Reaction to Buffett’s appearance in Jurassic World

Posted on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 at 5:31 am
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From Buzz Feed: “The Hero Of “Jurassic World” Is Not Chris Pratt, But The Man Double-Fisting Margaritas

Nicole: “You know that person who grabs two margaritas while being chased by a T-Rex in Jurassic World? I’m that person”

Amelia: “The guy in Jurassic world who ran away from the dinosaur Holding two glasses of margarita is the real mvp”


From US Magazine: “Jurassic World Secrets: Jimmy Buffett Is the Man Double Fisting Margaritas During Pterodactyl Attack

In a memorable scene from the film in which the deadly flying dinosaurs attack a large crowd, one man is spotted jumping up from his chair, grabbing two margaritas, and rushing to safety. Though it was a split-second shot, many of the millions of viewers where quick to call out the “heroic” moment on Twitter. (A cartoon reenactment has been thankfully posted on Tumblr for those who haven’t seen the movie yet.)

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