Jimmy Buffett interviewed by WKRG News 5

Posted on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 at 6:02 am
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From WKRG: “Jimmy Buffett: One-On-One with News 5’s Devon Walsh

Buffett said he is surprised by some of the opportunities he has recently had. He’s had walk in roles in three different movies or TV shows recently. One in “Jurassic World”, one in the movie about airplane captain Sully Sullenburger, and one in Netflix series “Bloodline”.

Jimmy Buffett sat down for an interview with News 5’s Devon Walsh Saturday. At 68 years old, he’s working as much as ever, and enjoying his time on stage. Here are some of the questions Walsh asked.

1) Devon- “Do you get that at thrill every time you go out on stage?” Jimmy- “Yes. It’s a great job…Could be doing a lot worse.”

2)Devon- “You have been quoted as saying you are living a fantasy. Is that still true?” Jimmy- “I have been lucky enough to be here, after a few close scrapes and to have a music career that lasted this long. I have learned from my experiences, and keeping the business side running parallel with it. It’s been interesting ride.”

3) Devon-“Is it still fun for you? Do you plan to retire?” Jimmy- “From what?” Devon- “That’s the way you look when you are on stage, like you are having fun.” Jimmy- “It’s been amazing gift and an amazing lucky run I’ve had. I would have never imagined I would still be doing this. I figured I would buy a boat and move to the Caribbean. The length this has run, the fun this has been, and the stages…It’s still magical the things that pop up, that I can’t believe are going to happen.”


Article source: http://www.buffettnews.com/2015/09/22/25129/

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