Strange week in Destin

Posted on Monday, May 4th, 2015 at 8:06 pm
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This past week saw a roller coaster of emotions in the town. It started last Sunday with the guy who was sweep away by the current on Crab Island. They finally found his body on Friday. At least now the family will have some closure.

On Thursday we had a family friends Mom pass away. She was having some surgery and ended up having a heart attack. That was sudden and a big shock. Finally on Friday our good friend Capt. John passed away. Capt. John was always there to help anyone in need. He loved to have a good time and lived his life to the max. Capt. John was like a cat with nine lives. He cheated death many times and always came back stronger. He will be truly missed in Destin. Sail on my friend…

But with the sadness we also had a crazy busy week. Thursday evening Sunshine Cindy and I stopped in at Hogs Breath. Cam was working the bar and Chris Hays was playing. The weather was perfect as we listened to the music and watch the cars go by on Hwy 98. A co-worker of mine, Charley stopped in and joined us for a while. It was good talking to him.

This past weekend was Thunder Beach in Panama City. This is a biker rally. Destin gets a lot of the riders pass though with many stopping in at some of our local watering holes like Hogs Breath. Thursday night there was already some bikers stopping in. It’s cool seeing all the bikes.

On Friday I got a message from a friend from Atlanta that he was in Panama City for the rally and wanted to stop in Destin and have a beer with us. We agreed to meet Jim at The Boathouse about 2 pm. It was good seeing our friend. While there we had Brian from Landshark Pizza stop in and join us. Then David did the same. We also saw Mindy, Charley, Paige, Bree…just a typical time at the Boathouse.

When Jim headed back to PCB Sunshine Cindy and I walked down to Harry T’s. Brian said he was going to be there. We sat downstairs to have a snack during happy hour. Red was working the bar and Michele had just got off and came and give us a big hug and hello. There were a bunch of tourist from the Boston area at the bar having a great time that we talked to. We then grabbed a beer and went upstairs to join Brian. Glen was with him as they enjoyed some good Kentucky Bourbon. Dan came over and he and Sunshine Cindy talked for a while. We had a good time but had to move on to the American Legion.

One of Capt. John’s favorite places was the American Legion. A good group of us went to the Legion to honor Capt. John and tell some stories about him. We could feel his presence.

Saturday was our first Crab Island Mambo beach cleanup of the season. We team up with the ECPHC four times a year to help keep Beachwalk #2 on Okaloosa Island clean. It was a picture perfect weather day. We had a nice turnout and had a big party afterwards. The reason we need to do a cleanup is because of a-holes like the couple that was sitting on the beach who left about 8 or 9 empty beer cans in the sand when they left. One of our group saw it after this couple was far down the walkway but I know they heard her calling them losers among a few other things. Why do people leave their trash like that???

There was a big car show on the island on Saturday. When we left the traffic was backed up across the island to Destin. Glad we were going the other way. Sunshine Cindy and I stopped in at Landshark Pizza on the way home from the beach. We were not dressed for a nice night out on the town so wings and beer worked for us. A decent crowd was there. Haley took care of us and we enjoyed our wings!

Sunday was a slow relaxing day for us. I ran out in the afternoon doing some errands and stopped in at Hogs Breath but that was it. I was home in time to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game. They kicked butt and are now up by two games. It’s exciting but nerve wracking at the same time.

We hope all our friends will join us in Put in Bay, Ohio this June for Phlocking of the Phaithful. Registration will be open for a couple more weeks so time is getting short. We hope to see you on the island this June! Click here for all the details:

Have a great week. See ya next Monday!

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