Shooting Stars over Destin

Posted on Monday, June 22nd, 2015 at 8:00 pm

It has been an interesting few days around Destin. The town is packed with Summer tourist. This is as crowded as I have ever seen the town this early in the Summer. Some people have money that’s for sure.

As I mentioned last week, LuLu’s has opened in Destin by the Mid-Bay bridge. Sunshine Cindy and I went to check it out on Friday. They have done a fantastic job with the place. It is big, open and airy. We sat at the outside bar that overlooks the bridge and the bay. We got there about 3 pm and there was a good sized crowd for the middle of the afternoon. We had many friends show up including Doug, Mike, Corlee, Terry, Mark, Stephanie, Steve, Dottie….you get the idea. It was the place to be.

The place got packed as dinner time came around. There were four bartenders at the outside bar and they ran their butts off all night. Prices are good, the food was good and we had a fun time. It looks like LuLu’s will be a big hit in our opinion.

When we got home from LuLu’s I sat on our back porch for a while. At one point while looking up at the stars I saw a shooting star. That was cool as it has been a long while since I had seen one. I went in and told Sunshine Cindy about it then I went back out. Less than 30 seconds later I saw another one. Two shooting stars in the span of about 2 minutes….wow!

I made a few stops around town on Friday. I stopped in at Landshark Pizza. Brian said they have been so busy each evening he has to have extra staff on hand to take care of the crowds. Good for him. I also stopped in at Rotten Apple for a quick beer. Everyone there was talking about the traffic. We have to get used to it and have some patience for the next two months.

One way to avoid the traffic is to not go anywhere. Saturday Sunshine Cindy and I stayed home and used our pool to relax in. The water felt like bath water it was so warm. We talked to some neighbors and had a nice afternoon. Then we went home and sat on our porch and listened to some music. Sunday we visited with her parents for Father’s Day. We had a nice time with them.

Last week down on the harbor Johnny O’Quigley’s new place opened. The Ale House and Tailfins plus the boardwalk bar are all open now. We will have to get there to check it out. It looks great from the outside.

This week Hobby Lobby is opening next to Target. We keep getting one new place after another.

This Saturday is our Crab Island Mambo and ECPHC beach cleanup. We will be on Okaloosa Island at Beachwalk #2. We always have fun with the cleanup and then beach party afterwards.

Enjoy your week. See ya next Monday!

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