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Posted on Monday, July 13th, 2015 at 7:19 pm
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This won’t be a major revelation but it’s hot in Destin in the summer. Our temps are usually in the low 90’s but the humidity is always high making it feel much hotter. In fact, I have lived in Destin for over 16 years and we have not had the temp break 100 in that time. We can thank the Gulf of Mexico for that. The last week was a hot one as the sun was out and we only had some pop-up thunderstorms. I am not complaining as I like the heat but it can drain you if you are not careful.

Sunshine Cindy and I went to our pool on Saturday. We thought we would go and cool off but the water was like bath water. It had to be at least 90 degrees. It was not refreshing but it was still fun. We got to meet some neighbors we didn’t know and later our neighbors from a few doors down came to the pool too. We ended up talking to them till almost 10 pm.

Friday night our friends the Southern Drawl Band played at KC’s Sandbar in Fort Walton Beach. The guys put on a great show as usual. They won’t be back in our area till October. We will be in SDB Withdrawals for sure!

It is official…KC’s is taking over the old Fokkers building. They are putting in a wine and tappas bar. It should be open around the first of September. That entire area will now be known as KC’s Quarter. They have the snow cone stand, the Sandbar, Tapworks craft beer bar, the sports bar and now the wine bar. They are also expanding their kitchen. It’s a fun place that will just get better and better.

Sunshine Cindy and I spent some time at LuLu’s again. We had a parrot head meeting there on Friday. Over 100 parrot heads showed up. We partied at the outside Bay Bar. The bartenders were kept busy that afternoon. I also got introduced to the assistant GM, Mike. I laid some ground work on possibly getting some trop rockers in to play. Sunny Jim is playing there this week but it would be great to have some others play there too. We shall see.

Roland and Jackie were in town staying with Mark and Stephanie. We meet them all at LuLu’s for a fun afternoon. Steve boated over and joined us too. LuLu’s continues to be packed out all the time. Boaters are finding the place as the bay is real shallow there. They drop anchor and wade in. We might work on having a parrot head “float up” one day. That would be fun.

I stopped in at Landshark Pizza on Saturday for a quick PBR. Brian and Sue were working and the place was almost full. One table of three tourist ordered a large and two medium pizza’s. I guess they wanted enough pizza for the entire week. The final paperwork to make their move to the harbor is almost official. It’s an exciting time for Landshark Pizza.

Down on the island Joe and Eddie’s has opened on the north side by the bay in the building where Pranzo’s used to be. They have a breakfast that has been a Fort Walton Beach staple for years. We will have to go check it out. In Destin Chili’s has closed down. It’s a tough market and some of the older chains will either have to update our they will die out.

Enjoy the week. See ya next Monday!

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