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Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2015 at 7:43 pm
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Wow, what a great week Sunshine Cindy and I had. It started out last Monday evening at Crab Island Cantina’s new bar, Charley’s BBB. (Beer, Burgers and Bourbon!) You can add sports to that too as they have tons of TV’s and the sports packages. They were having a soft opening and we got invited to attend. Julie joined us for a fun evening. We tried some burgers that were great as well some of the other appetizers they have. With many different types of bourbons and craft beers, this place is going to be a big hit. Charley’s is the inside bar at the Cantina. Go check them out.

Friday night we went across the bay to visit Sunshine Cindy’s parents. They had returned from a trip to Minnesota. They had a good time visiting family and friends but they were glad to be back home in paradise. It was a nice visit we had and they had some fresh apples for us too.

Saturday was a typical Destin day down on the harbor. Sunshine Cindy and I started out at the Red Door Saloon. They have upgraded their menu at the Red Door. They used to only have hot dogs but now have a full range of bar food. It’s good and the beer is still some of the cheapest in town. Kyle was behind the bar taking care of us. We got to talking about football. Kyle is originally from Cincinnati so we had fun with me bring a Browns fan.

Wayne joined us. He had been in Cincinnati a few weeks before and promised to bring us a can of Skyline Chili. Everyone in Cincy loves Skyline Chili. Well, he had the can with him so I had to show Kyle what we got. He joked we better not turn our back or he would take the can…he loves that chili that much. LOL  While at the Red Door we saw some biker friends we have not seen in many months. We also talked to Bruce who is the weighmaster for the fishing rodeo. The rodeo runs the entire month of October and Bruce is there every day. He is ready!

Now this is where the typical harbor crawl part begins. We decided to walk down to Charley’s. On the way we talked to Jonelle who was working a charter booth. Then we ran into Missy who was also hanging out. At Charley’s we got “our” table and enjoyed some food and drinks. Carlos came out to see us and he made us some Enamine. It was really good. I will have it again. We watched some football and enjoyed being in air conditioning as it was pretty warm out.

As we left Charley’s Renee was having dinner at the Cantina. Her husband is now the chef for the Cantina. Good for them. As we walked back down the harbor we noticed Shark Shack and Hooks were both closed. Turns out they didn’t have any water. What a tough day to be closed as there was a lot of people walking the harbor. We went on and stopped at the outside bar at Tailfins. A lot of people were inside watching college football but we pulled up a couple of chairs to enjoy the fresh air.

As we sat there Bobby walked by. Bobby is a Cajun who was celebrating the LSU victory. Not too much later Skip and Brenda also walked by and talked to us. Wayne joked that is seemed like we knew almost everyone that was out on the harbor. And that’s what makes it a typical Destin harbor stroll day.

From there Wayne headed home and so did Sunshine and I. But we decided to make one final stop at The Palms to see what the bar situation was like now that Brink and Spoon was closed down. The inside bar was not open but the outside back bar was. A big crowd of regulars were there. Tommy, Shannon and others we knew by sight but not name were all there having a good time. Now we know we can still get a drink there if we want to.

Sunday was a little more subdued but not by much. I wanted to once again watch the Browns game. We went back to Tailfins to watch the game and had the same table as we had the previous week. The view of the harbor makes watching the game from Tailfins so cool. You have the water and boats on the harbor and the football game at the same time. You can’t beat that. And the Browns won too! That was icing on the cake. As the game was winding down Ken and his lady came to watch the Ravens game that was coming on next. We stayed for a while with them then headed home so I could be ready for the upcoming work week. All in all we had another great week in Destin.

I did hear some news about a new chain store that is coming to Destin. The shopping center that has Bealls and Bealls Outlet will soon have a Dick’s Sporting Goods store. This is supposed to be a 50000 sq ft store. The shopping center will undergo a major rebuild to accommodate Dick’s. Several of the retail outlets that are currently there will either move or be bought out of their lease. The Vietnamese restaurant will be closing. I don’t know what is going to happen to Wendy’s Kitchen. They seemed to be doing well. There is also a car rental and gulf cart place that I don’t know about either. The dentist is being relocated by Dollar Tree. Yep, more changes for Destin.

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Have a great week. See ya next Monday!

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