the album in the credits, Mishka has pulled out all the stops to giving fans what they want in exchange for help on the campaign.

Mishka has toured the world and played with some of the best in the business including Michael Franti, Dirty Heads, Matisyahu, The Roots, Slightly Stoopid, Gregory Isaac, and Jimmy Buffet to name a few. Even with such a great repertoire, he is now asking for your help in his pledge campaign for what we hope to be a standout album, and perhaps an even more amazing follow up tour. So head over to Pledge Music by clicking HERE!

Mishka Tour Dates

Mishka Links:
Mishka Facebook
Mishka Website
Mishka Pledge Campaign

Article By: Andrew McClatchy

Watch: Mishka’s Interview on Roots Fidelity

Following the Nov 19th 2013 release of his latest album, The Journey, Mishka released a music video for the song, “Love In The Making”. You can pick up the album on iTunes by clicking HERE!. Enjoy the song video…

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