Holiday weekend in Destin

Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2015 at 10:38 am
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Destin had its last big tourist weekend of the summer season. The town was packed out again but this time it was only for a couple of days. Today, most everyone is heading back home and the locals will come back out of hibernation.

Sunshine Cindy and I stayed very active with friends and family. Friday Sunshine Cindy and Tiff went to Landshark Pizza for a while. They had some wings and talked to Brian and Sue. Sue was celebrating her birthday that evening at Harry T’s. A big party helped her get over the shock of turning 50. LOL 

Saturday was the yearly pool party that Julie throws. The weather was threatening but the Destin Dome held. Thunderstorms were all around but they would break up at they got to Destin. The party was a lot of fun as usual.

Sunday Sunshine Cindy and I headed to Hogs Breath in the afternoon to hang out for a while. Cam was working the outside bar. It was good seeing him again. We had some dinner, a few beers and watched the traffic on 98. It’s amazing what you see sometimes.  At one point a guy in the backseat of a car was waving a beer out the window toasting those of us at the bar. Okay, an open container is one thing but showing it off will get you in trouble. Lucky for him there were no cops around.

Then we saw a car stopped in the traffic when the driver got out to get something out of the truck. I don’t think it was a beer. Finally a group of 5 bikers decided to not sit in the traffic and rode on the sidewalk to get to Hogs. Granted it was only the sidewalk in front of the building and no pedestrians were there but again…something you don’t see every day.  But we had fun as it was mostly locals there.

Sunday evening we were home and got to listen to the concert from the Mattie Kelly Arts Center. The Heather Hayes Experience band was performing and we could hear them like we were front and center. Heather is the daughter of Isaac Hayes. It was a good show. Sunday evening was also the last fireworks show of the season at the harbor. We heard at Hogs Breath the fireworks barge broke free and ran into a sail boat and a couple other boats during the day. That must have been like trying to corral a semi-truck. No one was hurt and the fireworks went off as planned. 

It will be back to work for a few days this week then a big weekend of fun is planned. Jerry Diaz and his trio will be playing at LuLu’s this Thursday evening from 6-10 pm. The parrot heads will be back at LuLu’s on Friday night. And Saturday is our Crab Island Mambo and ECPHC last beach cleanup of the season on the island at beachwalk #2. Come out and join us!

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Have a great week. See ya next Monday!

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