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Destin holiday season

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It was a busy Thanksgiving weekend in Destin. We get a lot of folks come to the beach from places like Atlanta, New Orleans, Birmingham and many other towns that are a day’s drive away. Traffic was heavy from Wednesday till Sunday when the tourist headed home. This is a far cry from when I first came to Destin in the mid-90’s. I was in town on a Thanksgiving day and could not find any place to eat. The town was deserted. It’s not like that today.

Sunshine Cindy and I spent Thanksgiving at her parent’s house. We had a nice visit as her daughter Tiffany came from Atlanta for the day. The weather was perfect as it was the entire holiday weekend. Mid to upper 70’s during the day with lows at night about 60. Now if it would just stay this way till it warms up again in the spring.

Our big adventure over the holiday happened on Friday. We went to Alaqua to pick up our new puppy. “Chaos” is the latest edition to our family. She was frightened at first but it did not take her long to warm up to us. Feeding and petting her won her over! Lol   Alaqua is a rescue facility and we highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get a new pet for the family. They do a fantastic job saving animals that are unwanted or neglected. Donate to them if you get the chance!

With Chaos becoming a member of the family, a trip to Petsmart happened. I think there is still some merchandize left in the store but not much. We spent a fortune but Chaos is worth it.

We pretty much stayed home the rest of the weekend except for Saturday afternoon. I made a trip down to the harbor. My first stop was at Charlie’s BBB Bar inside Crab Island Cantina. Carlos was there and we had a chance to talk some crap about the Ohio State/Michigan game. Carlos is a Michigan guy and I am OSU. I stayed till halftime and left with the Bucks winning. Charlies is a comfortable bar that will be great when it gets a little colder out.

From there I went to Landshark Pizza to watch the rest of the game. Paige was behind the bar and a good crowd was in the bar area. I ended up talking to a couple of Cajun’s who were in town for the holiday. They are big fans of Landshark and LSU football. It was fun talking to them. The rest of our time was spent with Chaos but we did visit with our neighbors as all the neighborhood dogs were there. We can now fit in. lol

I saw where AJ’s is now serving sushi. I have not heard of anyone who has tried it but it does not surprise me that they are now doing it. Funny but a few years back I remarked to Sunshine Cindy that there was no place on the harbor to get sushi. That seemed strange to me considering we are a fishing village. Not long after that it seemed like one sushi place after another has popped up. Now there are plenty of options for sushi on the harbor.

Whole Foods is on track to open at the Destin Commons next June. They will be in direct competition with Fresh Market just a mile or so away. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as Fresh Market has that niche market to itself right now.

The Donut Hole in Destin is closed for a few weeks. They usually shut down right after Thanksgiving for a few weeks and they are doing it again this year.

Time for a reminder about our Crab Island Mambo Tank Tops and Tee Shirts that we have on sale. You can “Embrace the Chaos” with our American Made shirts for only $15 each. Bring a little bit of Destin to your home to warm up the cold winter days! They make great Christmas gifts too!!! Click here for all the details:

Have a great week. See ya next Monday!

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Cali-Roots 2016 Artist Line-Up

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The 7th annual California Roots Music and Arts Festival is on its way and the highly anticipated lineup announcements are underway. Festival organizers have announced almost all the performers expected to perform at this year’s festival, and the lineup so far coincides with festival organizers Dan Sheehan and Jeff Monser’s commitment to increasing diversity.

This year’s lineup includes a mix of old favorites such as Slightly Stoopid and The Green, along with first-timers like Atmosphere and Tunnel Vision.

Cali-Roots 2016 Artist Line-up

The current lineup includes:22236394-a6a6-46c9-9cb4-ea45b37c2b71

  • Slightly Stoopid
  • Rebelution
  • Atmosphere
  • Stephen ‘Ragga’ Marley
  • Tribal Seeds
  • The Expendables
  • The Green
  • Stick Figure
  • Protoje
  • Katchafire
  • Tarrus Riley
  • Gondwana
  • Fortunate Youth
  • The Skints
  • Natali Rize
  • Ooklah The Moc
  • Josh Heinrichs
  • Hirie
  • Sticky Fingers
  • The Expanders
  • PeniDean
  • Thrive
  • Eli-Mac
  • Seedless
  • Tunnel Vision
  • [We’ll update this list once the 3rd and final announcement of artists are announced.]

    Date Ticket Information:

    The festival will take place from May 27th-29th, and tickets are on sale now through Eventbrite. Three-day general admission tickets are available HERE for $180 plus fees while three-day VIP tickets are available for $418 plus fees. In the event that you can’t pay the full amount right away, there is a general admission payment plan available, with four installments of $47.50 plus fees. Camping will also be available at the Laguna Seca campground. In an attempt to be a more environmentally sustainable festival, promoters are encouraging paperless entry by using the Eventbrite app, confirmation email, or ID as your ticket to the festival.

    For more about the event, check out Cali Roots’ website, and related links, listed below.

    First Time Cali-Roots Performers:

    Last year, we saw first-time performers The Skints, G. Love and Special Sauce, and Natali Rize of Blue King Brown leave their mark on the Monterrey fairgrounds. There are a lot of familiar names in this year’s group of first-time Cali Roots performers, and we’d like to introduce you to some of them before you see them live.

    Atmosphere – View WebsiteAtmosphere

    Atmosphere is an American hip-hop duo from Minneapolis, Minnesota, consisting of rapper Slug (Sean Daley) and DJ/Producer Ant (Anthony Davis). Since its formation in 1989, the group has released eight studio albums. After some early gigs as Urban Atmosphere, where Slug DJ’ed behind childhood friend Spawn’s rhyming, the pair hooked up with producer Ant as well as like-minded locals such as MC Musab, Mr. Gene Poole, and the Abstract Pack, forming an underground hip-hop clique dedicated to freestyling, clever and complex lyrics, and anti-gangsta positivity. In 1997, Atmosphere released their debut album, Overcast!, which quickly became regarded as an underground hip-hop classic thanks to Slug’s deeply personal, poetic musings, as well as Ant’s bare-bones but inventive production. Atmosphere are no strangers to the reggae-rock scene as they have previously toured with Slightly Stoopid. Great mix-up and addition to this festival line-up with an enormous underground hip-hop duo.

    Watch: Atmosphere – “Sunshine”


    Stephen ‘Ragga’ Marley – View WebsiteStephenMarley

    Not only Bob Marley’s son, but a six-time Grammy Award winner, Stephen ‘Ragga’ Marley has made his own name in the industry as an artist, producer, and recording engineer. As a child and teenager, he was a member of Ziggy Marley The Melody Makers. His debut album Mind Control was released in March, 2007. Stephen produced much of his brother Damian Marley’s three solo albums, most notably 2005’s Welcome to Jamrock, where he was featured on the tracks “All Night”, “Pimpa’s Paradise”, “For The Babies”, and “Hey Girl”. He has also produced for brother Julian Marley. While Ziggy Damian Marley have previously played Cali-Roots Festival, this will be Stephen’s first at the festival.

    Watch: Stephen Marley – “Rock Stone” (ft. Capleton Sizzla)


    Tunnel Vision – View Website

    San Clemente based Tunnel Vision is a five-piece Reggae/Ska band comprised of Hayden Hanson (Guitar and Vocals), Jacob Hernandez (Bass), Tanner Payan (Drums), Matt Risley (Keyboard), and Doug Alani (Saxophone). Starting out as trio of friends working in retail, manufacturing surfboards and performing at surf competitions, it’s safe to say that Tunnel Vision live and breathe surf and skate culture. Since adding their keyboard and saxophone player, the once small time band caught the attention of Slightly Stoopid’s Miles Doughty, Kyle McDonald, and Dela, and were invited to record their debut, self-titled album at Slightly Stoopid’s studio “The Lab” in San Diego, CA. Taking influence from bands such as Sublime, Mad Caddies, NOFX, Slightly Stoopid, and Rancid, Tunnel Vision teamed with Grammy winning producer James Wisner to bring their infectious sound to the forefront of the scene.

    Watch: Tunnel Vision – “Live This Way”


    Protoje – View WebsiteProtoje

    Oje Ken Ollivierre popularly known as Protoje, is a contemporary reggae singer and songwriter from Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica. His mother is Jamaican singer, Lorna Bennett and his father is a former Calypso king. In 2010, Protoje began working with his cousin and popular Jamaican producer Don Corleon and released his debut album entitled The Seven Year Itch in 2011. He has gone on to release two more albums, The 8 Year Affair and Ancient Future.

    Watch: Protoje – “Who Knows” (ft. Chronixx)


    Tarrus Riley – View WebsiteTarrusRiley

    Riley is the son of reggae singer Jimmy Riley. He was born in the Bronx and grew up in South Florida. He began his musical career as a deejay working with Busta Rhymes, taking his birth sign as his stage name at his mother’s suggestion (the spelling later changed from Taurus to Tarrus), and recorded his first singles for his father’s Love Promotion label. His commercial breakthrough came in 2006 with his album Parables and the Jamaican number one single “She’s Royal”.

    Watch: Tarrus Riley – “Love Situation/123 I Love You” (The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series)


    Gondwana – View WebsiteGondWana

    Gondwana is a reggae musical group from La Pincoya, Santiago, Chile, founded in 1987 by I-Locks Labbé. Their leader, Quique Neira (known as the Chilean Bob Marley) was the soul of the band, but left to pursue a solo career. Now the band has another singer, Kingo, and continues to tour around the world.

    Watch: Gondwana – “Armonia de Amor”


    Sticky Fingers – View WebsiteStickyFingers

    Known for their Psychedelic, Grunge, Reggae-Rock style, Sticky Fingers are pushing the envelope into a new genre of reggae aptly named Psychedelic/Grunge/Reggae. Since the bands full inception in 2009, these youthful rock-stars have already made names for themselves, headlining and selling out venues in Sydney, Australia since the release of their first EP Helping Hands.

    Watch: Sticky Fingers – “How To Fly”


    PeniDean – View WebsitePeniDean

    Peni Dean, a.k.a. Penidean Pua’auli, is an island reggae artist who has been around the industry for over twenty years as the lead singer of the band Natty Vibes. He’s previously performed at Cali-Roots as the former front-man of the group, but this time he comes as his own name with his own backing band expected to play more on that island inspired soulful reggae.

    Listen: PeniDean – “She’s Running” (ft. Jah Maoli)


    Eli-Mac – View WebsiteEliMac

    Born Ciara-Camile Roque Velasco, Eli-Mac is a Filipino-American singer based out of Oahu, who sprung to fame after coming in ninth place on the third season of FOX’s hit reality series American Idol. Although she hasn’t released any albums to date, she’s found success with her latest EP, DubStop.

    Watch: Eli Mac – “First Love”


    Related Links:
    The Pier – Cali Roots Interview
    Behind The Curtain: Cali Roots
    Cali-Roots Website
    Cali-Roots Facebook
    Cali-Roots Twitter

    Article By: Andrew Aroche

    Watch: The Pier @ Cali-Roots 2015

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    MP3 Leak of the Week: Thicker Than Thieves

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    “Dance In Heaven” features guest appearances by Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth and David Ornelas of Stranger as they join San Diego’s Thicker Than Thieves via The Pier ahead of their upcoming The Compound Sessions EP release…

    You can download the latest Thicker Than Thieves track “Dance In Heaven” for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015.

    Thicker Than Thieves – “Dance In Heaven” (ft. Dan Kelly David Ornelas) – Download HERE
    “Dance In Heaven” Background:
    Thicker Than Thieves upcoming release The Compound Sessions was recorded at The Compound Studio in Long Beach, CA and mixed/mastered at 17th Street Recording Studios in Costa Mesa, CA. The Sessions includes an All-Star guest ensemble by Gill Sharone (currently playing with Marilyn Manson) on drums, the late and great Owens brothers, Ikey (Jack White, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Free MOral Agents) on Keys and Aaron (Hepcat) on Guitar, friend and Producer, Miguel Happoldt (Sublime, Perro Bravo) on Guitar, and Mike Long (Perro Bravo, Delmose Wade) on Bass.

    “Dance In Heaven” includes additional guest appearances by Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth and David Ornelas of Stranger on vocals with horns by the late Dan Mercado.

    We’ve lost some great musicians and artists over the years and this song and video is a tribute to them dancing and performing in heaven. Our condolences go out to the friends and family of those who have passed. Their music lives on and we’ll all celebrate the art they left us with. Enjoy the song and video!

    Watch: Thicker Than Thieves – “Dance In Heaven”


    Thicker Than Thieves Background:
    Thicker Than Thieves successfully blends soulful vocals, searing guitar solos, and a rock-reggae based rhythm section to create a unique signature sound. Influences ranging from Bad Brains, Bob Marley, The Clash, and classical composers like Dvorak, have allowed TTT to bring a multi-faceted yet widely appreciated original style to a diverse fan base. Primarily defined by memorable live performances, TTT has entertained audiences at events such as Reggae In The River and the Vans Warped Tour. Thicker Than Thieves began with local acclaim in 2000, and by extensively touring throughout the western U.S. (including Hawaii), Canada, Costa Rica, TTT has been widely accepted by all types of music fans. In 2002, TTT self released “Smuggler’s Run” and 2004’s EP “Respect” featuring reggae artist Tippa Irie. In 2007, TTT released the full length LP “Thru Thick and Thin” and have continued to receive great reviews from industry professionals and fans alike. TTT music has been featured on various surf movies, as well as the most recent debut on the movie Hard Breakers featuring Tia Carrera and Tom Arnold (2010). With band members from Costa Rica, Hawaii, and California, Thicker Than Thieves has a sound that stands on its own. TTT is currently working on its 4th full length release with record producers Michael “Miguel” Happoldt (Skunk Records) and Louie Richards (17th Street Recording Studio) which best displays the unique talents and diverse songwriting skills Thicker Than Thieves brings to the stage. For this hardworking band, the philosophy is simple: play positive music that makes people dance, and to inspire the youth.

    thicker than thieves Tour Dates

    Related Links:
    Thicker Than Thieves Website
    Thicker Than Thieves Facebook
    Thicker Than Thieves Twitter

    Huge thanks again to Thicker Than Thieves for allowing us to share “Dance In Heaven” to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
    Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

    Article By: Mike Patti

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    Live: The Expendables, Thrive, Ribsys Nickel (11-25-15)

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    Date: Wednesday, November 25th, 2015
    Line Up: The Expendables, Thrive Ribsys Nickel
    Location: The Catalyst Club. Santa Cruz, CA

    The Expendables Live @ The Catalyst. Santa Cruz, CA

    Santa Cruz got Down Down Down with local boys The Expendables, Thrive and Ribsys Nickel as they took over the Catalyst Club last night for a Pre-Thanksgiving party. This show was a celebration of the reggae rock trifecta grown out of Santa Cruz, bringing the community together with the common interests of great music, memories, and party down!

    Opening up the show was Santa Cruz’s OG reggae-rock, surf band, Ribsys Nickel who has been together since the summer of 1998. As we waited for the doors to open I over-heard a group of friends talking about how much Ribsys Nickel reminds them of the good old days of chilling on the beach, skating and causing ruckus around Santa Cruz.
    They started their set with one of their top 10 hits, “Top Seed”. Santa Cruz local fans, who had come to see Ribsys were clearly die-hard fans that seemed to know all of the lyrics to their songs. Still in the first half of their set, they came out with a cover Steele Pulse with “Your house”. It was fun seeing a shift in the crowd from rowdy rock fans to old school Rasta lovers. On their final stretch, we heard their number one hit “L.I.V.I.N.” pumping up the crowd for the night with their lyrics “living the life till the party’s over.”

    While I waited for the next band to come on, I spoke with some fans of the sold-out show, many of them had come back into town for the holidays and shared that the night before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest party nights is Santa Cruz. The Catalyst is a more intimate concert venue, making it a great place to see old friends and get closer to the bands.

    Up next was Thrive, best known for their jazzy horns, powerful lyricism and master keyboardist Matt Masih. Thrive has experienced a bit of roller-coaster ride over the past 2 years with the loss of Saxophonist, Scott Schipper to cancer, and the recent change in bass players. I had the chance to speak with them before and after their performance about their new team. It was interesting to learn that before joining the band, Trumpet player Daniel Herrera had collaborated with Scott and they had recorded together on Thrive’s last album Relentless.

    Their live set consisted of a varietal mix up of songs from both albums Gratitude Attitude, Relentless and their July 2015 EP. “Workin” being their highlight song of the night, included solo’s from Keyboard player Matt and Trumpet player Daniel. This was the song of the night where the crowd really let go; relaying the message that hard work pays off and once it does it feels so good!

    What will 2016 look like for Thrive? Post playing, lead vocalist Aaron shared with me that they are halfway done with writing their next album. They were announced in the first round lineup release for California Roots 2016 and Thrive plans on having a couple new songs to dose their fans with.
    The Expendables have spent the majority of this year on tour featuring their January 2015 album Sand in the Sky, so they thought why not come home and a throw a big bash just in time for the holidays? By the time The Expendables took the stage the crowd was anticipating them to come on hard rallying everyone. It was a bit surprising when they started off with lighter hits such as “Tight Squeeze” and “Let Her Go”. However, they didn’t waste much time as they transitioned into popular mosh pit songs, “Let Loose” and “Sacrifice”. One constant you can always expect from an Expendables show are a few rowdy mosh pits.

    At the latter end of their set, we suddenly hear the beating of the keyboard as they lead into a cover of “I got 5 on It”, from artist Luniz. The addition of this song to their set brought the energy of the crowd to another level. The Expendables did a great job with their performance as it carried their fans through many different feelings; ranging from chilling out to getting down on the dance floor.

    Concluding the night with “Bowl for Two”, lead singer Geoff split the crowd down the middle to sing along with him. Engaging fans by having one side sing “oh I packed this bowl for two” while the other side replied “and I’m gonna wanna smoke it with you”. He then turned the show into a who can sing it louder contest, where the losers are packing the next bowl. Everyone in the crowd was singing as loud as they could, I even caught the security guards joining in on the fun. This was the perfect way to end the party.

    Moving forward The Expendables are playing another hometown show in Santa Cruz this Saturday. They plan to continue touring in 2016 and will be joining Thrive at The California Roots Music festival Memorial Day weekend.

    Thrive Set-List:
    1. Mother Earth
    2. Freedom
    3. Looking Away
    4. Listen
    5. The Gift
    6. One
    7. Too Much Pressure
    8. Justice
    9. Workin
    10. Better Day


    The Expendables Set-List:
    1. Tight Squeeze
    2. Let Her Go
    3. Starry Night
    4. Ganja Smugglin’
    5. Donkey Show
    6. Music Move Me
    7. Drift Away
    8. Get What I Need
    9. Bow For Two
    10. Let Loose
    11. Positive Mind
    12. Down Down Down
    13. Sacrifice

    Related Links:
    The Expendables Website
    Thrive Website
    Ribseys Nickel Website

    Article by: Julia Goodman
    Photos By: Robert Smith

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    RED RIGHT RETURN is FREE on Amazon this Week

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    redrightreturn2If you haven’t read RED RIGHT RETURN, the first book in John H. Cunningham’s popular Buck Reilly Adventure Series, you can download it for FREE this week through Amazon.

    About the book: Buck Reilly’s a lot like the rest of us–trying to make ends meet and hoping for better times. He’s living in a Key West hotel and operates Last Resort Charter and Salvage aboard a 1946 Grumman Widgeon flying boat, hunting for sunken treasure and taking on an occasional passenger, no questions asked. But when he delivers a mysterious woman to a mission boat destined for Cuba, things start going downhill quick. He faces down the dark forces of Santeria priests, Cuban Secret Police, and an FBI agent with a grudge. Buck has nothing but ingenuity to save his skin and the lives he put in peril … and prevent a war with America’s longest-running enemy … When you see the world through Buck Reilly’s eyes, the view will never be the same.

    Additional books in the series include GREEN TO GO, CRYSTAL BLUE, SECOND CHANCE GOLD and the just released MAROON RISING. For a free preview of MAROON RISING, click here.


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    Video: Fishbone – Skankin To The Beat (Animated)

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    Here’s a new and unique music video for Fishbone and their fan favorite track “Skankin To The Beat”. The animated video was done by Eric Stefani, co-founding member of No Doubt, along with his sister Gwen. The video was done for fun and once it was seen by vocalist Angelo Moore, it became embraced by Fishbone. The Pier’s own Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda had a chance to speak Eric in an interview regarding the new video that you can by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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    Getting a new member of the family…

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    Sunshine Cindy and I are adding to our household. We are getting a puppy. It has been about a year and a half since we had to put down our old pooch and we feel the time is right to now take on a new fur baby. Last Friday we went to Alaqua in Freeport. This is an animal rescue facility and a first class operation. Alaqua is run by mostly volunteers. They take in unwanted, neglected or stray animals. They bring them back to good health and then adopt them out to worthy folks. For us to get a puppy they did a background check on us and even contacted the prior vets we used. If you are ever in the giving mode, please consider donating to Alaqua to help them continue to provide this much needed service.

    Thursday evening Sunshine Cindy and I went to O’Quigley’s for some dinner and to watch some hockey. While there we started discussing names for our new puppy. It became comical when I suggested we use a friends last name (Asbell) for the name of the dog. I was not serious and Sunshine Cindy would not do it anyway but I got a good Facebook discussion going about it including the namesake piping in agreement on the name. We will officially unveil the name next week after we pick up our pup.

    Friday before we went to Alaqua we stopped in at Hurricane Wings for some lunch. They have good food and Niceville prices. That’s a good combination. After we left Alaqua we stopped to start to buy puppy stuff like a bed and toys. Then we went to check out the new Landshark Pizza on the harbor. They were having a soft opening in a couple of hours but we got a pre-tour from Sue. We said we would be back.

    We went down to the Boathouse. We talked to John the manager and found out there is not any remodeling going on at the Boathouse but they are working on the old Dockside next door. It will be opening soon as The Boathouse Upper Deck. It will be a craft beer/sports bar. He said it will be a little nicer and more comfortable than the Boathouse. He is not sure when it will open though.

    The Helen Back crew has opened Duck Duck where the old KJ’s used to be. We didn’t stop in yet but it looks interesting. We will stop there next time.

    Wayne joined us and we went back to Landshark Pizza. The place was almost full with others checking it out like us. The staff was trying to figure out where everything was at but they were able to get pizza and wings made and drinks served. Just about everyone who ever went to the old Landshark was there. The place is great with a big horseshoe bar in the middle of one room. The pizza ovens are off to the side. Doors take you into more of a dining room. TV’s are everywhere. Big TV’s hang over the bar. They plan to put in a small game room off the main dining area. They have done a fine job with the place. A grand opening should be announced soon.

    We actually made one more stop before we headed home. We went to the Legion. While there Kenny came in. That was a surprise. We saw more friends there too.

    Saturday was more laid back. I did go back to Landshark. I wanted to see how they were doing on their second day and a football day at that. The place was pretty crowded. Paige was working the bar and keeping everyone in drinks and food. I had a pizza to take home and it was as good as previous ones. From there Sunshine Cindy and I spent the evening at home where I watched the Lightning finally play a good game as they beat the Ducks. Sunday we stayed home to get to-do’s done around the house. Every so often you need a day like that.

    When we were in Key Largo a few weeks ago we bought some Code Rum. We know the guy who owns the company that bottles this rum. It’s Made in American and it’s really good. I talked to my friend Bill at Beach Liquor and asked if he could see about getting it. I am glad to say they did. Head to the Destin Beach Liquor at Airport Road and get your bottles. You will be supporting American Made rum!

    The Destin Diner is closed for the season. They will be reopening in February. So far it’s only the Diner and Gilligan’s that has closed for the season.

    I saw construction equipment next to the new ABC liquor and next to Eglin Federal Credit Union working on some new projects. I have not heard what’s going in either location yet. Pretty soon their won’t be any open land in Destin.

    We just had our first cold snap of the season. It got down into the low 40’s last night in Destin. I am ready for summer to come back!

    Have a great Thanksgiving holiday. See ya next Monday!

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    Dreadtown: A Documentary About Steel Pulse

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    When you’ve been around for 40 years as an iconic roots-rock reggae group, such as Steel Pulse, then its no surprise that there’s a story there to be told. That story is here with Dreadtown, the first official documentary film to tell the story of how Steel Pulse took the Black British experience to the world through their unique reggae sound.

    We at The Pier have yet to view the film, but as the press release outlines to us: The first half of the film explores the British context to Steel Pulse’s influential reggae music. Coming from Handsworth in Birmingham/England, Steel Pulse witnessed the hard edge of British working-class life during the 1970’s, a time of political upheaval and racial tension. Songs such as “Handsworth Revolution” and “Ku Klux Klan” looked to music to confront the exploitation and violence faced by the Caribbean and Indian migrant communities in the U.K. Steel Pulse responded to the rise of the far right in Britain through catchy reggae beats. Dreadtown

    The film also explores how Steel Pulse related this past to audiences in the U.S, now the band’s second home. They climbed the ladder of obscurity in the US through the 1980’s and by 1993 they were playing at the inaugural festivities in Washington D.C., at the personal request of an unlikely fan, President Bill Clinton. A rich mix of contemporary performance, interview and exclusive archive will frame the incendiary issues of race and police/minority relations from 1970’s Britain to the present day in America.

    Narrated by renowned Hollywood actor and activist Danny Glover, the documentary is being directed by Yoni Gal and produced by oscar-nominated producer, Mike Lerner. Fans are being invited to help with its release by donating to their Indiegogo campaign, which can be found by clicking HERE!

    The asking price to dish out this documentary is $40,000 with expected delivery of December 2016. All fans contributing to the crowdfunding campaign will have access to exciting and limited perks such as Behind the Scenes backer access, original signed movie posters and DVD’s, a chance to see the movie before anyone else, a cool Dreadtown t-shirt and even a VIP screening with members David Hinds and Selwyn Brown in attendance in four cities in the world.

    The film not only explores the forces that made Steel Pulse, but also their significance to communities inside and outside the music world. Dreadtown will feature interviews with stars such as Snoop Lion, Rita Marley, Gwen Stefani, Matt Groening (creator, The Simpsons), Lennox Lewis (World Heavyweight Boxing Champion), Alpha Blondy (United Nations Ambassador of Peace), Burning Spear, UB40, John Lydon (Sex Pistols), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Chris Blackwell (founder, Island Records), Aswad, Billy Idol, Jason Mraz, and many more.

    Stay tuned for more details regarding this release as we look to speak with the band in an interview to get more information as we’re pretty stoked to see a documenatry of this caliber get released.

    Related Links:
    Dreadtown Indiegogo
    Dreadtown Facebook
    Dreadtown Twitter
    Dreadtown Youtube

    Article By: Mike Patti

    Watch: Dreadtown Trailer

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    MP3 Leak of the Week: Rootz Underground

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    We’ve been talking about the release of Rootz Undergrounds’ Return of the Righteous Vol. 1 since late 2013. Now that it has finally dropped, we’re giving away their new song “Rootz Culture” for FREE this week only. Read up on the Kingston, Jamaican group and their new album …

    You can download the new Rootz Underground track “Rootz Culture” for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday, Nov. 27, 2015.

    Rootz Underground – “Rootz Culture” – Download HERE
    “Rootz Culture” Background:
    Rootz Underground’s new 10 track album is what guitarist Charles Lazarus tells The Pier: “Return of The Righteous is the vibration in the air of righteousness returning to the hearts of people in general. The album title does not refer to specific individuals or groups but rather speaks of universal love and connection of all life. The notion is expressed here in the musical language with an accent on JAH highest love and goodness. Sometimes the battle must be won with love rather than war.”

    Colin Young, the groups Bassist adds that: “Return Of The Righteous is the coming of age of Rootz Underground in a time when we celebrate the return of righteousness to the hearts and minds of mankind. It is the culmination of our past years and the vision of our future and it is the story of these – each song being a chapter in this book of our experiences, trials and triumphs.”

    The album includes guest appearances by Toots Hibbert on “Kingston Town” a long with additional vocals by Seyszi and Timeka Marshall. Off the 10 tracks on the album, the group points to “Return of the Righteous”, “New Tam”, and “Fret Not Thyself” as their stand-out tracks and projected singles.

    But after listening to the album, my personal favorite track is “Rootz Culture” to which the group was nice enough in allowing us to give that song away as our featured Leak of the Week.

    Charles continues on to explain that: “Rootz Culture was recorded at Tuff Gong Studios in downtown Kingston and is a collaboration between the band and our long time supporters and sponsors Aurora Innovations/Roots Organics out of Eugene, Oregon. Working together since our very first trip to the US West Coast in 2006 we both identified the love of organic farming and have been proactive ever since doing what we can to bring awareness to that end. This song is merely another vote for good health, clean living and conscious awareness. We hope you enjoy the positive message.”

    Charles would also tell me that in addition to “Rootz Culture”, “every song is just as important” as you’ll hear an album packed with a musical depth and a message that runs just as depp. You can pick up Rootz Underground’s Return of the Righteous Vol. 1 on iTunes by clicking HERE!

    Watch: Rootz Underground – “Return of the Righteous”


    Rootz Underground Background:
    Rootz Underground consists of Stephen Newland on guitar-vocals, Colin Young on bass, Leon Campbell on Drums, Paul Smith on keyboards-vocals, Charles Lazarus on guitar, Omar Francis also on guitar and engineer Neil Ferguson, a long with FOH engineer Joel McCarthy.

    This group of guys represents Jamaica’s most recent contribution to the International Reggae World Music scene. While undeniably rooted in reggae the six-member outfit uses their collective passion to create a sound that pushes boundaries and defies being boxed into a single genre. Electric yet organic, gritty and soulful; the band manages to harness the essence that the reggae aficionado was captivated by in the 1970’s while connecting the youth to the pure messages of Rastafari with explosive live performances that are a positive and emotional musical journey.

    With over a decade sharing the stage together, along with the release of both studio albums “MOVEMENT” (2008) and “GRAVITY” (2010) they have managed to build a strong International fan base that spans across and beyond the 22 countries they have visited in not just reggae but also rock and jamband circles.

    rootz underground Tour Dates

    Related Links:
    Rootz Underground Website
    Rootz Underground Facebook
    Rootz Underground Twitter

    Huge thanks again to Rootz Underground for allowing us to share “Rootz Culture” to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
    Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

    Article By: Mike Patti

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    November 2015 Album Releases

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    The year ain’t over year and bands are still releasing new music to take us into the new year. This month, there are a handful of notable releases by Stick Figure, Cas Haley, Rootz Underground and Gentleman’s Dub Club

    If there are any albums we missed, drop them in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter.

    Check out the Album Releases from prior months:

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    Rootz Underground – Return of the Righteous Vol. 1
    Release Date: Nov. 6th
    ReturnOfThe_Rightousnes I can’t tell you how long we’ve been waiting for this! Kingston, Jamaica’s Rootz Underground has finally released their new full length album Return of the Righteous Vol. 1 via Riverstone Records. The 10 track album was recorded out of Tuff Gong Studios, Anchor Studios and Stone Love Studios working with multiple producers that include Rory Sone Love, Dean Fraser, Wayne Armond, Fire House Crew. The album includes guest appearances by Toots Hibbert on “Kingston Town” a long with additional vocals by Seyszi and Timeka Marshall. Off the 10 tracks on the album, the group points to “Return of the Righteous”, “New Tam”, and “Fret Not Thyself” as their stand-out tracks and projected singles.

    Read more about the release by clicking HERE!

    You can pick up Return of the Righteous Vol. 1 on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Watch: Rootz Underground – “Return of the Righteous”


    Cas Haley – More Music More Family
    Release Date: November 13th

    Cas Haley, the Texas-based singer-songwriter, released a new album in time for the holidays aptly titled More Music More Family. The album features guest appearances by Trevor Hall, Mike Love, Freewill and more with co-production coming courtesy of Tubby Love out of Kauai, Hawai’i. Haley endured an accident while skiing last year that sidelined his music career after his ability to sing had been compromised. While spending more than eight months doing physical therapy treatments to regain the use of his vocals, the concept for More Music More Family was brought to spirit as the new direction for his return to the studio and stage.

    You can read more about this release by clicking HERE!

    You can pick up More Music More Family on iTunes now by clicking HERE!

    Watch: Cas Haley – “More Music More Family” (ft. Mike Love)


    Stick Figure – Set In Stone
    Release Date: Nov. 13th
    SetInStone Stick Figure has released their new 14 track album featuring guest appearances by Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, and Collie Buddz. This album was 3 years in the making, being perfected inside vocalist, guitarist and lead-singer’s Scott Woodruff‘s home-studio in Santa Cruz, CA and released independently via the groups own Ruffwood Records. “Production-wise,” says Woodruff, “this is the biggest and best album we have made so far. I spent a lot of time refining the production and picking new sounds to sample.”

    Read our latest interview with Stick Figure by clicking HERE!

    You can pick up Set In Stone on iTunes now by clicking HERE!

    Watch: Stick Figure – “Fire on the Horizon”


    Gentleman’s Dub Club – The Big Smoke
    Release Date: Nov 13th

    The UK seems to be pumping out some solid music with a new wave of reggae bands coming up with a demanding presence. Gentleman’s Dub Club is one of those bands and boasting an 8-piece line-up, there’s a lot of depth to this outfit. Their new album The Big Smoke is the groups second full length album that dropped on Nov. 13th, 2015 and their first with Easy Star Records. The album was recorded late 2014 between two studios, including Prince Fatty’s Brighton studio as well as Evergreen Studio in Hackney Wick. The album includes 12 total tracks of pure reggae-dub and one of the stand-out guest appearances is another great UK artist in NATTY. In addition to Natty’s guest appearance, the album has another guest spot by tenor sax Josh Arcoleo on the track “Nocturnal.” Arcoleo is best known for his work with the legendary Pee Wee Ellis, among others.

    You can pick up The Big Smoke at Easy Star Records right now by clicking HERE!

    Watch: Gentleman’s Dub Club – “Bad Girl”


    Article By: Mike Patti

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