Destin “Brick and Spoon” is no more

Posted on Monday, August 3rd, 2015 at 7:50 pm

We knew it was going to happen but we were surprised it took so long. The Brick and Spoon restaurant and bar in the Palms Condo complex has been shut down. Sunshine Cindy and I gave up on this place early this year when they totally bombed at a Parrot Head meeting they hosted. We went back one more time on a Sunday for brunch but when we were told it would be a couple hours to get food we threw in the towel and never went back.

Back when it was Sago Sports Bar, we loved going there. The crew from Sago did a great job running the place. Hopefully another person can turn this back into a nice sports bar again. It will be interesting to see what happens. Maybe they can get Wayne Toups back for a concert too!

The weather continues to be hot and humid…but then again it is Summer so we kind of expect that! LOL  Destin is still busy with tourist but it is slowing down as we get closer to school. Sunshine Cindy and I got out and about a little the last few days.

Friday we stopped in at Landshark Pizza in the afternoon for a Crab Island Mambo business strategy meeting. We are deep into the planning for the 2016 Phlocking of the Phaithful Trop Rock party. We had a good meeting over food and beer. Brian let us try a new appetizer they have…homemade pork rinds. They were really good too! Also Sue updated us on the status of the new location. They hope to have the final signed contract executed early this week. Build out of the new space and move in will hopefully be done by the end of October if everything works out. We wish the Landshark team well.

Friday evening we stopped at Island Wings for some dinner. We had a BOGO coupon we wanted to use. The food was good and they had a guy playing music. Island Wings is a loud place with sound bouncing off the walls and tile floor but the guy was not blasting his tunes so that was good. Later we went to the American Legion. We wanted to have a drink in Capt. John’s honor. It was his birthday so we had to celebrate his life. It’s just not the same with Captain not there. Julie and Suzanne also came in to help celebrate.

Saturday Sunshine Cindy, Tiffany and I went to World of Beer. I tried several different craft beers. I had a Abita Restoration, a Back Forty Naked Pig and a Cigar City Invasion Pale Ale. All three beers were good. I loved the art work on the bottles from the craft brewers. There are some creative minds out there. WOB stayed pretty busy for the middle of the afternoon. In fact the whole Destin Commons was busy. Even a short storm didn’t slow down the crowds. I got the top up on Badass3 just before the heavy rains hit.

We left and headed to Lucky’s Rotten Apple. The Apple is a locals place. Courtney was outside and greeted us. Tommy and Kenny were at the bar. We have not seen Tommy in a few weeks so it was good catching up with him. Ed was drunk and doing his “show time” shout. And no, I don’t know what it means but I don’t plan to ask either.

We made one more stop on the way home at Caribbean Joe’s. This is the old Malibu Jack’s next to Hogs Breath. We ordered beers but were surprised to see they were $4 each plus tax! I guess we won’t be back there anytime soon.

Sunday Sunshine Cindy and I wanted brunch so we went to Callahan’s. We have not been there in what seems like forever. They always had good food and that is still the case. I used to love their original location on Holiday Isle. It was funky with plastic chairs and tables. It felt like you were over at a friend’s house. They moved to their current location several years ago. The food is as good but it is a sterile feel to the building now. It’s like any other place. Oh well, you can still get their great food.

We ended up Sunday afternoon at our pool relaxing in the sun. Our friends Mark and Stephanie came over and joined us. That was a nice surprise. It was fun talking with them while we swam in the pool that had water temps like a bathtub! LOL

This Friday we have Trop Rocker Jimi Pappas playing at Crab Island Cantina. He plays from 5-9 pm. Come out and enjoy great music, food and cold drinks with the best sunset views on the harbor!

Have a fantastic awesome week. See ya next Monday!

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