Eddie Murphy’s ‘Wonna Deez Nites’ Single

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 at 3:10 am
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Is it grammatically correct? No, but damn is it catchy. Over the years, Actor/Comedian/Singer Eddie Murphy has released a reggae track about as often as a blue moon, and on June 30th, he’ll be releasing his latest single “Wonna Deez Nites” through VPAL, a subsidiary label of VP Records.

For this song, Murphy teamed with Jamaican dancehall icon Beenie Man to create a wonderfully upbeat summertime tune. This song marks the first time Murphy has collaborated with a Jamaican artist on a EddieMurphysong since he worked with Shabba Ranks on his 1993 single “I Was A King” from his album Love’s Alright, and is his first release since his early 2015 reggae chart-topper “Oh Jah Jah.”

Unlike his previous singles “Red Light” and “Oh Jah Jah,” this song strays from political undertones and roots-y instrumentals. “Wonna Deez Nites” blends Murphy’s velvet voice, choral harmonies, and Beenie Man’s signature fast-paced rhymes along with a traditionally exotic reggae rhythm that’s perfect for a lighthearted night of outdoor listening.

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Murphy’s recent foray into reggae is seemingly becoming less of an experiment and more of a sought after commodity, especially with his gradual disappearance from the world of comedy. Although there are no updates regarding a full-length album, fans can continue to enjoy these singles until Murphy supplies the demand. “Wonna Deez Nites” is available for pre-order on ITunes now by clicking HERE!

Listen: “Wonna Deez Nites” by Eddie Murphy

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Article By: Andrew Aroche

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