A Destin party weekend

Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2015 at 7:33 pm
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This past weekend was special. Sunshine Cindy and I celebrated our first year anniversary. It’s hard to believe it has been an entire year already since we had that wonderful day on the harbor with our friends and family.

To celebrate I got us a condo (with a lot of help from Carlos at Crab Island Cantina) at the Emerald Grande in Harborwalk Village. This is where we stayed last year and I wanted us to be able to enjoy coming back to the scene of the crime. LOL  We got there Friday afternoon and got checked in. We had a balcony room overlooking the pool. It was nice. We enjoyed the view as we unpacked and then decided to head to McGuire’s for Happy Hour and some dinner.

We walked over to McGuire’s. Walking through the parking lot a car pulled up behind us and a lady hollered at us. It was our friend Robbie. We all talked in the parking lot for a while catching up. We have not seen Robbie in several months and it was great talking with her. Our drinks and food were good as usual at McGuire’s. We got there before the dinner rush but by the time we left there was a line waiting to get in. We headed to Crab Island Cantina where we met up with Mark, Stephanie and Julie. Carlos was there so we got to thank him in person for helping with the room. Mike was behind the bar and we all had a fun time.

The others left but Sunshine Cindy and I walked down to the Boathouse. We ran into Maynard there. Jason Clark was playing some good country tunes. A big crowd was there. We made a few more stops this evening. Harbor Shack was one stop. Then AJ’s where we ran into Mike and Terry. They told us Charlie with Crust Pizza opened a satellite shop at the entrance to AJ’s. We walked up there to hang out with him for a while. I ended up talking to some producer from L.A. who happened to be in town. Looks like Charlie has a good thing going with this location. From there we called it a night.

Saturday was a windy day. We got out about noon and hit Harry T’s for brunch. Then we stopped at Sunglass World where I bought Sunshine Cindy some cool Costa shades. Even Sunshine Cindy needs to keep the sun out of her eyes. From there our stops were Red Door Saloon, Boathouse, Harbor Shack, Crust Pizza, AJ’s and back to the Boathouse. We ran into friends every step of the way. Wayne joined us for most of the stops. We ran into Mike and Cindy on our way to AJ’s so we all stopped there. Julie joined us at the Boathouse as Rusty was playing. Then Renee and finally Kenny came by. When Rusty was finished so was I. Time to call it a night.

Sunday Sunshine Cindy and I had dinner at Brotula’s. This is the new place where Fisherman’s Wharf used to be. We had a great dinner. They do seafood and they do it right. They also did a great job remodeling the place. It is now open and airy.

The place on the harbor where Tipsy Turtle used to be is getting close to opening. Johnny O’Quigley is putting in a huge facility here. But down on the boardwalk where the Turtle was is another small bar. It’s a little larger than the Turtle. We actually talked to Johnny as he was there working on the place. He told us it’s going to be a locals spot with cheap beer and appetizers. Very similar to the Turtle just a little bigger. We told Johnny we can’t wait for it to open. He said it’s planned for June 8th. I assume he also meant the big facility will open then too. If so, they have a long way to go to be ready.

A few weeks ago I related how Sunshine Cindy and I were part of a TV pilot that was being shot in Destin by Fred McFarlin from Atlanta. Well, the trailer for Barstools and Beach Chairs is close to being released. I have seen a preview of it and I can honestly say it is outstanding. Fred is a natural in front of the camera and the guys behind the camera are true pros. And it does not hurt that Sunshine Cindy and I have small parts in it too! lol  As I hear more about if they can sell the pilot I will pass along that info.

Last week I noticed for-sale signs on the land that was supposed to become some type of Dolly Parton dinner theater. There was even a for-sale sign up in front of a bank that was permitted to be torn down. Now the Destin Log is reporting the company that had purchased the land is selling it. So it looks like no Dolly in Destin.

This is our last few days of relative quiet in Destin before the summer tourist season begins this weekend. This season has all the makings of a busy time all along the Emerald Coast. I better get ready to sit in traffic each night now. Ugh…

Have a great Memorial Holiday weekend and remember to honor our service members and the vets. They are the reason we can celebrate.

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