We love our Destin beaches

Posted on Monday, May 11th, 2015 at 6:43 pm
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Some days are better than others and Sunshine Cindy and I had a couple of great days in Destin last weekend. It started out on Friday. We decided to go to the Back Porch seafood restaurant for Happy Hour. They have good drink prices and they were advertising a good price for boiled shrimp. The building was remodeled this past winter and it is now open and bright. We sat at the bar and enjoyed the shrimp and a couple cold beers.

When we left we decided to try and find a beach bar that is part of the Silver Shells condo complex. We walked along a grass path and found the bar. It was a tiki hut kind of place with a big deck. It sat just steps off the beach. As we walked up we recognized the bartender. Shannon used to be a manager at Sago. It was like old home week as talked about the demise of Sago. Everyone misses that place.

It was a perfect day to be sitting at the edge of the beach watching the tourist come and go while seeing the Emerald Green water. Sunshine Cindy talked to some tourist from Minnesota who had to go back the next day. That’s the good thing about living here…we don’t have to leave!

That evening there was a Parrot Head meeting at Fuds in Destin. We made it there and had a good time. JB was playing music for the group and did his usual good job. As everyone left we stayed back and talked to JB and Tami. He was relaxing before tearing down his equipment. Then a manager from Fuds told him a group of about 50 people were coming in to be on the stage to get their picture taken with some alligators. Sure enough, a few minutes later here comes a large group from toddlers to grandparents. They had a fun time holding the gators and JB even got them singing a little. We didn’t see this coming! LOL

On Saturday Sunshine Cindy and I decided we wanted to spend some more time at the beach at a beach bar. We started out at the Surf Hut in Miramar Beach. The place has a nice Polynesian feel to it. We had a beer then headed to the Crab Trap. They have an outside beach bar that we sat at. It was so nice and relaxing. A lot of different people came and went in the bar. There was a group of 5 hot young ladies from Panama having a great time. Some old Georgia redneck kept buying them shots of Tequila. It was funny watching all this.

After the sun went down we left and went to Landshark pizza for some dinner. I didn’t want to watch the hockey game thinking I might be a jinx but it was on AND there were two Montreal fans there watching the game. These two whined as much as the fans in Montreal do. They complained about every little thing….he tripped him, he interfered, he hit him in the face….whaaaaaaa…..They must teach this form of whining to all fans up there. I thought Ben should have had that last goal. It looked like a normal shot that he once again just missed. Geeze….And yes, I am whining about that! LOL

Sunday we spent Mothers Day with Sunshine Cindy’s parents. We had a good time sitting on the patio and down on the dock by the water. The weather the last week has been perfect and Sunday was no exception. I wish it would stay this way all year.

On the way to visit with her parents we drove by where the new Lulu’s is being built in Destin. This is going to be a great place very similar to the Lulu’s in Gulf Shores, AL. The building looks like it is coming along as I heard they are shooting for a late June opening. They have a big parking lot and a small bridge over a little pond to get to the building from the lot. It will be a fun place.

I also heard about a new place that is going into the old Capt. Dave’s building on the harbor. This is a big brick building that has not had much happening there since hurricane Ivan forced Capt. Dave’s out. This is going to be a restaurant and from what I can see a club too. That part of the harbor needs some more places as everyone is concentrated on the west end for the most part.

Have a great week everyone. See ya next Monday!

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