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Buffett performs at Stubb’s BBQ

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band performed last night at Stubb’s BBQ in Austin TX. The set list from the show is now available. Some of the songs played include “License to Chill”, “Blue Guitar”, “The Great Filling Station Holdup”, “If I Had A Boat”, and “Tin Cup Chalice”.

From cmptrman: “Jimmy put on a great show tonight at Stubb’s BBQ in Austin, TX. He played for about 90 minutes with the full band and no break, followed by a group encore and then a solo encore after everyone else left the stage. The crowd was very much into the show, and you could tell Jimmy and the Coral Reefers were getting energy from the crowd as well. On top of the amazing show, he also told the audience he was “leaving all the money from this show” to help victims of the recent floods in Austin and Central Texas. Truly a class act through and through.”

The Workin’ and Playin’ Tour kicks of on Thursday May 28th at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Houston, TX

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St Thomas Margaritaville Vacation Club

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From PRLog: “A Preview of the new St Thomas Margaritaville

Behind the laid-back theme of island tunes and lazy afternoons are a team of perfectionists that are working around the clock to finish the St Thomas Margaritaville Vacation Club, a partnership between Wyndham St Thomas Development LLC and Jimmy Buffett.

Formerly the Renaissance Grand Beach Palace, Wyndham has been engaged in a more than $100M renovation and modernization program that reinvents the resort as a 262 unit Margaritaville themed resort. While guests will experience a relaxed and carefree atmosphere, behind the scenes architects and builders take the task of shaping the experience very seriously.

Archiform 3D, an international company that specializes in shaping new property developments, was engaged in October last year to assist, combining the architectural and landscape designs to show everyone where the project is heading. 3D renderings were initially produced and the refinement process began, shaping each part to perfection, working around established trees and saving what could have been a small fortune in on-site experiments. A virtual tour was later produced, allowing potential buyers into the Vacation Club to tour what is essentially the heart of the experience.

The tour takes viewers past the “5 o’clock somewhere bar”, the swimming pool and the “LandShark Beach Bar”. Wyndham started booking guests in March and are due to open next month, but if you cant wait until then check out Archiform 3D’s online virtual tour.

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Video: Ethan Tucker – Crazy Tonight

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Off the May 5th Stoopid Records release of Ethan Tucker’s new album Misunderstood, here is the first official music video for the song “Crazy Tonight” which features Michael Franti. Ethan told The Pier that the video was shot during his tour with Franti to which Michael Franti assumed the role of directing the video after filming from various Go-Pro’s and home camera’s. You can pick up the album, Misunderstood, on iTunes by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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Celebrating Memorial Day in Destin

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We have had a busy and fun filled week in Destin as we got ready for Memorial Day. The town is packed with tourist enjoying the beaches and shops. The locals are complaining about the traffic. The restaurants are packed. But we are all thankful for our service members who sacrifice for us every day.

For the 20th consecutive year our friends Bobby and Darla hosted a big party at their house in honor of the Memorial Day weekend. Over 100 people enjoyed a crawfish and shrimp boil, music and good times. Bobby is a veteran with a son serving aboard an air craft carrier in the Navy. The party is good time to show our appreciation for the day.

Sunshine Cindy and I got out and about the last several days. Thursday night we stopped at The Sandbar at Silver Shells. We had time for one drink before they were closing as some rain was moving in. We decided to head to Johnny O’Quigleys. We found a seat at the bar. Chad was taking of us. As we sat three folks came in. They were servers from Crab Island Cantina. They had been on a charter fishing boat all day. We ended up having some drinks with them. Then there was also a couple that sat a few stools down from us. The girl was the most high maintenance needy person I have ever seen. Even Chad said after they left that he has been in the service industry over 25 years and she was in the top 5 of most difficult customers he has ever had. The poor boyfriend was a wimp. She told him what he could drink and how much. But he did get to pay! LOL

Friday was Parrot Head meeting at KC’s Sandbar in Fort Walton Beach. Sunshine Cindy and I got there early so we could find a place to park as there was a concert at The Landing that night. We had a blast at KC’s. The weather was perfect. Jan and Kenny played some great tunes. The staff at KC’s took great care of all of us. A great way to spend an evening. When we left we stopped in at the American Legion. We hung out there for a while during karoke. The spirit of Capt. John lives on at the Legion!

We had to miss a party at Landshark Pizza on Sunday as we had plans to visit Sunshine Cindy’s parents. The party at Landshark Pizza was because Chris, Sue’s son, was being sent to another base. I know we missed a fun time there. We had a good time at the in-laws then we met up with Mark and Stephanie at Schooners at Bluewater Bay. The night was perfect as the sun went down and we got to spend some time with good friends.

Changes continue to happen in and around Destin. The old Howl at the Moon on the island is soon to reopen as Rockin Taco. This Mexican themed restaurant will  have our old friend John Perry running it as the GM. We last saw John at Helen Back in Niceville last summer. The Destin Commons also has a couple of new restaurants getting ready to open. They are up and coming chains that will have burgers and sandwiches.

LuLu’s is getting closer to opening. We see where Trop Rocker James (Sunny Jim) White will be performing at LuLu’s on July 14th and 15th. That is cool. I hope we will start to see more Trop Rockers perform there. LuLu’s is what Margaritaville should be!

Enjoy your Memorial Day Monday! See ya next Monday!!!

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The Stupidest Thing I’ve Heard This Year

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The Stupidest Thing I’ve Heard This Year

If you read the blog, or follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that I recently bought into a small bar here called The Cork and Stogie.  I wrote about it shortly after I made the move on April 1st and wrote about it here. In that blog I mentioned that I was previously attempting to buy Viva Zapata with two other partners, but in the long run we realized we didn’t have enough money to pull it off. The rent would be raising 50% after the first three months and it would be double what we started, three months after that. To make matters more nervous, this would be going into the slowest part of the year here.

Before we pulled the plug on it we entertained the idea of having an additional partner and had one guy who expressed interest. We’ll just call him R. Well, R was a pretty well known individual and had been around town for many years. Consequently, he also knew a lot of people. Knowing the right people, particularly in city planning and government can definitely be a feather in one’s cap.

I had met R a few years back at one of the songwriter’s festivals. The Key West Songwriter’s Festival is full of people from Nashville. When I first struck up a conversation with R, he was wearing jeans and cowboy boots. Naturally, I thought he was from Nashville. To my surprise, he was a local. Every time I’ve seen him since, he’s always got on long pants. It’s not that wearing long pants is bad, but in this town, it’s odd. Odd enough to say to yourself “Hummmm. This guy always wears long pants. I wonder what’s up with him?”. If I saw him around with shorts from time to time, the question would never come about.

Bear in mind that it doesn’t mean they can’t be trusted or anything. My friend Schmegley never wears shorts and he’s a great guy! However, one does tend to at least ask the question when the long pants come into play and shorts never do.

One night in the beginning of March one of my partners in the Viva Zapata adventure and I were out on the sidewalk talking to R about to impending venture. He had some interesting ideas, I will say. He also had a few ideas that were completely off the wall, such as making Viva Zapata into a fine dining restaurant.

He also flagged down some city government employee who walked by and chatted with him for a few minutes. Then another guy who walked by whom he hadn’t seen in years, by knew of this guy’s escapades here and in Panama with what the guy said was with the C.I.A. The guy wasn’t drunk, he was in-the-bag shitfaced. He made the most outrageous statements about blowing up an airport in Panama, in between swaying back and forth and almost falling over a couple of times. R seemed to have some sort of knowledge about this as well and asked the pertinent questions as the guy swayed to and fro. The next day someone posted a picture of the guy unconscious, laying in a random front yard, with a comical statement to go with it.

The next day the partner who was talking with R and myself asked if he could talk to me in private. We’ll call this individual K. K is a great guy it’s always great to see him. He has a great disposition and laughs easily.

We sat down and he says to me “Hey, I was talking to R and he was saying that he knows you’re into the Trop Rock music, but he says that he wants you to understand that if he invests here, he said he doesn’t want this place to become a Trop Rock bar or anything”.

My reply to K was “Lets see what develops. So far he hasn’t committed anything but talk” which K agreed with.

On the flip side however, I was completely amazed. What an extraordinary thing  for R to say! I mean, here is a guy who has lived here for quite some time, I think over two decades, and the bottom line is, he just doesn’t get it. Again, I thought he was from Nashville when we originally met. Now I was thinking he should try his luck in a place like Nashville.

Lets look at Key West and the Florida Keys biggest resource: Tourism.

Who come here and why?

Getting the specific stats on tourism isn’t easy. However I will say this. Key West gets a lot of visitors from outside the U.S. Having said that, the amount of Americans visiting here far outnumbers all combined visitors.  

Why do Americans come to Key West? Americans come to Key West because of what Key West is: A tropical island, many consider part of the Caribbean (Hey, if Bermuda is considered part of the Caribbean, there’s no reason we wouldn’t be) floating one hundred and six miles off the mainland loaded with palm trees, beaches, bars, restaurants, and art galleries. The best part? It’s it’s own country, the Conch Republic, albeit tongue-in-cheek, but it is part of the United States. One doesn’t need a passport to get here. Call it the best of both worlds!

People come here because they want the island life getaway experience. They want to feel the island lifestyle and be part of it,  take it in. Many businesses here on the island insist on piping in Island music, be it from this island, or others. I know of an art gallery which insists on having nothing but tropical music playing. It’s common and they’re not alone. This one particular gallery is very successful and has been here for over twenty years. Why do they play tropical music? The general manager stated “People come here to be in the island lifestyle and island music sets the stage for that.”

Two of the most successful musicians on the island over the years, fall into the category of Trop music. With our band, The Shanty Hounds, our repertoire consists of about 1/3 Trop music, 2/3 other. We consider ourselves pretty well rounded. Yet, people are out there, such as R who have a thing against the Trop music and because we play some of it and he had an ax to grind with it, for whatever reason, he throws us into a category that he doesn’t like and wants to make sure we don’t play it.

What amazes me is that people like R can be so ignorant. Regretfully he’s not alone. Fortunately, he never joined us (nothing to do with music) and also, we never bought Viva Zapata. Unfortunately, as remarkable as it may seem, in business some people often put their personal likes ahead of feeding their cash register. They cut off their nose in spite of their face.

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MP3 Leak of the Week: Giant Panda!

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“War Machine” is this week’s Leak and it’s off Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad’s new album Bright Days. The song is far from reggae with a country Americana roots feel to it, speaking out against War. The track is available for FREE this week only. Read more about this unique release by Giant Panda…

You can download Giant Panda’s NEW single “War Machine” for FREE, on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday May 30th, 2015.

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – “War Machine”
Bright Days
Bright Days Background:
As mentioned inside our 2015 Most Anticipated Albums, Rochester, NY’s big ol’ Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad has released Bright Days via Easy Star Records on May 18th, 2015.

The 9-track Americana album includes a guest feature by G. Love who contributed some Harp on the track “Humboldt County Gold,” a long with Eric Robertson who performs Mandolin on a few tracks with “Atabey,” “Good To You,” and “War Machine,” while Milt Reder, the studio owner, plays guitar on ALL the tracks.

These are “Major perks for a Panda Record” vocalist-bassist James Searl tells The Pier. “When Milt plugged in his guitar and began to play, we realized that the session was serious and special.”

The album was recorded at Rear Window Studio in Brookline, MA with Craig Welsch (one of the key players in 10 Ft. Ganja Plant). After the band recorded their 2014 Pier Award Nominated album STEADY, Craig said “Ok, I’m pressing record on the tape machine. GO!” A day or two later and Bright Days was recorded.

James Searl continued to tell The Pier that new songs “War Machine” and “Humboldt County Gold” are 2 fantastic tunes that he’s excited about, among the others. This album is said to follow the January 2012 release of Country, a lyrically-driven roots Americana Album.

Here’s what James Searl had to say back in December when describing the mindset that perfectly accompanies this album: “You know those lucid moments that come at 5 AM when you have been up all night and the Christmas lights are on and it seems like you have all the time in the world to reflect on life and give thanks for the wonder that is existence? This album is that.”

You can purchase Bright Days on iTunes by clicking HERE!
You can purchase Bright Days on VINYL by clicking HERE!

Giant Panda
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad Background:
Band Members:
James Searl: Bass, Vocals
Chris O’Brian: Drums, Vocals
Dylan Savage: Guitar, Vocals
Dan Keller: Guitar, Vocals
Tony Gallicchio: Keys

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad (GPGDS) formed in 2001 in Rochester, New York they’re best known for folding the aesthetics of the jam-band scene into the structures of reggae. In the live setting, the band performs extended jams, while their previous studio albums have blended roots reggae with psychedelia (In These Times, 2012 and Steady, 2014) or diverged from the genre completely, journeying into straight Americana (Country, 2012 and Bright Days, 2015).

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad Tour Dates

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Exclusive Easy Star Records Blog

Huge thanks again to Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad for allowing us to share their new song “War Machine” to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: Josue Rivas

Drummer-Vocalist Chris O’Brian introduces new album Bright Days

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The Pier: Catching Up with Trevor Hall

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The first big act of this year’s Cali Roots, playing on the festival’s spacious Bowl stage, was Trevor Hall. The singer/songwriter best known for his acoustical repertoire kicked off the festivities with a rather early set that started at noon on Friday.

A dread-less and beard-less Trevor Hall complimented his clean appearance with an equally composed hour of music. Hall’s new look, the result from a recent staph infection, is in stark contrast to the Bohemian Buddhist Hall has come to resemble in recent years.
Accompanied by his bassist Brian Lang, percussionist Doug Smith, and his acoustic guitar, Hall played some stripped down songs off of his latest album Chapter of the Forest a long with his March 26th EP of Upack Your Memories. Much to the crowd’s delight, Hall mixed in some of his older songs and advised the crowd to “Make your parents proud.”

In typical Cali Roots fashion, the show had surprise appearances by some of Hall’s friends and musicians with Xavier Rudd and Nahko Bear. Following an energetic rendition of Rudd’s song “Culture Bleeding,” Rudd and fellow artist Dustin Thomas joined the audience for some tribal dancing. Trevor was also featured during Nahko’s set for the song “Warrior People”.

[Related: Trevor Hall’s ‘Unpack Your Memories…]

Touring as an artist since before he even graduated high school, Hall confessed to being burnt out from performing a couple years back. Well known for his spirituality, the South Carolina native visited a series of isolated places in search of meditation and inspiration.

“For the first time I told myself I needed to stop. I didn’t know how long it was going to be or when I was coming back. I just kind of went up into the woods and focused on being silent. I learned a lot from just letting the mind unravel” Hall said.

Chapter of the Forest is a reflection of that, incorporating sacred chanting and memories of his trips to Nepal and India to create a new spin on Hall’s mellow sound. Not to say Chapter of the Forest is an obvious deviation from his previous work, it just seems to be coming from a different place of inspiration.

“You do get a lot of pressure from the mainstream or the radio to make a song that fits a style. Now that I am older, I just try to do what I love and if it gets on the radio cool and if it doesn’t I don’t care.”

This year’s California Roots is the 6th installment of the festival and promises to be the most highly attended. The successful festival takes place near the end of May in Monterey County every year and with Hall leading the early wave of this year’s artist, Cali Roots 2015 promises to be another good one.

Below you’ll find additional links with tour dates and information regarding Trevor Hall…

trevor hall Tour Dates

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Trevor Hall Facebook

Article By: Keenan Donath
Photos By: David Norris

More of Trevor Hall @ Cali-Roots…
DavidNorrisTrevorHallCaliRoots015 (4)DavidNorrisTrevorHallCaliRoots015 (7)DavidNorrisTrevorHallCaliRoots015 (2)DavidNorrisTrevorHallCaliRoots015 (5)DavidNorrisTrevorHallCaliRoots015 (3)DavidNorrisTrevorHallCaliRoots015 (6)

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Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort taking reservations

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From the Sun Sentinel: “Long-awaited Margaritaville taking reservations

Get ready to pack your bags, Parrotheads. The new Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort is taking reservations. Rates at the 349-room resort on the Broadwalk begin at $259 a night, a hotel spokeswoman said Tuesday.

The resort includes 151 king rooms, 154 queen rooms and 44 suites, along with the Jimmy Buffett Suite and the Coral Reefer Suite, which will occupy the penthouse level of the 17-story resort.
Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort

The $147 million Margaritaville, at Johnson Street and State Road A1A, will include eight restaurants and bars, oceanside pools, a FlowRider wave ride, spa and fitness center and 30,000 square feet of convention space.

“We look forward to welcoming our first guests,” General Manager Cate Farmer said in a news release Tuesday. Reservations are being accepted for stays starting Oct. 1, but the date will be adjusted when a firm opening date is set, the spokewoman said.

So far, the Margaritaville has said only that it will open in “summer 2015.” Hotel developer Lon Tabatchnick told city commissioners in April that Margaritaville could open after mid-July and before Labor Day, if all goes as planned.

Reservations are available by calling 844-5OCLOCK (844-562-5625) or at

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Buffett adds surprise Austin show to tour

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Jimmy Buffett has added a stop at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater in Austin TX on Tuesday May 26th to the tour. Tickets for the show go on sale at 10 am on Thursday, May 21. Tickets can be purchased online only and are limited to two per customer. Patrons must pick up their tickets at the box office the night of the concert. You can purchase tickets through the Stubb’s website or through C3 Presents.

From “Jimmy Buffett adds surprise Austin show to summer tour”

Jimmy Buffet’s “Workin’ ‘n Playin’ Tour” tour is making a detour in Austin. On Tuesday, C3 Presents announced that the singer will stop by Stubb’s for a surprise concert on Tuesday, May 26.

“We’re thrilled to have Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band perform on our legendary stage,” said Principal of C3 Presents, Charles Attal, in a statement. “This will be one of the flagship events in the 20-year history of Stubb’s.”

This year’s tour coincides with the 40th anniversary of Buffet’s iconic A1A album, which debuted the song “A Pirate Looks at Forty.” To celebrate this landmark, Stubb’s will have a special happy hour before the concert with LandShark Lager (Buffett’s brew of choice) and Margaritaville Tequila margaritas.

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Video Premiere: Zach Deputy – Live Funky Improv

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Here is the Video Premiere to Zach Deputy performing a LIVE Funky Improv for The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series. The video comes courtesy of Director Tage Plantell and Co-Produced by Kit Chalberg and was shot on location at The Oriental Theater in Denver, CO. To read more about this production, the Director and the genius that is Zach Deputy, click HERE!

For Booking Inquiries or to be shot for The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series email Enjoy the Live Funky Improv…

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