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Beer Show! Key West Beer Tales

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Key West Beer Tales – The Sum Of All Beers

We’ve been doing both a beer show podcast and a music show podcast since last summer and we’ve had a blast doing them! We’ve had the beer show available on the Spreaker site for a while. These are shows that have already aired. We’re also picking up new stations!

The beer show is very unique and frankly, I see it as far superior to anything else out there as far as a beer podcast goes.

In most cases when a consumer is investigating a beer of any sort, they’ll look on line naturally. There are a good deal of web sites that rate beer. Rate Beer, Beer Advocate, Yelp, Untapped, Beer-Universe, Beer Of The Month Club, and there are most likely others that I don’t know about. Of course, this shows what a healthy state of interest beer is enjoying today.

Ours is different however. To start with the place we get our information on the beers is from the brewery itself. Now and then a brewery has a website that has little or no information on a beer. When this would happen I looked at these sites to see if they had any information. Many times in doing this, with one particular beer I found alcohol content (ABV – alcohol by volume) to be 3.7 on one site, 4.2 on another, and 5.0 on another. Obviously, none of these could be trusted, because it appeared that they were pulling numbers out of a hat. So, with us, if it’s not from the brewery, we don’t state it without a disclaimer that it’s an educated guess. We don’t arbitrarily stick a number that we pulled out of the air. Draft beer can vary. If the brewery lists a beer as 5.0 on line, a keg may arrive which has a sticker on it showing 5.2. It will never be more than .2 over/under, and we’ll state the particular keg’s brewery rating. Again, it’s the rating from the brewery that we go by.

Our panel is unique and covers a wide range, giving the listener a good foundation to work from. Our standard panel is five, although sometimes one or more may have other commitments and can’t make the show.

However, here’s our roster and how we all fit in. I’ll start with myself and name the crew in the order that we sit at the show.

Key West Chris: I’m the old school beer guy. I started drinking quality beer when I was eighteen (legal age back then) and became intrigued with it from the beginning. I bought the book The World Guide To Beer by English author and patron saint of  beer, Michael Jackson just after it was was first released and proceeded to buy over forty books on beer. The beer in my refrigerator today, is never the same beer that is there tomorrow, nor has it been my whole adult life.There is no beer that is my favorite, or favorite style. Every beer has it’s place.

Dani Hoy: Dani is new (but getting more and more a veteran) to quality beer and therefore a vital part of the show. She’ll often ask questions that I, or some of the other crew, would never cross our minds. Everyone is new to beer at one point or another. We all were. So it’s very important to address that side of things and cultivate those with new interests. Dani is the gateway for that side of the show! Additionally, Dani is a marvelous chef in the kitchen!

Cowboy Mark Straiton: Mark is a fascinating individual who’s traveled the world and happened to be a major beer enthusiastic while doing so. He’s also right on the money as to exactly what is trending in the beer world, at this exact minute, as well as when it changes five minutes from now. While I’m the old school beer guy, Mark is the new school beer guy. He’s extremely well versed on beer and funny enough, his and my pallets are quite similar in many circumstances. Mark is also a very well versed bartender and an accomplished chef.

Diamond Dave: Dave is our lighthearted member who keeps us laughing. After all, laughing is essential when drinking beer. Hell, if we were too serious the show would be boring! We all have great senses of humor and Dave is often the catalyst who gets us laughing, of throws gas on the fire, when we already are! Dave is quite knowledgeable on beer as well and has been a major IPA fan for over fifteen years.

Dave Senior: Dave Senior is the owner of The Cork and Stogie, here in Key West where we record the shows. One of the greatest attributes here is having a bar owner on the panel! Dave sees things from a totally different angle than anyone else. Dave sees what people are buying on a day to day basis and orders his beer accordingly. Dave is also an expert on both cigars and wine, which again brings things to the table not found elsewhere.

 photo IMG_4597_zpsmwh0inka.jpg

Key West Beer Tales reviews beers, we don’t rate them. Rating beer is B/S. I recall doing a show where we featured Pilsner Urquell. Now, Pilsner Urquell has always been regarded as one of the finest beers in the world. One of the on line beer websites had it rated by their subscribers, in the seventies out of one hundred. Seriously? What many highly respected beer experts over the years have called Pilsner Urquell as the finest pilsner available, or inthe top three at worst, these people are rating in the seventies? I’d love to see the woodwork they’re crawling out of! Another rating had an opinion of Stella Artois as “tasting like Budweiser”.  did that individual burn their tongue with a blow torch or something? What kind of people do they have rating anyway? 

Those are but two examples that lead me to believe that there was not only a call for our show, but also a need for it as well.

So, we comment on the beer and note what flavor impressions each one of us pick up. Everyone in our group has a very educated pallet. Some may not be routed in beer. Dani’s stems from cooking. Dave Senior’s comes from wine and cigars. Interestingly enough, when anyone expresses a taste, everyone else picks up on it. I can’t say how many times one of our panel says they taste something I did not detect. From that point on, I notice it, however had they not brought it up, I may never have noticed it on my own.

 photo KWBT20Stiegl20Show_zpsp66niwmp.jpg

This is a beer show. In being a beer show, it’s different than many other shows in one particular regard. Yes, you’ll get a very good variety of opinions and in puts. Yes, you’ll pick up all sorts of fascinating facts about beer that you never knew. Yes, our stats come from the brewery itself, we don’t invent it on the fly, Yes, our panel is quite diverse which without doubt is our strongest point featuring traditional opinions, the new and trending opinions, new quality beer drinker ‘s questions and opinions, the pub owner’s viewpoint, however we’re different in one other very important aspect and this is a vital aspect  which separates beer drinking from so many other subjects:

We know how to laugh!

 We’re beer lovers, we’re not beer snobs.

We know how to laugh! We know how to have fun! We don’t hold ourselves above anyone and we love to educate those who want to know more and everyone has a blast doing it!  The antithesis of any type off snob. 

So come join us! Be sure to grab a beer before you tune in and have your laughing pants on and pad and pencil ready!

We do out show from our benevolent sponsor’s bar:

The Cork and Stogie
1218 Duval St.
Key West, Fl. 33040

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To hear any of our past shows check out our Spreaker account!
It works the same as Youtube or Soundcloud!

For all of our current shows airing, here’s the weekly schedules!

KW Beer Show Schedule (all times are EST)

KWOM – 10am and 10pm Daily

Trop Rock Radio – 6pm Friday

Radio A1A – 10am Tuesday

The Shore – noon on Saturday

Tiki Beach Shop – 2pm Monday, Wednesday Friday

Permanent Vacation Radio – 10pm Monday 8pm Friday 6pm Saturday

Beach Life Radio   Monday – Friday 7PM

Palm Tree Radio –

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Thank you!!!

To hear and download my music

(also available on iTunes, and CD Universe)


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Buffett to perform at Everglades Day rally in Tallahassee

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Jimmy Buffett to Make Special Appearance at Everglades Day Rally in Tallahassee, FL to Save Florida’s Drinking Water

Jimmy Buffett accompanied by Mac McAnally and Robert Greenidge, will make a special appearance and play a short acoustic set at the Everglades Day Rally, hosted by the
Everglades Coalition on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 on the steps of the Old Capitol in Tallahassee, Fla.

The rally is part of the Everglades Coalition’s third annual Everglades Action Day, which brings Floridians from across the state together in Tallahassee to meet with decision makers about the importance of America’s Everglades, which supplies 8 million Floridians with drinking water.

When: Tuesday, April 7, 2015 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Where: Steps of the Old Capitol (East Side)
400 South Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399

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Video: Christopher Martin – Steppin’ Razor

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Jamaican reggae crooner, Christopher Martin will drop his debut EP this spring via VP Records. In the meantime, he’s released a new single from the EP titled “Steppin Razor” taking inspiration from 1977 Frankie Music produced track of the same name originally made famous by the late Peter Tosh and written by Joe Higgs. The video for the single was directed by Kurt Wright and was shot in Kingston, Jamaica. The humorous video shows Martin hittin’ the club, attracting beautiful women. Enjoy the song and video…

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Stick Figure’s Cocoa The Tour Dog

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Cocoa The Tour Dog

The bond between man and dog goes back thousands of years to the first civilizations that domesticated wild dogs for use in hunting and companionship. The same went for Stick Figure’s (Guitarist/Vocalist) Scott Woodruff and his dog Holly; the two were inseparable. With no warning Holly was tragically killed by a vicious coyote, and a sizeable hole was left in Scott’s life that any dog owner knows is next to impossible to fill.

Meanwhile, a 6-month-old Australian Shepherd was found wandering the streets of Central California’s Merced County. With little food, no warmth nor any comfortable place to sleep, and no one to love her, the puppy was taken to a shelter with little chance of survival.

Woodruff knew he wanted that void filled, but did not want to rush into getting a dog. He spent the next few months scouring the Internet for a canine partner at local animal shelters.
DavidNorrisCocoathetourdog3-8-15 (2)
“I looked at hundreds of photos of dogs and read their bio. When I saw Cocoa’s photo, I knew she was the one.” He called the shelter that said she was available.

A few days later, Scott called them again as he was ready to jump in his car and pick up his new companion, but the shelter said she had be transferred and would not release any more information.

Mama Stick Figure convinced Scott to call them back and press for more information. With some hesitation, the shelter told Scott she had been transferred to the SPCA in San Francisco, who in turn told Scott she would not be available for at least a few weeks, and again, no other information.

Calling the SPCA every three days became routine. Three weeks turned into a month and a half before she was finally available for adoption. The poor puppy spent six weeks quarantined with kennel cough and diarrhea. Scott’s persistence landed him atop the long list of possible forever homes and he made the four-hour journey to pick up his new pup.

Everyone at the SPCA thought Scott was crazy but “4 hours to meet a dog I will get to spend the next 15 years with. Is it really that crazy?”

The moment Scott met the dog, formerly known as Joan Leslie, was like a scene from a heart wrenching storybook Hollywood ending. She walked over to Scott and sat down. The two gazed into each-others eyes and realized they were meant for each other. After one look, Scott said she looked like a Cocoa.

Approximately ten people were in line in case Scott decided not to take her. They awed at the happy couple and told Scott how lucky he was. And little did anyone know that Cocoa’s rock star life on the road was about to begin.

Her first tour with Stick Figure happened while supporting Tribal Seeds in 2013. “She had a blast,” Woodruff says. “It was amazing to see how comfortable she was on stage and how she adapted to loud music. The guys in Tribal Seeds really loved her.” Being so well behaved and good mannered, the band decided she would be on every tour from that moment on.
DavidNorrisCocoathetourdog3-8-15 (5)
Since 2013, Cocoa has traveled across the continental United States including ten tours from the West Coast to Florida. She recently traveled as far away from home as Alaska. The only tour she has missed was a brief stint on the Hawaiian Islands with Collie Buddz since Hawai’i has very strict quarantine laws.

Although she loves to tour, like any musician, she revels her time off at home so she can relax, get on a normal schedule, go on hikes, and play with her best friend, a Dalmatian named Patches. The two are extremely excited to see each other each time they are reunited.

“Her personality transcends the music,” Scott explains, “Her laid back chill vibe is a perfect match for Stick Figure.”

Her easygoing attitude came in handy while on tour through Idaho. The band makes frequent stops for gas and provisions and happened to realize Cocoa was nowhere to be found on the bus. Frantically thumbing through receipts and calling past stops, they reached a gas station attendant that simply said, “Yeah, she’s been sitting here all night.”

After almost 24 hours alone, Cocoa didn’t even leave the last stop she saw her boys. She was not even mad at them when they returned. Scott says, “not much phases her.”

They consider Cocoa the fifth member of the band and also recognize she is probably more popular than anyone who holds an instrument. Her sleeping quarters vary from night to night, but she seems to favor sharing a bed with bass player Tommy Suliman and frequently sleeps on her back, each night for hours on end “which is quite odd to wake up to.”

Cocoa enjoys most food, but specifically beef, Slim Jims, and fresh egg or fish oil mixed with her kibble – her favorite treats include cheese, salmon, and blueberries. Even though she appreciates a belly rub or scratch behind the ears, you’ll find a special place in her heart when you find the favorite spot under her neck.

She can be consistently seen holding a stuffed animal, preferably a duck, in her mouth and never rips the animals up; instead her motherly instinct nurtures them and licks them as if they were her very own babies. Cocoa has been known to walk out of stores on a weekly basis without paying for them.
DavidNorrisCocoathetourdog3-8-15 (1)
“She seems to always find one! You’d be surprised how many stores carry stuffed animals.”

In addition to stuffed animals, Cocoa says her favorite thing about tour life is constantly being with her rock star dad. She loves the fact that she never gets put on a leash and is able to travel the country multiple times a year. She also told us her good behavior allows her to ride on planes and hang out at gas stations and restaurants. Cocoa is profoundly proud of the fact that she has only peed on the stage once in her brief career.

Obviously given more freedoms than most dogs her age enjoy, Cocoa does not take it for granted. She has not thought of a solo music career… because she has no thumbs, but wants to give back to the countless dogs that never get the second chance she did.

“Currently, Cocoa and I are in the early stages of her own charity that helps support the rescue and care for other dogs in need,” hinted Scott.

Stick Figure’s favorite thing about Cocoa is her mellow demeanor and the way her personality shines on stage. She seems to get really excited at the end of “Hawai’i Song” but her stage presence depends on the show, the crowd, and her environment.

She looks forward to meeting all of you on the road and accepting your gifts of Slim Jims, blue berries, cheese, or duck stuffed animals. In her brief three-year life, Cocoa the Tour Dog continues to inspire thousands of people each day, garnering fans from each place she puts her paws.

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Follow Cocoa on Instagram: @Cocoathetourdog

Article by: Blake Taylor
Photos by: David Norris

DavidNorrisCocoathetourdog3-8-15 (6)

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Update from Angelo Moore & Fishbone

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The Pier’s own Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda went from NY to CA to connect with Angelo Moore of Fishbone on some upcoming video projects. Read Jeff’s recap of the events that include him staying with Fortunate Youth and following up with Angelo Moore about Gwen Stefani‘s comments in Cosmo Magazine, crediting him as a early fashion influence…

Recently, I flew out to LA to complete a couple of video projects – One of which being the Angelo Moore movie entitled, “Optimistic.”
Since I was staying with the Fortunate Youth crew in Gardena, CA I asked Dr. Madd Vibe to drive up and hang for a few as we edited down the rough cut of the short film. Jered Draskovich and Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth joined as we tweaked the footage from 2011 – some of which involving HR of the legendary Bad Brains. It was the first time in history members of two iconic reggae punk bands appeared on a project together. Fishbone and Bad Brains were undoubtedly an influence on my life as well as the homies I was staying with on the West Coast.

The vibes were good as we pieced it together – Dan the man pacing in the kitchen of the house with his pot of home cooked goodness. As he fed us, Gonzo from Tribal Seeds posse’ stopped by. Angelo munched away as we began talking about the Third Wave of Ska Punk that broke mainstream in the 80’s 90’s.

“Angelino, how do you feel about Gwen Stefani bigging you up in the newest issue of Cosmo Magazine?” I asked.

Angelo was silent for a minute. He scratched the top of his head where his tattooed mohawk was placed. “Let’s move this discussion to the outside, where it’s warmer,” he said. “Jeffro, I know this is a rare thing for you considering New York is an ice tundra right now!” The crew laughed it off.

We moved the discussion to the garage. Pool table and vinyl records graced us as Angelo and I danced to new tracks Dan Kelly was playing us off the new Fortunate Youth record. “You guys are pretty good,” Angelo stated as I took in the 80 degree California weather.

Gonzo, Jered Dan gave me a glance…the type of look that showed respect and appreciation for what was happening.
“Fishbone Bad Brains were pioneers. Amazing performers. They inspired our bands to be ourselves. They play their souls out every time and we have nothing but the utmost respect for those dudes…” – Jered D of Fortunate Youth

All three SoCal band-mates were down for a collab with the punk icon – I was all about setting that up.

I suggested doing a music video of Angelo in his skinhead suspenders walking down the mean streets of Compton with his saxaphone, singing along to a Fortunate Youth song – knocking on random doors in the neighborhood, just to see what would happen, which garnered some laughter.

I asked again how Angelo felt about No Doubts Gwen Stefani and her remarks about being a fashion icon.

Angelo Moore’s response: “Thank you Gwen for being inspired by my freaky stylee’. Let’s get together and make a magical look of fashion that will shock the world! Love, Angelo”

Hopefully the future can bless us with an epic collab in the future; music or fashion wise from Angelo Moore Gwen Stefani.

Coming up for Fishbone, they’ll be spending April and May on the road that will build up for their performance at the California Roots Arts Music Festival over Memorial Day weekend in May. Currently, Fishbone has kicked off their Webisode Series that includes 5 total episodes that is tied to the groups latest 5 track EP Intrinsically Intertwined. The first song, “Unstuck” includes its own music video within an extended 8-minute webisode; which begins to translate the band’s storyline from their conceptual new 5-song recording.

For more information, follow the dates and links below – Stay tuned for more from Jeff Pliskin and the final edit of his upcoming video projects with Angelo Moore!

fishbone Tour Dates

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Article Photos By: Jeff Plikskin

Watch: Fishbone – The Fishbone Reality: “Unstuck” Part 1 of ‘Intrinsically Intertwined’

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TV show in Destin

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One of the neat things about living in Destin is you never know what might happen. This past weekend was a prime example of that. A while back Sunshine Cindy and I got a call from our friend Fred from Atlanta. Fred told us about a concept he had for a TV show called “Barstools and Beach Chairs” and that he wanted to film the pilot in Destin. In addition he wanted Sunshine Cindy and I to be in the show. This weekend was the time he choose for the taping. Joining us in the taping of the show was part time Destin and Atlanta resident Renata. She is the owner of Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals. If you are looking for a place to stay in the Destin area then you need to call Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals.

The taping of the show was a blast. It started Friday at The Boathouse Oyster Bar. A big Friday night crowd was at The Boathouse giving the crew plenty of action to shoot. At one point they put a mic on me and I joined Fred behind the bar as Bree mixed up a Boathouse original drink for us. Other places we visited over the course of the two days was Crab Island Cantina, Harbor Docks, Royal Palms, Harborwalk Village, No Alibi fishing charter boat, Boogies Water Sports for a Pontoon Boat and Crab Island. We even ran into some Parrot Heads at Margaritaville. Who would have guessed that happening? LOL

The camera guys, Phil and David were some of the nicest guys you could ever meet. They were true professionals but very respectful of the businesses. Fred is such a nice guy. He is a natural in front of the camera. Fred’s wife Georgia and his kids were here too. They all had a great time. We have a new friend in Renata now too. Sunshine Cindy and I were so glad Fred asked us to be part of this pilot. We hope he is able to get it on the air. I will announce when it happens.

Destin is right in the middle of the Spring Break season. There are a lot of people in town but the large crowds of college kids are not as big as in the past. Destin and Walton County does not want to be like Panama City Beach so the authorities have made it a point to crack down on underage drinking and rowdy behavior. The area wants more families and not the drunken crowds. I think they have done a good job making that happen.

Sunshine Cindy and I got out a little before and after the filming of the pilot. One stop we made was The Crust Pizzeria. They do a great job with their pasta dishes and I needed to get my fix. We hit Johnny O’Quigley’s one night and Crab Island Cantina another night. We also went to the island and met our friends Alan and Jackie at Fud’s then we went to the Ramada Inn beach bar. After the sun went down we all went inside to the lobby bar. This past weekend Alan and Jackie saw rapper Ludacris. He was staying at the Ramada. They got a picture of him with some of the Ramada staff. He was in town to do a show at Nighttown.

It’s supposed to be a nice warm and dry week in Destin. I will have a full report next Monday of all the “Chaos!” 

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MP3 Leak of the Week: Morgan Heritage

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Morgan Heritagge is dropping their 12 track Strictly Roots album on April 20th, 2015. The leading single from that album, “Perform and Done” is being given away this week for FREE download on our homepage. Read more about the band, their upcoming tour their new song, “Perform and Done”

You can download Morgan Heritage’s new single “Perform and Done”, for FREE, on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday March 28th, 2015.

Morgan Heritage – “Perform and Done”
Morgan Heritage
“Perform and Done” Background:
Morgan Heritage are no strangers to the reggae-music scene as Strictly Roots will be the groups 17th official release in 21 years as a family-ran group. The new album includes 12 total tracks fusing reggae and dancehall with a slew of guest appearances that include Chronixx, Jemere Morgan, Jo Mersa Marley, J Boog, Eric Rachmany of Rebelution, Bobby Lee of SOJA and more.

“Perform and Done” is the leading single off the new album and vocalist Mojo Morgan explained that the song “is about how you feel when the music moves you. We also speak about how a woman in particular captivates the audience she creates with her movements on the dance floor.”

Morgan Heritage shot and released a music video for the leading single that was filmed on location at the weekly Mojito Mondays event in Kingston, Jamaica. It was directed by William Richards who managed to capture the essence of the song with a storyline reminiscent of the popular “Dancehall Queen” movie.

“Perform And Done is the music video that pushes the envelope for Morgan Heritage lyrically and visually,” the group states. “The goal is to captivate a whole new audience that would not typically watch a Morgan Heritage video. Our hope is that our existing and new fans appreciate our artistic expression… This song is just an introduction to the creative approach we took with this album. Krystia Rhodes and the entire Image Development Studios team wrote a hell of a treatment to highlight this creativity and the Director William Richards executed their vision perfectly.”

When discussing the new album, Strictly Roots, Mojo Morgan explained that “This new album pushes the envelope lyrically and musically like never before. It will surprise and enlighten music lovers all over the globe. We feel as if we’ve covered the full spectrum of Jamaican music and how it has influenced today’s global music industry. The root of these influences you hear come from Jamaica. Hence the title ‘Strictly Roots.’”

Go grab “Perform and Done” for FREE, this week only, on the homepage of The Pier and pick up Strictly Roots on April 20th, 2015. View the “Perform and Done” music video below.

Morgan Heritage Background:
One of contemporary reggae’s most powerful forces on the global stage, the sensational roots reggae quintet, which comprises siblings Peetah Morgan (vocals), Una Morgan (keyboard/vocals), Gramps Morgan (keyboard/vocals), Lukes Morgan (rhythm guitar) and Mr. Mojo Morgan (percussion/vocals) has embraced the challenges that come with empowerment of this nature. The group has been around for the last 21 years, having released 11 total studio albums in that time-span. Globally known as the “Royal Family of Reggae,” and now today being dubbed as the “Rolling Stones of Reggae”, Morgan Heritage has established themselves as the premiere live group on the reggae circuit.

Morgan Heritage will take their Strictly Roots album on their Strictly Roots tour that starts on April 8th. While more dates are expected to be added, there are 13 total shows, all mostly on the west coast with a couple of stops in NY and D.C. to get the tour started.

Mojo pointed out that “Denver will be a highlight on this upcoming tour because we haven’t played in the state of Colorado since the legalization of Marijuana.” They play Denver on April 15th at Cervantes and as they’re expected to start playing most of the new songs live. When I asked Mojo which new songs we could expect be performed live, he states: ” We are excited to play songs like Child of Jah feat Chronixx, Light It Up feat Jo Mersa Marley, Rise and Fall and the title track Strictly Roots.”

As for what fans can look forward to with the rest of the tour, Mojo adds that: “In our new show we’re putting together for the Strictly Roots world tour, we’ll pay tribute to our Uncle Toots and The Maytals, Garnet Silk and the legend Peter Tosh, just to name few. We are also excited to play (new) songs like ‘Child of Jah’ feat Chronixx, ‘Light It Up’ feat Jo Mersa Marley, ‘Rise and Fall’ and the title track ‘Strictly Roots.’”

Morgan Heritage Tour Dates

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Huge thanks again to Morgan Heritage for allowing us to share their new song “Perform and Done” to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Morgan Heritage – “Perform and Done”

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Trevor Hall’s ‘Unpack Your Memories…’

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Singer-songwriter, Trevor Hall has a new EP Unpack Your Memories set to release on March 27th via Vanguard Records. As a teaser, Hall has released a video trailer for the new EP that was directed by his wife, Emory Hall.

TrevorHallUnpack Your Memories is a five track EP and is said to include of Trevor Hall’s most personal songs. Here’s what Hall had to say in a press release regarding the EP: “Unpack Your Memories is a collection of songs that have been in my ‘vault’ for a long time now,” Hall says. “Some just didn’t make the other albums and some were just too intimate to share at the time. Now they are ready to breathe and be shared with others. The name of the album says everything… These are all songs that have become memories for me. I am reaching into my bag and unpacking them – unpacking their meaning, the memory of where I was when I wrote them, and the feelings that they brought me so many years ago. As the saying goes, ‘You never meet the same river twice.’ Every time I hear these songs, they teach me something new or offer me the gift of a new perspective. There are many other songs that are still in my vault, but I felt these were the most important to share at this time. The songs all came up together like the roots of a tree, and have taken form in the EP.”

[Related: Trevor Hall Surprises w/ New Records!]

Below is a video trailer for Unpack Your Memories that was directed by his wife Emory Hall and takes the viewer on a personal journey through some of Hall’s most beautiful memories of his life. This EP follows the June 2014 surprise release of Chapter of the Forest. Without a release date or any kind of advance promo, Trevor Hall just surprised fans by dropping a brand new 12 track album with a song featuring Nahko. This was just before he went on tour with SOJA, Michael Franti Nahko last summer.

Trevor Hall will follow this EP release with an Australian and U.S. tour starting in April. He’ll perform his Bluesfest debut in Australia while hitting the Soulshine Festival and the California Roots Festival in addition to Wanderlust in the U.S.

Trevor Hall Tour Dates

Trevor Hall Links:
Trevor Hall Website
Trevor Hall Facebook
Trevor Hall Twitter

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Unpack Your Memories… EP Trailer

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New site design

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Jimmy Buffett’s official website has a new look! It is a better design for viewing from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Here’s look back at how the site has changed over the years. How many do you remember?

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Video: Alborosie – “Poser”

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Directed by Tony Fisher here is the new music video for Alborosie’s latest single, “Poser”. This is the first single off an upcoming EP that will release in September, with the second single dropping in June. Before that EP drops in September, Alborosie will release a 12 track instrumental album with King Jammys called Dub of Thrones. As for the new single “Poser”, Alborosie explains: “It is a time where appearance is more important than the real essence of things. We should be true to ourselves and be as honest as possible to the message and the music. A lot of bad persons are pretending to be good. The song is talking about musicians, but in the video, you see a lot of posers from everyday life!” You can pick up Alborosie’s music on iTunes by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song video…

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