John H. Cunningham’s new book: MAROON RISING

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2015 at 5:00 am

Popular action/adventure author John H. Cunningham will touch down in Key West from November 3-8 to introduce his fifth novel MAROON RISING (Greene Street Publishing; November 24, 2015; $4.99) and debut the new single “Rum Punch” which he co-wrote with country singer/songwriter Thom Shepherd.

MAROON RISING is the fifth book in Cunningham’s acclaimed Buck Reilly Adventure Series, which features the reluctant Key West hero in Jamaica and back in the treasure hunting business–until some old enemies ace him out. Fortunately for Buck, a beautiful University professor with ancient Maroon secrets about Captain Henry Morgan’s huge stash, missing for hundreds of years, lures him back to the chase. Thrust into turbulent waters where trust is as elusive as the treasure itself, Buck’s knocked further off course with the appearance of the one-time love of his life. The heat of Maroon Rising jumps off the page as Buck ricochets from the pirate enclave of Port Royal–once the Wickedest City on Earth–to the Blue Mountains, GoldenEye, white sand beaches and the lush Cockpit Country of Jamaica.

As Cunningham has done in previous novels, MAROON RISING features several known names including music titan Chris Blackwell and #1 hit writer, Thom Shepherd along with reggae star I-Wayne. The book ends with “Rum Punch,” a get out of your seat country rock anthem to close out the thrilling island romp.

Cunningham will host a series of signings for his Buck Reilly Adventure Series books—Red Right Return, Green To Go, Crystal Blue and Second Chance Gold—at the annual Meeting of the Minds Mini-Mart at the Casa Marina Hotel on the following times:
• Thursday, November 5: 9-11; 1:30-3:00
• Friday, November 6: 9-NOON
• Saturday, November 7: 9:00-10:00; 12:00-2:00

MAROON RISING will not be available for sale until November 24, but you can pre-order a copy of the book now and receive a free copy of “Rum Punch”. For more information on how to pre-order the book, click here.

For more information about Thom Shepherd’s performances, include the “Rum Punch” Party at the Smokin’ Tuna on Saturday, November 7, click here.


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