Watch or Listen to the Key West Set List Show this Weekend!

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Celebrate the last long weekend of Summer with four days of memorable Jimmy Buffett Labor Day concerts his best from this year’s Workin’ N’ Playin’ Tour including the very special Key West setlist show. Watch a rebroadcast of the Key West setlist show on Margaritaville.TV this weekend.

Also listen to the Key West setlist show and some other memorable show on SiriusXM’s Radio Margaritaville.

Saturday 9/5
10:00am Cincinnati,OH 6/23/15
3:00pm Mansfield, MA 9/2/99
7:00pm Key West, FL 4/1/15 (Key West Setlist Show)
11:00pm Jones Beach, NY 8/30/12

Sunday 9/6
4:00am Bristow (Manassas), VA 9/1/11
8:00am East Troy, WI 8/22/15
5:00pm Mansfield, MA 8/28/03
10:00pm St. Louis, MO 6/4/15

Monday 9/7
10:00am Key West, FL 4/1/15 (Key West Setlist Show)
1:00pm Columbia, MD 8/24/00
4:00pm Chicago 6/27/15
8:00pm Washington, DC 9/1/12


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